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CLOSED     Opened on 7/14/2014 and Ended on 8/4/2014

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Comment Title Commenter
"Valid" for photo IDs used on Election Day Greg S Riddlemoser, General Registrar, Stafford County  7/14/14  1:07 pm
Definition of "Valid" E. Randall Wertz, General Registrar, Montgomery County  7/14/14  1:29 pm
The proposed change to the definition of "valid" photo makes no sense James D. Nix, Vice Chair, Charlottesville Electoral Board  7/14/14  1:40 pm
Valid Photo ID Renee Bergmann Andrews, Falls Church Electoral Board  7/14/14  1:57 pm
your identity never expires    7/14/14  2:11 pm
Expired Identifications still provide proof of identity April Cain, Vice Chair, Henrico Electoral Board  7/14/14  2:21 pm
Proposal to redefine "valid ID" for the purpose of voting Andrew Kohen  7/14/14  2:22 pm
Photo Id Gary LaPorta, Citizen  7/14/14  2:40 pm
No definition of the word "Valid" in Virginia State Election Code Cecil Jordan  7/14/14  4:00 pm
expired drivers licenses and passports Maureen Williams-Wolfe  7/14/14  4:32 pm
Expired government ID's should be permitted to verify identity for the purposes of voting. Deb Stevens Fitzgerald, Harrisonburg resident  7/14/14  9:34 pm
Valid Voter Photo ID Richard S. Miller, General Registrar, Frederick County  7/15/14  10:33 am
What's the purpose of restricting voting privileges? ROBERT T. MANSKER Citizen of Virginia  7/15/14  1:14 pm
Valid IDs Sidney Johnson, citizen  7/15/14  1:40 pm
Create Mass Confusion, Disenfranchising Voters Suchada Langley, A Citizen  7/15/14  1:58 pm
Expiration dates should not be considered when determining the validity of a form of identification. Bryan Graham, Citizen  7/15/14  2:35 pm
Valid for driving and valid for identification are two different things Jeff Moore  7/15/14  2:59 pm
An expired photo ID is not an expired voter Barbara Tuset, Citizen  7/15/14  3:04 pm
Adding Insult to Injury Todd Smyth  7/15/14  3:09 pm
Valid IDs should be limited ONLY to those IDs which are unexpired. David Briggman, Notary Public, Commonwealth of Virginia  7/15/14  3:27 pm
Voter ID's Dale Diaz  7/15/14  4:03 pm
Voter ID Michele Menapace  7/15/14  4:15 pm
Your I'D does not change or expire. Tariq Farooqi  7/15/14  4:17 pm
Do not place hurdles in the way of voters Jane Tarrant, retired Fairfax County teacher; member FCDC  7/15/14  4:31 pm
Voter IDs Rachel Rifkind, A Citizen  7/15/14  4:33 pm
Allow John Harold, EB City of Fairfax  7/15/14  4:42 pm
Identity Has No Expiration Date Brenna Perez, LWV  7/15/14  4:44 pm
Voter ID Patrick F Lapensee  7/15/14  4:56 pm
Valid Photo ID Frederick Esch, FCDC, IAAP  7/15/14  5:12 pm
Restrictions on the Right to Vote Undermine our Democracy Jim Black  7/15/14  5:16 pm
Dudes--there's no voter fraud out there! These rules are to prevent Democratic votes. Eleanor Herman Dyment  7/15/14  5:22 pm
definition of valid Carolyn Caywood  7/15/14  5:33 pm
Squashing the vote. Janet Carver  7/15/14  5:50 pm
Valid voter ID Catherine M. Kasko  7/15/14  5:52 pm
an expired license is still valid. carrie bruns  7/15/14  5:55 pm
valid photo IDs Jo Ann Hersh, citizen  7/15/14  6:03 pm
I disagree with the proposed changes to the definition of 'valid' in the voter ID regulation. Mary Alison Galway  7/15/14  6:04 pm
valid photo IDs Jo Ann Hersh, citizen  7/15/14  6:08 pm
Driver's license Jim Edwards-Hewitt  7/15/14  6:16 pm
Voter photo ID Carol Weber, private citizen  7/15/14  6:22 pm
The law was partisan, this objection is partisan. Cragg Hines  7/15/14  6:45 pm
New Voter ID requirement Sally Fisk  7/15/14  6:49 pm
Voter ID Barbara Hyde  7/15/14  7:55 pm
democracy in the Old Dominion Stephen W Baker  7/15/14  9:00 pm
Voter ID Regulations Bruce Waxman  7/15/14  9:43 pm
Allow voter ID with expired date Roger Tarrant  7/15/14  9:56 pm
expired IDs kenneth gubin  7/15/14  10:40 pm
Proposed regulation invites litigation Valerie L'Herrou  7/15/14  11:19 pm
Comments on Definition of Valid Bill Love, Member, Albemarle County Electoral Board  7/15/14  11:36 pm
Access versus Integrity Frank Anderson, Executive Director, Fairfax County Democratic Committee  7/16/14  12:04 am
Expired driver's licenses should be acceptable as forms of ID. Carol Lindstrom  7/16/14  12:54 am
Expired IDs should be acceptable voter identification Sue Walton  7/16/14  7:49 am
Keep current regulations in place Tram Nguyen, VA New Majority  7/16/14  8:20 am
Expiration regulation is wasteful, needless Mary Detweiler  7/16/14  8:32 am
expired license should be accepted Clifford Garstang  7/16/14  9:27 am
Existing regulations should stand as they are at this late date. Ellen Strauss, Braddock District  7/16/14  9:30 am
Voter ID Susan Facknitz  7/16/14  9:50 am
valid photo ID should include expired drivers license Rob Abbot  7/16/14  10:05 am
Stop making it more complicated to vote Darlene Schneck  7/16/14  10:07 am
Valid ID James Heilman, Secretary, Albemarle County Electoral Board  7/16/14  10:25 am
Voter ID law Doris Evens  7/16/14  10:52 am
Stop making it difficult to vote Amy Gould  7/16/14  11:19 am
Voting is a fundamental right. Expired ID should be valid! Laurie Dodd  7/16/14  11:36 am
It's the New Jim Crow Catherine S. Read  7/16/14  11:47 am
Definition of Valid Voter ID    7/16/14  11:53 am
Voting Barriers Joana Garcia  7/16/14  12:01 pm
Voter ID regulation Adriana van Breda  7/16/14  12:21 pm
Voter ID Jay Volkert Retired  7/16/14  1:16 pm
Identity does not expire Linda Lindberg, Registrar, on behalf of Arlington Electoral Board  7/16/14  2:04 pm
Voter ID expiration date not relevant and confusing Mary B. Guthrow  7/16/14  2:23 pm
I agree I. Giveup  7/16/14  2:27 pm
Voter ID- interpretation of the meaning of "valid". Cathy Price, Prince William County Board of Elections  7/16/14  2:35 pm
Reject the proposal to require that "valid" IDs be unexpired Sharon Richardson, Prince William County Election Officer  7/16/14  3:09 pm
Definition of Valid ID Will Harvey  7/16/14  3:13 pm
Valid Identification William Bell  7/16/14  3:25 pm
comment April Cain, Vice-Chair, Henrico Electoral Board  7/16/14  3:27 pm
Don't revise existing regulations at this late date Margaret Hausman  7/16/14  3:31 pm
What exactly a "valid" identification means for voting Daniel Sachs  7/16/14  3:33 pm
Voter ID & Bruce Borko  7/16/14  3:52 pm
Artificially restricting citizen voting is evil Gabriel Goldberg, Computers and Publishing, Inc.  7/16/14  3:58 pm
No photo needed Sam Slowinski  7/16/14  4:05 pm
Voter ID Judy vogrin  7/16/14  4:36 pm
Redefining Valid Photo ID Sherry Zachry, Citizen  7/16/14  4:37 pm
Voter ID requirements Floyd  7/16/14  4:53 pm
VALID ID FOR VOTING james harvey  7/16/14  4:58 pm
Too much banter about a baseless problem. Richard McGrain  7/16/14  5:10 pm
What is the definition of J. Ligon  7/16/14  5:19 pm
Expiration Dates Irrelevant to Establishing ID Robert McAdams  7/16/14  5:24 pm
Valid ID Rick Eisenbart, CSM, US Army (Retired)  7/16/14  5:46 pm
Voter Identification Richard I. Thompson  7/16/14  6:04 pm
Prove your identity to vote George Clark  7/16/14  6:35 pm
Valid ID Sandra Martin  7/16/14  6:37 pm
Purpose of Voter ID Dan Reynolds  7/16/14  6:42 pm
Contradictory Language, Standards of Evidence, and Identification. Lawrence Kovaciny  7/16/14  7:17 pm
narrowing the definition of valid for a state issued ID Linda Perriello  7/16/14  9:11 pm
Valid Photo ID = Current Photo ID Robert Brever, Jr  7/16/14  9:32 pm
Picture ID Joyce Landahl  7/16/14  9:45 pm
Social Security Number is not an ID number Ralph A Neeper Private Citizen  7/16/14  10:31 pm
Social Security Number is not an ID number Ralph A Neeper Private Citizen  7/16/14  10:33 pm
The meaning of Valid Steve Plitt  7/16/14  11:16 pm
I support the voter ID Heather Cordasco- League of Women's Voters member/ School Board Member  7/16/14  11:30 pm
Refining the definition of "valid" Ronald Huritz, Election Officer, Prince William County  7/16/14  11:57 pm
Valid today means valid forever Dave Private Citizen  7/17/14  4:21 am
Stop restricting citizens from their constitutional right to vote. Allow expired otherwise valid ID Sharyn Crawford  7/17/14  5:05 am
Expiration date requirement David T. Penman (retired)  7/17/14  7:15 am
Citizenship has no expiration date Paul Carver, citizen  7/17/14  8:50 am
Valid ID for U.S. Citizens Donna Gerlaugh  7/17/14  8:53 am
Voter ID Validation Myra MacGregor, US citizen  7/17/14  8:59 am
Photo id Pamela Gilray  7/17/14  9:06 am
Expired Doesn't Mean Invalid Gayle Wix, Prince William County Election Officier  7/17/14  9:23 am
Support for Mary Finger, Virginia voter  7/17/14  9:25 am
I do not support the proposed changes David B. Bjerke, General Registrar of Voters for the City of Falls Church  7/17/14  9:43 am
Voting is a Right Jean Robinson, citizen  7/17/14  9:52 am
Don't change the current rules Jessie Barringer  7/17/14  9:58 am
Voter ID Restrictions Raymond Smith  7/17/14  10:30 am
Don't further restrict voting Kristin Szakos, City Council Member, Charlottesville  7/17/14  10:37 am
what valid means Billy Parvatam  7/17/14  10:57 am
Politically motivated voter supression Stephen  7/17/14  10:59 am
Proposal to change photo ID laws Susan G. Boggs  7/17/14  11:02 am
These Changes are Horrible Alex Lesser  7/17/14  11:06 am
Voter ID Beatrice Morris  7/17/14  11:51 am
Voter ID: Rita Siebenaler, Citizen  7/17/14  12:06 pm
Expired IDs Are Still Valid Brian Clark  7/17/14  12:10 pm
Picture ID Judith Walker  7/17/14  2:23 pm
voter ID Nashmin Behrouzi - FCDC  7/17/14  2:28 pm
Restrictions Isabel Marcovici, FCDC  7/17/14  2:39 pm
Valid Identification Connor Halm,FCDC  7/17/14  3:29 pm
Photo ID rules - setting up obsticals, denying access to the polls Tom Johnson  7/17/14  3:41 pm
An expired expiration date on a recognised gov't issued ID should not STOP a voter from voting. RJ 'Sully' Sullivan, Citizen  7/17/14  4:14 pm
Too many restrictions for voting. Sandra G. Hite  7/17/14  4:21 pm
Expired ID OK Joan Kark  7/17/14  4:55 pm
Adopt June 10 Definition of "Valid" ID Ann Parham, Citizen  7/17/14  5:00 pm
Voter ID expiration Helen Tippie  7/17/14  5:07 pm
Voter Registration Charles R. Jones  7/17/14  6:13 pm
A little common sense, please - keep the June 10 definition TJ McMahon, ex-Virginian because of silly political moves like this one  7/17/14  6:34 pm
Voter ID Bob  7/17/14  6:55 pm
Picture ID on expired driver's license Karen Whetzel  7/17/14  7:11 pm
Allow Expired IDs (Danville, VA) Nik Belanger  7/17/14  7:22 pm
Least voting restrictions JoyCee  7/17/14  8:02 pm
Should be able to use an expired drivers license Betty Walker  7/17/14  8:04 pm
ID Verification Karen, Prince William Election Oficer  7/17/14  8:10 pm
New Proposal Bad News for VA Voters Gary Olejniczak  7/17/14  8:12 pm
Definition of "valid" as it applies to Voter ID. Sandra Price-Stroble, member of Harrisonburg Electoral  7/17/14  8:26 pm
What is a Vote? D. G. G., Election Officer and Voter  7/17/14  9:40 pm
Valid ID Julie Emery  7/17/14  10:48 pm
Why voting rights are important! Katherine Hovis/Mason District Democratic Committee  7/17/14  11:07 pm
It's a poll tax. Janice Yohai  7/17/14  11:31 pm
The proposed definition of valid is too broad. Suspended / revoked licenses don't have legal effect D.C. Finegold-Sachs  7/18/14  6:44 am
Voter ID Gene Betit  7/18/14  7:47 am
Retention of current definition of "valid" Patricia and Carl Hemmer  7/18/14  8:02 am
Expired ID Sharon, PWC Chief Election Officer  7/18/14  8:08 am
1VAC20-40-10 - definition of "valid" Therese Martin, League of Women Voters of VA voter advocacy coordinator  7/18/14  10:59 am
Expired means Expired Robert Martin, Chief Election Officer  7/18/14  11:01 am
1VAC20-40-10 - definition of "valid" Therese Martin, League of Women Voters of VA Voter Advocacy Coordinator  7/18/14  11:42 am
Revised "Valid" definition susan worden, registered voter and election worker/official  7/18/14  12:20 pm
Valid ID Deborah DeMasi  7/18/14  12:27 pm
Don't change the voter photo ID regs Frank Leone, Arlington citizen  7/18/14  12:52 pm
Valid ID Carolyn Sherayko, General Registrar, City of Lynchburg  7/18/14  1:43 pm
Expired IDs Should Be Allowed For Voting Purposes Gregory Brandon  7/18/14  2:32 pm
Voter ID Nancy Drury Duncan  7/18/14  3:38 pm
Voter ID Nancy Drury Duncan  7/18/14  3:38 pm
Leave the definition of "Valid" unchanged. Richard Langford, Vice Chair Montgomery County Electoral Board  7/18/14  3:56 pm
Take a deep breath, folks Sieg, PWC Election Officer  7/18/14  4:03 pm
Expired but otherwise valid ID should be accepted for voting in VA Jeanette Calland  7/18/14  4:03 pm
Valid Photo ID Judy Brown, General Registrar - Loudoun County  7/18/14  4:13 pm
Valid ID John Harold, EB City of Fairfax  7/18/14  4:52 pm
Board of Elections should reject these changes Laura C. Lawson, Citizen and Voter  7/18/14  5:57 pm
Allow citizens to vote with an expired driver's license Anne A. Andrews, citizen  7/19/14  9:30 am
Voter ID Shirley Calhoun  7/19/14  9:33 am
Allow citizens to vote with an expired driver's license Anne A. Andrews, citizen  7/19/14  9:35 am
Picture should Count for voter I'd Donna  7/19/14  9:56 am
use of expired drivers' license as voter ID sandra beerends  7/19/14  10:56 am
Valid ID&Photo to vote-YES Nancy Mattran , Delta Kappa Gamma  7/19/14  11:35 am
I like the new law George Akers  7/19/14  1:25 pm
Voter id is important Laura - election officer  7/19/14  4:15 pm
Voter ID law Linda Gordon  7/19/14  5:12 pm
Exempted Citizens? Ralph A Neeper  7/19/14  6:00 pm
Not another change Candace Graham  7/19/14  7:43 pm
Voter ID requirement Prince William County, Virginia  7/19/14  9:17 pm
Valid Photo Voter ID Robert Merritt  7/19/14  9:22 pm
former Secretary of the Fairfax County Electoral Board. Margaret Luca  7/19/14  9:31 pm
Voter ID Rikki Marshall  7/20/14  10:19 am
SBE should reject Poltical Pressure to adopt unwarrented rules Christopher Ambrose  7/20/14  10:46 am
US Citizens ONLY Patricia A Knill  7/20/14  11:42 am
Valid? Willy O.G.- Election Officer, Pr Wm County  7/20/14  1:20 pm
Voter ID Shirley R. Olson  7/20/14  1:28 pm
Voter ID Jay Donahue  7/20/14  3:24 pm
Don't Block the Vote! Wayne A. Moyer Ph.D.  7/20/14  4:20 pm
Valid photo ID Heather G Hannan  7/20/14  5:19 pm
Revision of Bob Watson, Election Officer, Prince William County  7/20/14  5:53 pm
Valid voter ID Kay Larrieu  7/20/14  5:55 pm
expired is not valid Olena Gauvin  7/20/14  6:14 pm
Stop using disenfranchisement in the name of solving a non-problem Timothy Kendall  7/20/14  6:28 pm
Expired is not valid? Chris Drew  7/20/14  7:58 pm
A Valid ID for Voting Grace Zisk  7/20/14  8:18 pm
SBE should reject Poltical Pressure to adopt unwarrented rules Martha E. Fowler, Private Citizen and member of Fairfax Democrats  7/20/14  9:05 pm
use of expired driver's license as voter ID Samuel Heywood  7/20/14  10:09 pm
A "solution" in search of a problem Tamara Duvall  7/20/14  10:42 pm
Expired Virginia Driver's Licenses should be allowed as proper ID when voting Jennifer B. Boysko  7/21/14  5:36 am
Validity of ID Julie Laskaris  7/21/14  8:35 am
Valid voter identification Carol Nance  7/21/14  9:59 am
Expired Driver's Licenses should be accepted Carol Lindstrom, citizen and voter  7/21/14  10:05 am
Voter ID / Don't Block the Voter Fay Welcome, Citizen  7/21/14  11:34 am
Voter ID expiration is excessive burden Vivian Donahue  7/21/14  12:21 pm
Disenfrancising any voter by any means is so Un-American that such action should never happen here. Gerard Wardell  7/21/14  12:26 pm
Voter Registration Carol Gilbert Sacks  7/21/14  12:26 pm
Expired license should be accepted for voting Alix Ingber, Amherst County voter  7/21/14  12:27 pm
Expired Driver's licenses Tom  7/21/14  12:28 pm
Voter IDs Duane Benton  7/21/14  12:29 pm
Do not further restrict voter ID laws Bruce Torrence  7/21/14  12:29 pm
Don't block the vote. DeLyn Celec  7/21/14  12:30 pm
IDs for voting in Virginia Annabel G. Gunsallus  7/21/14  12:32 pm
voted i.d. laws saul y. barodofsky  7/21/14  12:34 pm
Create a solution not another problem Dan Goldman  7/21/14  12:34 pm
Voter ID: A Valid Photo ID Remains ID Even After Expiration Herman P. Ayayo  7/21/14  12:34 pm
Voter ID Lynn Eddy  7/21/14  12:38 pm
Voter ID Williard Smith  7/21/14  12:39 pm
Expired IDs are valid identification Linda Ruiz  7/21/14  12:40 pm
Voter ID Thomas Coleman  7/21/14  12:49 pm
An Expired I.D. is Still an I.D. (Mrs)M Michelle Hutchinson, Citizen  7/21/14  12:51 pm
voter id Richard Rutherford  7/21/14  12:55 pm
no further voter ID restrictions! Roxanne Grossman  7/21/14  1:02 pm
stop voing ID David Scherer, citizen  7/21/14  1:07 pm
ID Donna Malvin  7/21/14  1:07 pm
Those claiming voter fraud should bear the burden of proof. Michael David Stemle  7/21/14  1:08 pm
we should be making it easier to vote, not harder Dr. George Spagna  7/21/14  1:10 pm
Voter ID/Stop creating problems. A driver's license or ID Card whether or not expired is an ID. Rima Vesilind  7/21/14  1:13 pm
Voting in Virginia. Dayle Severns & Charles Ker  7/21/14  1:15 pm
Standard Business Practices require rules, consistency James Law, Precinct Chief Officer  7/21/14  1:17 pm
stop unnecessary voter restrictions virginia broadbeck  7/21/14  1:27 pm
Voter ID -- Everything rests on the tip of one's motivation. Jeff Rosenberg, Virginia resident  7/21/14  1:28 pm
Voter ID additional requirements Susan Cunningham  7/21/14  1:33 pm
Voter ID Sheri Brennig  7/21/14  1:37 pm
Expired ID Pat Okerlund  7/21/14  1:43 pm
Voter ID Requirements Daniel B Peacock  7/21/14  1:47 pm
Voting John Des Fosses  7/21/14  1:59 pm
Voter ID Kathleen Murray-McLane  7/21/14  2:03 pm
GOP out of their cotton picking minds. Jeffrey Davidson  7/21/14  2:04 pm
Don't change voter ID requirements Alan Stevens, private citizen  7/21/14  2:06 pm
Voter Registration Joan Kelly  7/21/14  2:09 pm
Expired vs Valid Vivian E., Sullivan  7/21/14  2:13 pm
new changes for voting Donna Phillips  7/21/14  2:18 pm
Stop messing with our voting laws for personal gain Chris Cole  7/21/14  2:19 pm
Make it easier to vote! laurie Seidenberg  7/21/14  2:36 pm
Enough already!! Clement Tingley, self  7/21/14  2:40 pm
Voter ID Requrements Annette Knorr  7/21/14  2:42 pm
Voter ID Donna Josaitis  7/21/14  2:55 pm
Voter Suppression Dr. Mildred Roberson, retired  7/21/14  2:58 pm
Voter Registration Changes Shannon Gerton  7/21/14  3:03 pm
Valid Identification Mary Louise Barhydt  7/21/14  3:26 pm
Voter IDs Melyni Worth  7/21/14  3:34 pm
In oppositon to a proposed revision of the voter ID regulation Daniel P. Giesy  7/21/14  3:38 pm
Voter Registration Changes Phillip E. Thompson  7/21/14  4:03 pm
Changes to current Voter ID law Catharine Garber  7/21/14  4:15 pm
Voter ID Rosanne DeLuca  7/21/14  4:20 pm
Voter ID restrictions Eric Grove, citizen  7/21/14  4:43 pm
Voting Regulations Lori Shapiro  7/21/14  5:16 pm
Voting Requirements Betsy Diann Kirby  7/21/14  5:28 pm
Voter suppression effort Jane Kusel  7/21/14  5:40 pm
The Right to Vote Rebecca Gotwalt  7/21/14  6:22 pm
Voter ID cards and expiration dates Leslie Rahuba  7/21/14  6:37 pm
Change in Voter ID Requirements Elizabeth Kelley  7/21/14  6:43 pm
Voting James Butler  7/21/14  7:01 pm
Voter registration Paul Kaplowitz  7/21/14  7:41 pm
Voter IDs and attempted disenfranchisement Charles W. Ellis, Citizen  7/21/14  8:13 pm
Please reject any changes to the existing rules on voter identification. Eleanor Lasky  7/21/14  8:35 pm
Voter Registration/Voting ID Paul Hoggard  7/21/14  8:53 pm
Voter ID changes Jean Gibson  7/21/14  8:53 pm
Voter Photo ID - why??? Ken Sharma, Social Activist, Concerned Citizen  7/21/14  9:12 pm
The proposed change should not go forward. Helen Gill  7/21/14  9:14 pm
Allowing expired IDs Lois Page  7/21/14  9:36 pm
Do not make this change David Gill  7/21/14  9:55 pm
STOP TRYING TO BLOCK OUR VOTES! El Wolff  7/21/14  10:56 pm
VOTING FOR U.S. CITIZENS ONLY Edwardo  7/21/14  11:02 pm
Reject any new changes to the existing rules! Cheryl Gale  7/21/14  11:07 pm
Voter ID Sheila iskra  7/22/14  2:14 am
Stop trying to block selected voting at every turn! Marcia Vinson  7/22/14  3:34 am
There is NO voter fraud. Gail Hermosilla  7/22/14  5:49 am
Voter ID - Yes to expired ID - Let them VOTE! Anthony Schlim  7/22/14  7:02 am
Say NO to an expired ID Self  7/22/14  7:22 am
Obenshain bill on validity of expired IDs. Harrison C. Brome  7/22/14  7:43 am
Imagined Voter Fraud Ted Gelletly, Citizen  7/22/14  7:50 am
Expired picture ID's Deborah Bailey  7/22/14  8:11 am
Expired ID's Kimberly Davidson  7/22/14  8:47 am
Voting in Multiple Locations! Paul Blumstein  7/22/14  9:03 am
A vote should be free, not tagged with red tape or financial cost. To lose this is losing Democracy Tim Gabbert  7/22/14  9:16 am
Valid ID Paula  7/22/14  9:48 am
Valid Voter ID Definition Helen Kelly, Citizen  7/22/14  9:53 am
Expired IDs to Vote Reagan George, Virginia Voters Alliance  7/22/14  10:06 am
Voter ID requirement is perfectly reasonable Leo Stoltz  7/22/14  10:22 am
Regulatory Activity Joan Bishoff, retired  7/22/14  10:29 am
Voter ID Mike Freeland  7/22/14  10:53 am
To the Paranoid Janice  7/22/14  11:12 am
Change in Voter ID Requirements Before the Fall Elections Leslie O'Shaughnessy  7/22/14  11:43 am
Voter ID should be a valid ID, no expired documents should be acceptable Kerry Gray  7/22/14  11:55 am
Voter ID Vanessa Sizemore  7/22/14  12:16 pm
voter ID validity Jack Maas  7/22/14  12:28 pm
Only current identification should be acceptable Juan Mederos  7/22/14  12:43 pm
A Sue Leonard  7/22/14  1:52 pm
Document submission to vote Gloria Zaragoza  7/22/14  2:30 pm
Voter ID Nanci Bell  7/22/14  2:48 pm
Changing Voter ID Rules Mary Kathleen-Diehl Reichert  7/22/14  2:49 pm
No More Changes to Voter ID Legislation! Ronna S. Pazdral, citizen  7/22/14  3:12 pm
No need to make voting harder... Cinthia Honeycutt  7/22/14  3:17 pm
IDs Margie  7/22/14  3:35 pm
Support for retaining the current definition of a valid ID for voting Pamela Charin  7/22/14  3:42 pm
Photo IDs being a requirement to vote Mike Galdun, N/A  7/22/14  4:19 pm
Voter Identification Virginia Francisco  7/22/14  4:39 pm
Proposed Voter IDs margaret  7/22/14  6:06 pm
Reject proposed changes to voter ID laws Marta Phillips  7/22/14  6:32 pm
Voter ID Rules Mary Ann Rehnke  7/22/14  8:03 pm
Reject Any Change to Voter ID Laws Laura LaVertu  7/22/14  8:38 pm
No changes to my voter REG card, it is the only card certifying my elegibility to vote. Berhane Michael  7/22/14  8:59 pm
No changes to my voter REG card, it is the only card certifying my elegibility to vote. Berhane Michael  7/22/14  9:00 pm
No changes to my voter REG card, it is the only card certifying my elegibility to vote. Berhane Michael  7/22/14  9:00 pm
No changes to my voter REG card, it is the only card certifying my elegibility to vote. Berhane Michael  7/22/14  9:00 pm
No changes to my voter REG card, it is the only card certifying my elegibility to vote. Berhane Michael  7/22/14  9:01 pm
No changes to my voter REG card, it is the only card certifying my elegibility to vote. Berhane Michael  7/22/14  9:02 pm
Don't disenfranchize legitimate voters Dorothy-Anne Johnson  7/22/14  9:06 pm
Nothing positive gained by rejecting expired licenses; negative effect on waiting time at polls Patti Maslinoff  7/22/14  11:19 pm
Voter ID Hannah M Senft  7/22/14  11:24 pm
opposed Charles McKeon  7/23/14  12:28 am
Oppose Change to Voter ID Law Marlene Barney  7/23/14  12:36 am
Voter Suppression Jean Crown  7/23/14  6:03 am
Replacing Expired Photo IDs will Waste Taxpayer Dollars Dorothy Joslin  7/23/14  8:11 am
Voter suppression/Obenshain Kathy Stewart Shupe  7/23/14  8:44 am
Don't disenfranchise Seniors - Identity never expires! Dianne Carter de Mayo  7/23/14  8:53 am
Expired driver's licenses should still be valid for voter ID purposes Elizabeth Miller  7/23/14  9:53 am
Expired driver's license as valid for voting Anthony V. Fasolo  7/23/14  10:17 am
Driver's License - Expired - Valid Photo ID Dell Erwin  7/23/14  10:25 am
Valid must mean "valid when issued" Ned Nicholas  7/23/14  10:37 am
voter ID James Quail, retired  7/23/14  10:43 am
is definition of 'valid' valid? Judith Anderson, voter  7/23/14  11:39 am
definition of “valid” as adopted by the State Board of Elections on June 10, 2014 is cle Mary Mitchell Churchill  7/23/14  12:07 pm
Checking Expiration Date Serves No Purpose Denise Pierce  7/23/14  12:07 pm
voter ID Mary Tenshaw  7/23/14  12:40 pm
Voter Integrity Needed Mark  7/23/14  12:49 pm
Infringing upon citizens' right to vote Al Nevarez  7/23/14  12:58 pm
Changing Valid ID for voter registration William G. Hanson  7/23/14  1:21 pm
Changing "valid" JoAnn Clark, Vice Chair, Electoral Board, Northampton County  7/23/14  2:18 pm
Valid Photo ID Stephen Spitz  7/23/14  2:55 pm
Expired government issued photo ID is fine for voting Bruce Neilson, Member of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee  7/23/14  3:35 pm
Before you endorse voting restrictions in Virginia, consider this Eric Byler  7/23/14  5:37 pm
Video mentioned in my previous comment Eric Byler  7/23/14  5:39 pm
What constitutes a valid photo ID Marion B. Stillson, Fairfax County Democratic Committee  7/23/14  6:18 pm
Voter ID Julia Holcomb  7/23/14  9:29 pm
Valid Voter ID required Eve Marie Barner Gleason, voter, elected member of the RPV SCC  7/24/14  9:59 am
Voting rules are strict enough! Please do not make it harder for seniors to vote. Margaret Hanson  7/24/14  10:50 am
voter id vs increased participation walter moore  7/24/14  11:15 am
Keep expired ID as approved on June 10th Carol Noggle, voter  7/24/14  3:23 pm
Valid Voter ID that is Current Bob Wyman, Voter  7/24/14  4:25 pm
support valid id to vote Julie Hernandez  7/24/14  4:35 pm
Valid ID is required for everything else!!! Dean Settle  7/24/14  5:20 pm
Honest elections Wally Bunyea  7/24/14  10:08 pm
Valid ID only Garland Peck  7/25/14  1:10 pm
ID includes address Ralph A Neeper  7/25/14  1:50 pm
To Drive or to Vote? Andrew Cochran, Registrar, City of Roanoke  7/25/14  2:02 pm
Outrageous New Obstacle on Top of an Already Outrageous GOP Attempt to Suppress Voting Todd Thurwachter, American Foreign Service Association (employer)  7/26/14  3:18 am
Voter ID Kathleen McCarthy American Citizen  7/26/14  6:30 am
Integrity of voting process - US Citizens only!! Jere Woodall, Virginia resident  7/26/14  9:27 am
Voter ID Janet Bonillo  7/26/14  10:34 am
Photo ID JoAnne Speiden, Electoral Board, Orange County  7/26/14  3:37 pm
Proof of valid License in the State of VA Robert M. Nutt  7/26/14  4:46 pm
Valid ID Marie Peppe  7/26/14  4:52 pm
Voting is NOT a PRIVILEGE, it's a Right, as well as a Responsibility. Don't kill it. Robin M. Crane  7/26/14  5:17 pm
Valid Photo ID to vote Cynthia Neu McCluskey  7/26/14  6:07 pm
Reasonable form of Photo ID Lawrence Bernath  7/26/14  6:35 pm
Interpretation of New Voter ID Law for Virginia Laurada K Bender  7/26/14  7:10 pm
voter id Cynthia Neu  7/26/14  7:38 pm
Valid photo id Sally bell  7/26/14  8:14 pm
Valid Photo ID Rudolf Peksens  7/26/14  8:44 pm
Voter ID in Virginia Kathy Hawkins  7/26/14  9:25 pm
Voter ID Margaret Kelly  7/27/14  1:32 am
Voter Photo ID Brenda Rogai  7/27/14  7:27 am
Expired voter photo ID Donald Walsh  7/27/14  11:22 am
Valid ID to Vote Susan Fischer  7/27/14  11:59 am
Voter Id Carol Fox  7/27/14  2:55 pm
Voter ID Sherry C Brown  7/27/14  3:39 pm
valid id for voting william walker  7/27/14  3:47 pm
Voting Identification Leo Brennan, Virginia and US citizen  7/27/14  4:51 pm
valid means a legal ID Paul fox  7/27/14  5:11 pm
VALID PHOTO ID Sue Munn  7/27/14  5:46 pm
VA voting DiAnne Lee  7/27/14  6:10 pm
Voter ID Law Mary Williams  7/27/14  6:46 pm
Valid ID Stephanie Findlay  7/27/14  9:30 pm
VALID photo ID at the poll Norman Schulze, tax paying citizen of Virginia  7/27/14  9:44 pm
Valid voter ID Donna Dishner  7/28/14  6:39 am
Virginia Voter Photo ID Wendy Burdette  7/28/14  7:36 am
Valid Voter ID Rosemary  7/28/14  8:39 am
Valid ID Joe Thornlow  7/28/14  9:25 am
Valid voter ID P. Yvonne Trew  7/28/14  9:26 am
Definition of Cy Shearer  7/28/14  11:35 am
Voter ID Robert Fitch  7/28/14  11:44 am
Valid Va. Photo Id. Ann Abbott Slomski  7/28/14  11:52 am
alternative access to voter photo ID patrick conley  7/28/14  12:09 pm
Voter ID Nancy Michie  7/28/14  12:56 pm
Voter's ID Pamela Ellis  7/28/14  1:08 pm
VALID VOTER PHOTO AND ADDRESS IDs Jane Lord  7/28/14  2:02 pm
New voter id law Sherry Brown  7/28/14  2:16 pm
VOTER ID TOM HENSBY  7/28/14  2:53 pm
VALID PHOTO ID REQUIRED TO VOTE Shirley M. Casey  7/28/14  3:00 pm
voter ID Bonnie Fite  7/28/14  3:27 pm
Valid, current I.D. necessary in order to vote. - nothing else can substitute.No old photos , dox. e mary murphy  7/28/14  4:12 pm
Change of definition of valid for photo voter ID purposes Courtney Mills, Fair Elections Legal Network  7/28/14  6:01 pm
No politics, just a Valid Photo ID Joan Anderson  7/28/14  6:41 pm
Voter ID Mark Metcalfe, Virginia citizen  7/28/14  8:11 pm
No more changes to voter id requirements until after November's election. Patricia Scott  7/29/14  8:53 am
Outdated id's are fine. Make it easier, not harder to vote. Mary Cooper Kitchen  7/29/14  9:20 am
In Keeping w/ Any Other Dealing w/ State Gov, Pictures Must Be Required for Voter Identification Matthew Gronemus  7/29/14  9:29 am
Voter ID Cards Lee Komich, Citizen  7/29/14  11:20 am
Valid Voter ID Julia A Jones  7/29/14  1:56 pm
Do not change definition of Gerry Kruger, League of Women Voters of the Charlottesville Area  7/29/14  3:42 pm
Valid Photo ID Dave Black  7/29/14  3:44 pm
Expired Photo IDs Helen Stackhouse  7/29/14  4:51 pm
voter ID requirement Gray Komich  7/29/14  6:05 pm
Right to vote Charles Jordan  7/29/14  7:48 pm
VALID Voter's ID Peggy Smith  7/29/14  8:38 pm
Voter ID Joseph Warren  7/30/14  2:36 pm
Voting rights shouldn't expire when a citizen no longer drives Ivy Main  7/30/14  5:32 pm
Make it easier, not harder, to vote Joyce Neff  7/30/14  5:38 pm
Expiration of valid IDs for voting Virginia W. Harbaugh  7/30/14  6:06 pm
voter ID Janice Osinski  7/30/14  6:54 pm
Valid ID Page Kable  7/30/14  8:42 pm
Definition of VALID for voter photo ID Kerin N. Yates  7/30/14  8:51 pm
Support the change Elaine Komarow  7/30/14  9:55 pm
VALID photo ID / Decimation of The American Citizen's Rights Linda Walker, USA Citizen, VA Resident, Property Owner, and Voter  7/30/14  10:13 pm
Expired IDs don't mean expired lives. Susan Trice  7/30/14  10:15 pm
Expired photo IDs are valid for voting Priscilla Godfrey  7/30/14  10:29 pm
Objection to proposal to limit "valid" IDs Katherine Wychulis  7/30/14  11:53 pm
ANY ID with a photo is PROOF,,,, Phyllis T. Albritton  7/31/14  12:53 am
Reject the change. Terry Ellen Carter  7/31/14  6:44 am
Reject changes to voter ID Law Judith Snoke  7/31/14  7:25 am
Voter ID Harry Malone  7/31/14  8:28 am
Don't make things more complicated. Jane Touchet  7/31/14  8:50 am
Retain June 10 ID definitions Patricia Bower  7/31/14  9:56 am
Expiration dates don't effect valid ID Debbie Van Doren, LWV  7/31/14  10:05 am
Voter I.D. Darlene Allen  7/31/14  11:33 am
Retain the June 10th definitions Anna Scholl, ProgressVA  7/31/14  12:01 pm
Identification at the polls Betty Ellerbee  7/31/14  1:29 pm
Valid Photo ID Evelyn Glazier  7/31/14  1:51 pm
No need for change on voter ID photo requirements Roberta Littlefield  7/31/14  1:59 pm
Allow Expired Photo IDs for Voting Hope R. Amezquita, ACLU of Virginia  7/31/14  3:18 pm
Voter ID expiration Joan Kowalski  7/31/14  4:21 pm
expiring Photo IDs Mary Houska  7/31/14  5:09 pm
Application form for Photo ID Ralph A Neeper Volunteer in Many Organizatons  7/31/14  5:21 pm
Allow Expired Photo IDs for Voting Marilyn Karp  7/31/14  6:39 pm
Voter ID.....Expired vs Valid alicia o cohen  7/31/14  6:59 pm
Allow Expired ID for Voter ID Paul Reid  7/31/14  8:35 pm
Some improvement is needed Jonathan Andrews  7/31/14  9:11 pm
photo id valid even if expired Heather chou  7/31/14  9:17 pm
No Expiration Dates on Voter ID's Karen Jorde  7/31/14  10:00 pm
Valid ID definition Frances P Schutz  7/31/14  11:49 pm
Definition of Barry LeBoeuf  8/1/14  8:15 am
Revision - what purpose? Alison Wilson, elections officer + voter  8/1/14  9:48 am
Allow expired IDs to be 'valid' for voting purposes Lara Larson  8/1/14  10:16 am
Do not disenfranchise Jonathan Radow, citizen and voter  8/1/14  11:30 am
Let expired IDs count Susan Wamsley  8/1/14  11:53 am
Valid ID to vote ? Bruce Smith, AARP and NCPSSM  8/1/14  1:01 pm
VA Should Accept Expired ID Sarah McShane, Citizen  8/1/14  1:46 pm
Voter ID Sally Shiver  8/1/14  1:48 pm
Voter ID Law is confusing and unnecessary Louise Milder  8/1/14  2:39 pm
Allow otherwise acceptable, but expired photo IDs to be used for voting purposes. Edgar Williams  8/1/14  4:40 pm
Votive ID rules Bonnie Lowrey  8/1/14  4:47 pm
Voter ID rules Joann M. Marsh  8/1/14  4:47 pm
voting rights Carol Chowdhry  8/1/14  4:54 pm
Protect Access to the Polls Becky Daiss  8/1/14  5:06 pm
Protect access to the polls Jennifer Stanfield  8/1/14  5:22 pm
voter ID Elliot Daniels  8/1/14  5:31 pm
Proposed SBE regulation that would prohibit voters from using expired photo IDs Joe Marx, private citizen  8/1/14  5:31 pm
VALID Voter ID Mariane Rowland  8/1/14  5:43 pm
Expired license Louise Glenn  8/1/14  5:48 pm
Don't amend definition of "valid" for photo ID for voters Brian Turner  8/1/14  5:50 pm
Voter Identification Anne Gray Haynes  8/1/14  5:54 pm
Make Voting Available to All Eligible Virginians Ellen Hayes  8/1/14  5:55 pm
State Board of Elections photo ID requirement Carola Haas  8/1/14  5:57 pm
No gain in changing the definition of "valid" Elke Martin  8/1/14  5:58 pm
Roadblock to Voting Eva Freund  8/1/14  6:08 pm
Access to voting Eleanor Pages  8/1/14  6:22 pm
Voter ID: expired ID cards William W. Sihler, Southeastern Consultants Group, Ltd.  8/1/14  6:36 pm
Protect Access to the Polls in Virginia Ronald E. Patterson - Retired - Parttime Elections Officer - Alexandria  8/1/14  6:49 pm
Allow voters to use expired licenses and passports to vote. Doyle Young  8/1/14  7:15 pm
Attention SBE, I appose amending the definition of valid ID for voting. John Leake  8/1/14  7:24 pm
Why change the definition of VALID? Cate H. Partain, a voting citizen  8/1/14  8:02 pm
Stop disenfranchising voters Barbara Stephens  8/1/14  8:05 pm
Do not restrict access to voting    8/1/14  8:15 pm
protect access to polls! Sheri Langham  8/1/14  9:48 pm
Definition of "Valid" Greg Winston  8/1/14  10:01 pm
Expired Driver's License for Photo ID for voting Wendell Hines  8/1/14  10:19 pm
A VALID PHOTO Kay Gibson  8/1/14  10:28 pm

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