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7/16/14  8:32 am
Commenter: Mary Detweiler

Expiration regulation is wasteful, needless

Expiration dates on photo IDs do not affect the voter's dentity and therefore should not be part of restrictions to vote. Any voting restrictions should carefuly match objectives; this expiration idea does not. Elderly voters who opt to stop driving might let their drivers license expire; that does not change their identity. Students might have a photo ID valid only for the academic year; that doesn't change their identity. We will create major headaches for election officials who would have reliably ascertained identity with the photo card shown but then need to make needless decisiobdns about expiration of that card. We need to match the objective (ascertain identity), not get into the weeds of dates that do or do not appear on a card. We ar creating time-wasting, confusing problems for our election officials for no good reaon. And we're also discouraging voters who might have a reasonable form of photo ID but not understand the (foolish and unnecessary) regulations about expiration or lack of date on that card. Reult: voter suppression. Is this what Mr. Obenshain is up to?

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