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9/15/22  12:00 am
Commenter: Brandon Estes

Say NO To Corporate Green Fascism

California, Germany, and Texas. These regions are related by their shared experience of green energy failures.

California has been experiencing rolling blackouts for probably about a decade now due to its massive amount of solar and wind reliance that can't keep up with the growing demand of their sprawling homeless ridden nanny state. People are literally being told not to plug in their electric cars or use their appliances until late in the evening to help curb the impact to their grid. Governor Newsom has already expressed his resentment for the rights and well being of Californians, i predict it won't be long before California will punish "unapproved electricity usage" with jailtime. "For the good of the planet" of course). - That is climate fascism.

Germany is facing a potentially literal dark winter this year, where their citizens may not have access to enough energy to heat their homes due to Russian oil and gas being cut off. What better a time to shut down their last nuclear power reactors right!? Their remaining nuclear reactors produce 4200 GIGAwatts of power, thats 420,000 megawatts folks, thats a metric crapton of electricity, and its GREEN. But its not politically correct nor is it convenient for the climate alarmist narrative that's used to control people with hysteria; so here they stand, about to send the whole country into a dark winter that will likely kill thousands of people. - That is climate fascism.

Texas showed us how even a "Red" state can be crippled by progressive socialist policies that are hand picked for the purpose of breaking the economies that make our country strong and resilient. If you remember, the Texas ice storms recently shut down their grid and caused days long restart procedures of power stations. This was caused by insufficient power being fed into the grid and the people who were responsible for monitoring the power level being asleep at the wheel. The insufficient power was caused by ice covered windmills and solar panels that were no longer feeding power to the grid. If a power grid drops below a certain voltage, coal, natural gas, and nuclear stations go into emergency shutdown/bypass procedures to protect their equipment from damage. The process to then restart the facilities takes days, which means lives lost. - That is climate fascism.

Green fascism is taking our country by storm in the form of climate alarmism, ESG (environmental social governance) and these corrupt policies are used to reward huge payouts of tax payer dollars to shell corporations that are only interested in making a quick buck by building solar facilities then flipping them to another tenant to clean up the aftermath. Southern Virginia is being plagued by solar farms in poor counties like Mecklenburg and Charlotte County as we speak; but its funny that you won't find these solar sites bordering wealthy towns and neighborhoods (better to stick them with the peasants right?).

Natural gas power puts out massive electricity for very little emissions and excellent efficiency. Nuclear puts out INCREDIBLE amounts of clean energy. But these options aren't politically expedient. In fact, you might say these types of clean energy are solutions to a problem that climate alarmists don't want fixed. Because without their problem, they lose their affirmation and their political leverage.

Energy decisions should be looked at through the lens of risk/reward. Solar and wind are anemic in power production and their fluctuating production from cloud cover and weather limitations creates inconsistencies in our power grid that makes coal and gas powered plants have spin up and down constantly to meet the load requirements of the grid. If they were capable of creating more power without glassing tens of thousands of acres of wildlife and potentially poisoning ground water with their toxic metal runoff, they MIGHT be worth having. But at this rate, we would have to cover millions of acres of land in solar panels to meet the growing power requirements of our economy, that's not a fair trade off. 

In contrast, yes people are scared of the idea of nuclear meltdowns, but this fear is grossly over stated. The amount of meltdowns that have occurred world wide compared to the amount of total nuclear facilities is extremely low. Lets keep in mind, one of those meltdown's was in the former Soviet Union, not exactly a bastion of worker safety or high standards of operation would you say? Another was in Japan caused by a Tsunami which was dealt with and prevented from actually melting down. The last is Three Mile Island, which to my knowledge, is the only nuclear meltdown that has ever occurred in the US. Considering this, nuclear's overall power output is EXTREMELY high, meaning high reward. One nuclear facility can put out multitudes more energy than thousands of acres of solar panels; and it will do it rain, shine, snow, sleet, or cloud cover.

For example, until recently (as they've allowed the green agenda to poison their energy policies) France's power grid was 60% Nuclear. Did you know that aircraft carriers are run on nuclear reactors? For a city on the sea, it makes sense doesn't it? Or another example, there are 61 active Nuclear facilities in the US, not that many in the grand scheme of things, however in 2019 it was reported that nuclear produced 50% of the United States renewable energy for that year. According to NEI, in Virginia specifically, we have 4 Nuclear plants, only 4, and yet it is estimated that 30% of our energy is nuclear while 60% is natural gas. If these estimates are correct, then it would appear that Virginia is already doing a phenominal job in producing clean energy WITHOUT the need for inefficient toxic solar panels or gigantic bird killing windmills. 

Please structure Virginia's energy policy to focus on proven growth supporting energy sources like nuclear and natural gas. If we want to have a stable power grid and not be subject to chaotic insufficiencies that are crippling the economies and killing the citizens of California and Germany, then we need to see the writing on the wall and stop playing by the rules of climate fascism.

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