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Comment Title Commenter
HCBS FMAP Funding LWSC  6/30/21  11:40 pm
Provider Rates & Relief Charles J. McElroy, WorkSource  6/30/21  11:19 pm
Increase Rates for Waiver Services Kim Crater  6/30/21  11:00 pm
Increase Rates for DSP's Robert Kreps  6/30/21  10:10 pm
Concur with vaACCSES, the VA CSB and VNPP comments Lorri Murray  6/30/21  8:02 pm
HCBS FMAP Increase Emily Hardy, Virginia Poverty Law Center  6/30/21  6:58 pm
Funding under ARPA to enhance HCBS Joani Latimer, Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman  6/30/21  6:20 pm
increased reimbursement for long term care waiver providers Michael Wampler, Mountain Empire Older Citizens, Inc.  6/30/21  4:58 pm
Rates Vanessa Lane, Grafton IHN  6/30/21  4:49 pm
Implementation of American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Section 9817 Bernice D Griffin  6/30/21  4:27 pm
state agency IT infrastruture, family supports and technology Anne McDonnell  6/30/21  4:21 pm
DD Wait List VAIL  6/30/21  3:21 pm
Telehealth Services Gayl Brunk  6/30/21  3:19 pm
HCBS Valley Associates for Independent Living  6/30/21  3:13 pm
Flexibility and increase services Virginia Association for Centers For Independent Living (VACIL)  6/30/21  3:08 pm
Clinical psychologists unwilling to do comprehensive neuropsych testing CT  6/30/21  2:20 pm
Please increase support for Community-Based Services John L Laster  6/30/21  12:29 pm
Desperate need to Increase wages for DSP's in Virginia Elizabeth Woodhead  6/30/21  11:59 am
Concur with comments from VACSB and VA ACCSES Shirley Lyons  6/30/21  11:31 am
Priorities for ARPA Funding for DD Waiver Services System Karen Tefelski - vaACCSES  6/30/21  10:54 am
More Financial Support Needed for Community based Services Michael Kostrzewa Ph.D.  6/30/21  10:16 am
Leveraging VirginiaNavigator Websites for HCBS Outreach Adrienne Johnson, VirginiaNavigator  6/30/21  10:04 am
Adult Services Quentin Woodhead  6/30/21  10:00 am
Increased Technology Investment = More Independence & Less Need for Support Our Voices self-advocates  6/30/21  9:20 am
Stabilize and Rebuild Direct Care Workforce Mark Landis  6/30/21  8:09 am
Salary Increases for Direct Support Staff Doreen Shifflett  6/30/21  3:21 am
Pay Increase Needed For Consumer-Directed & In-Home Residential Attendants Teresa Cornwell  6/29/21  11:26 pm
Public Comment on FMAP J.T.N.  6/29/21  10:25 pm
Funding disparity cripples VA ID care Hal Noakes, parent  6/29/21  8:50 pm
A salary increase for direct care workers Lynne Paraggio - Community Living Alternatives  6/29/21  7:41 pm
A salary raise urgenty needed for direct care workers Elizabeth Belmonte,Community Living Alternatives  6/29/21  7:11 pm
HCBS FMAP Tonya Milling, The Arc of Virginia  6/29/21  6:32 pm
Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Staff Sharon Gress  6/29/21  5:44 pm
Reimbursement rates for Personal Care Agencies Heather Falls  6/29/21  5:22 pm
More DSPs and better renumeration needed Francesca Belmonte  6/29/21  4:48 pm
ARPA HCBS Funding Recommendations Natalie Snider, AARP Virginia  6/29/21  4:46 pm
HCBS funding under the ARPA Suggestions Rachel Payne, Didlake  6/29/21  4:39 pm
Help us recruit help. Sponsored Provider Barbara Whary  6/29/21  4:18 pm
Comprehensive Pharmacy Solutions for Medically Complex Patients Sarah Fenwick for ExactCare Pharmacy  6/29/21  3:44 pm
Support Case Managemnet and Provide Capacity Building Incentives Loudoun County CSB  6/29/21  3:41 pm
VACSB Proposals for Use of Enhanced FMAP under ARPA Jennifer Faison, Virginia Association of Community Services Boards  6/29/21  2:05 pm
Address the workforce crisis Susan Keenan, CLA  6/29/21  1:33 pm
Support Family Caregivers Jill's House  6/29/21  12:58 pm
Allocation of the FMAP relative to the DD Waivers Arthur Ginsberg, CRi  6/29/21  12:51 pm
Do something meaningful rather than just check a box Teresa L Champion  6/29/21  11:51 am
Allocation of that Portion of FMAP Relative to the DD Waivers Jennifer G Fidura  6/29/21  11:45 am
Recommendations for Increase in FMAP for HCBS Virginia Board for People with Disabilities  6/29/21  10:05 am
Funding Suggestions Nicole Lewis  6/29/21  9:36 am
HCBS ARPA Funding Anonymous (99285)  6/29/21  9:10 am
Reimbursement Rates Woodrow Swancutt  6/29/21  8:44 am
HCBS FMAP Funding Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board  6/29/21  8:36 am
Increase rates for attendants / direct support employees Tim Alley  6/28/21  9:33 pm
Increase Reimbursement for Agency Directed Care Providers and Personal Care Attendants Tim Petry  6/28/21  1:32 pm
Agency Direct Personal Care Candice Plaugher  6/28/21  12:56 pm
Increased FMAP HCBS Funding Hartwood Foundation, Inc.  6/28/21  9:03 am
Caregiver Alternatives Carolyn Brodeur  6/26/21  11:43 am
DD Waiver Christine  6/25/21  9:41 pm
HCBS FMAP FUNDING Darla Zecchin, Humana Inc  6/25/21  2:17 pm
Comments - HCBS FMAP Funding Holly Rhodenhizer, enCircle  6/24/21  5:14 pm
Increase rates Matthew Osborne  6/24/21  11:51 am
Keep it Simple Karen Smith  6/24/21  10:28 am
Increase the attendant care payment rate for Medicaid waiver direct consumer attendant care program Mark Williamson  6/23/21  10:20 pm
Pay In-home and Group home Attendants the same rate Ivy K.  6/23/21  3:22 pm
Funding to Support and Expand School-Based Telehealth Services Jennifer Gordon, Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance  6/23/21  11:28 am
PPL Erica Knowlton  6/23/21  11:01 am
Increase Agency Directed Care Providers Reimbursement Jonathan Bolton, Personal Touch Home Care Services  6/23/21  8:27 am
More In-Home Services for Youths H. Vago  6/22/21  8:04 pm
Increase reimbursement rate for AD personal care Heather Vanover RN, In Home Care, Inc.  6/22/21  4:29 pm
Increase Reimbursement Rates For Agency Directed. Debbie Yates, In Home Care  6/22/21  4:23 pm
The permanently disabled need full dental benefits to maintain their best health! PATRICIA E. B. SMITH  6/22/21  12:21 pm
Increase reimbursement for Personal Care Amy Jackson, In Home Care, Inc.  6/22/21  11:23 am
Agency Reimbursement Personal Care Agency  6/22/21  9:57 am
Agency Reimbursement Personal Care Agency  6/21/21  12:26 pm
Support for The Arc of VA's Comments Lucy Beadnell, The Arc of Northern Virginia  6/21/21  12:25 pm
10% Medicaid FMAP funds Bill Hurt/ AmeriCare Plus  6/21/21  10:05 am
Attendant pay through Consumer Direct Stephen Grammer  6/20/21  6:19 pm
DD Waiver/GH/Staff Anonymous (99215)  6/19/21  10:35 am
Increase the CBC Medicaid Income Limit for Presumptive Eligibility Jeremy L. Pryor, Carrell Blanton  6/18/21  5:14 pm
Medicaid Funding for Evacuation Devices for Non-Ambulatory or Cognitively Disabled Individuals Anonymous Parent  6/18/21  9:42 am
Increased Admin Time Due To DMAS outdated systems Uche S Njoku  6/17/21  5:15 pm
Statewide HCBS Data Management Software System Barry Pollack, Therap Services  6/17/21  4:22 pm
Medicaid Personal Care Americare Plus  6/17/21  3:01 pm
Improvements in access for Medicaid members Sharon kelly  6/17/21  2:53 pm
FMAP for Medicaid HCBS Tina Baker AmeriCare Plus-Alleghany  6/17/21  2:17 pm
Personal Care Reimbursement Rate Christa Klippen  6/17/21  1:55 pm
Medicaid Personal Care Jan Bradley  6/17/21  1:33 pm
Rate Increase Personal Care Provider  6/17/21  1:31 pm
In Home Provider Visits Belinda Ashby  6/17/21  1:07 pm
Minimum Wage Christy Taylor  6/17/21  12:48 pm
Increase medical, speech, ot, pt providers and include music therapy Anonymous (99192)  6/17/21  11:04 am
Strategies to build workforce capacity, including recruitment and retention Chesterfield CSB  6/17/21  10:57 am
Reimbursement Increase for Personal Care Haley Boggs  6/17/21  10:56 am
Improvement in Quality of Care Chesterfield CSB  6/17/21  10:55 am
Investments In Technology Chesterfield CSB  6/17/21  10:52 am
Increase pay of personal care attendants Sara AB, parent  6/17/21  10:48 am
Training doctors to work with special needs persons Regina  6/17/21  10:40 am
Medicaid Personal Care Erin Jones  6/17/21  10:39 am
Reimbursement for Personal Care Providers AmeriCare Plus  6/17/21  9:56 am
Medicaid Personal Care Brooke - AmeriCare Plus  6/17/21  9:07 am
Community Tikeshia Wilson  6/17/21  8:50 am
Medicaid Personal Care Deborah Hardwick  6/17/21  8:34 am
Medicaid Personal Care Cara Rich, AmeriCare Plus  6/17/21  8:14 am
In Home Personal Care Anonymous (99177)  6/16/21  8:49 pm
Increase Hourly Pay Rate for Attendants B. LoPresti, Parent of Medicaid Recipient  6/16/21  8:02 pm
Live-in attendants Guardian  6/16/21  6:51 pm
Medicaid Agency Directed Personal Care Catherine Birley, AmeriCare Plus, LLC In-Home Personal Care Agency  6/16/21  6:16 pm
MEDICAID / PERSONAL CARE Theresa Packett from AmeriCare Plus, LLC.  6/16/21  6:02 pm
One time funds E.B. Webster, MD  6/16/21  5:23 pm
Consumer Direct Attendants Anonymous (99170)  6/16/21  4:10 pm
Medicaid Personal Care Melissa Baugh, Americare Plus Agency Manager  6/16/21  1:31 pm
Pilot payment options for peer recovery support services Nicky Fadley, Strength In Peers  6/16/21  1:23 pm
Medicaid Personal Care Dana Howell AmeriCare Plus, LLC  6/16/21  1:15 pm
63% of Dentists refer patients to an Endo - Adults NEED Comprehensive Dental & Restorative Care kristina  6/16/21  12:08 pm
Medicaid Personal Care Whitney Sparks, AmeriCare Plus  6/16/21  10:10 am
Mobile Unit Anonymous (99157)  6/16/21  9:58 am
Dental Coverage Anonymous (99156)  6/16/21  9:14 am
Please Clear DD Waiver Waiting List Anonymous (99155)  6/16/21  8:38 am
DD Waiver Annie  6/16/21  8:24 am
Allow at least one parent to be a caretaker for a child with disability Anonymous (99153)  6/16/21  8:21 am
Medicaid members being forced to deal with LPCs, NPs, and PAs but no access to MDs, DOs, and PhDs CT  6/15/21  10:06 pm
Lack of in network availability for psychiatry and clinical psychology with certain MCOs CT  6/15/21  9:59 pm
Support culturally tailored and adopted senior care service and management at community home and fac Better health through sustainable and innovative way.  6/15/21  7:29 pm
Parents with children on DD waiver waitlist Bena Family Care Facilitators  6/15/21  7:17 pm
Dental health Shelley States  6/15/21  6:39 pm
Specialized Modality Anonymous (99146)  6/15/21  5:34 pm
Improvements to CCC+ waiver Jacqueline Igoe  6/15/21  5:07 pm
Waiver and attendant care Dante Bailey  6/15/21  4:40 pm
Increase payment to Home Health Agencies Pam Oswald, RN BSN CCM  6/15/21  4:29 pm
Provide SNF benefit for Medicaid Members Pam Oswald, RN BSN, CCM  6/15/21  4:26 pm
FMAP Gerry Rawlinson  6/15/21  4:14 pm
increased oversight for existing services; improving access Teena Lovern, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH  6/15/21  4:09 pm
Pharmacy /Prescriptions Mattie Bowman  6/15/21  4:05 pm
Additional Pay for DSPs & Direct Care Staff Whitney King, MAT, PBS-F  6/15/21  3:57 pm
Increase reimbursement rate for ADC/ Adequate regulation of patient pays Adult day care  6/15/21  3:56 pm
Dementia Patients Carole Lynch  6/15/21  3:52 pm
Team-Based Coordinated Specialty Care Thomas Schuplin  6/15/21  3:08 pm
Pay Anonymous (99134)  6/15/21  3:04 pm
Lingering non life threatening effect covid19 side effects linger  6/15/21  2:30 pm
Increase Attendant Pay For Equity and More State Jobs and more Sarah Blunkosky, MA, RYT  6/15/21  2:24 pm
Increased access to mental health providers Joanne A Greene LCSW,  6/15/21  2:15 pm
Increase eligibility for Medicare/Medicaid QMB Limited and SLMB categories Dixie Wilson, Northwestern Community Services Board  6/15/21  1:58 pm
Expand Personal Care Services for Greater Recruitment and Quality of Life for Your Members Anonymous (99129)  6/15/21  1:58 pm
Substance abuse and recovery Kelly Kendrick  6/15/21  1:55 pm
medication management/monitoring for behavioral clients; ABA therapy funding for children Aasta Pauley RN  6/15/21  1:55 pm
Extension of Medicaid Reimbursement for Telephonic Outpatient Therapy and Medication Management Julius Smith Hampton Newport News Community Services Board  6/15/21  1:54 pm
Provider web portal Anonymous (99125)  6/15/21  1:48 pm
Community Response or Telehealth Willard Vaughn, The Milieu Therapeutic Services  6/15/21  1:47 pm
funding to cover Music Therapy as an in home service Ann P  6/15/21  1:43 pm
Budget Suggestions for Increased Funding Rhonda Ruff  6/15/21  1:43 pm
Caregivers Parent  6/15/21  1:41 pm
Day Support Anonymous (99120)  6/15/21  1:39 pm
assisted living Anonymous (99119)  6/15/21  1:37 pm
Pay increase for home health nurses S Williams (agency patient/ ventilator dependent)  6/15/21  1:35 pm
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care Anna Smith  6/15/21  1:16 pm
Help Medicare folks Dorothy Nicholson  6/15/21  1:10 pm
AG Communities Anonymous (99114)  6/15/21  1:09 pm
Medicaid Personal Care, Respite, Home Health, Private Duty Nursing Virginia Association For Home Care and Hospice  6/15/21  9:46 am
Private Duty Nursing providers proposed use of ARPA funds for home and community based services Jim Melancon, Aveanna Healthcare et. all  6/14/21  3:53 pm
FMAP Funds Cynthia Minto, Richmond Residential Services, Inc.  6/14/21  9:06 am

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