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Guidance Document Change: Providing guidance to real estate appraisers and AMCs on the use of hybrid appraisals
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6/20/19  8:46 am
Commenter: JoAnne S Glantz

Real World Issues with these products

In a pilto test phase, bifurcated might look reasonable, in practice where profit from appraisal as a cash cow to an AMC or ordering dept is the driving force, it will compound the abuses affecting appraisals now.  Allowing non appraiser inspectors to inspect for origination loans means-appraisers at desktop can vastly expand their geographic coverage since they no longer drive to the subject. Allowing a staff appraiser to increase volume, a driving force for this product use  The downside is  appraisers be valuing a property they never saw, in an area they never saw./lack local knowledge of.  They will do this out economic survival if on fee or if on staff as part of production. Low fees and fast turn times and worst practices go hand in hand, and serve to drive the more diligent appraisers  out of the profession or out of mortgage lending work where they are most needed. 

A problem for both hybrids and bifurcated is rushed turn times. ( AMC's claim a hybrid by appraiser should only take 45 minutes ). That does not allow time to analyze, verify, develop the appraisal. Though fast delivery is vital and appraisers are presently delivering faster than ever, rushed turn time at expense of credible results hurts the investors, users, borrowers and markets.

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