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9/13/22  12:03 pm
Commenter: Charles Duncan

Can't we learn for California's and Europe's failures?

Ending Virginia’s requirement to follow what ever California does is a must. California shuts down electric power production and imports it from other states. Then requiring only electric vehicles (how about that electric tractor, long haul truck, or riding lawn mower). While some electric vehicles might work they all are much more expensive, would have batteries we don’t know how to dispose of, and require more energy from the power grid than can be supported.

California is currently turning up thermostats in the heat and asking people to use less electricity, but California wants everyone to ride an electric car to work. Their demonstrated energy plan is not sustainable.

Germany went all in on solar and wind, only to find out the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours and the wind does not always blow. After wasting huge amounts of money the people are scrambling for coal.

Virginians, don’t make the same mistakes as California and Germany.

Is there a place for renewable energy, yes. But let the market decide. No government subsidies, no extra fines and charges for fossil fuels. If solar can do it cheaper, then buy solar. If not, then someone wasting money and forcing me to pay.

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