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9/13/22  10:44 am
Commenter: Monica Florio

Invest in Research for Next-Generation Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is emission free. Demand for electricity is growing, as we continue to store information on the cloud and drive electric vehicles. Nuclear power can meet this demand efficiently and safely, on a large grid-level scale or potentially with micro-reactors that can power a town, city or county (on the scale of a water treatment plant). 

One significant drawback is the storage of nuclear waste. We need to invest in research for next generation nuclear power that will safely operate and produce minimal waste. 

We also need to plan for the disposal/recycling of solar panels so as much as possible can be reused. Solar panel production is heavily extractive.

I support rooftop solar, wind turbines and a transition to an electric grid supporting electric vehicles. Biomass should not count as green energy. 

We need to urgently transition away from burning fossil fuels.

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