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Department of Energy
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9/16/22  7:01 pm
Commenter: Maureen Fairbrother, member Citizen's Climate Lobby

Virginia Energy Plan

  Any Energy Plan must factor in Climate Change and avoid exacerbating or accelerating the impacts we can now see. Energy efficiency, electrification of transportation, making full use of existing technology[wind, solar], preserving our mixed deciduous forests, building codes that are appropriate to new infrastructure etc. etc. are all necessary. It is best to  invest now in developing clean energy and a resilient grid because we will be unable to afford the increasingly frequent and severe consequences of ignoring Climate Change, brought about by burning fossil fuels to meet our energy needs.

  RGGI has been useful but eventually State and National Economies will need to correct the market failure to factor in the cost of CO2 emissions and Methane leakage by using a Carbon Fee and Dividend that rewards frugality and facilitates a smooth transition to clean energy; Economists across the political spectrum are in favor of this proven solution. [Citizen's Climate Lobby provides clear information on how it works].


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