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7/23/14  5:37 pm
Commenter: Eric Byler

Before you endorse voting restrictions in Virginia, consider this

This video shows an interview with 85-year-old Augustine Carter of Richmond, VA, who had to hire a geneaologist in order to preserve her right to vote due to the new ID restrictions.  Let's say there are 5,000 American citizens in Virginia who, like Ms. Carter, were born in a time when African Americans were not allowed to enter white hospitals and thus were born in their parents' home and did not receive birth certificates.  How many of those 5,000 will go to all the trouble that this woman did to continue voting in Virginia's elections, especially at this age?

Born in 1928, Ms. Carter never got a driver's license because she decided years ago that driving wasn't for her. Her baptism certificate was sufficient for all identification purposes until the 2012 election. She had to go through a Kafkaesque bureaucracy including being told by someone at the Motor Vehicle Administration that she couldn't prove that she was not a terrorist.

Elections have consequences.  And yes, both parties really want to win them.  But is winning important enough to compromise our country's most sacred values, and allow our democracy to morph into some other type of government?  At what point does partisanship go too far?  When plutocracy is preferable to allowing the will of the people to be heard, I'd say it's gone too far.  

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