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Department of Energy
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9/12/22  9:11 pm

Renewables-Make a Just, rapid transition in all sectors of our life

2022 Virginia Energy Plan Comments


To effectively address climate change and environmental justice, the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan must contain the following provisions, organized by topic.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Keep fossil fuels in the ground.  Do not permit any new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and stop ones that have not been completed.
  • Expand energy efficiency programs.
  • Preserve natural carbon sinks such as mature, diverse forests, wetlands, salt marshes, swamps from electrical generation and infrastructure.
  • Promote Regenerative Agriculture and Agrivoltaics.
  • Incentivize electrification in all sectors:
    • Transportation – public and private fleets; commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans.
      • Develop EV fast charging infrastructure in all communities, urban, suburban, rural.
      • Require EV charging readiness in commercial and multi-family buildings through VA Building Code for new construction and renovation
    • Heating and cooling for residential and commercial buildings
    • Cooking for residential and commercial buildings
  • Grid Modernization to support utility scale solar
  • Microgrids to support distributed solar gardens/electricity Coops
  • Do not extend permits for nuclear power plants
  • Declassify the following renewable energy sources
    • Biomass
    • Renewable natural gas
    • nuclear
  • Do not pursue carbon capture technology.  Instead, preserve natural carbon sinks listed above.

Just Transition

  • Provide renewable energy (solar, wind-onshore & offshore, geothermal, water) job training/apprenticeships in fossil fuel extraction communities and climate change impacted communities in the areas such as:
    • Manufacturing
    • Design
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Energy audits
    • Weatherization
    • Energy efficiency
  • Require renewable energy jobs to be Union jobs, especially for Coastal Offshore Wind
  • Require offshore wind facilities to be built with US manufactured components
  • Support RGGI

Consumer Protection

  • Lower the energy bill for all Virginians
  • Implement programs to eliminate Energy Burden
  • Regulate Dominion Power’s base rate to exclude the cost of project development
  • Limit the number of RACs/riders that Dominion can have to inflate electricity bills
  • Regulate Dominion to prevent overcharging customers
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