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Department of Energy
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8/10/22  5:37 pm
Commenter: Erica Ehrhardt

clean energy

Virginia should invest in renewable energy sources such as rooftop solar panels, geothermal power, and wind turbines. We should increase energy efficiency as much as possible.

Climate change is a big threat to Virginia. Global warming is melting ice on Greenland and Antarctica, causing the sea level to rise. NOAA predicts that the sea level might rise 9 to 11 feet at Sewells Point by 2100, while Virginia Beach is only 10 feet above sea level now and is currently sinking; the sea level is rising faster than can be controlled. Hampton Roads has the highest rate of sea level rise than anywhere else on the East Coast. The sea level rise amplifies storm surges, at the same time that climate change may increase the intensity of hurricanes. Climate change may also increase heat waves, droughts and wildfires, which could be devastating to Virginia’s agriculture and tourism industries.

Burning fossil fuels also causes air pollution, which has many harmful effects on human health. Polluted regions have more deaths from COVID and other respiratory illnesses. Pregnant women and their unborn babies are particularly vulnerable to air pollution; during pregnancy, the immune system is less able to clear away pollutants. Air pollution accumulates in the placenta, affects the baby’s cognitive development, and causes low birth rate, miscarriage, and illnesses such as heart problems.

For the sake of the environment and human health, we should reduce our use of fossil fuels as much as possible.

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