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Requirement for CACREP accreditation for educational programs
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CLOSED     Opened on 6/1/2015 and Ended on 7/1/2015

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Comment Title Commenter
oppose John McCullagh, MS  7/1/15  11:58 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Melissa Levy  7/1/15  10:59 pm
Strongly oppose Elliott HUrt  7/1/15  10:48 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Catie kelley  7/1/15  10:44 pm
This shouldn't happen. Abby Gillis  7/1/15  10:38 pm
Strongly oppose Caitlin Martin  7/1/15  10:32 pm
Why exclude graduates from universities in Commonwealth that train master's level clinicians? Ann Elliott, Radford University  7/1/15  9:14 pm
I am a Super Special Person Comic Book  7/1/15  8:05 pm
OPPOSE Alyssa Miller, LPC, ATR-BC, CSAC  7/1/15  7:41 pm
Oppose Keyia Carlton M. S. Virginia State University  7/1/15  6:36 pm
CACREP Accreditation Tom Mullis  7/1/15  5:57 pm
Fully SUPPORT Laura Farmer, LPC in Virginia  7/1/15  4:46 pm
Oppose! Parker Sanders  7/1/15  4:24 pm
In opposition... Amy J Armstrong, Virginia Commonwealth University  7/1/15  4:17 pm
Opposed S. Scherer, Virginia State University  7/1/15  3:49 pm
OPPOSE Carolyn Hawley, PhD VCU  7/1/15  3:30 pm
Strongly Oppose CACREP-Only Proposal Tom Pierce, Radford University  7/1/15  3:22 pm
Strongly opposed to CACREP-only rule Pamela Jackson, Ph.D., Radford University  7/1/15  3:08 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE David Stuhldreher, Deep Meadow Correctional Center  7/1/15  3:01 pm
Strongly Opposed to Regulation Requiring CACREP-Only Deborah Perez-Lopez, Georgia Southern University  7/1/15  11:13 am
OPPOSE Cheryl L. Shiflett, PhD, LPC, ATR-BC  7/1/15  8:50 am
Strongly Oppose Scott Hollenberg  7/1/15  2:21 am
OPPOSE Mary Roberts, EdS, LPC-ACS, ATR  7/1/15  2:03 am
Oppose the CACREP only rule Maria P. Mercado, LPC  6/30/15  9:38 pm
Oppose the proposal. Find more inclusive alternatives Kristina Wright  6/30/15  9:28 pm
Oppose Christopher Wagner  6/30/15  4:32 pm
Very Supportive of Peer Review (CACREP/CORE) Tom Sweeney  6/30/15  3:59 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Marla Zometsky, LPC  6/30/15  3:56 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP ONLY; let's encourage diversity wthin current stringent education requiremen Sharon Watson, LPC, LMFT, LSATP, NCC, ACS  6/30/15  2:55 pm
Strongly Oppose Kristen Anderson, LPC  6/30/15  2:24 pm
Strongly Opposed Matthew Bernier, Eastern Virginia Medical School  6/30/15  2:14 pm
Strongly Opposed Elizabeth Williams, St. Mary's College of Maryland  6/30/15  2:01 pm
I disagree Strongly. Do not Ignore Credentialling boards and Accredited schools! Kathleen R Grattan M.A. Art Therapy, New York University  6/30/15  1:44 pm
Strongly Oppose Sarah Deaver  6/30/15  12:57 pm
Strongly Oppose E. Spencer Powers, M.S, ATR-BC, Hanover CSB  6/30/15  11:18 am
CACREP-Only will be a BAD Law Walter Chung, Ph.D., CRC, LPC, LBS, BCBA-D, Eastern University  6/30/15  10:07 am
Oppose proposal to limit licensure to CACREP-only graduates Corinne Datchi, PhD, ABPP, Seton Hall University  6/30/15  9:20 am
Opposition Statement from IARP Virginia Chapter Eleanor Fukushima IARP Virginia Chapter  6/30/15  7:57 am
Opposed to CACREP-only language, and concerned about clarity about definition of "Clinical" programs Christine Reid, Ph.D. CRC  6/30/15  12:23 am
I STRONGLY OPPOSE R Walker  6/29/15  11:26 pm
Strongly Oppose Lori Cowan / Cowan Counseling & Disability Group P. C.  6/29/15  10:07 pm
Strongly oppose Robin R. Norris, PhD, LMFT Windward Optimal Health  6/29/15  9:43 pm
Strongly Oppose Paul Perrin PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/29/15  8:22 pm
Strongly Oppose Eileen Douglas, M.S., LPC, ATR-BC  6/29/15  6:12 pm
Opposed to Exclusionary Regulation Requiring CACREP-Only David P. McAllister, Boston University School of Education  6/29/15  4:48 pm
Strongly OPPOSED Lauren Intili, George Mason University  6/29/15  3:29 pm
Strongly Oppose Barbara J. Harvey/International Assoc. of Rehab. Professionals - VA Chapter  6/29/15  2:51 pm
CACREP only limits accessibility to the public Mollie M. Thorn, LCPC  6/29/15  2:31 pm
No to CACREP Only Standard Shalonda Knox  6/29/15  12:58 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Lawson petition Virginia Art Therapy Association  6/29/15  10:56 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE the Lawson petition Melissa Mariner, MS, Resident in Counseling  6/29/15  10:43 am
I strongly Oppose Katrina Clayton, MA  6/29/15  9:14 am
OPPOSED Edythe Dunn, MA, LPC  6/29/15  6:32 am
Opposed to CACREP Only Petition, Make Licensure Inclusive for All Accredited Counselors Sue Shekut, LPC  6/28/15  3:32 pm
Opposition to proposed CACREP language International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals  6/28/15  1:37 pm
Strongly oppose CACREP only Barbara Byers Atlantic Vocational Services, Inc  6/28/15  12:35 pm
I strongly oppose CACREP only LPCs Yolanda Rogers  6/28/15  10:15 am
Strongly Oppose Catherine Tribone, George Mason University  6/27/15  9:04 am
I opposed the CACREP proposal Daniel White  6/26/15  10:18 pm
Opposed to CACREP only proposal Durriya Augelli  6/26/15  7:09 pm
Opposed Catherine Love, LPC/LMFT  6/26/15  5:53 pm
STRONGLY opposed to CACREP only proposal Shantell Russ, George Mason University  6/25/15  6:40 pm
I oppose the restriction to CACREP-approved only curricula Heather Custer, New River Valley Community Services  6/25/15  4:58 pm
I strongly oppose any regulatory change in Virginia that would limit LPC licensure to graduates of m Eunice H. McNair  6/25/15  1:23 pm
Regulation Change LPC Eunice H. McNair  6/25/15  1:21 pm
Strongly Oppose Whitney Wheeler Black, University of Kentucky  6/25/15  10:15 am
Strongly Oppose Thomas Farmer, Roosevelt University  6/24/15  9:14 pm
Strongly oppose the CACREP-only proposal; Vote against adoption. Guild Wars have no place here. Michael R, McFee, Eastern University  6/24/15  5:31 pm
Strongly Oppose CACREP-only regulations for Virginia licensing Kasia Dec, George Mason University  6/24/15  3:49 pm
Strongly opposed Seton Hall University, Depart of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy  6/24/15  3:11 pm
Strongly oppose the CACREP-only proposal; Urge the board to vote against adopting it. Peggy Brady-Amoon, PhD, LPC  6/24/15  1:46 pm
I STRONGLY OPPOSE the Lawson petition Frank Lartey, Candidate for MS Counseling Psychology  6/24/15  12:05 pm
I STRONGLY OPPOSE the Lawson petition Sarah A. Larsen, MPS, ATR  6/23/15  2:49 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Gretchen Graves  6/23/15  2:48 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP Sylvia Harris, University of Baltimore  6/23/15  2:17 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP Sylvia Harris  6/23/15  2:15 pm
Strongly oppose CACREP only licensure requriements Randolph Mowry, New York University  6/23/15  1:11 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP-only regulations Jill Ritchie, PhD, LMHC  6/23/15  12:23 pm
do NOT require CACREP accreditation for LPC licensure Sidney Trantham  6/23/15  11:16 am
Opposed Bay Path University  6/23/15  10:17 am
Strongly oppose Jason M. Prenoveau  6/23/15  10:09 am
OPPOSE Traci Martino, M.S., Loyola University Maryland  6/23/15  10:04 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP Miguel Arroyo -Graduate Student at George Mason University  6/22/15  5:04 pm
Oppose Regulation Change Nancy Ebbert, LCPC, Sugarloaf Counseling  6/22/15  2:54 pm
Strongly Oppose Proposed Regulatory Action Paul A. Bello, LCPC, CCEP  6/22/15  2:04 pm
OPPOSE CACREP Univeristy of Baltimore  6/22/15  2:02 pm
Oppose Arnold Spokane Lehigh University  6/22/15  12:44 pm
Strongly Disagree Linda Lucker Leibowitz , University of Pennsylvania  6/22/15  9:48 am
Strongly Opposed To CACREP Restriction Liza N. Baker 3rd Yr.MAAT Graduate Student Saint Mary of-the-Woods College  6/22/15  9:29 am
As the Associate Director of the Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling at the Linda Lucker Leibowitz, University of Pennsylvania  6/22/15  9:12 am
Oppose. Casey Fiume, University of Florida  6/22/15  6:36 am
Opposed Tracy Robinson-Wood, Northeastern University  6/21/15  5:39 pm
Pluralistic Ignorance, error of logic, and denial of consequence. Ignorant Leaders  6/21/15  4:23 pm
Strongly oppose CACREP limitation Patricia Laidlaw, LCPC  6/21/15  4:13 pm
Strongly OPPOSE Katlyn Rice, M.S. (current doctoral student)  6/21/15  12:36 pm
Strongly Oppose Jeremy Coleman, University of Denver  6/21/15  9:58 am
Oppose reducing access to mental health Lorah E. Hauf, LCPC  6/21/15  4:52 am
STRONLY OPPOSE limiting LPC licensure to CACREP graduates Gabriella King, University of Baltimore  6/20/15  6:56 pm
OPPOSE Joe Hammer, U of Maryland Counseling Center  6/20/15  8:56 am
OPPOSE J Kodet  6/20/15  8:50 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP REQUIREMENT Timothy Flynn, University of Baltimore  6/19/15  10:18 pm
Strongly Oppose CACREP Requirement Anna Vandevender, Radford University  6/19/15  7:10 pm
Stronhly Oppose William Dudley  6/19/15  6:25 pm
Strongly Oppose Ingrid Hogge, Southern Illinois University  6/19/15  5:52 pm
Oppose Corey Ward  6/19/15  5:52 pm
Oppose Jeff Reese  6/19/15  5:08 pm
Strongly opposed Dom Scalise  6/19/15  4:51 pm
OPPOSE CACREP Requirement Susan Whiston  6/19/15  4:06 pm
OPPOSE CACREP Chrysa Lawson, MHC graduate student, Fordham Univ. (NYC)  6/19/15  3:31 pm
STOP PROPOSAL Erneswtine A.W. Duncan, Ph.D. Norfolk State Univeristy  6/19/15  3:14 pm
OPPOSE strongly! Theresa Mosley, University of Baltimore  6/19/15  2:56 pm
Strongly oppose Nathan Smith, University of Houston  6/19/15  2:16 pm
Strongly Oppose Maria Riva, University of Denver  6/19/15  2:00 pm
OPPOSE strongly tom mitchell University of Baltimore  6/19/15  1:45 pm
Strongly Oppose Elizabeth B. Close Private Practice  6/19/15  1:12 pm
OPPOSE the CACREP Requirement Michael Fell, University of Baltimore  6/19/15  1:11 pm
CACREP Proposal Elizabeth B. Close Private Practice  6/19/15  1:10 pm
OPPOSE Claire Balkam, University of Baltimore, Graduate Student  6/19/15  1:09 pm
Oppose CACREP Elizabeth Vegetabile, Catholic Charities  6/19/15  12:58 pm
OPPOSE UB  6/19/15  12:50 pm
OPPOSE Mike Jay, Private Practice  6/19/15  12:31 pm
OPPOSE Pat Garriott, University of Denver  6/19/15  11:53 am
OPPOSE CACREP IN VA Allison Jensen University of Baltimore  6/19/15  11:51 am
OPPOSE Amber Olson-Garriott, University of Denver  6/19/15  11:24 am
OPPOSE Jesse Owen, University of Denver  6/19/15  11:12 am
Oppose CACREP-only limitation Susan S. Woodhouse, Lehigh University  6/19/15  10:10 am
Opposed to CACREP only Accreditation Deborah Healy, PsyD  6/19/15  10:01 am
Strongly Oppose Sally D. Stabb  6/19/15  9:57 am
strongly oppose Mark Leach  6/19/15  9:38 am
Opposed to CACREP only Accreditation Gerlad Smith, Concerned Citizen  6/19/15  9:38 am
Oppose Candice Crowell, UGA  6/19/15  9:10 am
OPPOSE...the NH legislature has rejected this effort Robert Walrath, Rivier University  6/19/15  8:59 am
Oppose Debra Mollen Texas Woman's University  6/19/15  8:55 am
oppose Julia Phillips  6/19/15  8:54 am
OPPOSE Emily Voelkel, Boston VA  6/19/15  7:14 am
OPPOSE Senel Poyrazli, Penn State  6/19/15  6:11 am
Oppose Stephanie Garcia  6/19/15  2:32 am
Support For CACREP Standards Janelle Schlichtcroll, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/18/15  10:44 pm
Opposed to CACREP-only regulations John Donahue, University of Baltimore  6/18/15  6:17 pm
OPPOSE Jeanne Stanley  6/18/15  1:46 pm
Support CACREP-accreditation Shajuana Isom-Payne, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/18/15  1:37 pm
Support CACREP-accreditation Janelle Schlichtcroll  6/18/15  1:36 pm
OPPOSE Rebecca  6/18/15  12:30 pm
Support CACREP-accreditation Marci Bennett  6/18/15  11:46 am
OPPOSE- Regulation Changes John M. Singleton, Esq.  6/18/15  11:04 am
Oppose Patrick Burns, University of Baltimore  6/18/15  11:04 am
OPPOSE CACREP-Only Regulations Douglas Lang  6/18/15  10:56 am
Hello, I am a well known psychology experiment Nick  6/18/15  10:52 am
OPPOSE Alyssa Dietz, University of Baltimore  6/18/15  10:28 am
OPPOSE CACREP Only Regulations Janice Lang - University of Baltimore Graduate Student  6/18/15  10:26 am
OPPOSE Lisa Thommen  6/18/15  9:58 am
Opposed to CACREP-only regulations Elaine Johnson University of Baltimore  6/18/15  9:58 am
OPPOSE Sarah East  6/18/15  9:52 am
OPPOSE Kristin Gavigan, UB  6/18/15  9:49 am
Support K. Tillman, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/17/15  11:53 pm
Support Darlene Adu-Gyamfi, VCU Graduate Student  6/17/15  11:52 pm
support Taren Stover, VCU  6/17/15  9:59 pm
Highly Support Eliza Craymer, VCU Graduate Student  6/17/15  9:07 pm
Stongly Oppose William Dixon  6/17/15  4:11 pm
Reply to Joshua Richardson comments Nick  6/17/15  12:17 pm
Strongly oppose CACREP only legislation Amaris Brown, LPC  6/16/15  5:00 pm
Strongly Favor CACREP Joshua Richardson, Marion Correctional Treatment Center  6/16/15  4:17 pm
Opposed to CACREP-only proposal Daniel Kim, Graduate Student, George Mason University  6/16/15  11:37 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Jackie Faw, Green Rock Correctional Center  6/16/15  10:16 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Shirley Golub, Graduate Student, George Mason University  6/16/15  9:39 am
Opposition to CACREP accreditation requirement Michael Love, M.S.  6/16/15  9:25 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Jessica Martin, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, University at Albany  6/16/15  9:11 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP-ONLY LICENSURE Katherine Bishop, M.S., Radford University graduate  6/16/15  6:09 am
Please do not limit master's level counselor licensure to only CACREP accredited programs! Laura Diamond, Diamond Physical Therapy Associates, PC  6/15/15  9:41 pm
100% OPPOSE!!! Bethany Wellman, M.S. (pre-doctoral candidate)  6/15/15  9:38 pm
100% OPPOSE!!! Bethany Wellman  6/15/15  9:36 pm
Rationale for opposition Ann Elliott, Radford University  6/15/15  9:16 pm
Oppose Julie Dyer, Vanguard Preparatory School Counselor, Dallas,TX  6/15/15  7:10 pm
Strongly Oppose! Emily Keller, Graduate Student at Radford University  6/15/15  6:26 pm
OPPOSE Emily Wallsh, Mental Health Counselor  6/15/15  8:27 am
Oppose Ben Beitin, PhD, Seton Hall University  6/15/15  12:20 am
Strongly oppose to CACREP only requirement Sweska Basnet, Graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University  6/14/15  8:19 pm
OPPOSE Rena Pazienza, Mental Health Counseling student, UAlbany  6/14/15  9:27 am
Oppose Peggy Farrelly, PhD, Seton Hall University  6/14/15  8:53 am
Oppose Nicholas J Pazienza, Ph.D.  6/14/15  7:27 am
OPPOSE CACREP ONLY Abbey Knox, MA, LMHC, NCC; DoD, USMC-MCCS  6/13/15  2:11 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Heidi Hutman  6/13/15  11:37 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Myrna Friedlander, PhD  6/13/15  6:03 am
OPPOSE Amanda Cornelius, MA, LPCC  6/12/15  11:03 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED TO THE CACREP ONLY REGULATION Christina Huck, Ph.D., L.P., Saint Mary's University  6/12/15  6:00 pm
OPPOSE Marion R. White  6/12/15  5:16 pm
Strongly OPPOSE CACREP-only proposal Pamela Foley, Ph.D., Seton Hall University  6/12/15  5:15 pm
Strongly Oppose Snehal M Kumar  6/12/15  4:13 pm
OPPOSE Patricia Cabrera  6/12/15  3:59 pm
I SUPPORT CACREP only Suzan Thompson, Ph.D., LPC, Integrative Counseling & Wellness  6/12/15  3:19 pm
OPPOSE - CACREP Anna A. Brand, University of Albany  6/12/15  3:05 pm
I oppose CACREP legislation Andrew Gibson  6/12/15  2:28 pm
OPPOSE CACREP-only standard Katy Shaffer, M.S. (predoctoral psychology intern)  6/12/15  1:45 pm
OPPOSE Racketeering via Restriction of Counseling in Virginia Dr. Jean M. Birbilis  6/12/15  12:30 pm
Oppose Kimberly Langrehr, UMKC  6/12/15  12:06 pm
OPPOSE Sandra S. Lee, PhD  6/12/15  5:29 am
Oppose! Tyler Burnette - Virginia Commonwealth University - Graduate student  6/12/15  1:45 am
OPPOSE Seton Hall University  6/11/15  5:20 pm
OPOSSED to CACREP only licensure Tametra Hogue, Christ First Counseling  6/11/15  5:07 pm
Strongly oppose regulatory change regarding counselors Dr. Tim Balke, University of St. Thomas  6/11/15  4:16 pm
Opposed to CACREP standard Adam Petty, ASGPP member, ASET member  6/11/15  2:56 pm
Oppose CACREP mandatory Diana Furrow, LPC  6/11/15  12:52 pm
Oppose CACREP only licensing Jennifer Coleman, LPC  6/10/15  3:05 pm
Oppose CACREP Ruth B. Palmer, PhD, Eastern University  6/10/15  8:51 am
Opposed --CACREP leaves out professionals with even better qualifications Romo Counseling, LLC  6/10/15  6:28 am
Opposed to CACREP only regulations! Jessica Trump, Bridge to Balance LLC  6/9/15  6:46 pm
CACREP Only Licensed Programs Dr. Saundra Lynch Ervin, L.E. & Associates  6/9/15  4:22 pm
Oppose CACREP-only Licensure Nathan Wilson, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/9/15  3:35 pm
Opposed Farah Evans, LCPC  6/9/15  3:05 pm
I oppose CACREP standard legislation proposal Nebojsa Zimonjic, MS, LCPC  6/9/15  2:31 pm
Oppose CACREP Measure Alexandria Hayes, The Labyrinth Institute  6/9/15  1:45 pm
Oppose CACREP-only licensure    6/9/15  1:09 pm
I strongly urge you to veto CACREP legislation Emily Tarsell  6/9/15  12:29 pm
OPPOSED to CACREP ONLY Catherine A. Kunsch, Ph.D., Eastern University  6/9/15  11:10 am
In favor of CACREP requirement Jessica Fisher, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/9/15  10:17 am
For CACREP requirement Jennifer Abate, Virginia Commonwealth University, graduate student  6/9/15  9:13 am
Oppose CACREP only Carlada razmus  6/9/15  4:46 am
I, too, oppose CACREP Jackie Ransom, EdS, PLPC  6/9/15  1:06 am
Strongly Opposed to CACREP only Tyisha Woodroffe LCPC  6/9/15  12:26 am
I oppose the CACREP requirement Janet Glover-Kerkvliet, Kerkvliet Counseling Associates  6/8/15  10:08 pm
Pending CACREP changes in Virgina Ari Jacobson, Aspire Wellness Center  6/8/15  9:19 pm
Strongly Opposed to CACREP Only Limitation Justine Muyu, LCPC  6/8/15  9:06 pm
I oppose CACREP Amanda Honan, Aspire Wellness Center  6/8/15  9:06 pm
Support CACREP-accreditation Donna Gibson, LPC, Virginia Commonwealth University  6/8/15  8:50 pm
Opposed Ondrej Sroba, LCPC  6/8/15  7:56 pm
Strongly Oppose CACREP only restriction! Jessica Branch, LCPC  6/8/15  5:53 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP ONLY REGULATION Angela R. Gillem, Ph.D., Arcadia University  6/8/15  5:02 pm
Strongly OPPOSED TO CACREP!!! Judith Jimenez, Magellan Health Care Provider Group  6/8/15  5:01 pm
Support Peer Review (CACREP/CORE Accreditation) NA  6/8/15  3:32 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED TO CACREP ONLY Martha Rickert, NCC, LCPC, Magellan Health Services  6/8/15  3:30 pm
Oppose to CACREP Only Faye Freeman-Smith  6/8/15  3:25 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED TO CACREP ONLY Shari Cain, Counseling Student Argosy University  6/8/15  3:24 pm
Opposed to CACREP only Michelle S, LGPC  6/8/15  3:03 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE CACREP ONLY REGULATION Cindy Cisneros, Commercial Insurance Care Coordinator and Therapist  6/8/15  2:48 pm
Strongly DISAGREE with CACREP Only William V. Cullison, LCPC, NCC, EHP Behavioral Services, LLC  6/8/15  12:40 pm
Disagree with CACREP only Jessica A. Hurst, LCPC  6/8/15  10:20 am
Strongly opposes Cristina Mackey, LCPC  6/8/15  10:11 am
agree perry nerantzis  6/8/15  9:02 am
Disagree with standardization Heather  6/8/15  8:55 am
OPPOSED to CACREP ONLY Dept. of Veterans Affairs  6/8/15  8:38 am
OPPOSED Jessica Brenneman, LCMFT  6/8/15  8:36 am
Opposed Lisa Rabinowitz,LCPC  6/8/15  8:27 am
OPPOSED Eva Lucht, LCPC  6/8/15  8:14 am
OPPOSE CACREP ONLY Jody Owens, LCSW, LCAC  6/8/15  7:27 am
Oppose CACREP ruling Kizzy Ross, EdD, LCPC, ACS, AADS  6/8/15  6:51 am
CACREP Kizzy Ross, EdD, LCPC, ACS, AADS  6/8/15  6:49 am
Opposed to Only CACREP educated Counselors Leo Yates, Jr.  6/8/15  5:03 am
Why are we divisive? Let's focus on the 60 quality hrs. of graduate prep. We're ALL needed! United! William Arick, LCPC, NCC, ACS Trico Clinical Services, Ltd.  6/8/15  2:11 am
Strongly Opposed to CACREP only ruling Tammerra Hewitt  6/8/15  1:42 am
Reply to comments about efficacy of one standard Nick B, LAC/Addiction correction  6/7/15  11:34 pm
CACREP alone will rule out seasoned counselors George N. Rathbone, Developmental Support Associates, LLC  6/7/15  1:18 pm
CACREP Promotes Uniform Standards and Credibility Susan Branco, Licensed Professional Counselor  6/7/15  9:45 am
Approve of CACREP Susan M. Ward  6/6/15  2:02 pm
Opposed to CACREP only. Sharon Robinson Kurpius  6/5/15  11:26 pm
Concerned and thus opposed to CACREP-ONLY Meneika Keith / Family Sharing, Inc.  6/5/15  3:02 pm
opposed to CACREP- only license eligibility Patricia Kerstner, PhD, NCC  6/5/15  2:38 pm
OPPOSED -- this only creates drama and division Loriann Oberlin, LCPC  6/5/15  1:10 pm
Opposed Doug Sawitzky, George Mason University Student  6/5/15  12:00 pm
Oppose CACREP only Counseling Devita Hampton  6/5/15  9:40 am
Oppose CACREP only Courtenay Jones Culp  6/5/15  9:06 am
CACREP Courtenay Jones Culp  6/5/15  9:04 am
Oppose CACREP only Mary Elizabeth Johnson LCPC,  6/5/15  8:40 am
Strongly oppose CACREP only Mary Kaminski, LGPC  6/5/15  8:14 am
Oppose CACREP only Nancy Gibson, LCPC  6/5/15  7:40 am
Oppose CACREP ruling cjp  6/4/15  10:01 pm
Oppose CACREP only Rochna Hazra  6/4/15  8:12 pm
OPPOSE CACREP only Dr. Jeffrey Chase  6/4/15  3:37 pm
Opposed to CACREP only proposal Ashlee Heberger, George Mason University  6/4/15  3:21 pm
OPPOSED to this change & my program is CACREP! Shirlene Littlejohn, Catholic Charities  6/4/15  3:06 pm
Counseling Student Strongly Opposed To Change In Regulation Alexander Hilert  6/4/15  2:04 pm
strongly and truly OPPOSED to CACREP only Michelle Santiago, Psy.D, Moravian Theological Seminary  6/4/15  12:42 pm
Please do not support CACREP-only licensure Ed Schultze Licensed Counselor  6/4/15  10:34 am
Opposition to this proposal Nancy Brisebois-Good, LCPC, NCC  6/4/15  10:05 am
CACREP only therapists James N. Tanner, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor  6/4/15  9:40 am
Sincere opposition to CACREP only requirements Daniel Walinsky, Ph.D.  6/4/15  9:05 am
Do not lock out qualified professionals already practicing in the field. Aldin Gordon  6/4/15  1:40 am
Strongly Opposed to CACREP only requirements. Linda M. Grande, LCPC  6/3/15  10:16 pm
Strongly opposed to CACREP regulatory changes Diane Hofstadter, LPC currently licensed in VA  6/3/15  6:27 pm
I am oppsed to the new CACREP regulation. Dr. Pamela Rice  6/3/15  6:23 pm
I an opposed to the new law which only allows individuals who graduated from CACREP accredited progr Dr, Pamela Rice, The Rice Counseling Service  6/3/15  6:17 pm
Opposed Trevor Gates, PhD, LCSW  6/3/15  3:54 pm
Stop the dystopian drive for centralized accreditation Dr. Michael Babula  6/3/15  3:13 pm
Opposed to new CACREP regulation Ethan Gros, New York Mental Health Counseling Association - Metro  6/3/15  12:55 pm
opposed to CACREP regulation Carol-Ann Trotman, LCPC  6/3/15  12:29 pm
Opposed to CACREP regulatory changes Kondra Fulmer, LCPC, LPC, CAC-AD  6/3/15  10:40 am
Opposed, Concerned about good professional Counselors being excluded & conflict of interest s Richard Hann, LCPC, CCMHC, NCC  6/3/15  10:29 am
Opposition to CACREP Regulatory changes Shante Williams, M.S.  6/3/15  9:16 am
Opposed to the CACREP requirement Jennifer Soethe  6/3/15  9:15 am
Opposed Joseph R. Schap, LCPC, NCC  6/3/15  8:52 am
Strongly Opposed to CACREP only requirements. Melissa Wesner  6/3/15  8:32 am
Opposed to CACREP only counseling certification Vivian Morgan, MS,LCPC, Psychotherapist in Private Practice in MD  6/2/15  8:27 pm
Strongly in favor of CACREP educational requirement Thomas Field  6/2/15  7:39 pm
Strongly Opposed to CACREP ONLY Exclusion of Competent Professional Counselors BREAKING EVERY CHAIN COUNSELING, LLC  6/2/15  6:18 pm
Strongly Opposed to CACREP ONLY Exclusion of Competent Professional Counselors Anthony S. Parente, MA, LCPC, NCC, MAC, NCGC I Loyola University Maryland  6/2/15  6:00 pm
Strongly Opposed to CACREP ONLY Exclusion of Competent Professional Counselors Anthony S. Parente, Loyola University  6/2/15  5:48 pm
Strongly Opposed Cris Cannon, D.Min., LPC-MHSP,CCMHC, ACS  6/2/15  5:40 pm
Strong opposition to CACREP only Erika Pickens  6/2/15  3:56 pm
Strong opposition to CACREP only rules for licensure Carol Anne Robinson  6/2/15  3:13 pm
Opposition to CACREP-only proposal Eastern University  6/2/15  2:23 pm
CACREP only proposal for LPCs in VA Dr. Katherine Cabaniss  6/2/15  12:52 pm
Oppose limiting counseling practice to only CACREP accredited programs Timothy Janikowski, University at Buffalo - SUNY  6/2/15  11:04 am
Opposition to CACREP only proposal Eleonora Bartoli, Arcadia University  6/2/15  9:16 am
Requirement for Professional Counselors to graduate from CACREP Accredited Programs Janet Jones, Retired Licensed Professional, Nationally Certified Counselor  6/2/15  1:11 am
Requirement for Professional Counselors to graduate from CACREP Accredited Programs Janet Jones  6/2/15  12:57 am
Strongly Opposed Rita Chi-Ying Chung  6/1/15  11:54 pm
Strongly Oppossed George Mason University  6/1/15  11:40 pm
Nationwide there are alot of highly qualified professionals that will be eliminated myself included. Jody Schultz LPC CCTP Wellness Works Counseling LLC  6/1/15  10:49 pm
Strongly Against Cacrep Samuel Seium  6/1/15  9:50 pm
CACREP on standard Betty Bracht, LCPC, Board Member of LCPCM  6/1/15  9:31 pm
Opposed to CACREP only rule Shireen Garvin, LPC, LMFT, CSOTP  6/1/15  8:49 pm
Opposition to the CACREP only rule Lorraine Garcia, PhD, LCPC  6/1/15  4:47 pm
Oppose CACREP Ann Brown, LPC  6/1/15  4:13 pm
OPPOSED : CACREP Only is a shot in the dark attempt at nothing Nick B, LAC/Addiction 3 states, 3 Licenses, Trainee in 4 methods of therapy  6/1/15  3:43 pm
Objection to proposal John Norris, LCPC LGADC, Penumbra Counseling  6/1/15  3:28 pm
Opposed to CACREP only proposal Sean McCoart, George Mason University  6/1/15  2:55 pm
Opposed to CACREP only proposal George Mason University  6/1/15  2:53 pm
Opposition to non-CACREP proposal by Virginia Board Patricia J. Simpson, MS, LCPC  6/1/15  2:47 pm
Disagree Joseph Williams  6/1/15  2:23 pm
Disagree Mark Liston, PhD, LPC; JoMo Counseling  6/1/15  2:22 pm
Disagree Nan Davis  6/1/15  2:11 pm
In support of CACREP requirement Cynthia Miller, Ph.D., LPC  6/1/15  2:02 pm
Don't eliminate qualified and experienced professionals! Kenneth Williams, VA LPC #989  6/1/15  1:52 pm
Opposed to CACREP only proposal Nicholas D. Frye, LCPC Medifast, Inc.  6/1/15  1:46 pm
I appose CACREP Only requirement Mark Donovan, LCPC, LCADC, Congruent Counseling  6/1/15  1:17 pm
Opposition to the proposed requirement for CACREP accreditation for educational programs Fred Bemak, George Mason University  6/1/15  10:42 am
CACREP Only Standard in VA Divides Counseling Profession Larry Epp, EdD, LCPC. President, LCPCM  6/1/15  10:25 am

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