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9/7/22  10:10 am
Commenter: Gregory Wrightstone - CO2 Coalition

Virginia and Climate Change – Separating fact from fiction

Earlier this year, the CO2 Coalition published a thorough evaluation of the justifications supporting both the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the VCEA titled Virginia and Climate Change - Separating fact from fiction.

This detailed analysis of climate change and its alleged impact on Virginia finds the following to be true and supported by voluminous governmental and peer-reviewed studies concerning the Commonwealth:

  • There is no unusual or unprecedented warming
  • Heat waves have been declining
  • Severe weather is not increasing
  • Crop and forest growth are increasing
  • Droughts are in decline
  • There is no increase in hurricanes
  • Complete elimination of carbon dioxide emissions within Virginia will have an impact that is so close to zero that it is meaningless

In short, there is no climate crisis and any attempts to eliminate CO2 via regulation or taxation are simply “solutions in search of a problem.”

The proposed reductions in GHG emissions in Virginia do nothing measurable
concerning climate change, and therefore Virginia
s participation is meaningless.
The near-zero effect of the Commonwealth’s emission reductions needs to be
assessed in the context of the rapid expansion of global emissions from the
developing nations, in particular India, China, Russia and Brazil.

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