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7/21/14  1:27 pm
Commenter: virginia broadbeck

stop unnecessary voter restrictions

Proposals to invalidate expired photo IDs for voting should NOT be enacted.  Such proposals would have unnecessary and adverse impacts against those --such as the elderly, or those who no longer drive vehicles, etc.--who are, nonetheless full citizens with full voting rights.  Voting is a RIGHT--not a privilege to be granted only to a few.  (What's next--proposals to go back to the bad old days when only white male property owners can legally vote? )  I personally disagree with the requirement for a photo ID--it can be difficult or inconvenient for some citizens to acquire just so they can pursue their voting rights.  However, to futher restrict this right by enacting restrictions against expired photo IDs that clearly depict the voter is a TRAVESTY that cannot be allowed in any democracy.   It is unjust, unnecessary, and should never see the light of day in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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