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Department of Energy
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9/3/22  8:07 am
Commenter: Mark Laudo

Clean Energy Options

Thanks for the opportunity to provide input on Virginia's energy future. 

My simple request is that 'all of the above' becomes more than a slogan.  Too often I read about Dominion Power's efforts to block clean energy programs such as multi-family solar.

If Virginia is to maintain a competitive business and quality of life condition, we need to accelerate the move to renewables for our energy needs.  This will result in pollution reduction AND a more stable cost condition.  Why should the rate payers of Virginia be subject to the whims of gas pricing in a global market?  With renewables, the cost is more stable over time and (despite Dominion's efforts to convince the legislature otherwise) can even result in less cost per kwh.

I would like to see more efforts to incentivize the largest power users to create their own generation capacity. We have already seen that Dominion is going to have trouble supplying power for the data centers in Loudoun and Prince William counties.  This is going to result in those data centers being located out of state for a net loss of state income.  A program that incentivizes the customers to provide their own means of primary or supplemental power generation would go a long way towards meeting the needs of the grid in the future.  This is not just for data centers but even retail buildings and apartment buildings could be a part of this idea.

This same incentive effort can extend to the individual homeowner in the form of tax rebates for solar and easier net-metering connections at a better rate than currently available.

We all want Virginia to be a great place to live and work.  Our recipe for providing reliable, clean and low cost power has to be rethought or we will lose out to other places.  Our electric rates already are not competitive and are among the highest in the country.  This can't continue.  We need to be serious about change here.

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