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8/26/22  10:16 am
Commenter: Leftist that knows what’s “right” science

Windmills & Electric Cars NOT the answer

Adding electric cars, windmills or solar panels made in China are NOT the answer! Yes, we need more clean energy, but coal is and will always be a natural way to produce consistent energy for all. Adding to the electric grid by requiring all electric cars by 2035 in states like California makes zero sense. Adding windmills that aren’t reliable and kill wildlife by the millions in a very cruel and inhumane way is NOT the answer. Solar panels placed on our homes at a crazy expensive cost that will never come close to being recouped for at least 30+ years, while all panels are made in China (and you can bet that the panels have technology embedded that benefits China more than it benefits Americans, is NOT the answer. Scientifically, coal is the answer. Just because Main Stream Media says that coal isn’t the answer doesn’t make it true. Speak to environmentalists that aren’t funded fully by the US government and they’ll give you the truth. We all know that many of our politicians have a vested (investment) interest in alternative power and energy sources. They’re not pushing climate change (our world hasn’t changed in millions of years but hey, who am I? Just a non federal subsidized scientist with 25 years of experience in this field. We don’t break what is already fixed. God gave us natural resources in the earth to be used, responsibly. Let’s work towards being more coal-responsible, less energy dependent, take it easy on the electric cars, all the electric gadgets, and turn off lights and items not in use. These little things have a HUGE effect on electricity output. 

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