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7/21/14  1:28 pm
Commenter: Jeff Rosenberg, Virginia resident

Voter ID -- Everything rests on the tip of one's motivation.

Dear Madame or Sir:

I would ask that the Voter ID regulations should remain the same; ideally, they should be streamlined as much as possible to facilitate individuals voting.  The issue is not one of "voter fraud."  Rather, it is one of voter participation.

The proverb ("Everything rests on the tip of one's motivation.") refers to looking at one's decisions and behavior from the perspective of motivation.  I'm afraid many of the state's delegates and representatives appear to be motivated by voter suppression, especially of the Democratic variety.  In other words, their motivation does not appear to be to enhance our democratic process but rather to subvert it to bias or favor that of one party, the Republican party.

Let's have a level playing field in which all who can participate (vote) are, if anything, facilitated to do just that.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jeff Rosenberg; Arlington, VA 

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