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7/16/14  10:07 am
Commenter: Darlene Schneck

Stop making it more complicated to vote

I moved to Virginia five years ago, and lately when I go to vote it is so very annoying. The last time I voted, I handed my driver's license to the clerk, and  while she had it in her hand, she asked me to say my address out loud. I said "really?? I just handed that to you, and now I have to say what's on the card I just handed to you?" Voting used to be such a proud thing to do, see your neighbors, sign in and do your civic duty. Now, everyone is presumed to NOT be who they say they are. I find this to be very sad, and I am beyond annoyed at the Republican party for doing everything in their power to make it harder to vote in so many ways, disenfrachising students, elderly, minorities. We ought to make voting the easiest thing to do. This "much ado about nothing" -- this so-called voter fraud -- it is just an excuse to weed out the voters the Republicans don't want coming to the polls. I find that despicable, and it's one of the many reasons I will rarely support a Republican candidate anymore.

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