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7/21/14  2:19 pm
Commenter: Chris Cole

Stop messing with our voting laws for personal gain

Get money out of Politics!

I'm tired of politicians playing games with our lives and whatever semblance of rights and freedom we have left....for now. We are no longer the land of the free but oppressed. A huge catalyst is the agenda driven crazy right wing Supreme Court. Voting should be as easy as going online like we do with EVERYTHING else. You hate government sooo much but are always running and raising money to work in the government to make things worse for us citizens. Stop making dumb and useless voter id laws as rampant voter fraud is a magical unicorn that doesn't exist. Maybe do actual useful work and stop waisting our tax dollars? The founding fathers HATED religion and banks. They also said you govern for a couple of years and then GO HOME! It was never supposed to be a lifetime career with a revolving door with lobbying to further erode the nations for your own personal gain. Do the right thing for once if you have any conscience or shame. Stop being jerks!

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