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Comment Period Ended on 8/4/2014
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7/18/14  3:56 pm
Commenter: Richard Langford, Vice Chair Montgomery County Electoral Board

Leave the definition of "Valid" unchanged.

If the General Assembly had wanted to include this additional requirement in the statute, they should have done so. To change the definition of "Valid" after the fact based on the opinions of a few legislators is wrong.

The proposed language leads to an inconsistent policy. It is okay to use an expired ID as long as it has not been expired too long. That makes no sense. Either it is valid or it is not.

My view is that there is NO material improvement in making sure a voter is who he or she says they are by requiring a date. The photo of a person does not change when a document becomes expired.

To support my view, even the Department of Elections when issuing the regulations for the free voter ID program did not require a date on the document. 

Some ID's expire (Driver's license, passport) while others do not (employment ID). It makes no sense to disallow some because the date has past when others fully acceptable IDs do not even have a date.

Please vote to not accept these changes.

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