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7/23/14  12:28 am
Commenter: Charles McKeon

I agree with Judy Brown, General Registrar - Loudoun County:

Valid Photo ID
It is my belief that we are just trying to determine that the individual who appears before us to vote is the person on the photo identification being presented by the voter.  If election officers have to look for expiration dates on various types of photo identification, we could start to see delays in the voter check-in process, resulting in increased wait times.  As others have stated, we can still use an expired photo id to validate the person before us.  Whether or not they can drive or travel should not impact their right to vote.

I agree with Sharon Richardson, Prince William County Election Officer:

Reject the proposal to require that "valid" IDs be unexpired
As an election officer, I have enough to do on election day(s) to ensure that our democracy operates the way it is supposed to -- that is, that everyone who wishes to vote and is eligible to vote is able to do so in a safe, efficient and secure manner. I do NOT have time -- particularly in presidential election years -- to squint at every form of ID to a) see if it even HAS an expiration date and then b) if it does have an expiration date to discern whether it has expired. I vote NO on the question of valid = unexpired. Do NOT add to our burdens during elections by requiring this; especially since rampant voter fraud has NEVER been shown in Virginia in the last 40 years or so.


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