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General Notice: 2022 Virginia Energy Plan Public Feedback

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 7/21/2022 and closes at 11:59pm on 9/1/2022

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VA Clean Energy Comment William Aiton  8/15/22  11:55 am
We need to end our use of fossil fuels if we are to save our planet. Peter J Egan  8/12/22  4:45 pm
Clean energy Benjamin Bedore  8/12/22  9:13 am
Sustainable Energy Tim Slack  8/11/22  8:03 pm
Renewable energy Carol J Cochran  8/11/22  3:55 pm
Virginia/s Energy Future Kristin Peckman  8/11/22  1:13 pm
Virginia energy prices Deej Baker  8/11/22  12:15 pm
Virginia energy prices Deej Baker  8/11/22  12:12 pm
Affordable energy prices GLORIA Green  8/11/22  11:36 am
Solar Energy Robert W Ellis  8/11/22  10:06 am
Clean Energy for Virginia Lisa McCarty  8/10/22  10:09 pm
clean energy Erica Ehrhardt  8/10/22  5:37 pm
What I'd like to see for Virginia's energy future Nathan Alderman  8/10/22  5:17 pm
Affordable energy Mindy Zlotnick  8/10/22  4:39 pm
Clean Energy Stair Z Calhoun  8/10/22  3:53 pm
Clean, affordable energy Anonymous (127179)  8/10/22  2:33 pm
Energy Susan J. Buniva  8/10/22  1:20 pm
Comments to Virginia Energy RE: comprehensive plan for energy policy in Commonwealth Steven J. Vogel  8/10/22  12:59 pm
What I would like to see happen in Virginia with regards to our electric energy! Joan Kasprowicz  8/10/22  12:03 pm
Affordable, clean, consumer oriented electric for VA! Nicholas Gimbrone  8/10/22  11:56 am
Clean, affordable energy for Virginia Nancy D Hall  8/10/22  11:50 am
Energy plans John Surr  8/10/22  11:49 am
Virginia Needs More Clean Energy! Joanna Hickman  8/10/22  11:48 am
affordable energy Anonymous (127169)  8/10/22  11:44 am
Virginia Needs Clean Energy Anonymous (127168)  8/10/22  11:19 am
Clean and renewable energy Deborah Clark  8/10/22  11:05 am
Energy Priorities for Virgina harish donthi  8/10/22  11:01 am
Comprehensive plan for energy Helen A  8/10/22  11:00 am
cleaner, more affordable energy to power homes across Virginia Caroline Corum  8/10/22  10:54 am
I'm all for green affordable energy. And we won't get there without work. D. Severns  8/10/22  10:53 am
our future Kenda Hanuman  8/10/22  10:50 am
Virginia energy future Emilie Ellis Larson  8/10/22  10:48 am
Clean Energy VA Jen Robb  8/10/22  10:46 am
Clean, equitable energy production and distribution Kathleen L. Kelly  8/10/22  9:57 am
Test comment Devyn Keller, VA Energy  8/1/22  12:11 pm

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