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Electronic Visit Verification
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CLOSED     Opened on 1/20/2020 and Ended on 3/21/2020

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the bottome line EVV is wrong Jenn Rowe  3/21/20  11:51 pm
massive problem Crystal Lloyd  3/21/20  11:49 pm
tracking Cathy Childers  3/21/20  11:47 pm
before EVV we had a wonderful attendant Amy Cornwell  3/21/20  11:44 pm
who is suffering Robin Anderson  3/21/20  11:42 pm
EVV nightmare Kelly Beeden  3/21/20  11:40 pm
is it a massive ploy Dee Moore  3/21/20  11:39 pm
my son is now on a waitlist for a nursing home Debbie Fallen  3/21/20  11:27 pm
wonderful place to die ... nursing homes Peter Whoriskey, Maria Sacchetti, Richard A. Webster  3/21/20  11:00 pm
Easier for everyone, but the ones actually doing the work Charles Brewer, employer of record  3/21/20  9:39 pm
noncompliant while driving Debra Fowler, live in caregiver  3/21/20  7:38 pm
limited existence Karin Wilson  3/21/20  6:47 pm
surveillance Jacon Metcalf  3/21/20  6:45 pm
violation of Olmstead Olmstead  3/21/20  6:43 pm
there isnt fraud Alicia Hopkins  3/21/20  6:39 pm
violation of privacy rights Kendra Scalia  3/21/20  6:35 pm
if elected Bernie Sanders  3/21/20  6:31 pm
EVV is wrong Ben Pickler  3/21/20  5:44 pm
Yes. When employees must use their personal cell phones for work-related calls, Labor Code section 2 Stormoen Law  3/21/20  4:42 pm
trouble with smart phones Ken Miller  3/21/20  4:38 pm
it shouldnt cost attendants money to sign in and out Jean Marie Brooks  3/21/20  4:31 pm
EVV is illegal United States v. Antoine Jones  3/21/20  4:25 pm
If you are being gps tracking you are being searched. Robinson Marshall  3/21/20  4:22 pm
Attendants are just going to move on J. Medina, DSP  3/21/20  3:37 pm
no time off with pay, no health insurance, and pay to be tracked Kelene Williams  3/21/20  3:31 pm
I found another job Bryan Yule  3/21/20  3:29 pm
I quit Julie Beasley  3/21/20  3:28 pm
I lost waiver Math Dyer  3/21/20  3:27 pm
continued issue with the fiscal agents Jessica Jerico  3/21/20  2:21 pm
Evil evv No EVV IL  3/21/20  12:55 pm
Employer of Record should be free to decline GPS tracking Rhonda Bowman, disability advocate  3/21/20  12:31 pm
Everyone is essentially being tracked not just DSP Lydia Moreno, MSW, QDDP, QIDP  3/21/20  12:13 pm
please exempt live in providers David Turner  3/21/20  12:09 pm
EVV is a violation of our human rights.  Liberty Vittee  3/21/20  12:07 pm
Fear of losing services by living a fulfilled life Nina Mendoza, subsisting with a disability  3/21/20  11:32 am
no button to submit Sue Day, caregiver  3/21/20  11:11 am
why do we need tracked when sex offenders arent ? Gary Robinson  3/21/20  10:35 am
Have to constantly sceen shot hours worked Joe Hanson, direct support worker  3/21/20  10:18 am
they blame evv app issues on us Jamie Burke, attendant  3/21/20  10:00 am
nursing home abuse seeking justice  3/21/20  7:23 am
treatment at placements DBHDS  3/21/20  7:13 am
even when they are able to ask for help they are ignored Abigale Marie  3/21/20  6:45 am
Federal statistics show that a quarter of all nursing homes nationwide are cited each year for causi Faith Wong  3/21/20  6:40 am
tracking Brett Carlson  3/21/20  6:36 am
US government funded android phones come with preinstalled unremovable malware Dan Goodin  3/21/20  6:09 am
My attendant's paycheck was shorted Chuck Frazier, employer of record  3/20/20  10:18 pm
"People enrolled in EVV programs need to seek assurances that their data will not be repurposed" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/20/20  9:21 pm
abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Karen Everington  3/20/20  9:00 pm
not a week has gone by Beth Monroe  3/20/20  8:26 pm
more die in nursing homes from virus Nursing homes cause early death  3/20/20  8:00 pm
bad just bad Steve Hilton  3/20/20  7:29 pm
12 million schools kids dont have wifi or internet NBC news and a concerned parent  3/20/20  6:51 pm
Mystery Hours James Larson, employer of record  3/20/20  6:04 pm
EVV and other issues Stephen Grammer, Disabilities Advocate  3/20/20  5:54 pm
hring would you take this job T. C.  3/20/20  5:53 pm
not fair to track us Rachel Godard  3/20/20  5:51 pm
I dont use smart phones ... so my client get to live in a nursing home I guess Loretta Whitt  3/20/20  5:50 pm
wishes Michael Walling  3/20/20  5:49 pm
can't hire people now Logan Paulson  3/20/20  5:48 pm
this is a massive problem please stop it L. P.  3/20/20  5:47 pm
Do not cripple those with disabilities with EVV Elaine Geer  3/20/20  5:46 pm
dont sent my brother away Emily Klimichie  3/20/20  5:44 pm
EVV Richard Hocker  3/20/20  5:42 pm
EVV needs to be simplified JoAnne Norton  3/20/20  5:27 pm
EVV is impacting my child's health Stephanie Cox  3/20/20  4:41 pm
EVV and PPL Brenda L Cosby SEIU 512  3/20/20  2:26 pm
"Increased lifetime risk of punitive interventions from other agencies" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/20/20  1:50 pm
To say we are disgusted, is the politest we can state at the moment The Welch Family  3/20/20  1:36 pm
problems with EVV C Myles  3/20/20  1:36 pm
nursing agencies C. Myles  3/20/20  1:35 pm
EVV Barbara Cox  3/20/20  1:34 pm
pay is low Barbara Cox  3/20/20  1:34 pm
Live ins Barbara Cox  3/20/20  1:32 pm
Red Flagging Barbara Cox  3/20/20  1:31 pm
this is what I get John Barnes  3/20/20  1:31 pm
just stop EVV Cecilia Pavlak  3/20/20  1:30 pm
EVV is sending my brother to a group home Julie Gomez  3/20/20  1:29 pm
evv Kim Carter  3/20/20  1:27 pm
EVV Linda Valenti  3/20/20  1:26 pm
how are we supposed to keep attendants now Bill Carelson  3/20/20  1:25 pm
DMAS' "one-pager" handed to those in office - possibly illegal?? Christian Johnson,  3/20/20  1:23 pm
this is a witch hunt Carissa Ballston  3/20/20  1:22 pm
EOR phone and EVV Honor Jones  3/20/20  1:21 pm
if you really cared about finding fraud Zaichenko Family  3/20/20  1:06 pm
we are not criminals Katherine Gupta  3/20/20  1:02 pm
too time consuming Maria Evans  3/20/20  1:01 pm
Silenced by fear of retribution and/or disability - EVV Maria Justus  3/20/20  1:00 pm
harming the rural resident Valerie Lopez  3/20/20  12:58 pm
your requirement to purchase a device or service Mark Allen  3/20/20  12:57 pm
This is too hard and doesnt work Robbie Thompson  3/20/20  12:53 pm
Live-ins, DMAS salaries, stakeholder meetings Helen Trent  3/20/20  12:52 pm
several issues Keith Pendleton  3/20/20  12:50 pm
fiscal agent issues Abby Jarvis  3/20/20  12:48 pm
We just want us to have a normal life Thomas Davidson  3/20/20  12:44 pm
Does this sounds like a happy life Barry Devin  3/20/20  12:43 pm
too much stress Wendy Johnson  3/20/20  12:42 pm
Public Comment- Electronic Visit Verification disAbility Law Center of Virginia  3/20/20  12:41 pm
I pay a patient pay; I want a say Josh Romero (emp. of rec.)  3/20/20  12:03 pm
Can't win for losing with the app. Rashon Garrett, L-I, DSW  3/20/20  11:23 am
Geo tracking is violating our privacy James Parker  3/20/20  11:00 am
harming caregivers Terry White  3/20/20  10:57 am
frequent issues Sam Hoffman  3/20/20  10:56 am
A. Gilbert, Cerebral Palsy The BIG CCC = CORONA in a CAREGIVER shortage CRISIS - STOP IT. STOP EVV  3/20/20  10:56 am
EVV is harmful and we are MAD Janisa Cotton  3/20/20  10:54 am
I quit over this. I hear other did too. EVV is a massive problem Lynne Brown  3/20/20  10:49 am
DMAS's harmful acts Marta Wilson  3/20/20  10:47 am
APP issues Peggy Miller  3/20/20  10:44 am
EVV massively is a problem Kim Williams  3/20/20  10:42 am
EVV it problematic Joseph Allen  3/20/20  10:40 am
EVV is too difficult and costly Shannon Zimmerman  3/20/20  10:38 am
EVV is prohibitive to care Jim Bowman  3/20/20  10:36 am
Never will so few ask so much of so many Piper Givens  3/20/20  10:34 am
42% dmas WEB site  3/20/20  10:29 am
EVV is adding fuel to the COVID-19 fire David Dean, MD, FIDSA  3/20/20  10:29 am
EVV hurts most of the 46,700 DMAS web site  3/20/20  10:28 am
"The app purveyors say "we" need time to learn it, but it seems "they" need time to get it together" Bobbie Lynch (live in DSW)  3/20/20  10:08 am
Live-ins are the ONLY type of care that can self-isolate with the only one on one care! Latanya Fuller, VA citizen fearing spread of Coronavirus  3/20/20  10:02 am
EVV "is a punitive model that demands constant justificatory labor from the citizen" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethicis in Computational Science  3/20/20  8:49 am
Suspend EVV during COVID-19 pandemic Robert, parent  3/20/20  7:52 am
DMAS wants them to die Windra Bowman  3/20/20  7:34 am
this isnt the right thing to do to the disabled or their attendants Jonathan Price  3/20/20  7:31 am
Evv makes it difficult to hire and keep attendants Dana Clark  3/20/20  7:30 am
discrimination Rhonda King  3/20/20  7:28 am
stressful and unfair Barbara Allen  3/20/20  7:24 am
app screwed up attendant not paid David Rogers  3/20/20  7:23 am
very time consuming and full of problems Adam Rivera  3/20/20  7:22 am
just wrong what DMAS expects and to add tracking on top of it Justin Coleman  3/20/20  7:20 am
10/01/19 Data breach DBHDS & 11/25/19 data breach at CMS - How secure is location/GPS/EVV data? Howard Ward  3/20/20  7:18 am
EVV is a nightmare on top of the existing nightmare Renee Day  3/20/20  7:17 am
Fear of institutionalization due to EVV Donna Hughes  3/20/20  7:16 am
pay cut Jenelle Embrey  3/20/20  7:14 am
EVV Angela Hart  3/20/20  7:13 am
Pay is incorrect under new system Lou Reed  3/20/20  7:12 am
app doesnt work messes up the pay all the time Joe Morgan  3/20/20  7:10 am
harming those with special needs Mary Todd  3/20/20  7:09 am
this is insane Shifflett family  3/20/20  7:08 am
Very Stressful Sherry garnett  3/20/20  7:07 am
unneed stress Robert Greenwalt disabled citizen  3/20/20  7:05 am
EVIL EVV Catherine Greenwalt  3/20/20  7:03 am
this is wrong Andrea Robinson  3/20/20  7:01 am
DMASS / Training -EVV Roxanne Willard, SEIU Local 512  3/20/20  1:07 am
My pca might quit Brian Kim, (employer of record)  3/19/20  10:55 pm
Welcome to the new World Order Karen Reid, live in caregiver  3/19/20  9:49 pm
taking away human rights Maria Mitchell  3/19/20  8:59 pm
I am not a dog ... I am a human Joanna Greenwalt  3/19/20  8:58 pm
evv messes up time Sabrina Reese  3/19/20  8:56 pm
I think DMAS has it wrong Terry Harris, EOR  3/19/20  8:55 pm
you turned my peacful home into a war zone... I hate you EVV Michelle Knight  3/19/20  8:53 pm
EVV messes up everything Katie Ross  3/19/20  8:51 pm
EVV is terrible Courtney Wright  3/19/20  8:50 pm
reconsider Jennifer Sheets (parent)  3/19/20  8:49 pm
DBHDS data breach you wont keep our information safe Kate Finn  3/19/20  8:48 pm
BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING AND TRACKING US Lynne Holloman  3/19/20  8:46 pm
costs us a lot of time Kay Smith  3/19/20  8:45 pm
it doesnt work will hurt the disabled Alex Parish  3/19/20  8:44 pm
garbage just garbage Melinda Brooks  3/19/20  8:43 pm
left out Deb Hill  3/19/20  8:42 pm
hold authentic stakeholder meetings Sue Dailey  3/19/20  8:21 pm
please get rid of this EVV Jessica Rhodes  3/19/20  8:20 pm
As a mother of my special needs son, life is stressful, EVV is EXTRA added stress Laura Sluss  3/19/20  8:19 pm
EVV nothing but trouble can't keep going like this Laura Sluss  3/19/20  8:18 pm
we still need emergenyc back up paper timessheets Rebca Knight  3/19/20  8:17 pm
ROS Scott Cooper  3/19/20  8:15 pm
STAND UP FOR US VIRGINIA Linda Davis  3/19/20  8:13 pm
app doesnt capture hours correctly Alex Reed  3/19/20  8:11 pm
not fair to live ins R. Ray  3/19/20  8:10 pm
this isnt right Gary Miller  3/19/20  8:09 pm
EVV is very difficult for a lot of the clients Andrea King  3/19/20  8:08 pm
time consuming Doug Thompson  3/19/20  8:06 pm
mess up system Mel Penn  3/19/20  8:00 pm
to many problems Gina Hernandez  3/19/20  7:59 pm
EVV problems Chip Dodd  3/19/20  7:58 pm
EVV CDC  3/19/20  7:55 pm
EVV issues Elizabeth Peachey SEIUVA 512  3/19/20  5:12 pm
Awakened to sign the EVV Ken Jacobs, Live in eor  3/19/20  5:04 pm
Gaslighting :( Charis Hill  3/19/20  4:37 pm
had to spend $80 on a product Josh Clements  3/19/20  4:34 pm
Corporate Greed Joyce George, CP  3/19/20  3:26 pm
Same ol' routine for the state Dan Nguyen, disabled taxpayer  3/19/20  2:25 pm
evv bad William Payne  3/19/20  2:10 pm
paper time sheets Jennifer Mooney  3/19/20  2:09 pm
APP is a mess Matt Wood  3/19/20  2:06 pm
App evv Kim Cowan  3/19/20  2:05 pm
I agree with Trish Thomason comment below Reggie Green  3/19/20  2:04 pm
EVV Trish Thomason  3/19/20  2:02 pm
evv messes up pay Andy Thomas  3/19/20  1:58 pm
impossible Michael Jaworek, EOR  3/19/20  1:57 pm
new hires not showing up for weeks in the system can;t get paid Don Adams  3/19/20  1:56 pm
DSP for a day Jahana Hayes, Congresswoman, Connecticut  3/19/20  1:55 pm
I dont visit Steven Jackson  3/19/20  1:55 pm
EVV poorly planned poorly rolled out please stop it and give us our lives back Donna Goldbranson  3/19/20  1:53 pm
whole process a mess Teresa Schultz  3/19/20  1:51 pm
evv Sally Morgan  3/19/20  1:49 pm
Live Ins: best type of care available for fighting COVID-19 and other diseases Common Sense  3/19/20  1:35 pm
"Could you live as an exeception event?" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/19/20  1:02 pm
Unable to clock in on evv app Jean Stanley, live in care giver  3/19/20  12:10 pm
EVV violates our freedom of movement and privacy Al Burton, disabled  3/19/20  11:37 am
App doesn’t accurately record hours Geni-Que McKinney  3/19/20  11:15 am
EVV... too many issues to list... Teresa Elder  3/19/20  11:07 am
EVV isolates financial burden Kristin Byrd  3/19/20  11:05 am
EVV is killing me Donna Budway, City Center NOVA  3/19/20  11:04 am
APP doent work and it cuts pay ... would you like to work under that DMAS ? Marc Cotnoir  3/19/20  11:03 am
USE of GPS Marc Cotnoir  3/19/20  11:02 am
Ridiculous intrustion Rob Greene  3/19/20  10:59 am
Live-ins forgo a salary/career to be available 24/7 and provide state's most cost effective service Chris Richardson  3/19/20  10:58 am
please listen DMAS Michael N  3/19/20  10:57 am
EVV frequently records the wrong location Ashley Alexander  3/19/20  10:56 am
please governor Northam listen Penny Miller  3/19/20  10:55 am
EVV hurts DJ Thad Rhodes  3/19/20  10:34 am
Evv Hurts DJ Carla Rhodes  3/19/20  10:21 am
Evv Hurts DJ Lona Croker  3/19/20  10:20 am
Evv hurts DJ Rex Croker Jr  3/19/20  10:19 am
Evv hurts DJ Rex Croker  3/19/20  10:18 am
EVV hurts DJ Chloe Croker  3/19/20  10:17 am
Evv hurts DJ Megan Croker  3/19/20  10:16 am
Evv hurts DJ Hillary Gomez  3/19/20  10:11 am
This is a nightmare Anna J  3/19/20  10:10 am
Dear evv activist Keshawn Little, FASD  3/18/20  10:54 pm
EVV Tony SEIU  3/18/20  5:55 pm
Tired of dealing with EVV app Nicole Garza, attendant  3/18/20  4:05 pm
Can't sign in Jody Fernandez, eor  3/18/20  2:19 pm
App does not accurately record hours Jamie Browne SEIU-VA.512  3/18/20  1:59 pm
You are giving healthcare and benefits to the EVV vendor industry, but not to caregivers Chuck Hansen, Defender  3/18/20  1:10 pm
can't hire people Stacey B  3/18/20  12:43 pm
Two clocks running Riley Morrison, attendant  3/18/20  10:56 am
No place to put hours on app Tina Alvarez, employer  3/18/20  10:39 am
Infected Ralph  3/18/20  9:36 am
Corona wake up call. Live Ins save VA a lot of $ and lives vs. group settings. NOW you know. Virginia taxpayer  3/18/20  9:07 am
In wake of Coronavirus, exempt Live Ins now. Stop playing games Melissa Howell, care recipient  3/18/20  8:31 am
Persons on waiver are already managing with a disability. Do not cripple them with EVV Amanda McCoy, disabled citizen  3/18/20  8:19 am
EVV discriminates against elderly, hispanic, and the poor pew  3/18/20  7:27 am
5g unsafe Blumenthal  3/18/20  6:07 am
So, how my week is going with evv Tanisha Bishop, eor  3/17/20  10:43 pm
Stuck at home because of the EVV. Corona? What's that? TO'd  3/17/20  10:27 pm
The state is deaf to hearing those with disabilities and giving them their rightful forum Fred Meyer, disability advocate  3/17/20  9:39 pm
Evv bad Why does dmas want us dead?  3/17/20  6:31 pm
Thinking Concerned  3/17/20  6:19 pm
Our survival means less to those who wrote legislation for evv than making money off us Melissa Banks  3/17/20  5:02 pm
Now hiring attendants Erica Johnston, employer  3/17/20  2:21 pm
Rather than targeting, there has to be some extension of trust given to the majority David Williamson, disability advocate  3/17/20  11:24 am
Please post pone EVV Personal Care Provider  3/17/20  11:02 am
EVV extension Justin Goodman  3/17/20  11:00 am
Suspend EVV during pandemic Amanda, parent  3/17/20  7:50 am
Lenny Richards, grandparent Civil rights disregarded  3/16/20  8:50 pm
Who is at fault? The one with the coercion or the one forced to make a decision? employer of record  3/16/20  7:07 pm
Discontinuing the use of the EVV system for live in attendants. Ananda Chew  3/16/20  5:28 pm
group homes are unsafe Disability Law Center of Virginia  3/16/20  2:38 pm
Prosecution due to tech glitches K. Montgomery, attendant  3/16/20  12:10 pm
Agency providers not showing during pandemic Lisa Olsen  3/16/20  12:09 pm
EVV is no time saver James Oliver, direct support worker  3/16/20  11:00 am
EVV needs to be postponed C. Taylor  3/16/20  8:16 am
Exempt the family caregiver from evv - we have a caregiver crisis during a Pandemic RUSS CHAPMAN, VA VOTER  3/15/20  11:02 pm
"It, therefore, becomes clear how coercive a simple "verification" process can be" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/15/20  10:15 pm
self isolation CDC  3/15/20  9:57 pm
OMG the governer just acknowledged people dont have internet in their homes Ralph N.  3/15/20  3:20 pm
get them out of the nursing homes Cathy Johnson  3/15/20  2:59 pm
EOR can't approve my time DSP LIVE IN  3/15/20  1:51 pm
Exempt live in Mark Peters, M. sclerosis  3/15/20  1:36 pm
Time sheet erased M. Wheeler, EOR  3/15/20  8:57 am
What if Caregivers everywhere were to strike against EVV during this Pandemic? Gina Castillo, caregiver  3/15/20  8:31 am
"The health of Virginians continues to be my absolute top priority" Gov. Ralph Northam  3/14/20  10:32 pm
Lowest common denominator care MIchelle Vasquez, care recipient  3/14/20  10:05 pm
"Who is really causing fraud to occur?" Noah's Miracle Blog  3/14/20  9:57 pm
hate based Steve Carr  3/14/20  9:55 pm
star of David how this is like what hitler did to jews  3/14/20  9:37 pm
apps are messing up this weekend too Beth Jones  3/14/20  9:35 pm
disrespect from the willobrook movie  3/14/20  8:25 pm
Always end up on portal Billie Carr, E.O.R.  3/14/20  2:07 pm
No Visitors to nursing homes Clark Midcock  3/14/20  1:06 pm
Coronavirus Pandemic - China's One child policy - EVV Scott Schmidt, one of the lucky ones  3/14/20  10:45 am
So many people with agencies are putting them up for sale Chas. Ryan, RN  3/14/20  10:23 am
why EVV is unfair and wrong You all are wrong  3/14/20  9:23 am
horrific somone concerned  3/14/20  12:01 am
EVV EXEMPTION NEEDED for LIVE IN/FAMILY CAREGIVERS Jacqueline Nichol  3/13/20  4:57 pm
Times don't match what sent in on app J. Gutierrez  3/13/20  12:04 pm
evv delays pay/providers quit Sheila Fields, employer  3/13/20  10:56 am
Not one high ups come out behind desk while I worked for free Veroni Lawson, attendant  3/13/20  9:54 am
Can't get the answers we need R McMillion  3/13/20  8:49 am
Person Centered Placation Jasmine Franklin, disability advocate  3/12/20  11:35 pm
"Those Managing tax payer dollars in Medicaid funded programs are dodging public audits" Noah's Miracle Blog  3/12/20  11:09 pm
Even harder to find help JR Embrey  3/12/20  10:18 pm
shout out to Sentara caring person  3/12/20  6:59 pm
monthly monitoring MIMS  3/12/20  4:44 pm
MCO wants me to die Steve Way  3/12/20  4:41 pm
just wanted to show DMAS we already have 2 homevisitis a month Michael Doe  3/12/20  3:53 pm
Efficiency. NO matter the Casualties Sam Kelley, Emp. of Record  3/12/20  3:23 pm
"There is a shared responsbility for supports and choices" NO COERCION; NO FORCING; NO BULLYING DBHDS Department of Behavrioral Health and Developmental Services  3/12/20  1:34 pm
If I go over 40 on app, it subtracts a day's pay Ashley Peters, attendant  3/12/20  10:50 am
Our family's rights to privacy are voided in our home because we have a disabled child in our home Noah's Miracle Blog  3/12/20  10:07 am
Locations not accurate Ray T  3/12/20  9:39 am
The evv apps still don’t work Molly Rickbaugh  3/12/20  7:26 am
Evv is wrong Rebekah Weinstein  3/12/20  7:21 am
22 dead at one nursing home Wes Wilson  3/12/20  7:18 am
CD program has the most affordable and only true one-on-one ratio, and EVV is eroding it Pete Austin, Caregiver  3/12/20  12:03 am
"The very fact that I am alive today to write this piece means my employees did their jobs" Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/11/20  11:36 pm
you know the nursing homes will kill off people cause no one is there to check on them crying  3/11/20  9:10 pm
TRAPPED IN HELL Donald T  3/11/20  9:08 pm
"The experience, talents, and contributions of individuals, families, and communities are supported" DBHDS Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services  3/11/20  3:21 pm
Evv Loretta Jones, Seiuva 512  3/11/20  3:10 pm
EVV App do not accurately record hours. Azza Van de Castle  3/11/20  2:57 pm
evv is wrong Teresa Elder  3/11/20  2:43 pm
evv doesnt work Robert Green  3/11/20  2:41 pm
exempt live in providers Chris Richardson  3/11/20  2:39 pm
EVV IS wrong Ashley Alexander  3/11/20  2:37 pm
please listen to us governor Penny Miller  3/11/20  2:36 pm
Music Within the movie  3/11/20  2:34 pm
so excited to get waiver Michael O Kief  3/11/20  2:26 pm
EVV is a hardship Henry Lipnicksky  3/11/20  2:25 pm
EVV us crao Jennifer Chapmen  3/11/20  2:24 pm
EVV us a burden to me Amanda Uskavitch  3/11/20  2:22 pm
people die faster in nursing homes CDC  3/11/20  2:16 pm
this is wrong Steve  3/11/20  1:56 pm
EVV is added stress Karen Overstreet  3/11/20  1:53 pm
this is a nightmare Laurence Pittman  3/11/20  1:52 pm
the death of consumer directed care in Virginia Leigha Zin  3/11/20  1:51 pm
DBHDS Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services "Personal Choice and Control are Supported"  3/11/20  1:12 pm
What if, one time, the app overpays me? Tamyca Sims, DCW  3/11/20  1:02 pm
Victims of crimes when not supported Darius Cline  3/11/20  12:16 pm
Evv harms the disabled Med plus  3/11/20  12:11 pm
Evv leaves us without services WHO  3/11/20  12:09 pm
No visitors allowed to residents trapped in nursing homes Matt Ritchel  3/11/20  12:06 pm
Seven hours of calling E.G.M. Chavez, parent  3/11/20  11:46 am
Difficulty getting answers and guidance Taylor  3/11/20  10:33 am
2019 TX HHS HIPAA violation, CMS 2019 breach, 2019 DBHDS breach, etc...How safe is a cheap app? Joshua Elliott, concerned participant & E.O.R.  3/11/20  9:12 am
Last 3 pages of Cures Act about EVV were "slid" in Diana Degette, U.S. Representative for Colorado's 1st Congressional Distric  3/11/20  8:55 am
"My house is not an outpatient hospital or nursing home." Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/11/20  8:27 am
THIS IS A MASSIVE PAIN Tamara Bennit  3/11/20  7:14 am
another morning Xaiver Potts  3/11/20  6:24 am
Nothing works Terry Lawrence, Employer  3/10/20  11:16 pm
"You are sending the message that our children need to be monitored and protected against us." Noah's Miracle Blog  3/10/20  10:59 pm
That hurts. That hurts,” the student can be heard saying in a panicked voice. “Stop. Stop for real.” Heather Adames  3/10/20  9:37 pm
Elizabeth Warren is out of the race, but advocates hope her disability plan is the new standard Jeanine Santucci  3/10/20  9:33 pm
disability advocate rallied CBS  3/10/20  9:31 pm
I think it is wrong they are tracking us Jamie Davis  3/10/20  9:27 pm
app problems Connie Byrd  3/10/20  9:25 pm
care giver crisis Ann McDarrius  3/10/20  7:36 pm
inhumane and uncivil ways William and Mary University  3/10/20  7:29 pm
lets be advocates not the medical model of taking crums Andrew Pulrang  3/10/20  7:27 pm
at least 10 nursing homes infected MARTHA BELLISLE and RACHEL LA CORTE,  3/10/20  6:52 pm
EVV HARMS ME Jonathan Legget  3/10/20  6:49 pm
laughing behind the scenes fed up  3/10/20  6:35 pm
Targeting the Disabled Greene, E.O. Record  3/10/20  6:15 pm
From Snake Pits to Cash Cows Paul J. Castellani  3/10/20  6:12 pm
lets track everyone cause everyone uses some kind of federal benifit Annabelle Pittman  3/10/20  6:04 pm
ADAPT please dont take us out of the community ADAPT  3/10/20  6:01 pm
4th amendment violation EVV Justice for ALL  3/10/20  5:58 pm
I have CCC+ waiver and I have been on the DD waiver waitlist for 16 years Michael H  3/10/20  5:39 pm
Difficultly with evv smart phones Annon  3/10/20  5:26 pm
I was staying in Virginia for waiver Allison Jordan  3/10/20  5:05 pm
They assumed everyone had a perfect connection and reliable source of internet service Weaver Family  3/10/20  3:45 pm
Getting help for evv app. is a brick wall Amy Carpenter, emp. of rec.  3/10/20  12:38 pm
"the disability community is clear: We refuse to be treated as patients in our own homes" Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/10/20  12:27 pm
Agencies struggling to comply A concerned citizen  3/10/20  12:00 pm
Group care isn’t safe Jane Doe  3/10/20  11:58 am
"EVV establishes distrust as a baseline in a relationship that is fundamentally about trust" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/10/20  9:34 am
what group homes are like Lawrence Journal World  3/10/20  6:29 am
after Willowbrook life didnt get better for many The New York Times  3/10/20  6:24 am
another person abuse in a group home ZAK WELLERMAN  3/10/20  6:18 am
none of the fiscal agents are good Chaunette Bowling Stokes  3/10/20  6:03 am
so many issues Anja Mierek  3/10/20  6:01 am
Include Respect I self direct Chris Serres  3/10/20  5:32 am
Care worker raped and impregnated two disabled women at community centre, police say Justin Jouvenal  3/10/20  5:23 am
liberty, dignity, and privacy! Dianne Crawford  3/10/20  5:11 am
why this law was included follow the money Andreah Forbes  3/10/20  5:09 am
GPS Patti Panzeriono  3/10/20  5:05 am
cost of use burden Corey F  3/10/20  5:03 am
nothing about us without us Stephen Bachner  3/10/20  4:57 am
praying God will protect us Christian  3/10/20  4:53 am
Way to go turning a 57k services plan into a 107k plan due to EVV Carrie Armstrong, Employer of Record  3/9/20  11:15 pm
smart device Quinten Sheilds  3/9/20  10:40 pm
Administrative Costs to Implement Live-In Caretaker Exemption dmas  3/9/20  10:38 pm
"Family, friends, and people in the community are VERY important and at the center of planning" DBHDS Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services  3/9/20  10:24 pm
I won't go back to a nursing home you dont care anyway  3/9/20  10:10 pm
EVV IS BAD ANERA J BROOKS  3/9/20  9:39 pm
please pass this Brian Heald  3/9/20  9:28 pm
DMAS is full of black box concerned  3/9/20  9:14 pm
free our people National ADAPT  3/9/20  8:46 pm
Please God Prayer to God  3/9/20  6:49 pm
Virginia is the current standard of leaving everyone out Anon  3/9/20  6:47 pm
"California is the current standard of robust stakeholder engagement." Kendra Scalia, MPP, disablity and healthcare policy analyst  3/9/20  5:23 pm
I dont have a smart phone and I am not smart enought to use one Michael Emersion  3/9/20  4:31 pm
what happened to me today Les T  3/9/20  3:46 pm
I am part of the 12% too terrified to give cause you will take my son to a group home  3/9/20  3:44 pm
"vision 2020 includes stopping implementation of Electronic Visit Verification" National ADAPT Leadership  3/9/20  3:12 pm
"If you are EXTREMELY LUCKY, you may be able to contain Coronavirus" (my parent!) Professor Gabriel Leung  3/9/20  2:29 pm
app isnt working again to frighten DMAS will come after me  3/9/20  12:34 pm
EVV stands to violate every "invasion of privacy"category that exists in Modern Tort Law Noah's Miracle Blog  3/9/20  12:26 pm
"Selections" to clock in? Tracy Fox, live in caregiver  3/9/20  11:51 am
How will I keep my niece out of residential placement? Spectrum (PWS)/family caregiver  3/9/20  11:36 am
Exempt my family. I don't want to be caught up in Corona Pandemic in a nursing home participant/consumer  3/9/20  10:10 am
Location/Rural Areas/April 1st C. McMillion  3/9/20  9:25 am
Always need to adjust time for multiple attendants J. Harper, emp. of rec.  3/9/20  8:45 am
My paycheck is always less when I use EVV Anon  3/9/20  12:02 am
EXEMPT LIVE INS V. INCLUDING LIVE INS Sandra Ruiz, EOR  3/8/20  11:23 pm
Guilty until proven guilty Rich Andrews, Live In  3/8/20  10:28 pm
"With EVV, caregivers are providing a record of private & constitutionally protected behavior" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/8/20  10:13 pm
"EVV has already pushed many employees out of the home care industry" Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/8/20  9:57 pm
"We Believe a Good life is best led by the voice of the individual" DBHDS Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services  3/8/20  9:45 pm
society think we are frauds Disability Legal Studies Articles  3/8/20  9:37 pm
she would still be able to do this with EVV (but not with the 2 social workers that already visit ea Nicole Acevedo  3/8/20  9:24 pm
Nothing About Us Without Us Jame Charlton  3/8/20  8:41 pm
adequate support gives us success Open Society Foundation  3/8/20  8:35 pm
marginalizes Open Society Foundation  3/8/20  8:33 pm
everyone can live in the community with the right supports open society foundation  3/8/20  8:32 pm
what is an institution Open Society Foundations  3/8/20  8:30 pm
I matter James Thacker  3/8/20  7:48 pm
Ada generation needs to worry Advocate  3/8/20  7:09 pm
Just heard of yet another family placing a child in a facility over EVV Loretta Comer  3/8/20  2:40 pm
trouble with app last weekend happened at my home too Stacy Buryne  3/8/20  2:05 pm
app troubles carrie Jenkins  3/8/20  2:01 pm
DMAS APP was a mess last weekend not much better this weekend Gloria Johnson  3/8/20  2:00 pm
hurting the vulnerable Dan B.  3/8/20  1:57 pm
leap day weekend Alex Pauley  3/8/20  1:55 pm
time 3 care app was down last weekend Andrea Kiff  3/8/20  1:53 pm
when getting error code use the portal PPL  3/8/20  1:52 pm
same error code Robyn Levin  3/8/20  1:50 pm
Martia we got same error code Cindy Emefa  3/8/20  1:48 pm
error message for time4care AGAIN Martia Clark  3/8/20  1:47 pm
negative impact Blue Ridge Opertunities  3/8/20  1:39 pm
tax problems with CDCN pam stacy  3/8/20  1:21 pm
illegal search to not end up in a nursing home Rachel Day  3/8/20  12:53 pm
medicaid laps because of Magellan case worker Lici Khalici  3/8/20  12:33 pm
celltrak not working again Besty Seitz  3/8/20  12:30 pm
App not working. Rindy May  3/8/20  12:29 pm
APP screwing up again Linda Ebersole  3/8/20  12:28 pm
CDCN suggestions dont help April Viers  3/8/20  12:27 pm
Telephony messed up too Rachel Day  3/8/20  12:18 pm
Residents cower By Benjamin Weiser and Danny Hakim  3/8/20  9:28 am
group home death TONY GUGLIOTTA  3/8/20  9:20 am
crimes goes unreported OIG  3/8/20  9:16 am
all of the news abuse in group homes US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General  3/8/20  9:11 am
residents often experience serioys injuries in group homes HHS, as well as from the Department of Justice  3/8/20  9:10 am
Risk of serious Harm in group homes US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General  3/8/20  9:08 am
Another man abused in a group home CBS news  3/8/20  8:58 am
loosing services because of EVV Carol Griffin  3/8/20  8:51 am
group home issues Judy Foss  3/8/20  8:48 am
DMAS doesnt understand and isnt trying to.. EVV doesnt work for consumer directed DMAS agency statment  3/8/20  8:38 am
Alex had wonderful care until his long time provider retired Theresa Vargas  3/8/20  8:32 am
house arrest Wally Trollman  3/8/20  3:05 am
you are excluding us Virginians with disabilities  3/8/20  12:50 am
I am supposed to have rights Shelby Switzer  3/8/20  12:44 am
Virginia violates the individual’s human rights, legal rights, and Constitutional rights. disability law web site  3/8/20  12:37 am
issues with app Karrie Houk  3/7/20  11:53 pm
Plenty are fearful of retaliation for speaking out about EVV harm Scott Lane, PTSD  3/7/20  10:56 pm
"Private EVV data is repurposable and can be used to harm or profit" Jake Metcalf, Researcher in the Law & Ethics in Computational Science  3/7/20  10:30 pm
nothing about us without us Daje Decue  3/7/20  10:20 pm
discriminating Mark Shumpert  3/7/20  10:18 pm
poop and vomit Tina DeWeese  3/7/20  10:15 pm
"EVV ignores the independent living philosophy" Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/7/20  10:14 pm
EVV is imprisonment Derrick Hamrick  3/7/20  9:32 pm
APP malfunction Shawn Adams  3/7/20  9:05 pm
APP problems AGAIN Krista Ford  3/7/20  9:03 pm
App broken again Dawn Alexander  3/7/20  9:00 pm
why cant we post picture here .. could show you how badly EVV is Leiah Zoey  3/7/20  8:55 pm
church tonight made me think about how DMAS is treating us Devonte Hart  3/7/20  8:52 pm
EVV Jenelle Embrey, Caregiver  3/7/20  6:50 pm
corrdinating our deaths Troy Atkinson  3/7/20  5:20 pm
no way this is saving DMAS money Amanda Holtz  3/7/20  5:13 pm
Celltrak broken again Karen Greenwald  3/7/20  5:03 pm
Celltrak messed up again Nancy Agnew  3/7/20  5:02 pm
Cell Trak not working again Betsy Seitz  3/7/20  4:17 pm
What is dmas going to do Susan Johns  3/7/20  3:40 pm
Evv stopping care Angie Huff  3/7/20  3:37 pm
exempt live ins Maggie Bradley, live in  3/7/20  3:00 pm
Error messages Dawn Roberts  3/7/20  12:49 pm
Broken phone Cunningham, Nancy, EOR  3/7/20  11:35 am
"Individual Choices and descriptions of a good life are respected and followed" (not with EVV) DBHDS (dept. of behavioral health and development services)  3/7/20  10:38 am
Late payment Tamika Jones  3/7/20  10:19 am
"EVV violates constitutional rights to privacy" Kendra Scalia, MPP, Disablity and healthcare policy analyst  3/7/20  9:55 am
"EVV successful for everyone"?? Karen Hart, epilepsy  3/7/20  9:43 am
would be sufficiently burdensome to prompt the elimination of the service. interesting agency statement  3/7/20  8:51 am
why does DMAS cut group settings slack but not families that care ? another agency statement quoate  3/7/20  8:49 am
The EVV system must be implemented in a manner that is minimally burdensome and HIPAA compliant. Agency statement quotes  3/7/20  8:47 am
false statements from the agency statement  3/7/20  8:45 am
you said you would amen regulations Stephanie Davis  3/7/20  8:40 am
lots of mothers care and will keep their children as safe as they can until they die William Westhoven  3/7/20  8:29 am
nursing homes a crappy place to wait to die, quicker then you would have Elizabeth Koh, Jon Kamp, Melanie Evans  3/7/20  8:26 am
Exempt Live In Attendants/EVV is a Burden Christine  3/7/20  5:12 am
EVV systems still not working properly, and costly. Caring Hands Home Healthcare Services  3/7/20  4:08 am
"EVV systems erode the intent of consumer-directed services" Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/6/20  9:05 pm
Stale data?? Jeff Snyder, EOR  3/6/20  5:37 pm
why is it ok to step on the disabled Carolyn Maloney  3/6/20  5:31 pm
CUTS and EVV want us to walk away Lisa P  3/6/20  5:24 pm
Long commute to the kitchen Pete Duncan, live in  3/6/20  5:23 pm
Even he knows the pressure and hardship this EVV thing is causing David Thompson, attendant  3/6/20  4:08 pm
The ebb is too hard for me Ms. Carroll, cancer  3/6/20  3:47 pm
"EVV systems demand consumers and/or employees pay costs" Kendra Scalia, MPP, disability and healthcare policy analyst  3/6/20  3:37 pm
EVV doesn't capture all live ins do Mary, Olson, Multiple Myeloma  3/6/20  3:21 pm
please exempt live in providers Felisha W  3/6/20  2:55 pm
EVV not working Jess Brown  3/6/20  2:55 pm
EVV Lynn Douglas  3/6/20  2:54 pm
DMAS is being vindictive Anita L  3/6/20  2:54 pm
EVV Barbara Miller  3/6/20  2:53 pm
Exempt live ins Jeannett C  3/6/20  2:53 pm
EVV Melissa Floyd  3/6/20  2:52 pm
give live ins a break Susie Smith  3/6/20  2:51 pm
EVV is bad Tonya S  3/6/20  2:51 pm
EVV Nadie Owens  3/6/20  2:50 pm
no to EVV Naura F  3/6/20  2:50 pm

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