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Department of Energy
Department of Energy
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9/13/22  9:19 am
Commenter: Sidney Harrison, Wood Fuel Developers LLC

Bring sanity to Virginia’s Energy Policy

I am a producer of wood pellets for home heating. It’s a reasonably cost effective way to heat your home. With skyrocketing heating oil cost wood pellets help people from freezing to death. Virginia’s CleanEnergy Act that ties our policy to California is insane. Our law says that we have to mimic their insane electrical car mandate even as they suffer power blackouts. For me in the heating industry,  Virginia policies have already doubled my natural gas cost and electrical power increasing rapidly have driven my cost to the point that our wood products being priced out of the market impacting the future of my employees and those who depend on cost effective heating. Increased diesel cost doubled logistical pricing as well. Fixating on somehow humans can effect the temperature of this planet when half the world are ignoring any solution has lead to destructive solutions that are causing more harm to peoples lives and livelihood. Buying oil from our enemies at inflated cost rather than drilling our abundant reserves makes no sense. Requiring all to buy electric cars when there is not enough electric generation capability is beyond crazy. Covering arable land with fields  of solar panels is too crazy with talk of famine from climate change. Solar roofs that already cover the ground is the only thing that makes sense. But it too must compete!
Return to data driven analysis committed to all of the above energies competing against each other seems to be how the real world should operate to the best benefit of the public. Common sense is required! 


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