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8/10/22  12:59 pm
Commenter: Steven J. Vogel

Comments to Virginia Energy RE: comprehensive plan for energy policy in Commonwealth

Here are some of the things I hope to see in such a policy:

1)  AFFORDABLE ENERGY:  It is time to address the fact that Virginians pay some of the highest electric bills in the nation.  High energy burdens are linked with greater health risks, increased stress and economic hardship, and difficulty moving out of poverty.  Our energy future should include affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for all Virginians.

2)  CLEAN ENERGY:  We’re up against a very real and very serious climate emergency, but Virginia can lead the way towards a liveable future by investing now in energy efficiency and renewable and distributed energy sources like rooftop solar.

3)  CONSUMER PROTECTION:  As our energy system changes, we need to ensure consumers, especially those already burdened by energy expenses and the climate crisis, are not the ones footing the bill. 

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