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Action Making an Illegible or Missing Postmark an Immaterial Omission on Absentee Ballot Envelopes
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red dot In Progress!     Opened on 8/31/2020 and closes at 11:59pm on 10/2/2020

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Postmarks, Please Anonymous  9/30/20  5:38 pm
Leave the existing post mark requirements alone Anonymous  9/30/20  4:59 pm
All ballots should be accepted regardless of postmark Meghan  9/30/20  2:42 pm
This proposed change IS MATERIAL Mary Brett  9/30/20  1:41 pm
Preserve Post Mark Requirement JD  9/30/20  1:39 pm
Inviting graft Julia Thompson  9/30/20  1:24 pm
Leave voting rules as they currently exist. Verify postmarks. Michael gardner  9/30/20  12:32 pm
Preserve Election Integrity Anonymos  9/30/20  11:22 am
Mail in ballots Katharine Kamminga  9/30/20  11:07 am
Postmarks on Absentee Ballots. Linda Baker  9/30/20  10:36 am
"NO" to proposed regulation regarding postmarks on Absentee Ballots. Andrea Bayer  9/30/20  10:22 am
Accept Ballots Amy Cannon  9/30/20  9:56 am
Preserve Election Integrity Brenda Levy  9/30/20  9:55 am
PRESERVE ELECTION INTEGRITY Maddie Lane  9/30/20  9:25 am
Preserve the Post Mark Requirement Craig A Tabor  9/30/20  8:22 am
Preserve Post Mark Requirements Kris Allen  9/30/20  7:00 am
Do not extend the ballet deadline for the election Anonymous  9/30/20  6:41 am
Do not extend postmarks deadlines for the election. Tim Herrity  9/30/20  2:08 am
Absentee ballots J B  9/29/20  10:54 pm
This is crazy! Greg Letiecq  9/29/20  10:40 pm
NO to mail in Ballot Extension Anonymous  9/29/20  8:41 pm
Don't change the postmark requirement Michael Amowitz  9/29/20  7:56 pm
Votes due on election day -- in person or post marked -- stop all of the other actions. Anonymous  9/29/20  7:52 pm
Require postmarks! Anonymous  9/29/20  7:08 pm
NO to the proposal. State BOE is responsible for upholding, NOT undermining Virginia law Nancy Godfrey  9/29/20  6:16 pm
Allow all ballots Julie  9/29/20  5:47 pm
I'm opposed to this change action. Jim  9/29/20  5:39 pm
Preserve our election integrity. Preserve 'postmark required'. Lisa Tobias  9/29/20  4:58 pm
Post Mark Proposal Sharon Orange  9/29/20  4:29 pm
Opposed!! Angela Chobanov  9/29/20  4:19 pm
Illegible or Missing Postmark Must Be an Immaterial Omission on Absentee Ballot Envelopes Melissa Dicker  9/29/20  3:39 pm
DO NOT RELAX VOTING INTEGRITY Anonymous  9/29/20  3:35 pm
All ballots should be counted Anonymous  9/29/20  3:27 pm
Voter fraud Cathy Work  9/29/20  3:17 pm
Require a valid postmark Concerned Citizen of Loudoun  9/29/20  2:36 pm
Special Session to Stop this Proposal Ann Marie Parker  9/29/20  2:27 pm
Oppose this change Anonymous  9/29/20  2:21 pm
Postmarks Preserved! Anonymous  9/29/20  2:14 pm
Allow ballots without postmarks Pat Widener  9/29/20  2:11 pm
Postmarks Preserved! Anonymous  9/29/20  2:09 pm
Unpostmarked absentee ballots Bert Nye  9/29/20  1:54 pm
Ballots must be post-marked before election day. Dan Beller  9/29/20  1:52 pm
VA Board of Election proposed regulation action to try to change Election Law ! Carolyn F. Smith  9/29/20  1:42 pm
Suppprt the acceptance of all ballots! Laura Barrett  9/29/20  12:59 pm
No change to election law Anonymous  9/29/20  12:56 pm
I am against any changes to the voter regulations. Election day is just that!! donald Niday  9/29/20  12:53 pm
Count ballots in drop boxes or hand-delivered Beth Wiley  9/29/20  12:44 pm
Allow ballots Jeanne Coglianese  9/29/20  12:40 pm
I DEMAND A PUBLIC HEARING! Anonymous  9/29/20  12:31 pm
Support Making Postmarks an Immaterial Issue Linda Daubert  9/29/20  12:05 pm
Support Action Making an Illegible or Missing Postmark an Immaterial . Liz Carter  9/29/20  11:53 am
No Postmark required Alan Walsh  9/29/20  11:25 am
Accept the Ballots up to 3 days passed election Jay Cuasay  9/29/20  11:20 am
Ballot postmarks Barbara Heipp  9/29/20  11:18 am
Proposed violation of VA election LAW Laura M.  9/29/20  11:12 am
No extension for absentee ballots Matt Pierce  9/29/20  11:01 am
NO to "No Postmarks" - 'YES" to Public Hearing Glenn Youngkin  9/29/20  11:01 am
Elimination fo Postmark Requirement Burlie Brunson  9/29/20  10:57 am
Allow mail-in ballots with missing or illegible postmarks Lara Larson  9/29/20  10:54 am
Allow mail-in ballots Guy Potucek  9/29/20  10:30 am
The VSBE does not have the authority to alter election law Connie Hair  9/29/20  10:24 am
Mail in ballots Theresa Pierce  9/29/20  10:21 am
Require proof of postmarked ballots by 7PM to be valid for elections: Robert Brest  9/29/20  10:09 am
No to late ballots or ones without a postmark. Mary Anne Tarkington  9/29/20  9:36 am
Strongly Oppose! Fishy attempt to enable voter fraud must be rejected. Dale McIvor  9/29/20  9:19 am
Proposed no postmark required on ballots Kimberly Rosene  9/29/20  9:10 am
No Ballots Accepted after Election Night at 7:00 pm There has been AMPLE time for voting this fall! Anonymous  9/29/20  8:57 am
This makes no sense Tabitha Anderson  9/29/20  8:53 am
No to ballots received after election day Julie Hirka  9/29/20  8:50 am
Vote No Amanda S  9/29/20  8:39 am
Vote no to subverting Virginia Law Rick L  9/29/20  8:35 am
Vote no on proposal Mary H Capwell  9/29/20  7:18 am
mail in & absentee voting Marvin Hylton  9/29/20  7:15 am
Ballot integrity Raymond Massey  9/29/20  6:37 am
Require Postmarks on absentee ballots Xavier Dilmuth  9/29/20  6:12 am
Mail in ballots/Postmark Anonymous  9/29/20  1:05 am
No to proposed regulation to eliminate postmark requirement on absentee ballots Marie Black  9/29/20  12:33 am
"NO" to proposed regulation regarding postmarks on Absentee Ballots Alison Daniels  9/28/20  11:45 pm
Mail in ballots Scott Moore  9/28/20  11:43 pm
Election > Tax Anonymous  9/28/20  11:41 pm
NO! DO NOT APPROVE PROPOSED REGULATION! Chris Lee  9/28/20  11:41 pm
No! Ballots need to be delivered by hand or properly post marked by Election Day. Thomas Essex  9/28/20  11:14 pm
integrity of ballots at risk dave b  9/28/20  10:02 pm
No to elimination of postmark requirement on absentee ballot envelopes Jonathan Garber  9/28/20  9:53 pm
No to election ballots submitted postmarked after Election Day Tony Goodman  9/28/20  9:33 pm
No late votes. We deserve fairness and we demand a hearing. Shon Roberts  9/28/20  8:52 pm
Preserve Integrity of Absentee Mail-in Voting in Virginia Deborah L. Byrd  9/28/20  8:47 pm
No late votes Suzanna Roberts  9/28/20  8:39 pm
Do Not Corrupt the Vote Scott Byrd  9/28/20  8:32 pm
Votes Must Be Cast No Later Than Election Day David Willis  9/28/20  8:17 pm
Election Day is Election Day. No late votes!!! Marie Taylor  9/28/20  8:11 pm
Preserve Voter Integrity Shannon Dean  9/28/20  7:59 pm
Election Day IS Election Day - Barbara Cominsky  9/28/20  7:54 pm
Let’s keep the integrity in Virginia elections Mary Chamberlain  9/28/20  7:52 pm
Maintain election integrity! Susan Rice  9/28/20  7:32 pm
Eliminating Postmark Requirement for Ballots Yvette Munnikhuysen  9/28/20  6:44 pm
Maintain Election Integrity Anonymous  9/28/20  6:33 pm
PostMarks on Mailed Ballots are Necessary Barbara Schmidt  9/28/20  6:23 pm
Don't make a huge mess Steve Troxel  9/28/20  6:14 pm
No to this action JLH  9/28/20  5:38 pm
I oppose this change. I demand a hearing as required by law. RH Ray  9/28/20  5:25 pm
fraudulent votes = fraudulent government Anonymous  9/28/20  4:38 pm
ON TIME VOTING..... I demand a hearing ! L Roberts  9/28/20  4:34 pm
Post marked mail in ballots Larry B BARTON  9/28/20  4:22 pm
Postmarked mail-in ballots Darlene Hopkins  9/28/20  4:01 pm
No Late Ballots!!! A. Nelson  9/28/20  3:54 pm
Don’t. Change the law. Sean C  9/28/20  3:53 pm
No! Want Public Hearing! Anonymous  9/28/20  3:51 pm
Without signatures and postmarks--it is not a valid ballot mahlon burnette  9/28/20  3:16 pm
Missing Postmarks Brian Farmer  9/28/20  3:10 pm
All ballots must be postmarked by Nov 3 and counted by Nov 3. Suzanne kim  9/28/20  3:10 pm
Nov 3rd - Election Day ends the voting Gary Hoover  9/28/20  2:03 pm
No mail in ballots - Just absentee Sheryl G Hoover  9/28/20  1:56 pm
No!!!! No late ballots, period. Jessica  9/28/20  1:54 pm
Late acceptance of postmark-free ballots is one more opportunity for fraud. I demand a hearing Robert Bartlett  9/28/20  1:18 pm
No late postmarked ballots accepted. I demand a hearing. S mcBride  9/28/20  1:11 pm
No Late or Unpostmarked Ballots David Ostrowski  9/28/20  1:01 pm
No to late ballots! Kellie Wilkins  9/28/20  12:56 pm
Keep the Integrity of Virginia Voting Denise Mohler  9/28/20  11:50 am
VA Board of Elections Proposed Changes H. W. Amburn II  9/28/20  11:27 am
no late ballots mary Fulcher  9/28/20  10:45 am
No late ballots! Charles Fulcher  9/28/20  10:43 am
No to new regulation --all ballots should be postmarked before election day and only postmarked. Anonymous  9/28/20  10:16 am
Making an Illegible or Missing Postmark an acceptable ballot Anonymous  9/28/20  9:54 am
No late ballots accepted anonymous  9/28/20  9:20 am
I demand a hearing J. Leach  9/28/20  9:19 am
NO!! NO!! NO!! S. Lewis  9/28/20  9:13 am
Illegal and Plain Wrong Beth Wilkerson  9/28/20  8:33 am
No Late Ballots. All ballots must have post marks Marie kennedy  9/28/20  7:59 am
VOTE “NO” R. Teague  9/27/20  11:06 pm
No postmarked ballots after Nov 3rd Anonymous  9/27/20  10:33 pm
VOTING LAWS Bonnie Iahn  9/27/20  9:49 pm
Election law must be upheld N Briggs  9/27/20  9:49 pm
Vote postage Wanda Martin  9/27/20  9:07 pm
Extending Voting Sandra S. Adams  9/27/20  9:03 pm
No late ballots. Anonymous  9/27/20  8:38 pm
AWFUL IDEA!! NO LATE BALLOTS!! I DEMAND A HEARING!! Macenzie Phillips  9/27/20  8:37 pm
NO late ballots! Tanya H  9/27/20  8:25 pm
NO LATE BALLOTS!!!! I DEMAND A HEARING !! April Fulcher  9/27/20  8:09 pm
Valid postmark and receipt by 11/03/2020 should be required. M. streath  9/27/20  8:02 pm
Post Mark is a simple, effective, and commonly used process control that should remain Kim Lipp  9/27/20  6:48 pm
Voting John G. Koedel Jr.  9/27/20  3:28 pm
Election Day is Election Day, Not Election Month Anonymous  9/27/20  3:00 pm
Maintain post Mark requirement Greg Berry  9/27/20  2:50 pm
MUST HAVE POSTAL MARK!!! Laura Macklem  9/27/20  2:50 pm
Do not open Va. to voter fraud Melodie Lael  9/27/20  2:34 pm
This is overt voter fraud whose objective is to win at all costs. Reagan George  9/27/20  12:28 pm
Honest election PLEASE! Brenda O'Reilly  9/27/20  10:25 am
No to late ballot counting Jennifer Callahan  9/27/20  8:55 am
Absantee Ballots without legible post marks Laurie Perl  9/27/20  8:31 am
Mail in ballots Carol  9/27/20  8:22 am
A Postmark must be on a mail in ballot Anonymous  9/26/20  4:56 pm
Absentee Ballots Shirley Jones  9/26/20  4:09 pm
Vote no Michael Geukgeuzian  9/26/20  3:06 pm
Oppose the rule change allows voter fraud Anonymous  9/26/20  11:59 am
Postmarked Ballots Anonymous  9/26/20  10:01 am
Protect our established election laws Anonymous  9/26/20  8:35 am
Keep Election Fair Anonymous  9/26/20  12:51 am
No extensions on ballot. Cynthia Hauris  9/25/20  11:05 pm
No Extensions! Barbara Cominsky  9/25/20  9:29 pm
Follow the Lawyer Anonymous  9/25/20  8:03 pm
I Oppose Absentee Ballots Regulation Chester Bulas  9/25/20  7:58 pm
Voter Fraud Daniel Beatty  9/25/20  7:34 pm
No mail in votes should count if not postmarked by Nov 3, 2020 Dean Heim  9/25/20  7:24 pm
Fraud Chris Beatty  9/25/20  7:21 pm
November Election Jean Beatty  9/25/20  7:15 pm
Voter Regulation Fraud Laura Miller  9/25/20  7:10 pm
Follow Current Election Law Mark Gerard Poirier  9/25/20  6:20 pm
Mail-in Ballots Should be Received by November 3, 2020 Anonymous  9/25/20  6:17 pm
Improper regulation making fraud easily possible. Mark Villapando  9/25/20  5:57 pm
Changes to absentee ballots Susie Kemper  9/25/20  5:54 pm
DO NOT change the voting law Lori Mazur  9/25/20  5:18 pm
Integrity of Election Charles E Guy III  9/25/20  5:04 pm
Postmarks by 7pm Election Day Must Be Required Chrissy CASTILLO  9/25/20  4:50 pm
Ballot submissions SAM a ROBERTS  9/25/20  4:37 pm
Absentee ballot without postmark Richard W. Hall-Sizemore  9/25/20  4:37 pm
Absentee Ballots, change in regulation regarding John Speck  9/25/20  4:30 pm
Intentional Voter Fraud Luciano Di Leonardo  9/25/20  4:07 pm
Do not change the law to allow voting without postmark We demand a Public Hearing Mike Bailey  9/25/20  3:56 pm
Election Anonymous  9/25/20  3:46 pm
Do Not Change Voting Laws CHRISTINE TERRELL  9/25/20  3:40 pm
Proposed 1 VAC20-70-20 Robert Cynkar  9/25/20  3:29 pm
No changes Kathy  9/25/20  3:17 pm
No change in statute Elizabeth Lee  9/25/20  3:02 pm
Veiled attempt to sway the election E. Lock  9/25/20  2:52 pm
I strongly oppose this. It is absolutely wrong and illegal. Who???? came up with such an awful ide Nancy L Thomas  9/25/20  2:50 pm
I oppose changes to mail in ballot statue Julie M  9/25/20  2:38 pm
The State Board of Elections has NO authority to amend Virginia's statute on voting ballots Anonymous  9/25/20  2:31 pm
Voter fraud is a threat to our nation Jerry Pokorsky  9/25/20  2:25 pm
OPPOSE Strongly W Kevin Watterson  9/25/20  2:14 pm
Postmarks are MATERIAL and must not be omitted Amy McInerny  9/25/20  1:55 pm
No Post Mark on Mailed in Ballot Adelbert Carpenter  9/25/20  1:43 pm
post mark MUST be on ballot AND legible J Lyle  9/25/20  1:35 pm
Changes to Virginia Absentee Voting Leslie Brent  9/25/20  12:50 pm
Mail In Ballots should require Postmarks by Election Day to be valid Janice Terry  9/25/20  12:44 pm
I oppose this action regarding ballot postmark Barbara Heigl  9/25/20  12:40 pm
Just No! Stephan Greene  9/25/20  12:34 pm
Proposed Regulation Absentee Ballots Helen Matwiejuk  9/25/20  12:15 pm
No mail-in votes counted without a postmark Eric Wetzel  9/25/20  11:37 am
VOTE NO TO EXTENSION OF VOTING DEADLINE OF 3 NOVEMBER 2020 Mary Jane Orban  9/25/20  11:33 am
Fair election means voting ends on the day of an election Father Richard Carr  9/25/20  11:31 am
Oppose this rule change Donna Falls  9/25/20  11:10 am
opposing this rule change Ann Scearce  9/25/20  10:04 am
re: prevent voter fraud Heidi Thorpe  9/25/20  9:42 am
Voting Regulations Jon (Loudoun)  9/25/20  9:38 am
changes to election board regulations F and the addition of G) Carolyn J Lawson  9/25/20  9:23 am
All legitimate votes should end on Election Day! No need for an extension! Chris R (Resident of Winchester, Va)  9/25/20  8:19 am
Change in Virginia Voting Regulations Michael Geukgeuzian  9/25/20  7:56 am
Board of elections proposed late acceptance of absentee ballots Patricia Murphy  9/25/20  6:40 am
Voter Ballots Bradley Phil Hawks  9/25/20  5:55 am
Rule change unacceptable Adhere to Rule of Law Dolores Reynolds  9/25/20  4:24 am
postmarks needed Spring Arbor Cottages  9/24/20  10:01 pm
Identify and quantify problem with current law before you change it - especially in this manner! Robert C Beller  9/24/20  9:57 pm
I Demand a Public Hearing Mark Nicholson  9/24/20  9:43 pm
Demand a hearing on rule change for ballot exemption Anonymous  9/24/20  9:40 pm
Vote NO Anonymous  9/24/20  9:23 pm
Postmarks MUST be required Mark Nicholson  9/24/20  9:16 pm
NO DO NOT ACCEED THE 3RD OF NOV 2020 ELECTION DAY Elizabeth W Smith  9/24/20  9:07 pm
Absentee ballots must have a valid postmark to be counted! Maureen McGurk  9/24/20  9:07 pm
standards for ballot tabulation margaret hess  9/24/20  8:25 pm
DO NOT EXTEND DEADLINE JM Tyson  9/24/20  8:15 pm
I strongly disagree with this rule change. ALL absentee ballots MUST be postmarked on or before elec Russ Kemmerer  9/24/20  7:58 pm
Ballots Anonymous  9/24/20  7:50 pm
Vote NO! B Smith  9/24/20  7:31 pm
date absentee ballots need to arrive to be counted Jean Lasocki  9/24/20  6:56 pm
Public Hearing Demanded and BOE Replaced Craig  9/24/20  6:54 pm
Public Hearing Demanded Because Postmark Before November 3, 2020 Is Mandatory Carol  9/24/20  6:44 pm
Election integrity is compromised, democracy threatened by non-postmarked ballots after Election Day Samuel R. Lewis  9/24/20  6:33 pm
PLEASE VOTE NO TO BALLOTS AFTER ELECTION DAY Patricia Reeves  9/24/20  6:16 pm
Integrity of our 2020 presidential vote Nelda Ackerman, Esq.  9/24/20  5:50 pm
No absentee ballots delivered to the polls after rlection day Rachael Zumstein  9/24/20  5:50 pm
Please vote NO to extend mail in ballots Wayne Taylor  9/24/20  5:06 pm
Absolutely NO to this proposed change! Dionna Prestera  9/24/20  4:57 pm
NO! Patrice Taggart  9/24/20  4:55 pm
Absentee Ballots ELIZABETH S TRAYLOR  9/24/20  4:43 pm
No changes Steven Freshour  9/24/20  4:42 pm
Election integrity Thelma Schwarz  9/24/20  4:35 pm
No Changes Kathleen Abela  9/24/20  4:32 pm
NO MORE CHANGES Robert Klaus. Electoral Board Rappahannock County  9/24/20  4:14 pm
Outrqge James H Dobbins, PhD  9/24/20  4:12 pm
VOTING Pat Kidwell  9/24/20  3:45 pm
NO! to the proposed regulation delaying ballot due date! Kathryn Weber  9/24/20  3:35 pm
NO - preserve integrity of our votes Kuecks  9/24/20  3:34 pm
Ballot Postmark William Bagley  9/24/20  3:27 pm
Absentee Ballot Postmarks Carolyn Winstead Bagley  9/24/20  3:18 pm
Protect the integrity of the voting process Retired Resident of Fairfax County  9/24/20  3:08 pm
Oppose Regulation Change Because Ballots Must Be Postmarked Before November 3, 2020 Edward H. Ely  9/24/20  3:05 pm
FIRMLY OPPOSED to Rule Change for Absentee Ballets David Rubenstein  9/24/20  2:54 pm
Virginia law prohibits the Board of Elections from altering election law by regulatory action. Laura Mochen  9/24/20  2:54 pm
Democrat Voter Fraud - Yet Again! Richard Pratt  9/24/20  2:52 pm
FIRMLY OPPOSED to Rule Change for Absentee Ballets Cheryl Scearce  9/24/20  2:51 pm
Ballots must be postmarked on or before Nov 3rd Steve  9/24/20  2:45 pm
Regarding Postmarks on Absentee Ballots for the 2020 election Carolyn Frye  9/24/20  2:31 pm
Ballots must be postmarked. Anonymous  9/24/20  2:30 pm
NO! Ballots must be postmarked! Maria  9/24/20  2:25 pm
Unlawful voting regulation Anthony Storey  9/24/20  2:19 pm
NO! Barbara A. Matthews  9/24/20  2:13 pm
Mailed Ballots Marlin Sharp  9/24/20  1:49 pm
Opposed to not requiring postmarks David Lang  9/24/20  1:38 pm
Absentee Ballot Deadlines Anonymous  9/24/20  1:33 pm
Proposed amendment concerning postmarks Michele Dixon  9/24/20  1:15 pm
MUST BE POST MARKED Anonymous  9/24/20  1:08 pm
No postmark - Not a vote! Courtney S.  9/24/20  1:07 pm
Mail in ballots Virginia Nuckols  9/24/20  1:02 pm
We have to have trust in our elections! Theresa Barrett  9/24/20  12:54 pm
Mail in ballots Edward Pitts  9/24/20  12:48 pm
Are we on Candid Camera? NO to this proposed change! Phoebe Tufts  9/24/20  12:44 pm
Don't encourage fraud Andres Kashnikow  9/24/20  12:30 pm
Keep the Law as is! Keep Virginia Voting Honest! Debra Libera  9/24/20  12:17 pm
No to election changes Michael B  9/24/20  12:11 pm
Unpostmarked ballots Donna Arrington  9/24/20  11:50 am
Absentee voting Doug Flory  9/24/20  11:46 am
No changes to postmark requirement—-election fraud tactics have to stop!! Sharon Butler  9/24/20  11:44 am
Against Extending Acceptance of ballots without Valid post mark prior 7:PM on 23 November Eugene Stockel  9/24/20  11:13 am
Addition to clarify earlier comment ID 85666 Emilio Jaksetic  9/24/20  11:04 am
Opposed to extension of absentee ballot deadline and need for postmark Christina L Williams  9/24/20  10:41 am
Election Integrity Lisa Taylor  9/24/20  10:26 am
Security of our voting process is primary Bill Osl  9/24/20  10:03 am
Absentee ballots postmark Anonymous  9/24/20  10:03 am
Absentee ballots postmark Anonymous  9/24/20  10:03 am
I demand a hearing on 1VAC20-70-20. Material omissions from absentee ballots. Tammi  9/24/20  10:01 am
Protect the Sanctity of the Ballot Debra Maddrell  9/24/20  9:47 am
Ballots Need to be Post Marked and Received No Later than Election Day. Kathryn Nowinsky  9/24/20  9:37 am
Voting Integrity Lauren Law  9/24/20  9:07 am
Opposition to proposed rule on six (6) grounds Emilio Jaksetic  9/24/20  8:56 am
Absentee ballots must be postmarked. Board of Elections must hold hearing or kill the proposal Chuck Angier  9/24/20  8:21 am
Do Not Eliminate the Postmark Requirement for Absentee Ballots John Piper  9/24/20  8:10 am
Maintain Election Integrity Craig A Tabor  9/24/20  8:09 am
Non-postmarked ballots should NOT be received after Election Day Mack Catella  9/24/20  7:56 am
I disagree with Virginia's Proposed Change to allow ballots after election day Karen Catella  9/24/20  7:49 am
No ballots after Election Day should be accepted Lauren Law  9/24/20  7:36 am
Extending mail in voting after election day with no postal markings Stanley Prescott Belt  9/24/20  5:46 am
Absentee voting new regulation Teresa Earp  9/24/20  12:23 am
Absentee Ballots must be postmarked by 7 pm on Election Day! Susan Lewis  9/23/20  11:16 pm
NO THANK YOU! No changes to the already weak VA voter laws Anonymous  9/23/20  11:15 pm
Stop this change! Gail Tabor  9/23/20  10:48 pm
Absentee ballot regulation gary miller  9/23/20  10:07 pm
Absentee ballots sent by mail MUST have postmark on election day Richard James  9/23/20  10:05 pm
Follow Current Law Glenn Small  9/23/20  9:47 pm
No leniency on postmark requirement Julianne Sprinkle  9/23/20  9:16 pm
Absentee Ballots Must be Postmarked Tim Carpenter  9/23/20  8:36 pm
Stop this action Anonymous  9/23/20  8:31 pm
Call for Public Hearing Anonymous  9/23/20  8:26 pm
Acceptance of late absentee ballots Jo Sieve  9/23/20  8:09 pm
No to the fraudulent ballot proposal meant to steal the election by liberals and Ralph Northam Susan Kemper  9/23/20  8:04 pm
No to policy changes Jason Fleming  9/23/20  7:31 pm
DO NOT Permit absentee ballots to be delivered to the Office of Elections 2 days Later Jeanette Carlisle  9/23/20  6:51 pm
Missing (?!) Postmark Harry Locock  9/23/20  6:26 pm
Absentee Ballots Delivered After Election Day Joe Korode  9/23/20  6:24 pm
Absentee ballots MUST have a postmark by 7:00 PM Election Day!!! Carrie Tyer  9/23/20  5:33 pm
Must require postmark Marty P Smith  9/23/20  5:29 pm
Shameful proposal to accept late absentee ballots. Maury Eckel  9/23/20  5:22 pm
Proposed regulation allowing absentee ballots with no postmark. Anonymous  9/23/20  5:22 pm
Postmark mandatory Susan Herbert  9/23/20  4:47 pm
NO! Anonymous  9/23/20  4:41 pm
VOTE NO! to any changes--absentee mail-in ballots MUST be postmarked on or before 11/3/20 Teri Buck  9/23/20  4:33 pm
Proposed new voter legislation in Virginia Cindy Miller  9/23/20  4:32 pm
Absentee ballots with no postmark: unacceptable Ann Kerby  9/23/20  4:27 pm
Changing election laws by regulations is fraudulent Mike Kerby  9/23/20  4:18 pm
No absentee ballot deadline change Tracey Relyea  9/23/20  4:18 pm
No more changes! Thomas Rector  9/23/20  4:16 pm
Absentee ballots with NO postmark Ann Kerby  9/23/20  4:03 pm
We Demand a Public Hearing! Mary Coran  9/23/20  3:34 pm
Do not change! Deborah Rector  9/23/20  3:33 pm
Election Day counting of ballots ... Mary Bell  9/23/20  3:31 pm
Do NOT change Virginia election laws now. Must be a public hearing.... Anonymous  9/23/20  3:27 pm
Do not change existing law Byron Fisher  9/23/20  3:25 pm
Voter FRAUD!!!!!! Patricia G Magyar  9/23/20  3:25 pm
Do not change Janet Robey  9/23/20  3:17 pm
No change to election law extending counting of ballots received after November 3 Marcel Richard Melliand  9/23/20  2:54 pm
Absentee Voting [1 VAC 20 ? 70] Michale Sponaugle  9/23/20  2:49 pm
Change election laws Maureen Barrett  9/23/20  2:29 pm
No extension of acceptance of mail-in ballots- Voting ends Nov 3!! Monica Cameron  9/23/20  2:27 pm
Nothing short of voter fraud. Demand a public hearing Joanne Holden  9/23/20  2:18 pm
2020 Election - DONT CHANGE THE VOTING STATUTES!! Aimee David  9/23/20  2:18 pm
Voter fraud Barbara Rash  9/23/20  2:09 pm
Mail in/Absentee Ballogs Patricia Phillips  9/23/20  2:03 pm
Do not make political changes to voter submission laws before the election Sonia Spangenberg  9/23/20  1:28 pm
Voter Integrity James McKenzie  9/23/20  1:21 pm
Proposed regulation change for absentee ballots. Faye Siegert  9/23/20  1:06 pm
Proposed Regulation is Antithetical to Election Security John M.  9/23/20  1:04 pm
Vote Integrity Lost Holly Phillips  9/23/20  1:01 pm
Don't make fraud easier - preserve my right to vote - 1 person, 1 vote Derrick Hess  9/23/20  12:59 pm
Ballots Tamera Mattson  9/23/20  12:59 pm
Public hearing mandatory. This should not be done under the radar. Holly Phillips  9/23/20  12:57 pm
Public Hearing Needed! Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day Evening! Anonymous  9/23/20  12:57 pm
All ballots must be postmarked and received by close of polls on election day. Stephen Jackson  9/23/20  12:49 pm
All ballots need to be cast or postmarked by 7:00pm on Election Day Edna Eckel  9/23/20  12:23 pm
Postmark should be required Rebekah Roberts  9/23/20  12:21 pm
NO to extending the date for absentee ballots arrival Robina Rich Bouffault  9/23/20  12:05 pm
Fewer Changes Keep Election Believable Cathy A  9/23/20  11:49 am
Preserve Virginia Voting Integrity Colette West  9/23/20  11:40 am
Accepting Ballots Without A Post Mark Compromises the Integrity and Timeliness of the Ballot Thomas Porter  9/23/20  11:38 am
Prevent Fraud Jason Harding  9/23/20  11:33 am
Follow the law on ballot submission! Mitchell Turner  9/23/20  11:27 am
This is Voter Fraud James R Richardson  9/23/20  11:24 am
Ballots must be postmarked on or before election day - period. Stop the finagling. Luann Ensminger  9/23/20  11:23 am
Proposed Regulation Regarding Absentee Ballots Emily Spriggs  9/23/20  11:10 am
Election integrity confidence is what binds us together as a community Jean-Paul Bergeaux  9/23/20  11:10 am
Ballots must be postmarked C Rash  9/23/20  11:05 am
Stop Loosening The Rules That Ensure Voting Integrity H. Lambert  9/23/20  10:58 am
Ballots must be postmarked! Rebecca Kaim  9/23/20  10:57 am
NO to changes in voter regulations Jo Jennings  9/23/20  10:57 am
Vote NO to allowing absentee ballots to be counted without verification/postmark Teresa McKenzie  9/23/20  10:56 am
Do NOT change voter regulations! Maintain the integrity of the voting process! Charles Coolidge  9/23/20  10:55 am
Say NO to permitting absentee ballots to be delivered to the Office of Elections after Election Day Anonymous  9/23/20  10:52 am
Vote Integrity Above All David Webber  9/23/20  10:51 am
Voter Fraud Mary Campbell  9/23/20  10:44 am
Do not risk the Integrity of Virginia's votes John Glynn  9/23/20  10:33 am
Respect the Citizens of Va Judith Campbell  9/23/20  10:05 am
Preserve vote integrity! Shiela Fallon  9/23/20  9:21 am
Stop Voter Fraud ASAP Mary Underkofler  9/23/20  8:41 am
Voting regulations Anonymous  9/23/20  8:40 am
postmarks are mandatory Clifton White  9/23/20  8:16 am
Require Voting Day Postmark James Moynihan  9/23/20  7:45 am
NO change to current voter regulations! R. Harry  9/23/20  7:38 am
NO change to current voter regulations! J. Harry  9/23/20  7:37 am
Preserve Election Integrity!! REQUIRE post marks! Beth Kerin  9/23/20  12:03 am
NO to the idea of no date. Keep integrity of elections Anonymous  9/22/20  9:41 pm
Keep Proof of Election Day Postmark on Absentee Ballots Craig Sams  9/22/20  8:33 pm
Keep Proof of Election Day Postmark on Absentee Ballots Deborah Sams  9/22/20  8:32 pm
Increase Accessibility, both for Voters Rights and Pandemic Safety Alexandra Oberoi  9/22/20  7:58 pm
POSTMARKS MUST BE MANDATORY for ALL mailed-in ballots MaryAnn Edman  9/22/20  7:51 pm
ELECTION INTEGRITY IS PARAMOUNT Darlene Farhadikia  9/22/20  4:55 pm
Virginia is better than this, or at least it used to be! Page Goetz  9/22/20  4:03 pm
Election Integrity re; Late absentee ballots Jourdan G. Marcel  9/22/20  3:01 pm
Preserve Election Integrity! REQUIRE post marks! Jennifer Cole  9/22/20  2:51 pm
Require an Election Day Postmark to count a ballot Jen R Goetz  9/22/20  8:19 am
No changes to voting requirements Catherine Feeney  9/21/20  9:45 pm
No. I oppose the regulatory changes proposed. Franklin Polk  9/21/20  9:23 pm
No , no allowance should be made to change election rules and requirements. Anonymous  9/21/20  6:50 pm
Repeal or do not pass the non-postmarked absentee ballot regulation! Donald Gabbai  9/21/20  3:55 pm
Postmarks must be preserved - Elections Integrity Justin Moore  9/21/20  1:29 pm
Board of Elections - Elections Integrity Johnny Howard  9/21/20  1:23 pm
Delayed delivery of absentee ballots Len Habig  9/21/20  12:32 pm
Proposal to change absentee mailing date and rules Patricia Harron  9/21/20  12:19 pm
If its not broken, don't fix it Kurtis Vanarsdall  9/21/20  10:44 am
ADHERE TO THE LAW Allen Close  9/21/20  9:45 am
Mail in voting Anonymous  9/21/20  9:30 am
Absentee Ballots Tom Santschi  9/21/20  9:13 am
Mail in ballots Nicole Santschi  9/21/20  9:00 am
No change to our voting law Mrs Susan Austin  9/21/20  8:43 am
Voting Process Changes Candida Verrilli  9/21/20  8:10 am
Please Reject - Threatens Integrity of Votes James Cooke  9/21/20  12:36 am
Voter fraud Denise Bayne  9/20/20  11:27 pm
Illegal and Petty Tactics Ann Carrie Simon  9/20/20  11:09 pm
Election Integrity - State Board of Election MUST adhere to the law! George Morgenthaler  9/20/20  9:57 pm
Election Integrity - State Board of Election MUST adhere to the law! Debby Morgenthaler  9/20/20  9:55 pm
Postmark referendum Carrie Klett  9/20/20  8:28 pm
How dare the Governor and General Assembly Rev. William Cook, America’s Black Robe Regiment  9/20/20  7:23 pm
A Must Have : Integrity of mail in voting...Absentee ballots / Ref: Must have Public Hearing Mary Kaye Crane  9/20/20  7:23 pm
Keep postmarks - ballots in by Election Day - no law change w/out hearing David Pegram  9/20/20  7:18 pm
Ballot Integrety Joseph Kernan  9/20/20  6:54 pm
vote integrity Terry C Bateman  9/20/20  6:14 pm
This will make our system of voting the laughingstock of the world David Klett  9/20/20  3:15 pm
NO to Board of Elections allowing ballots not postmarked by Election Day 7PM Lynda Muller  9/20/20  2:49 pm
Regulatory Action Richard Bissonnette  9/20/20  2:44 pm
Make no changes to this year's voting requirements Kathy S  9/20/20  2:27 pm
Integrity in Elections C.  9/20/20  2:07 pm
Change to election rules regarding acceptance of Mail in ballots Jimmy Wheat  9/20/20  1:56 pm
Potential Voter Fraud Donna Bissonnette  9/20/20  1:12 pm
Previous comment wrong I vote NO to late ballots with no postmark Sandrs Charles  9/20/20  11:53 am
Allow votes to be counted without showing post date Sandra Charles  9/20/20  11:33 am
No to proposed regulation permiting absentee ballots to be counted after Election Day K. Smith  9/20/20  11:09 am
NO! Do not allow ANY vote to be counted after Election Day for any reason! Mike S  9/20/20  11:01 am
absentee ballot Anonymous  9/20/20  10:09 am
NO to a proposed regulation that would: Permit absentee ballots to be delivered to the Office of El Janet W  9/20/20  8:48 am
Desire to defraud is the only excuse! Kat Stansell  9/20/20  6:00 am
Enabling the option of voter fraud Paula O'Keefe  9/19/20  5:41 pm
Require postmark for receipt on or before ELECTION DAY Carol  9/19/20  5:37 pm
BAD IDEA - Stop This Nonsense Anonymous  9/19/20  5:20 pm
Postmark requirement Stewart C Broyles  9/19/20  4:50 pm
voting integrity FH Van de Voorde  9/19/20  4:38 pm
No postmark by 7pm election day means NO vote Aime Nuar  9/19/20  4:19 pm
Election integrity Aime Nuar  9/19/20  4:10 pm
Request for Public Hearing to address the proposed change to Ballot Postmark Kathleen Gillette Mallard  9/19/20  3:33 pm
NO D. Casey  9/19/20  3:12 pm
Votes must have Postmarks by November 3rd P Casey  9/19/20  3:10 pm
No! Cheryl Lackey  9/19/20  2:49 pm
Absentee Ballot Postmarks Wellington Watts  9/19/20  2:49 pm
No!!!! This is a fraud rife proposal Pete Lackey  9/19/20  2:47 pm
No to the unconstitutional proposal Gregory McFarland  9/19/20  1:42 pm
An absolute NO to your proposal Selma Haddad  9/19/20  1:19 pm
NO to Voter Fraud this proposed regulatory action would encourage Claudette Haddad  9/19/20  1:08 pm
No to this Action Patricia Monica HILGARD  9/19/20  12:48 pm
NO to the proposals Bill K  9/19/20  12:35 pm
No to ballot fraud. Claire Haddad  9/19/20  12:32 pm
Absentee Ballots Pilar Eteke  9/19/20  12:25 pm
Protect my vote - no absentee ballot should be accepted without a valid post mark Wally Bunyea  9/19/20  11:04 am
Vote to maintain election integrity Malcolm Schweiker  9/19/20  10:23 am
NO - an on time postmark is required. Follow the law. Cindi Harper  9/19/20  10:05 am
Voter fraud Steve Fertig  9/19/20  9:21 am
NO to Deadline Extensions for Absentee Voting D. Dawson  9/19/20  9:05 am
Adhere to law and Integrity - vote NO! Ann McLean  9/19/20  8:46 am
STOP Anonymous  9/19/20  8:33 am
NO to Extension for Absentee Voting Deadline. Anonymous  9/19/20  8:21 am
NO to absentee voting submission Brenda Tillett  9/19/20  8:11 am
Require absentee ballots to be post marked by 7:00pm election day Connie Moore  9/19/20  7:56 am
There must be an open discussion of this attempt to change election rules. Schedule public review! Dewey L Davis  9/19/20  7:50 am
Adhere to the law - Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day Raymond Grossman  9/19/20  7:20 am
Election Integrity must be preserved! Anonymous  9/19/20  12:39 am
Keep our election process credible, and verifiable Robert Johnson  9/18/20  11:28 pm
This proposed regulation change is suspicious Timothy Mayer  9/18/20  11:13 pm
Postmarks MUST be preserved Elaine Rothwell  9/18/20  10:47 pm
Public hearing needed. Absentee ballots post marked. Anonymous  9/18/20  10:25 pm
STOP Tod Herbers  9/18/20  10:24 pm
Please do not promote fraud by counting non-postmarked ballots! Lisa Schumann  9/18/20  10:18 pm
No to extending absentee voter deadline Johnna Sachse  9/18/20  10:07 pm
Opposition to change in absentee ballot rule Jeffrey Shapiro  9/18/20  9:57 pm
All ballots in by 7:00 PM on Election Day no extensions and no exceptions!!! Barbara Manning  9/18/20  9:42 pm
Public Hearing needed Martin Dean  9/18/20  9:37 pm
Election Integrity Anne Wilson Fafara  9/18/20  9:24 pm
Postmark Anonymous  9/18/20  9:00 pm
Election integrity Patrick Norville  9/18/20  8:34 pm
absentee ballot post marks kathleen mccreary  9/18/20  8:12 pm
No Vote-by-mail No Delays after Election Days Ankit Kumar  9/18/20  7:32 pm
NO to Extension for Absentee Voting Deadline!!! Anonymous  9/18/20  7:28 pm
No to late ballots Barbara Shipley  9/18/20  7:13 pm
No Vote-by-mail No Delays after Election Days Anonymous  9/18/20  7:03 pm
NO to Extension for Absentee Voting Deadline. Deborah L Weber  9/18/20  6:45 pm
NO to not requiring postmark by election day. Kathy Kautter  9/18/20  6:38 pm
We must preserve requirement for postmarks by 7pm on Election Day! Concerned business owner  9/18/20  6:37 pm
NO to Changing the Absentee Ballot Deadline Date Janet Tysse  9/18/20  6:04 pm
Keep postmark requirements for late arriving ballots James Cooke  9/18/20  5:53 pm
Saying No to Election Legislation Anonymous  9/18/20  5:36 pm
All ballots MUST be certifiably cast by election day Wayne Mattson  9/18/20  5:13 pm
No to changing postmark requirement Joan Duda  9/18/20  5:09 pm
NO to Proposed Regulation eliminating postmarks on returned absentee ballots Rebecca Cooke  9/18/20  5:05 pm
Do not change regulations to encourage vote fraud! Roger Barnett  9/18/20  4:59 pm
No to No postmark by Election Day Elisabetta Young  9/18/20  4:40 pm
Voter laws public hearing Pamela Rinke  9/18/20  4:33 pm
Maintain Voting Integrity Stefano J. Young  9/18/20  4:28 pm
NO TO PROPOSAL ELIMINATING POSTMARK REQUIREMENT! Concerned Chesapeake Resident  9/18/20  4:27 pm
Postmark mandatory for absentee ballot return envelopes Anonymous  9/18/20  4:24 pm
Absentee ballots Raymond J LaJeunesse, Jr  9/18/20  4:10 pm
Preserve the voting law Anonymous  9/18/20  3:59 pm
NO, NO, NO change in postmark requirement Marianne Lombardi  9/18/20  3:50 pm
Election Integrity-NO to the proposed AB postmark change Susan O. Gerber  9/18/20  3:35 pm
I vote against the proposal James Fitzpatrick  9/18/20  3:21 pm
Reject Ballots without postmarks received after close of Polls on Election Day, Nov 3rd. George Dodge  9/18/20  3:07 pm
NO to no Post Mark and NO to Voter Fraud! Kathy Dean  9/18/20  2:55 pm
Hold public hearing on proposed action regarding absentee ballots Sylvie Bader  9/18/20  2:54 pm
Postmarking Absentee Ballots - Sustain the law as it currently exists Melvern Rushing  9/18/20  2:43 pm
Voting integrity Anne Kelly  9/18/20  2:41 pm
date/postmark Linda Laudiero  9/18/20  2:36 pm
Maintain the Integrity of Our System! stephanie russo  9/18/20  2:28 pm
Why jeffrey c timmons  9/18/20  2:26 pm
Ballots without postmarks Barbara Dodge  9/18/20  2:26 pm
No - Action Making an Illegible or Missing Postmark an Immaterial Omission on Absentee Ballot Envelo S. Hoerst  9/18/20  2:26 pm
Adhere to Current Laws!!! Gordon Brady  9/18/20  2:22 pm
Ballots in Drop Boxes Bert Nye  9/18/20  2:18 pm
Nov 3 election Rretta Bajerski  9/18/20  2:10 pm
Please don't encourage voter fraud with late ballots and no IDs Jim Koehr  9/18/20  1:59 pm
Voter Fraud Jennifer B Durham  9/18/20  1:58 pm
Voter Fraud!! Keep the requirement that the return envelope with the mail in ballot be postmarked by Sara Brady  9/18/20  1:51 pm
No to absentee ballot changes Darby C Fitzpatrick  9/18/20  1:51 pm
No amendment to altar law on absentee ballots Deborah Garber  9/18/20  1:46 pm
No ballots without proof of submission at or prior to 7pm Election Day Daniel Brubaker  9/18/20  1:45 pm
Absentee Ballots Patrick T. Mooney  9/18/20  1:39 pm
Adhere to the current law Gretchen Stelling  9/18/20  1:36 pm
No to delayed ballots and those missing postmarks. Suzanne Blanks  9/18/20  1:34 pm
Accept NO mail-in ballots after 7 pm on Nov 3 Frederick Costello  9/18/20  1:27 pm
absentee ballot changes Deborah Juncos  9/18/20  1:19 pm
NO!! To proposed regulation regarding Absentee Ballot postmarks. Marjorie Witkop  9/18/20  1:16 pm
Va State Board Of Elections Say No to proposed legislation Donna Widawski  9/18/20  1:12 pm
Absentee ballot legislative changes Ashley Patrican  9/18/20  1:06 pm
Legislative change Eileen Patrican  9/18/20  1:04 pm
Crazy Talk Justin Magruder  9/18/20  1:00 pm
Board of Elections must adhere to the Election Laws passed by the General Assembly. Robert B Harper  9/18/20  12:59 pm
Proposed change Richard Patrican  9/18/20  12:58 pm
Accountability for ourselves and our leaders. Dan Jenkins  9/18/20  12:56 pm
Proposed legislation on absentee ballots John K Schwarz  9/18/20  12:42 pm
Proposed Legislation on absentee ballots Rose Campiglia  9/18/20  12:37 pm
Adhere to the rule of law established by the General Assemby. Doug Nichols  9/18/20  12:35 pm
Dept of Elections must stop changing rules for elections the same year as election tony guiffre  9/18/20  12:17 pm
No to the unlawful proposed regulation. Rosemary Jenks  9/18/20  11:55 am
Protect OUR Election Laws Mary F  9/18/20  11:52 am
VA changing absentee ballot regulations Christopher Buckner  9/18/20  11:52 am
NO, do not accept ballots postmarked after election day. Annette Shaw  9/18/20  11:51 am
Regulation Change to extend absentee and mailed in ballots Mary Ann Daly  9/18/20  11:26 am
No to proposed regulation on ballots Dun Scott  9/18/20  11:17 am
NO NO NO to the proposed regulation no requiring postmarks after election day Jean yOUNG  9/18/20  11:10 am
Votes Validated Sarah Barry  9/18/20  11:07 am
Oppose proposal to make illegible or missing post marks on Absentee Ballots an immaterial omission! Marie Hoerst  9/18/20  10:54 am
Uphold election integrity. Postmarks are essential. Sarah Wall  9/18/20  10:51 am
The proposed regulation concerning absentee ballots Marshall Waterman  9/18/20  10:40 am
Election Integrity Richard J Fafara  9/18/20  10:21 am
Vote NO, do not allow mail in votes to be counted after 7pm election day. Deborah Traficante  9/18/20  10:21 am
Ballots need to be CLEARLY postmarked by election day David  9/18/20  10:07 am
No postmark Steve  9/18/20  10:05 am
Maintain the peace, maintain the law Kellie Boyle  9/18/20  9:58 am
Vote Drop off changes Anonymous  9/18/20  9:57 am
NO to new proposed absentee ballet regulation! Sam Phillips  9/18/20  9:52 am
Absentee ballots Joseph T McMahon  9/18/20  9:46 am
Do not change the current voting laws Michael  9/18/20  9:42 am
No Jim Williams  9/18/20  9:41 am
Not good, no upside Mario Diaz  9/18/20  9:39 am
Votes must be validated L D Johnson  9/18/20  9:39 am
Please hold public hearing on proposed regulation (about absentee ballots) Hans Bader  9/18/20  9:39 am
Vote in person Mark  9/18/20  9:31 am
State Election Board exceeds it's authority. Richard Baldwin  9/18/20  9:31 am
Do not change the current voting laws Tom McFadden Jr.  9/18/20  9:27 am
Postmarks MUST be preserved!! Kelley Pinzon  9/18/20  9:22 am
The "Legislature" (i.e., VA General Assembly) needs to approve this action Mike Panchura  9/18/20  9:21 am
Voter Integrity Matters Robin Hill  9/18/20  9:06 am
Don't allow late votes! Cathy Ruse  9/18/20  9:04 am
NO! Roberto Tonizzo  9/18/20  9:00 am
Mail in voting Richard Chapins  9/18/20  8:36 am
Adhere To Election Law Andy Wilson  9/18/20  8:26 am
Follow the VA Code and Protect the Integrity of Absentee Ballots Bob Watson  9/18/20  8:09 am
NO Maria Brent Jones  9/18/20  7:47 am
Uphold the Law: Require All Absentee Ballots to be Returned by 7 PM Election Day Properly Postmarked Hugh Owen  9/18/20  7:07 am
Voter Integrity Nancy Wilson  9/18/20  6:26 am
Democrat Voter Fraud - Yet Again Keith and Megan Johnson  9/18/20  5:59 am
Fraudulent Votes Marrrtha Cole  9/18/20  3:15 am
Election Integrity - Voting Ends at 7 PM on ELECTION DAY Carl Anderson  9/18/20  12:18 am
Preserve Election Integrity Lily  9/17/20  10:31 pm
No postmark Gina  9/17/20  10:10 pm
Mail in Voting Thomas L McFadden  9/17/20  9:32 pm
Virginia State Board of Elections proposed regulation on absentee ballots Amy  9/17/20  9:31 pm
Mail in Votes... william k mcdonald  9/17/20  9:19 pm
No legitimate reason to circumvent Virginia statute Gregory Ircink  9/17/20  9:12 pm
Require proof of postmarked ballots by 7PM to be valid for elections: prevent potential voter fraud Rita Grace, Constitutional Tea Party  9/17/20  8:12 pm
"NO" to proposed regulation regarding postmarks on Absentee Ballots catharine trauernicht  9/15/20  10:02 pm

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