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Department of Energy
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8/23/22  8:35 pm
Commenter: ALBERT, Civic Volunteer

"Renewable Energy in Our World", B. Ellen Johnson PhD course @ Chesterfield's LLI

Why the Interest? Climate Change. The course taught by Dr. Johnson at the Lifelong Learning Institute in Chesterfield entitled "Renewable Energy in Our World" is brilliant. Definitions, the why & wherefore of energy. Issues not sufficiently addressed by popular media: Life Cycle, Environmental factors, Energy security, Storage of Energy, then goes on to explain each. Exciting prospects include Tidal energy, Geothermal, use of a variety of energy sources, Renewables, the entire list with references to links for more study. It is made clear the Electricity is NOT a fuel. It is a method to transfer energy. Nuclear Fusion - If possible, it is a renewable. Nuclear Fusion is the process of fusing atoms together to produce energy It does not have the long-lived radioactive waste like fission. Models & recent research events suggest that Nuclear Fusion may be viable before 2030, Site:            All information contained are copied from the notes given at the LLI Class on July 26, 2020. Balanced view - be careful for ads  - pro / con. Govt websites:

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