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9/6/22  11:25 am
Commenter: Kathleen M. Smith, Retired

Zero reliability on gas is not realistic given a goal of 2025, 2035, or 2045.

First, we don't need to copy California.  We are Virginians and I think that we can develop. this without signing an interstate pack.

Second, let's get real here.  We have to think about the present before we can think about setting goals for the future.  A zero policy is unrealistic for even 20 years ahead.  We need to recognize, we are living longer and more baby boomers will be alive, living almost in poverty at age 90 and will have gas driven heat for their homes.  Do you really want to freeze us out?  I can't afford a new car, and perhaps I intend to keep the one that I have until I die, does this mean that I won't be able to drive my car?

Third, let's try before we buy.  If the grids hold up, move forward, if they don't, then don't.

Simple, build a reasonable plan, not one that is politically driven by the far greener left.

I am all for making things better for the kids born today, but not something that won't work.

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