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7/15/14  9:00 pm
Commenter: Stephen W Baker

democracy in the Old Dominion

In the birthplace of American democracy; let's stop disfranchising eligible voters.  The new voter ID law is designed to be one extra hurdle in making voting more difficult.  We did the same in 1902 with literacy tests and poll taxes when our biggest voter fraud problem was ballot box stuffing by election officials.  Modern day cases of individuals casting ineligible ballots are rare. Under our new voter ID law, thousands of eligible voters will be turned away from the polls and we'll still end up with the same handful of "problem ballots."  The supporters of this disreputable law, Sen Obenshain amongst them, are the people who don't believe in American democracy.  They are the people who don't respect the freedoms we are guaranteed in the US Constitution, a document born in part in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Governing should be a contest of the "best ideas", not a game of "dirty tricks" where some people have rights and others have them taken away.  We are better than this and we should set a better example for others to follow.

A Virginian

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