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7/14/14  1:29 pm
Commenter: E. Randall Wertz, General Registrar, Montgomery County

Definition of "Valid"

The definition of "expired is as follows:

 ex·pire - verb - past tense: expired; past participle: expired

1. (of a document, authorization, or agreement) cease to be valid, typically after a fixed period of time.  "the old contract had expired"

 synonyms: run out, become invalid, become void, lapse; More end, finish, stop, come to an end, terminate "my contract has expired"

•(of a period of time) come to an end.  "the three-year period has expired"   

•(of a person) die.

synonyms: die, pass away/on, breathe one's last; More informalkick the bucket, bite the dust, croak, buy it, buy the farm; dateddepart this life "the spot where he expired"

2. technical exhale (air) from the lung.  synonyms: breathe out, exhale, blow out, expel

Therefore, if the driver's license has expired, it is no longer valid!

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