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9/16/22  4:06 pm
Commenter: Erik Shilts

Virginians need Clean Energy, Efficiency, and the RGGI

Virginians need the state to commit to clean energy, efficiency, and remaining in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

While fossil fuel prices have spiked, prices of energy from clean energy resources have remained stable because their fuel sources aren't controlled by war hungry despotic regimes like Russia, or by multi-national corporations stripping wealth from hardworking communities.

Too many Virginians are energy burdened due to the reliance on fossil fuels and historic disinvestments in their communities and homes. Virginia needs to close those gaps by providing everyone with access to clean renewable energy, and by helping people install efficiency measures like appliances, insulation, and air-sealing. This is what the RGGI does. It helps Virginia transition to meet the energy needs of this century, and helps low-income residents reduce their energy burdens.

Clean energy keeps money in the pockets of ordinary Virginians, and it invests money in local economics with local jobs. Virginia's Energy Plan should look forward to renewable resources, with clean air, local jobs, and reduced energy burdens. We can't go back to the fossil fuels that poison us and leave us at the mercy of autocrats, nor should we want to.

We need a plan to builds in resilience, efficiency, and a transition away from fossil fuels. Anything less is a betrayal and deviation from the path that Virginians have already committed to.


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