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7/22/14  3:34 am
Commenter: Marcia Vinson

Stop trying to block selected voting at every turn!

The republicans have an astounding history of breaking laws in this state in order to get what they want. Also changing the laws in order to protect themselves from illegal activity. Recent past, a few instances; during the presidential election several boxes of democratic votes in Hampton, VA, were thrown into a dumptster prior to being counted but incidentally witnessed, reported, rescued and returned with the culprit being caught. Election board 2 republicans, 1 democrat voted not to prosecute in a 2-1 vote (down party lines). I can't imagine that it that had happened regarding republican votes, that this would havenot made national news and the guilty party would have witnessed the full extent of the law.  Bribary issues from the republicans in the house and a break in at the Governors office all to stop medicaid expansion, that the republicans had no issue with until the voting public in VA., had finally voted the majority republican control out of office. Let's not forget that the taxpayers of VA got to pay for an over million dollar witch hunt by AG Ken Cuchinelli over global warming, or the fact that our own now defunct republican governor and his wife are only going through a very small portion of evidence against them in their alleged upcoming criminal and felony cases. Since he got to finish his term, taxpayers also got to foot hundreds of thousands for part of his defense and will get to pay for his retirement for the rest of his life. To bad that his family(well, actually children and friends while vacationing in Sandbridge) couldn't afford the normal everyday things such as sun lotion, flea treatments for thier dog and a vast of other things charged to tax payers. We here in Virginia have a lot of issues here, voting is just the tip of the iceburg, however it is a very important part of our democratic process. Who knows, by the time they finish the only people with voting rights will probably be corporations, since they seem to be people too! 

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