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On this Guidance Document (Real Estate Appraiser Board Proposed Guidance Document regarding Hybrid Appraisals)

CLOSED     Opened on 5/27/2019 and Ended on 6/26/2019

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Hybrid / Bifurcated Appraisals and Baby Rapers, Sex Offenders & Murderers George Nervik, NationalPropertyService.Com  6/26/19  8:31 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Robert Meeks  6/26/19  7:25 pm
Bifurcated appraisals-Equals unethical Mary Fulton  6/26/19  7:21 pm
Hybrid Appraisal Document Stephen G Capistrant  6/26/19  6:54 pm
VREA Regulations - Page 26, Section C, 1 Frank Wright  6/26/19  6:51 pm
Hybrid apprasials Chris Chiarlanza Chiarlanza Appraisals, LLC  6/26/19  6:46 pm
Bifurcated Appraisals Virginia Ward, Realtor  6/26/19  6:34 pm
Stop Hybrid appraisals Eli Dalbec  6/26/19  6:30 pm
CONSIDER THE CONSUMER Jamie Moore/Rhode Island Real Estate Appraiser Association  6/26/19  6:29 pm
Duplicity and Hypocrisy Chris Call, ASA, IFA, GAA  6/26/19  6:19 pm
The REAL TRUTH Anonymous (72749)  6/26/19  3:49 pm
Outright Public Fraud DEAN KELLY  6/26/19  3:47 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Chris Lang Appraisals, Inc.  6/26/19  1:52 pm
There is NO shortcut. Brian R Woody, First Colonial Appraisals  6/26/19  1:22 pm
hybrid appraisals Lauren Bell  6/26/19  1:18 pm
Hybrid/Bifurcated Appraisal Are A Dangerous Risk Emily Shaw, Emily Shaw Appraisal Services  6/26/19  12:50 pm
The largest purchase in your life desrves a credible opinion of value Ed Dischino  6/26/19  12:25 pm
STOP HYBRID APPRAISALS Bonnie Grant  6/26/19  12:25 pm
Valuation of real property Roy Brown; Puget Basin Appraisers  6/26/19  12:05 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Antone Washington, Washington Appraisal Services,LLC  6/26/19  11:11 am
Hybrid Appraisals J Krieg  6/26/19  10:32 am
Hybrid / Bifurcated Appraisals Todd Rogers, Tennessee Appraiser Coalition  6/26/19  9:49 am
Bifurcated Appraisals Fred Rossiter - Real Estate Broker and State Certified Appraiser  6/26/19  9:41 am
Short Term Thinking... Matthew Larkin  6/26/19  9:35 am
Hybrid appraisals put public at risk Beth Sigg  6/26/19  7:07 am
Bifrucated Appraisal Concerns Craig Morley, NAA  6/26/19  6:39 am
Bad idea James Purdy, Purdy Appraisal  6/26/19  4:37 am
Hybrid Appraisals No Ed Heary  6/25/19  11:41 pm
Serious Issues with Hybrid or Bifurcated Appraisals David Bailey  6/25/19  10:42 pm
Bifurcated Appraisals = Bad Idea Paul J Steele  6/25/19  10:17 pm
Hybrid appraisals good for the banking industry; bad for consumers(borrowers) Jean McCarty, ED, Ms Coalition of Appraisers  6/25/19  8:35 pm
Against the bifuricated reports diana merkel  6/25/19  7:09 pm
Comment on hybrid appraisals Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate  6/25/19  7:02 pm
Hybrid Appraisals JG White  6/25/19  6:43 pm
NO to Hybrid Appraisals Andrea Tegtmeyer, My Appraisal Office  6/25/19  6:12 pm
Nearing the peak Chris Stewart, MAI-Brantley Appraisal Company  6/25/19  5:04 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Michelle DeRepentigny, GA CR 6547  6/25/19  4:48 pm
Hybrid Reports Skip Wines  6/25/19  4:17 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Al Delgado  6/25/19  3:42 pm
Public Trust and accountability Andy  6/25/19  2:45 pm
Hybrids All around town llc  6/25/19  2:42 pm
Modernization or Changes to "Current Appraiser" Procedures Margie Gosser  6/25/19  1:47 pm
Not Smart Kenneth Perkins  6/25/19  1:28 pm
Absurd. Lett Appraisal Company  6/25/19  1:13 pm
The end is near Earl Brown  6/25/19  12:42 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Doug Cross Appraisal Service, Inc  6/25/19  12:38 pm
Hybrids, "be careful what you wish for"! Kenneth Wayne Collier  6/25/19  12:26 pm
Hybird Appraisls Rivercity Appraisal Services Inc  6/25/19  12:19 pm
I read your proposed changes on Hybrid Appraisals Richard Mayberry, Chester County Appraisal, LLC  6/25/19  12:15 pm
Hybrid/Waivers Christopher Nickell  6/25/19  12:07 pm
Owner Jay L Herczeg, Michiana Appraisal Group, LLC  6/25/19  11:29 am
Hybrid Reports Paula L Mitchell  6/25/19  11:18 am
HYBRID APPRAISALS Joy Smith  6/25/19  10:49 am
Hybrids are a Public fraud Eric Kennedy  6/25/19  9:32 am
Hybrid assignments NOT appraisals Carrie Lloyd  6/25/19  9:31 am
1004p John  6/25/19  8:42 am
Appraising Robert Cleaver  6/25/19  8:37 am
Hybrid Appraisals Nelson Appraisals  6/25/19  8:04 am
Hybrid appraisals Thomas M Strickland Jr  6/25/19  7:59 am
Hybrids are not the solution Linda Harrington  6/25/19  7:58 am
Hybrid Appraisals Alan Brown  6/25/19  7:47 am
Protect the Public Trust Maureen Sweeney, SRA, AI-RRS  6/24/19  11:14 pm
The Risk of Hybrid Appraisals Mike  6/24/19  9:29 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Jacob Edens  6/24/19  9:16 pm
What a total mess that BETRAYS the public trust. Richard Stillman  6/24/19  8:27 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Jeffrey Kidwell  6/24/19  8:25 pm
Hybrid Reports Eric Morse - (President) Michigan Coalition of Appraisal Professionals  6/24/19  8:17 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Beth Riedel,Maryland Association of Appraisers  6/24/19  7:37 pm
Hybrid Appraisals James Naylon, Certified Residential Appraiser, Twin Cities Metro Appraisal  6/24/19  7:34 pm
Hybrid Products Robert Lambert Certified General Appraiser  6/24/19  7:23 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Robin Bedford  6/24/19  6:34 pm
Hybrids dale bailey  6/24/19  4:05 pm
Confidence and Protection Nicholas Eduard Johnson  6/24/19  4:02 pm
Use of Hybrid Appraisals Beth Riedel Maryland Association of Appraisers  6/24/19  2:37 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Simone Pillari Licensed Residential  6/24/19  2:20 pm
Hybrid Appraisals are not the answer Greg Crispin  6/24/19  12:34 pm
Hybrid Appraisals are a Lose-Lose for the public and the Real Estate Industry Kimberly Collins Beach  6/24/19  12:28 pm
Hybrid Appraisals - harm the public and the appraisal profession. William K McKnight  6/24/19  12:08 pm
Hybrids are an Invitation to Mortgage Fraud Robert Engle / Rainier Appraisal  6/24/19  11:36 am
The people of the Commonwealth deserve better RenĂ©e Healion, SRA  6/24/19  11:26 am
Hybrids- Where do we draw the line? Denis DeSaix, MAI, SRA  6/24/19  11:24 am
Keep the "REAL" in Real Estate Appraising Thomas E Allen  6/24/19  11:11 am
Not To Be Trusted Vince Kleinknecht  6/24/19  11:00 am
Hybrid Appraisal Products Doug MacLeod  6/24/19  10:47 am
This is an invitation to fraud Jesse Ledbetter  6/24/19  10:46 am
An open invitation to fraud. William B Craytor  6/24/19  10:38 am
Hybrid Appraisals & the consumer. Mark Skapinetz  6/24/19  10:00 am
Do we really want to water down appraisals?? Ryan Lundquist, Lundquist Appraisal  6/24/19  9:38 am
Hybrid Appraisals Joe Ibach, MAI  6/24/19  9:03 am
Hybrid Appraisals Otis Butler  6/24/19  6:59 am
Public Trust Mark Quackenbush  6/24/19  5:50 am
No Skin in the Game Ron Fitch  6/24/19  5:30 am
Penny wise, and pound foolish CATERINA PLATT  6/24/19  1:35 am
Hybird Appraisals Mark  6/24/19  12:56 am
Hybird Appraisals John Egly  6/24/19  12:34 am
"Hybrid Appraisal" Thomas W Baldwin  6/23/19  11:36 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Steve Hemrich  6/23/19  10:06 pm
Hybrid = Unreliable Brian Jarrard  6/23/19  9:51 pm
The ramifications of Hybrid Appraisals Eric Ranta  6/23/19  8:18 pm
Hybrid appraisals SCOTTT M LAMB / LAMB REALTY SERVICES, LLC  6/23/19  8:13 pm
hybrid appraisals Scott Schiffman All West Appraisal  6/23/19  7:36 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Tom Horn  6/23/19  7:20 pm
Bifurcated Appraisal Bennet Oubre, MAI, AI-GRS  6/23/19  7:11 pm
Hybrid Appraisal Tracy Riggs  6/23/19  6:56 pm
Hybrid Appraisals the Next Savings and Skip Crayton  6/23/19  6:34 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Damage The Reliability of Valuation Efforts Jonathan Miller  6/23/19  6:28 pm
Hyrbrid and/or Desktop Appraisals Monterey County Appraisal Services  6/23/19  6:27 pm
Hybrid Appraisals are a Bad Idea Gary Denny, Woodbridge Appraisal Service  6/23/19  11:00 am
hybrid appraisal John Chamberlin  6/22/19  2:26 am
Hybrid Appraisals Carrie Smith, real estate appraiser  6/20/19  7:52 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Andrew Watkins / Vacap  6/20/19  5:16 pm
Hybrid "Appraisal" Products Teri Robinson  6/20/19  4:49 pm
Hybrid appraisal comment Mark Bird, ASA  6/20/19  2:00 pm
Proposed Hybrid Appraisals James Loizou  6/20/19  9:48 am
Lack of reliability Pam Williams  6/20/19  9:18 am
The law is simple - Protect the Public Interest & Only Qualified Appraisers Can Complete Appraisals Richard Carmichael  6/20/19  8:51 am
Hybrid Appraisals Sandra Davis  6/20/19  8:48 am
Real World Issues with these products JoAnne S Glantz  6/20/19  8:46 am
Hybrid appraisals are an unecessary and reckless fraud risk. James L Flynn, SRA  6/19/19  8:47 pm
Hybrid Appraisals Amanda Smith  6/19/19  6:37 pm
RE Appraiser Board Proposed Guidance Document: Hybrid Appraisals Karen Emerle, SRA  6/19/19  5:23 pm
Be mindful of the unintended consequences George Hatch  6/19/19  1:24 pm
The Dangers of Hybrid Appraisals Hamp Thomas  6/19/19  1:03 pm
Hybrids = Crisis Gina M Reynolds  6/18/19  5:39 pm
There's no substitute for experienced eyes... Absolute Value, Inc  6/18/19  5:22 pm
Damage to consumer protection Dave Williams  6/18/19  5:13 pm
Hybrid/Bifurcated David R Samnick  6/18/19  4:20 pm
Was the appraisal inspection done by a criminal? B.N. Appraisals, Inc  6/18/19  12:09 pm
Hybrid appraisals are a step backwards for public trust in appraisers Elisabeth Bernhart  6/18/19  12:03 pm
Hybrid appraisals Dianna Ryan  6/18/19  10:51 am
Real Estate Appraiser Board Proposed Guidance Document regarding Hybrid Appraisals Lori A. Noble, WVCAP  6/18/19  10:20 am
Appraisers should inspect subject property in most cases Brian Runge  6/18/19  10:14 am
Hybrids are NOT a CREDIBLE product. Eric Kennedy, Kennedy Realty and Appraisals  6/18/19  9:28 am
Hybrid Appraisal Guidance Document Cynthia A Davis  6/18/19  9:12 am
Hybrid Appraisal Issue RC Curtis, SRA  6/18/19  9:04 am
Hybrid Appraisal Gracie Peacock, SRA Member of AI  6/18/19  8:48 am
Public Trust Johnson Appraisal Services, LLC  6/18/19  8:24 am
Hybrid Appraisals should not be relied on Ben S.  6/18/19  7:48 am
Public trust is under attack Charles Gress  6/18/19  6:57 am
Hybrid Bill Caudell  6/18/19  6:52 am
Hybrids put undue risk on consumers & create unnecessary risks for the citizens of Virginia Desiree Mehbod  6/17/19  10:59 pm
Experience with hybrid appraisals - Vicki Grant  6/13/19  12:50 pm
Hybrids - Don't do it! Kimberly DeFilippis  6/13/19  9:50 am
First Hand Experience Tim  6/12/19  9:34 pm
Proposed Hybrid Guidance Document Michael Small  6/12/19  7:34 pm
Hybrid Appraisals; Invitation to Fraud Michael F. Ford, V. P. Special projects American Guild of Appraisers  6/8/19  11:31 pm
Proposed Guidance Document on Hybrid Appraisal Process Bernie B.  6/6/19  12:45 pm
Proposed Guidance Document for Hybrid Appraisals Cynthia A Davis  6/5/19  9:15 am
Hybrid Appraisals Joseph Mier  6/5/19  8:47 am
guidance document Peter Gallo  6/5/19  8:34 am
Proposed Hybrid Guidance Document Virginia Coalition of Appraiser Professionals  6/4/19  4:56 pm
Hybrid appraisals Perry E. Turner, jr.  6/1/19  8:43 am

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