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Department of Energy
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8/23/22  10:29 am
Commenter: BJ

Virginia Energy Plan

Virginia needs to ensure that the future is viable for our grandchildren. The only way to do that is to head towards net zero energy emissions right away.  As the science is showing us, we cannot wait to do this. We are moving closer and closer to destroying our planet through inaction. The quicker we move to cheaper, renewable energy sources, the better the future will be for our grandkids.

Stop bending over to fossil fuel industry interests and think of everyone else. Think of the impact on the poorest members of our society, as they have to deal with heat waves, flooding, increased costs for food, etc.

Stay in RGGI and implement the landmark environmental legislation enacted last year, the Virginia Clean Economy Act. Implement the Section 177 Clean Car Standards. These things will help us get past the disasters that we are heading towards in the near future.

Stop the governor from his climate-crisis-denying, campaign donation tendencies and do the right thing. We only have one chance to make this right. Don't cave in to political interests and campaign donations from climate change deniers.


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