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8/22/22  7:00 pm
Commenter: MaryAnn Edman

combined energy sources are necessary

I agree with Governor Youngkin’s objectives. I appreciate the comments already made; obviously a clean environment is an important goal. We need to take steps to protect the electrical grid, as well. However, it is impractical to consider eliminating fossil fuels. Oil, natural gas, and coal provide 84% of all the world's energy. Oil efficiently powers 97% of all global transportation. The petroleum-based and nuclear fuel industries need to be encouraged to provide the energy needed by consumers as cleanly as possible at affordable prices until such time as the renewable fuel industry becomes innovative and efficient enough to take over in a practical way. Raising the price or limiting the accessibility or availability of fossil fuel does not help anyone. 

An important reason to continue support of fossil fuels is the lack of availability of materials needed to manufacture renewable energy equipment. To get the same amount of energy from solar and wind that we now get from fossil fuels we will need to increase mining by 1000% because copper, iron ore, silicon, chromium, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lithium, graphite and rare earth metals are needed for motors, solar panels, turbine blades, batteries, and other industrial components. These raw materials account for 50-70% of the cost to manufacture solar panels and batteries. The current source of most of our critical materials is China. The US is dependent on imports for 100% of 17 critical minerals used in green energy technology. We can expect the prices to go up. We actually have all the minerals we need right here in North America, but it is nearly impossible to open new mines due to environmental regulations. (Does there seem to be a conflict among environmentalists?)

Right now the global information infrastructure, "the cloud," uses twice as much electricity as the entire nation of Japan. There will be increasing demands for energy as more innovation occurs. Fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewable energy will be required. We cannot get it all from wind and solar, and to focus on renewables to the exclusion of fossil and nuclear fuels is not only foolishness, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

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