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General Notice: 2022 Virginia Energy Plan Public Feedback

CLOSED     Opened on 7/21/2022 and Ended on 9/16/2022

As directed by the Virginia General Assembly, every four years Virginia Energy develops a comprehensive Virginia Energy Plan. Governor Glenn Youngkin’s vision for the 2022 Plan is to develop a data-driven roadmap that considers all energy sources and is transparent with Virginians about the opportunities and costs each energy source presents while recognizing new information will continue to guide the process and decision making over time. The 2022 Energy Plan will provide energy policy recommendations that aim to balance the current and future needs of all Virginians, environmental goals, economic competitiveness, consumer choice and technology innovation.

The plan will focus on achieving four objectives.

  • Lower Cost of Living
  • Job Creation
  • Bringing People to Virginia
  • An “All-of-the-Above” Approach to Energy Policy

The “all-of-the-above” approach will be informed by energy affordability, reliability, capacity, competition, environmental stewardship, choice and innovation.

This forum serves as one of the ways interested individuals and organizations can provide comments on the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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Comment Title Commenter
Test comment Devyn Keller, VA Energy  8/1/22  12:11 pm
Clean, equitable energy production and distribution Kathleen L. Kelly  8/10/22  9:57 am
Clean Energy VA Jen Robb  8/10/22  10:46 am
Virginia energy future Emilie Ellis Larson  8/10/22  10:48 am
our future Kenda Hanuman  8/10/22  10:50 am
I'm all for green affordable energy. And we won't get there without work. D. Severns  8/10/22  10:53 am
cleaner, more affordable energy to power homes across Virginia Caroline Corum  8/10/22  10:54 am
Comprehensive plan for energy Helen A  8/10/22  11:00 am
Energy Priorities for Virgina harish donthi  8/10/22  11:01 am
Clean and renewable energy Deborah Clark  8/10/22  11:05 am
Virginia Needs Clean Energy Anonymous (127168)  8/10/22  11:19 am
affordable energy Anonymous (127169)  8/10/22  11:44 am
Virginia Needs More Clean Energy! Joanna Hickman  8/10/22  11:48 am
Energy plans John Surr  8/10/22  11:49 am
Clean, affordable energy for Virginia Nancy D Hall  8/10/22  11:50 am
Affordable, clean, consumer oriented electric for VA! Nicholas Gimbrone  8/10/22  11:56 am
What I would like to see happen in Virginia with regards to our electric energy! Joan Kasprowicz  8/10/22  12:03 pm
Comments to Virginia Energy RE: comprehensive plan for energy policy in Commonwealth Steven J. Vogel  8/10/22  12:59 pm
Energy Susan J. Buniva  8/10/22  1:20 pm
Clean, affordable energy Anonymous (127179)  8/10/22  2:33 pm
Clean Energy Stair Z Calhoun  8/10/22  3:53 pm
Affordable energy Mindy Zlotnick  8/10/22  4:39 pm
What I'd like to see for Virginia's energy future Nathan Alderman  8/10/22  5:17 pm
clean energy Erica Ehrhardt  8/10/22  5:37 pm
Clean Energy for Virginia Lisa McCarty  8/10/22  10:09 pm
Solar Energy Robert W Ellis  8/11/22  10:06 am
Affordable energy prices GLORIA Green  8/11/22  11:36 am
Virginia energy prices Deej Baker  8/11/22  12:12 pm
Virginia energy prices Deej Baker  8/11/22  12:15 pm
Virginia/s Energy Future Kristin Peckman  8/11/22  1:13 pm
Renewable energy Carol J Cochran  8/11/22  3:55 pm
Sustainable Energy Tim Slack  8/11/22  8:03 pm
Clean energy Benjamin Bedore  8/12/22  9:13 am
We need to end our use of fossil fuels if we are to save our planet. Peter J Egan  8/12/22  4:45 pm
VA Clean Energy Comment William Aiton  8/15/22  11:55 am
Achieving Virginia's Clean Energy Goals Joan F. McIntyre  8/16/22  5:50 pm
Virginia Comprehensive Energy Plan Carol Doran Klein  8/16/22  6:05 pm
Clean Energy Katherine Stanley  8/17/22  12:26 pm
Safe and Dependable Energy Karen Cook  8/20/22  9:28 am
Clean, renewable, and sustainable energy Abby Duffield  8/20/22  4:17 pm
Supporting clean energy in Virginia CHarles  8/20/22  7:57 pm
Supporting renewable energy sources Emilie  8/20/22  9:11 pm
Please support Renewable Energy Sam R.  8/21/22  8:56 am
Micro-Hydro green energy Bonny Bruce  8/21/22  9:39 am
What kind of fire needs to happen before we make these changes? Dan Robbins  8/21/22  9:49 am
Climate should be the Priority Ted LaRosa  8/21/22  7:41 pm
More nuclear Vic N  8/21/22  10:22 pm
Don't exempt solar energy from environmental protection requirements Scott Cameron  8/22/22  8:40 am
address Climate Change Anonymous (127379)  8/22/22  9:48 am
An energy plan that takes the long view and prioritizes a cleaner future Miles Keller  8/22/22  10:13 am
Wind and Solar Energy Mr. Smith  8/22/22  12:29 pm
Bury the power lines Mr. Smith  8/22/22  12:36 pm
combined energy sources are necessary MaryAnn Edman  8/22/22  7:00 pm
Go green! Kristin  8/22/22  7:55 pm
Private entrepreneurs can find better methods Anonymous (127390)  8/22/22  8:10 pm
Please Embrace the Renewable Energy Transition Doug Kline  8/22/22  8:19 pm
Lower electric vehicle charging rates during off peak times Anonymous (127392)  8/23/22  7:56 am
Increase energy diversity Terry B  8/23/22  8:39 am
Clean, renewable energy concentrating on solar, wind and hydro. Anonymous (127395)  8/23/22  9:00 am
Renewable Energy & Just Transitions Anonymous (127396)  8/23/22  9:20 am
Virginia Energy Plan. Bill  8/23/22  10:05 am
Virginia Energy Plan BJ  8/23/22  10:29 am
Nuclear Power at North Anna BJ  8/23/22  10:37 am
Hydrogen Power For Motor Vehicles Karen Barnhart  8/23/22  11:12 am
Rapid, equitable clean power built-out Ben M.  8/23/22  11:57 am
Energy efficiency and benefits to taxpayers Marc  8/23/22  12:14 pm
Nuclear Power needs expansion PC  8/23/22  4:41 pm
Wind and solar are the wrong choices for energy in Virginia PC  8/23/22  4:58 pm
"Renewable Energy in Our World", B. Ellen Johnson PhD course @ Chesterfield's LLI ALBERT, Civic Volunteer  8/23/22  8:35 pm
Make it easy to use renewable energy SUSAN DAY  8/23/22  11:10 pm
de-centralize annie  8/24/22  3:13 am
Zero Carbon ASAP Matt Bonzek  8/24/22  9:12 am
Propane is for Everyone MEGHAN KULINSKI - Valley Energy  8/24/22  1:27 pm
Propane Recognition Trent Johnson  8/24/22  1:28 pm
Allow citizens to make their own choices. Colin Wood-Bradley  8/24/22  1:29 pm
Propane is Reliable, Abundant, Affordable, and American Lindie Honsberger  8/24/22  2:51 pm
Reliable Domestic Energy John Phillips  8/25/22  6:47 am
Decarbonize the grid Anonymous (127419)  8/25/22  8:47 am
The "All of the Above Approach " is the right one Mike Colomb  8/25/22  2:02 pm
Energy/Climate Change David Dotson  8/25/22  9:34 pm
Windmills & Electric Cars NOT the answer Leftist that knows what’s “right” science  8/26/22  10:16 am
All sources of energy! Jerald Akers  8/26/22  11:32 am
Carbon sequestration Stuart Price  8/26/22  3:53 pm
Slash Virginia's High Rates and High Cost-of-Living By Unlocking Energy Efficiency Reserves Walton C Shepherd, NRDC  8/26/22  4:53 pm
Slash Virginia's High Rates and High Cost-of-Living By Unlocking Energy Efficiency Reserves Walton C Shepherd, NRDC  8/26/22  4:58 pm
Man made climate change is a scam. Nuclear is the ultimate clean energy. JD  8/26/22  8:40 pm
Combatting Climate Change should be Priority #1 Namir Kassim  8/27/22  4:45 pm
New energy Clifford Martin  8/27/22  9:06 pm
solar and wind - provided by China. Henry  8/28/22  9:09 am
Don't follow California into the abyss Anonymous (127438)  8/28/22  11:49 am
Nuclear power is the answer, solar & wind are not Marshall lupo  8/28/22  12:45 pm
Focus on domestic energy Virginia Resident  8/28/22  1:31 pm
Clean energy Huy L  8/28/22  4:17 pm
FOR THE PLANET Lewis  8/28/22  4:23 pm
Let's Be Real Anonymous (127443)  8/28/22  8:37 pm
Energy Kevin  8/28/22  10:39 pm
Electricity is a Fossil Fuel - Propane and Natural Gas is Cleaner Mark Zimora, Tankfarm  8/29/22  8:32 am
Virginia's Energy future Marc Koslen  8/29/22  8:42 am
Virginia Energy Policy - Let's be objective RANDY DOYLE  8/29/22  11:07 am
Virginia power Anonymous (127449)  8/29/22  11:13 am
Renewable Energy Infrastructure David Zarling  8/29/22  12:22 pm
Ensure sufficient power is available in the future Sandra Painter  8/30/22  11:47 am
Energy plan - comments Larry Korte  8/30/22  7:24 pm
“Renewable energy” is not ready for prime time, just look at electric vehicles! Frank  8/30/22  9:50 pm
Virginia Energy Plan Narissa Turner on behalf of the Virginia Conservation Network  8/31/22  10:17 am
22 VA Energy Plan Cynthia Hamlet, AmeriGas  9/1/22  12:50 pm
Virginia Energy policy Alice Edmondson  9/1/22  12:55 pm
Comment of William Penniman On Necessary Elements of 2022 Virginia Energy Plan William Penniman  9/1/22  6:45 pm
Virginia's Energy Policy Christopher Schaaf  9/1/22  7:47 pm
Renewable Energy vs Coal and Earth's Future Kathryn Haynes  9/2/22  3:18 pm
All of the above approach Jamison Walker Virginia Propane Gas Association  9/2/22  5:00 pm
Clean Energy Options Mark Laudo  9/3/22  8:07 am
22 Virginia Energy Plan Anonymous (128513)  9/6/22  7:04 am
Zero reliability on gas is not realistic given a goal of 2025, 2035, or 2045. Kathleen M. Smith, Retired  9/6/22  11:25 am
Support Solar and Wind in rural Counties Nick B.  9/6/22  2:07 pm
Put the wealth back into the Commonwealth: create a road map for transformative change Tony Smith, Secure Futures LLC  9/6/22  2:58 pm
Environmental Zealots are leading Virginians to serfdoms Tyler Turner for Americans for Prosperity  9/6/22  5:22 pm
More nuclear power, now! No windmills or solar power! The LaRouche Organization  9/6/22  5:53 pm
Yes to solar. No to carbon emissions Brent Yancey  9/6/22  7:25 pm
Inform energy policy by the existential nature of the climate threat Chris Wiegard, Citizens Climate Lobby  9/6/22  7:43 pm
Multifaceted approach Taylor Sutton  9/7/22  8:12 am
Virginia and Climate Change – Separating fact from fiction Gregory Wrightstone - CO2 Coalition  9/7/22  10:10 am
CO2 Coalition Says Virginia Climate Programs Have No Scientific Basis CO2 Coalition Statement  9/7/22  10:13 am
Energy Independent I support Governor Youngkin getting us out of RGGI, repealing the VA Clean Econom Billy Williams  9/7/22  10:24 pm
Energy initiatives Concerned libertarian citizen  9/8/22  12:15 am
Green Initiatives Paula Yost  9/8/22  5:42 am
There is no reason to regulate CO2..there is no "climate emergency." Charles G Battig, M.D.  9/8/22  4:07 pm
Restore Virginia's Energy Economy / Protect Rate Payers Ben Knotts  9/8/22  4:20 pm
NVRC Comments to Energy Plan Northern Virginia Regional Commission  9/8/22  4:25 pm
Virginia companies support prioritization of clean energy resources in the Energy Plan Ceres on behalf of Akamai, Danone, Lutron, Mars, Nestle, Siemens, VWU...  9/8/22  5:17 pm
Solar energy Diane Osborne  9/8/22  11:34 pm
We support Governor Youngkin's efforts to reform energy Hyrum Robinson  9/9/22  1:01 pm
Town of Blacksburg 2022 Virginia Energy Plan Public Feedback Carol L Davis  9/9/22  4:51 pm
Does All-of-the-Above really mean Business-As-Usual? C Anderson  9/9/22  5:04 pm
Putting our children first Molly  9/9/22  6:19 pm
Carbon and affordable energy Jim Whitehead  9/9/22  7:31 pm
“Clean energy” isn’t clean and is too expensive. S. Fogarty  9/10/22  5:13 pm
Keep RGGI William B Boone  9/12/22  3:52 pm
Renewables-Make a Just, rapid transition in all sectors of our life    9/12/22  9:11 pm
energy plan Cris Craft (Electrical Engineer)  9/12/22  10:17 pm
Wake Up! Hurting Citizen  9/12/22  10:35 pm
Nuclear Power Today and Nuclear Power Tomorrow Anonymous (128562)  9/12/22  11:23 pm
Solar Power on homes and public building and keeping Solar Renewable Energy Credit Joanne McAlpine  9/13/22  8:12 am
Bring sanity to Virginia’s Energy Policy Sidney Harrison, Wood Fuel Developers LLC  9/13/22  9:19 am
No to ANY CRT Linda Meyer  9/13/22  9:57 am
energy Linda Meyer  9/13/22  10:15 am
repeal all green energy initiatives & funding Linda Meyer  9/13/22  10:17 am
Free market response Jim Enniss  9/13/22  10:44 am
Invest in Research for Next-Generation Nuclear Power Monica Florio  9/13/22  10:44 am
Distributed solar & storage key to lowering energy costs, creating jobs, & building resiliency in VA Aaron Sutch, Solar United Neighbors  9/13/22  10:52 am
Governor Youngkin action to stop harmful (so called) green energy policies Craig Scott, Vice Chair Waynesboro Republican Committee  9/13/22  10:56 am
Support for Governor Youngkin engery police Anonymous (128580)  9/13/22  11:24 am
Support solar and other clean energy Aaron Kocian  9/13/22  11:40 am
Worker Protections as part of an "all of the above" policy is best for the Commonwealth Jason Ascher, Mid-Atlantic Pipe Trades Association  9/13/22  11:50 am
More solar, especially solar for schools and municipal properties Scott Burger  9/13/22  11:51 am
Can't we learn for California's and Europe's failures? Charles Duncan  9/13/22  12:03 pm
Let's make the Tidewater region a next generation nuclear export economy Andrew Stillman  9/13/22  12:06 pm
Green Energy is suicidal Gary Daniel Cupp  9/13/22  12:11 pm
Energy Anonymous (128588)  9/13/22  12:11 pm
Need to stop all burning of fossil fuels Shelley Tamres  9/13/22  12:15 pm
Energy freedom Anti Communist AFP  9/13/22  12:21 pm
Energy Plan Richard Lynn Sutton, PE  9/13/22  2:38 pm
Capitalize on the Energy Transition and Protect our Future Generations Ethan  9/13/22  3:36 pm
This is not California Twila W Lee  9/13/22  3:41 pm
We do not want to emulate California Stephen Curtis  9/13/22  3:55 pm
Repeal RGGI, TCI & Va Clean Energy Act Flint Engleman  9/13/22  4:11 pm
Repeal of Expensive Green Energy Policies Paul Clancey  9/13/22  5:15 pm
Decrease regulations HopeScripture  9/13/22  7:18 pm
Distributed roof-top solar Anonymous (128613)  9/13/22  8:40 pm
Going green for fuel. Anonymous (128614)  9/13/22  9:08 pm
Homeowner rights in developer controlled HOAs Steve Sigel  9/14/22  8:11 am
Energy Independence > Reducing Carbon Emissions Jeff Bolander  9/14/22  8:20 am
Sustainable Energy Charles Grymes  9/14/22  9:08 am
We’re not California Diane Iovanna  9/14/22  9:09 am
The energy future of Virginia Anonymous (128619)  9/14/22  9:44 am
I support untethering Virginia from California Suzanne Dailey  9/14/22  9:47 am
Clean Energy is Critical to Job Growth Nicole Keller  9/14/22  10:00 am
Youngkin Energy Plan diane  9/14/22  10:27 am
Energy political failure Ed Yensh0  9/14/22  10:38 am
More spending Anonymous (128626)  9/14/22  11:12 am
We need infrastructure alicia hilliard  9/14/22  11:13 am
More Solar Incentives Anonymous (128628)  9/14/22  11:28 am
An Energy Plan for the Future of Virginia Business Lane Gunn  9/14/22  11:31 am
Virginia Energy plan Tom Leinbach  9/14/22  11:54 am
Energy is critical for our economic prosperity - need for additional natural gas infrastructure Jay A. Langston  9/14/22  12:21 pm
Trash incinerators, solar panels, prohibit plastic bags and bottles Michael Davoli  9/14/22  12:38 pm
Untethering Virginia from California Energy Policies Deloris Linam  9/14/22  1:32 pm
Repeal Unnecessary Energy Regulations Virginia McCormick  9/14/22  3:46 pm
Community Choice Aggregation Mike Sandler, Virginia Clean Energy  9/14/22  4:02 pm
Human vs. Energy vs. Earth Apollo  9/14/22  4:19 pm
Oppose California Energy Standards in Virginia Connie Perrin  9/14/22  4:52 pm
NO Anonymous (128642)  9/14/22  4:58 pm
Finally a sensible energy policy! Sue W  9/14/22  8:09 pm
Support for Governor Youngkin's Effort to Repeal Green Energy Mandates Reese Peck  9/14/22  8:51 pm
Energy Policies Mark Richardson  9/14/22  10:37 pm
Say NO To Corporate Green Fascism Brandon Estes  9/15/22  12:00 am
Energy Barbra Knupp  9/15/22  12:10 am
Green Energy Martha Waltz  9/15/22  12:23 am
Hi support governor Younkins energy program. Charles Perkins  9/15/22  12:52 am
Yes to distributed solar Ellen J Atkinson  9/15/22  5:09 am
energy bills Peggy Garvey  9/15/22  6:22 am
Engery Daniel Carter  9/15/22  8:00 am
Oppose California energy standards for Virginia Casi Zirk  9/15/22  8:12 am
Undue influence of utilities Janet Elsea  9/15/22  8:38 am
Energy costs Fred Salmons  9/15/22  8:51 am
Stop harmful green energy policies Marilyn Knopp  9/15/22  9:07 am
Good Stewards Genevieve Chandler  9/15/22  9:15 am
Repeal Green Energy Policies Kat McNeal  9/15/22  9:20 am
irginia's Domestic Abundant Energy Independence & Security Recommendation Thomas Dolan  9/15/22  9:36 am
Competition is the only way to lower consumer costs Steven Curtis  9/15/22  9:41 am
Energy policies Louie Miller  9/15/22  9:42 am
Deregulation Bill Shirley  9/15/22  10:05 am
Better Energy Alternatives Walter Mendenhall  9/15/22  10:07 am
2022VA energy plan Mary Ann Bryant  9/15/22  10:25 am
Repeal Gov. Northam's energy mandates that hurt VA economy Roger Priore  9/15/22  10:37 am
Supporting the Governor Fonda Gardner  9/15/22  11:05 am
Let's take a balanced, conservative approach to clean energy development Energy Right VA  9/15/22  11:45 am
Energy Strong Timothy Cox  9/15/22  1:34 pm
Put an end to solar Gary DeSantis  9/15/22  1:57 pm
Stop Harmful green energy policies Wende Harris Growing Together Fellowship  9/15/22  1:58 pm
EV charging on VA's grid is more Carbon Intense than other Alternative Fuels like Propane Steve McCoy  9/15/22  2:15 pm
Repeal Harmful Green Energy Policies Constance Stevens  9/15/22  2:19 pm
Funding for Alternative Fueled Vehicles Steve McCoy  9/15/22  2:25 pm
Apex Solar Project Paynes Pond RD David F Ligon  9/15/22  4:16 pm
Freedom!! A senior loayal VA citizen  9/15/22  4:33 pm
Landfill gas and trash incinerators Michael Davoli  9/15/22  4:36 pm
The HUGE COST of many politically mandated "green" projects. Especially wrong now. Robert Nutt, Pres Valley Feed Co, Staunton, VA 24401  9/15/22  6:17 pm
Environmental Negative Impacts of Solar Sites/Environmental Stewardship Claudia Perkins  9/15/22  8:20 pm
Yes to renewable energy and the Va jobs they create John  9/15/22  9:46 pm
2022 Virginia Energy Plan Carolyn Caywood  9/15/22  11:35 pm
Repeal the Clean Air Act Anonymous (128689)  9/16/22  3:57 am
Virginia Energy Donna Tolliver  9/16/22  9:08 am
Energy Policies that Attract New Business NMorgan  9/16/22  9:22 am
Support Clean Energy Donna Tolliver  9/16/22  9:43 am
"Cost of living" calculations must include negative health impacts of burning fuel. John Morgan  9/16/22  10:11 am
ChargePoint Inc. Public Comments in regard to the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan Ben Kessler, Chargepoint  9/16/22  10:16 am
RGGI Anonymous (128695)  9/16/22  10:39 am
YES To More Solar – YES To Community Solar – YES To an Energy Transition Away from Burning Fossil Fu Robert Mackay / self  9/16/22  10:41 am
STOP Disructive Green energy Policies! Elizabeth Small  9/16/22  12:42 pm
Nexamp 2022 Energy Plan Comments Jake Springer, Nexamp  9/16/22  12:46 pm
Solar is not the answer Ann L. Klieves  9/16/22  1:12 pm
AEE Comments Kim Jemaine, Advanced Energy Economy  9/16/22  1:27 pm
Make Virginia Energy Affordable and Reliable - Repeal the VCEA Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition (SUVGOP)  9/16/22  1:40 pm
Protect Clean Energy & Climate Anonymous (128702)  9/16/22  2:07 pm
Protect Climate Progress in Virginia Shan Lang  9/16/22  2:16 pm
Protect & Continue Virginia's Progress in Environmental Justice Bill Rice  9/16/22  2:18 pm
Listen to and follow Good Leadership! Anonymous (128705)  9/16/22  2:44 pm
Stay in RGGI Chris Tandy, Loudoun Climate Project  9/16/22  2:47 pm
Bury the power lines Michael Davoli  9/16/22  2:47 pm
Please stay in RGGI Matthew Summey  9/16/22  2:50 pm
Please protect Rural Virgina! A.Smith  9/16/22  2:51 pm
Stay in RGGI Alan Delbridge  9/16/22  2:53 pm
RGGI is Virginia Law and Smart Fiscal and Carbon Reduction Policy Faith B Harris  9/16/22  2:53 pm
stay in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Intiative Andrea McGimsey  9/16/22  2:54 pm
Keep VA in RGGI! Leah Jones, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light  9/16/22  2:55 pm
Virginia must sharply cut its GHG emissions Susan Bonney  9/16/22  2:55 pm
Comments of Sierra Club Virginia Chapter to the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan Development Connor Kish, Sierra Club Virginia Chapter  9/16/22  2:55 pm
As a parent and taxpayer, I urge you to keep Virginia in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Kay Campbell  9/16/22  2:57 pm
Virginia Needs RGGI Kidest Gebre, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light  9/16/22  2:59 pm
VA Energy Plan - Keep VA in RGGI Julie Jones  9/16/22  2:59 pm
Stay in RGGI Donna Cywinski  9/16/22  3:03 pm
RGGI is good for Virginia Tim Cywinski  9/16/22  3:05 pm
We cannot afford to move backwards Elle De La Cancela  9/16/22  3:06 pm
CHESSA Virginia Energy Plan Comments Stephanie E. Johnson, Chesapeake Solar and Storage Association  9/16/22  3:07 pm
Keep VA Climate Progress Zander Pellegrino CCAN  9/16/22  3:08 pm
Stay in RGGI Bill Johnson  9/16/22  3:09 pm
RGGI is good for Virginia Meagan Clark  9/16/22  3:09 pm
Please keep us in RGGI Jim Lynch  9/16/22  3:09 pm
Need more nuclear energy, not solar fields JPG  9/16/22  3:13 pm
Protect RGGI William Barlow, Virginia Interfaith Power and Light  9/16/22  3:20 pm
Stay in RGGI- it is the law! Jonathan Rigby, Virginia Interfaith Power and Light  9/16/22  3:20 pm
blasting of storm water ponds for large utility scale solar LR  9/16/22  3:21 pm
KEEP VIRGINIA IN RGGI! Pam Hill  9/16/22  3:22 pm
Continued Participation in RGGI is Critical for Virginia's Economy, Health and Resiliency Mary-Stuart Torbeck  9/16/22  3:23 pm
Clean Car Standards and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Support Hugh Arceneaux  9/16/22  3:25 pm
Comments on VA Energy Plan Jason Eberstein, Enviva  9/16/22  3:30 pm
VA Energy Plan: Fair pricing, energy efficiency, distributed energy resources, and incentive reform Clean Virginia, Cassady Craighill  9/16/22  3:36 pm
Comments on What the Clean Energy Plan Must Do Joy Loving  9/16/22  3:40 pm
Benefits of RGGI for VA Energy Ann Creasy  9/16/22  3:42 pm
2022 Virginia Clean Energy Plan Pine Gate Renewables  9/16/22  3:42 pm
We must stay in RGGI Anonymous (128739)  9/16/22  3:43 pm
Let's Keep RGGI David Kuebrich NOVA Climate Coalition  9/16/22  3:46 pm
Virginia Energy Plan Leslie Grady Jr.  9/16/22  3:47 pm
Stay the course on RGGI and VCEA energy policy David Flores  9/16/22  3:55 pm
Virginia must remain in RGGI Shavon Peacock  9/16/22  3:56 pm
Comments of the Southern Environmental Law Center Nate Benforado, Southern Environmental Law Center  9/16/22  3:58 pm
VPCMA Comments on Energy Plan Mike O'Connor, Virginia Petroleum & Convenience Marketers Association  9/16/22  4:02 pm
Support RGGI N. McKeller Crosby  9/16/22  4:02 pm
Don’t leave RGGI Kathie Hoekstra, Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission Chair  9/16/22  4:03 pm
Virginians need Clean Energy, Efficiency, and the RGGI Erik Shilts  9/16/22  4:06 pm
Solar farm Lisa Spears  9/16/22  4:10 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI Carla Pratt Keyes, Ginter Park Presbyterian Church  9/16/22  4:12 pm
RGGI Virginia Energy Plan Seth Heald  9/16/22  4:14 pm
Words for Salvation Frances Broaddus-Crutchfield, Sierra Club, Falls of the James  9/16/22  4:16 pm
Clean Energy Sarah Weisiger  9/16/22  4:27 pm
Energy Efficiency Should Be Prioritized Kelly Powers  9/16/22  4:30 pm
Virginia's energy portfolio needs more wind and solar Tyson Brown  9/16/22  4:31 pm
RGGI Sharon Fisher  9/16/22  4:33 pm
Why Shared Solar Is Essential to Virginia’s Energy Plan Kristen Peterson, New Energy Equity  9/16/22  4:34 pm
Keep Virginia moving toward a sustainable energy future by staying in the RGGI! Erin Finney  9/16/22  4:36 pm
Retain RGGI james walker  9/16/22  4:37 pm
RGGI Sallie Eissler  9/16/22  4:39 pm
RGGI must be a central element of a Virginia Energy Plan Glen Besa  9/16/22  4:39 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI!!! Tiziana B  9/16/22  4:40 pm
REGGI must stay in the Virginia Energy Plan Suzanne Keller  9/16/22  4:42 pm
Why Shared Solar Is Essential to Virginia’s Energy Plan Arcadia  9/16/22  4:51 pm
Comments on Virginia Energy Plan Julie Bolthouse  9/16/22  4:51 pm
Important to keep Virginia engaged in urgent climate crisis we all face--RGGI gives VA credibility-- Lee Riggins Rich  9/16/22  4:51 pm
Virginia Energy Plan Brett Vassey  9/16/22  4:53 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI Charles Brown II  9/16/22  4:54 pm
RGGI William Baker  9/16/22  4:54 pm
Stay in RGGI Pamela Jiranek  9/16/22  5:03 pm
RGGI Barbara Allen  9/16/22  5:04 pm
Virginia Energy Plan Daryl Downing  9/16/22  5:04 pm
Don't pull out of RGGI Crystal Trost  9/16/22  5:07 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI! Bill Muth, Third Act Virginia  9/16/22  5:14 pm
Virginia Energy Plan Lesley Hamilton  9/16/22  5:18 pm
Virginia Energy Plan, 2022 Kenneth Haapala, SEPP  9/16/22  5:19 pm
RGGI! Jody Forman  9/16/22  5:21 pm
Expression of Strong Support for Virginia Remaining in RGGI Sandra L Connors  9/16/22  5:22 pm
protect sea otters Alyssa Freeman  9/16/22  5:25 pm
Energy priorities for the Commonwealth Chesapeake Climate Action Network  9/16/22  5:26 pm
Electric Vehicles Jerry Dingus  9/16/22  5:28 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI! Esther Merves  9/16/22  5:29 pm
Sciences teacher says "Let's keep Virginia in the RGGI". Jennifer Horn  9/16/22  5:39 pm
The 4 objectives of this energy plan are not related to energy. Joshua Griset  9/16/22  5:43 pm
Virginia Energy Plan - Keep Virginia In RGGI Christiane Riederer von Paar, Third Act-VA  9/16/22  5:44 pm
RGGI Margaret Riley  9/16/22  5:53 pm
Say goodbye to solar and wind. Nuclear is the way of the future. Mary Hodge  9/16/22  5:54 pm
Keep Virginia Moving Forward with 21st Century Energy Solutions Annette Osso, Citizen  9/16/22  5:55 pm
RGGI Bruce Stambaugh  9/16/22  6:04 pm
Virginia Energy Plan--Keep Virginia in RGGI Beth Hodsdon  9/16/22  6:04 pm
No to solar, wind. Yes to nuclear Anonymous (128791)  9/16/22  6:05 pm
Continue to stay in RGGI Diane Szaflarski  9/16/22  6:07 pm
RGGI Paul H. Blaney  9/16/22  6:07 pm
Protect RGGI Paige A Wesselink  9/16/22  6:08 pm
Continue commitment to RGGI and Virginia Clean Economy Act Lisa Thompson, Chesterfield County teacher and resident  9/16/22  6:14 pm
Save RGGI and support those first Virginians experiencing the devastation of climate change Energizing Renewable Growth in Holston Valley  9/16/22  6:14 pm
Please keep Virginia in the RGGI program Mary Margaret Bennett  9/16/22  6:15 pm
Virginia RGGI fund the Hold state need the funds John Richards Jr.  9/16/22  6:21 pm
Community Solar offers opportunities for energy savings, spur economic activity, and increase grid r Pari Kasotia  9/16/22  6:26 pm
Virginia's Energy Plan must prioritize an equitable transition to clean energy Jessica Sims  9/16/22  6:26 pm
Community Solar offers opportunities for savings, and increased economic activity and resiliency Pari Kasotia  9/16/22  6:29 pm
Keep Virginia in the Already Beneficial RGGI Steven Vogel  9/16/22  6:50 pm
Virtue Signaling is not an Energy Plan…We can’t afford an economic suicide pact with radical CA. A.G. Randol III, PhD VA Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Env  9/16/22  6:50 pm
Keep VA. In RGGI SARAH K KEELY  9/16/22  6:50 pm
Virginia Energy Plan Maureen Fairbrother, member Citizen's Climate Lobby  9/16/22  7:01 pm
“All-of-the-above” = climate action. Support RGGI Adam C.  9/16/22  7:04 pm
RGGI Linda Young  9/16/22  7:16 pm
Keep Virginia moving forward to a greener future Margaret Victoria Lee, St Paul’s Memorial Church at the University of Virgi  9/16/22  7:17 pm
RGGI Anonymous (128809)  9/16/22  7:22 pm
RGGI Dell Erwin  9/16/22  7:23 pm
Urgent - support initiative to address Climate Change Patricia Marlowe  9/16/22  7:31 pm
RGGI Mark Schwartz  9/16/22  7:38 pm
Repeal RGGI and the Virginia Clean Energy Act Catherine Engleman  9/16/22  7:46 pm
Act on Climate. Protect RGGI Lee Anne Williams  9/16/22  7:46 pm
Support Va.'s continued participation in RGGI -- Please Support Sandy Newhouse, Ph.D.  9/16/22  7:59 pm
Please continue RGGI funding James A Warden  9/16/22  8:00 pm
REMAIN IN RGGI Eve Schwartz  9/16/22  8:01 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI Eugene Kelly, Virginia citizen  9/16/22  8:08 pm
Maintain Virginia Participation in RGGI Blair Olson  9/16/22  8:23 pm
Greenhouse Initiative Anonymous (128820)  9/16/22  8:28 pm
RGGI helps Virginia Douglas Throp  9/16/22  8:28 pm
Support for RGGI Katherine Roberts  9/16/22  8:41 pm
Virginia's participation in RGGI has been a success. Jackie Rivas, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light  9/16/22  8:42 pm
We need to Keep RGGI James Shelton, Richmond Audubon, Legislative Chair  9/16/22  8:43 pm
RGGI Jordan Long  9/16/22  8:44 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI! Rick Carr  9/16/22  8:47 pm
keep Virginia in the RGGI Timothy Godshall  9/16/22  8:53 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI Kevin Cianfarini, Climate Changemakers  9/16/22  8:58 pm
"modern" facts Merle Damico  9/16/22  9:00 pm
Stay in RGGI Christine Putnam  9/16/22  9:02 pm
Stay In RGGI Lynn Wilson  9/16/22  9:11 pm
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Daphne Cole  9/16/22  9:14 pm
Address Climate Change Now Margaret Thrash  9/16/22  9:16 pm
Provtect the Enironment Mark Benson (citizen)  9/16/22  9:17 pm
keep us in the RGGI Andy Dolloff  9/16/22  9:19 pm
Keep Virginia in RGGI Connie Fitzsimmons  9/16/22  9:19 pm
2022 Virginia Energy Plan Carmen Bingham, VPLC  9/16/22  9:21 pm
Please continue Virginia's participation in RGGI Beverly Seng  9/16/22  9:23 pm
RGGI works! Kenda Hanuman  9/16/22  9:25 pm
Utility-scale solar does not belong on industrial-zoned land Susan Ralston, Citizens for Responsible Solar  9/16/22  9:27 pm
RGGI provides cost-effective environmental, economic and social benefits Tracy Garland  9/16/22  9:32 pm
Stay in RGGI Lila Jones  9/16/22  9:44 pm
Virginia Clean Energy Phoebe Antrim  9/16/22  10:06 pm
true costs fairly borne Laura Georgi  9/16/22  10:08 pm
Keep Virginia in the RGGI! Carlisle Levine  9/16/22  10:09 pm
$533 Electrical Bills will Bankrupt the Poor and Middle Class Jim Moore  9/16/22  10:13 pm
Full Support of the Regional Green House Initiative Annette Caperton  9/16/22  10:19 pm
Focus on renewable energy and stay in RGGI Jill Auburn  9/16/22  10:32 pm
RGGI Paula Chow  9/16/22  10:38 pm
Energy Plan Walter Auburn  9/16/22  10:49 pm
Remain in RGGI Edward Sandtner  9/16/22  10:52 pm
RGGI for Virginians Suzanne McIntosh  9/16/22  11:15 pm
Need to stay in RGGI. Tyla Matteson  9/16/22  11:16 pm
Utility-scale solar and rural Virginia Scott Flood  9/16/22  11:28 pm
Please stay in the RGGI and maintain the Clean Economy Act and Advanced Clean Car Standards! Audrey Pritchard  9/16/22  11:31 pm
RGGI Karla McGovern  9/16/22  11:39 pm
Don't Break Something That's Working -- Virginia Needs to Stay in the RGGI Anonymous (128857)  9/16/22  11:40 pm
Utility-scale solar does NOT belong on agricultural land Concerned Citizens in Buckingham County, VA  9/16/22  11:47 pm
Renewable Energy Planning Richard Genaille  9/16/22  11:48 pm
Virginia depends on energy being available at the flip of a switch, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Beth Stockner  9/16/22  11:56 pm
KEEP VIRGINIA IN THE RGGI Anonymous (128861)  9/16/22  11:57 pm

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