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Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling [18 VAC 115 ‑ 20]
Action Requirement for CACREP accreditation for educational programs
Comment Period Ends 7/1/2015
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6/19/15  9:38 am
Commenter: Gerlad Smith, Concerned Citizen

Opposed to CACREP only Accreditation

This action to limit LCPC licensing to only those who have graduated from and passed the CACREP exam is highly discriminatory and could potentially lead to the reduction of the number of very highly qualified LCPCs available to treat patients. At a time when there is an exponentially growing demand, especially from active duty military, veterans and their family members suffering with PSTD, anxiety and depression, it is a grave injustice to limit the number of qualified people available to treat those suffering. It would take many years to rebuild the required workforce of CACREP only therapists, time that is not available. In a state where there is a concentration of military and veterans, you would do these people a grave dis-service.

I have seen no evidence that persons graduating from CACREP accredited schools have any better training. In fact some of the programs in Maryland are more in depth. There are a large number of fully qualified therapists with years of experience that would lose out under this action. The implication that a graduate, with CACREP accreditation, is better qualified than someone with years of experience is insulting and demeaning.

In addition, you are severely limiting employment opportunities for fully qualified individuals currently living in Maryland and who have graduated from reputable schools and programs in Maryland. Currently Maryland has only one school accredited by CACREP and currently has no plans to transition to CACREP accreditation.  Under your proposed actions, residents of Virginia could seek employment in Maryland, but not the reverse. To think that Maryland would not take some kind of retaliatory action is naive. It would not be in anyone's best interest to create a hostile environment.

I strongly urge you  to include language in any action that would provide a clear and un-formidable process to "grandfather" current licensed practicing LCPCs.

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