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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]    (Repealed)
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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities
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CLOSED     Opened on 1/28/2013 and Ended on 3/29/2013

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Comment Title Commenter
Regulations required Jane Elliot  4/1/13  8:31 pm
Cuccinelli is wrong on law - Board has authority Molly Vick  3/29/13  11:59 pm
I do not support TRAP Alexander Winston  3/29/13  11:58 pm
Regulations Conor O'Donnell  3/29/13  11:58 pm
Regulations Conor O'Donnell  3/29/13  11:56 pm
TRAP Law Jeanne Henley  3/29/13  11:56 pm
Virginia health care requires standards. I support common sense regulations. Matthew Lebahn  3/29/13  11:54 pm
TRAAP Caroline Gross  3/29/13  11:53 pm
Support for TRAP Stephen Pilon  3/29/13  11:53 pm
Proposed TRAP regulations Ann Covalt, consultant  3/29/13  11:51 pm
The Regulations for Abortion Providers Freeda Cathcart, former member of the Virginia Advisory Board for Midwifery  3/29/13  11:50 pm
TRAP regulations should not be adopted Tom Greeson  3/29/13  11:50 pm
Support for Regulation Margaret Lebahn  3/29/13  11:49 pm
Abortion facilities must comply with safety regulations Nancy Lutz  3/29/13  11:48 pm
yes to these regulations csmith  3/29/13  11:48 pm
Protect womens' health - Support TRAP Mary  3/29/13  11:43 pm
Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) John H. Walker  3/29/13  11:43 pm
TRAP Lynn Fox  3/29/13  11:42 pm
First Amendment Religious Freedom Gail Gordon Donegan  3/29/13  11:39 pm
I am opposed to Trap Laws. pam Kay  3/29/13  11:39 pm
I oppose TRAP regulations. Kristin C. Dillard  3/29/13  11:37 pm
I support the regulations Kathleen Wagner  3/29/13  11:32 pm
Save Women's Access to Reproductive Health Lynell Fox  3/29/13  11:29 pm
Virginia is becoming the Mississippi of the Mid-Atlantic Catherine Read  3/29/13  11:27 pm
concerned about patient privacy in proposed TRAP regulations Elizabeth Fogarty  3/29/13  11:24 pm
TRAP Sandra Kelly  3/29/13  11:22 pm
Oppose TRAP regulations Abida Dini  3/29/13  11:20 pm
ANTI-TRAP Regulations Eleanor Hagerman, MPH  3/29/13  11:20 pm
One more comment against TRAP. Eric Scott  3/29/13  11:16 pm
Support the regulations Eric Jenislawski  3/29/13  11:15 pm
oppose TRAP Jordan Thayer  3/29/13  11:13 pm
New Regulations for Women's Health Care Centers Bruce Boucher  3/29/13  11:11 pm
Support TRAP Olaf Pors  3/29/13  11:11 pm
I oppose any new abortion restrictions or regulations EK  3/29/13  11:07 pm
Do The Right Thing Stacy Reed  3/29/13  11:06 pm
Opposed to TRAP laws Sammie Moshenberg  3/29/13  11:05 pm
In Support of the Women's Health Centers in Virginia Eleanor Hagerman  3/29/13  11:04 pm
Standing Against VA'a Anti-Choice TRAP Laws Betty Stewart  3/29/13  11:03 pm
VA. must regulate for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Lina Ross, RN. BSN  3/29/13  11:03 pm
Keep VA's Women's Health Centers Open Melissa Esposito  3/29/13  11:02 pm
Oppose Trap William Maupin  3/29/13  11:01 pm
I am OPPOSED to these Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Connie Boyer  3/29/13  10:57 pm
TRAP laws Amy Jones  3/29/13  10:56 pm
No TRAP Laws in Virginia Beverly Bachman  3/29/13  10:50 pm
Numbers don't lie. Michelle Kinsey Bruns  3/29/13  10:46 pm
Do Your Job Gerald Brittle  3/29/13  10:46 pm
I oppose TRAP. It's non-medical government intrusion for political reasons! Robert Brown  3/29/13  10:44 pm
Abortion Laws Mary Elizabeth Meade  3/29/13  10:44 pm
Please support these regulations. Kathleen Hunter  3/29/13  10:37 pm
Opposition to the new regulations Carol Gerhardt  3/29/13  10:33 pm
Yes to Abortion Agency Regulation! Rebekah Thiefels  3/29/13  10:32 pm
These regulations will help keep women safer Mary Hayes  3/29/13  10:31 pm
TRAP Issue Russell R. Ross  3/29/13  10:30 pm
Regulate abortion clinics like other medical facilities Jamie McDonald  3/29/13  10:28 pm
I support the proposed regluations. Michael Thiefels  3/29/13  10:27 pm
Ensuring clean, safe surgical facilities is a woman's right and a doctor's obligation. Jeannine McDonald  3/29/13  10:24 pm
Reject the TRAP regulations! Laura Wells  3/29/13  10:19 pm
Yes TRAP! Abel Pors  3/29/13  10:18 pm
TRAP Marie Miller  3/29/13  10:14 pm
No substandard care for women! Amy Dancause  3/29/13  10:07 pm
Strongly Disagree with TRAP Rick Howard  3/29/13  10:05 pm
High mediical standards for abortion providers Sandra Robrtson  3/29/13  10:01 pm
TRAP regulations Gwen McCrea  3/29/13  10:00 pm
I Oppose TRAP Riley Sheehy  3/29/13  9:56 pm
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Tessie Pasa  3/29/13  9:54 pm
I support the proposed regulations Mari Bever  3/29/13  9:54 pm
TRAP regulations vote no suzie metzger  3/29/13  9:44 pm
Humanitarian - Support Facility Regulations Colleen Johnson  3/29/13  9:39 pm
The trial of Kermit Gosnel (PA) should teach us something Joseph Flaherty  3/29/13  9:35 pm
NO Anti-Choise TRAP Law angela fazzari  3/29/13  9:35 pm
TRAP Regulations Harmful Judy Bauerle  3/29/13  9:34 pm
Oppose Unconstitutional TRAP Regulations Christopher Day  3/29/13  9:28 pm
TRAP Donna Moody  3/29/13  9:26 pm
Common Sense Karen Lucas  3/29/13  9:26 pm
Dangerous, hypocritical, cruel, undemocratic TRAP legislation Herschell Emery  3/29/13  9:26 pm
Equal treatment under the law Pat Kelly  3/29/13  9:13 pm
TRAP Must Go Pamela Balcke  3/29/13  9:12 pm
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Philip A. Dancause  3/29/13  9:11 pm
Support for fair and equal treatment for healthcare facilities Monica Kelly  3/29/13  9:11 pm
TRAP Laws in Virginia Samantha Bartram  3/29/13  9:03 pm
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities The Honorable David J. Toscano  3/29/13  9:01 pm
I strongly oppose the TRAP laws! Susan Ray  3/29/13  8:55 pm
Safety regulations necessary Joyce Pors  3/29/13  8:51 pm
Action: Proposed permanent regulations Martha Stine  3/29/13  8:47 pm
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities James Farr  3/29/13  8:44 pm
VA Coalition to Protect Women's Health Comment Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health  3/29/13  8:43 pm
protect women’s access to reproductive health care !!!!! Jocelyn Audet  3/29/13  8:42 pm
In opposition to TRAP Daniel P. Giesy, represeneting myself  3/29/13  8:35 pm
Stop the attack on women. Stop the attack on science. Kathy H. Sarosdy  3/29/13  8:23 pm
RE: TRAP Shelly Hokensonu  3/29/13  8:17 pm
Support TRAP Regulations Valerie Pors  3/29/13  8:10 pm
TRAP Kim Perez  3/29/13  8:10 pm
please look at us as individuals Ariel Whitehead  3/29/13  8:04 pm
Stop the real agenda of the AG Kathy H. Sarosdy  3/29/13  8:00 pm
Protect women’s access to reproductive health care Nicole Whitaker  3/29/13  7:58 pm
Reject Political Pressure - Base decisions on evidence-based public health Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health  3/29/13  7:57 pm
TRAP opposition Jodi Fisler  3/29/13  7:54 pm
TRAP Amber M  3/29/13  7:53 pm
TRAP laws bg kenley  3/29/13  7:49 pm
TRAP is a travesty Daryle Brown,  3/29/13  7:47 pm
Do the right thing Kathy H. Sarosdy  3/29/13  7:45 pm
A little common sense Rosalie Dancause, private citizen  3/29/13  7:30 pm
It Is Time for the Virginia Board of Health to Stop Aiding and Abetting the Republican War on Women Lang Lloveras  3/29/13  7:27 pm
Over regulation Jane Conkey  3/29/13  7:22 pm
TRAP Tiffany Stauffer  3/29/13  7:22 pm
RADICAL RIGHT WING'S ATTACK ON WOMEN sara s. chafin  3/29/13  7:14 pm
I am against TRAP! Peggy Brkic  3/29/13  7:04 pm
These regs are about abortion, not women's safety William  3/29/13  7:02 pm
Strongly oppose new "Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities" Janet Perry  3/29/13  7:02 pm
No on TRAP Jaime Oria  3/29/13  7:00 pm
Laws like this make me wish I do not live here. Will never have daughters or sons in VA Shene Midgette  3/29/13  7:00 pm
TRAP Should be Rejected Robert Shippee  3/29/13  6:56 pm
Abortion Clinics - Priposed Regulations Lawrence W. Salberg, Sr.  3/29/13  6:53 pm
Womens Health Theresa Cooper  3/29/13  6:52 pm
Abortion Clinics Perform Surgery and need to be Regulated like a Hospital Brian Addington  3/29/13  6:51 pm
AMEND TRAP a.l. steiner  3/29/13  6:48 pm
Keep these centers OPEN. PLEASE. Gloria Asher  3/29/13  6:48 pm
Women's safety during all medical procedures M. Evans  3/29/13  6:45 pm
Trap Michael O'Neil  3/29/13  6:42 pm
TRAP laws Tracy Hodson  3/29/13  6:41 pm
Trap Margaret Belsan  3/29/13  6:37 pm
Women of Virginia need to be protected by health safety regulations for all types of clinics. Margaret Evans  3/29/13  6:33 pm
TRAP Regulations James K Disney, Citizen  3/29/13  6:30 pm
TRAP laws Chris McGlone  3/29/13  6:29 pm
Ridiculous Ashleigh Correll  3/29/13  6:23 pm
Abortion Facilities Patricia Marseglia  3/29/13  6:16 pm
This has to stop Melody Garo  3/29/13  6:11 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator Phillip Puckett, District 38  3/29/13  6:11 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator John Edwards, District 21  3/29/13  6:10 pm
Abortion facility regulations Betsey Hedges  3/29/13  6:10 pm
I support regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Joanne Merrifield R.N.  3/29/13  6:08 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility regulations help protect women's health GK  3/29/13  6:08 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator Donald A. McEachin, District 09  3/29/13  6:06 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator Henry Marsh, Henry; District 16  3/29/13  6:03 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator L. Louise Lucas, District 18  3/29/13  6:01 pm
Grandfather Existing Women's Health Centers from Unnecessary Construction Requirements Tarina Keene, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation  3/29/13  6:00 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator Janet Howell, District 32  3/29/13  6:00 pm
stop your state war on women! sandy halliburton  3/29/13  5:58 pm
Abortion "regulations" Theresa  3/29/13  5:56 pm
No Bodily "Eminent Domain" - Please Elizabeth Franklin  3/29/13  5:54 pm
ACLU of Virginia Comment Katherine Greenier, American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia  3/29/13  5:51 pm
Reproductive Healthcare for Women David Byrne  3/29/13  5:45 pm
Please eliminate the medically inappropriate and unnecessarily burdensome TRAP regulations Sudi Garrettson  3/29/13  5:42 pm
GET IT RIGHT Wayne  3/29/13  5:39 pm
How can anyone NOT support TRAP? Aoife Gannon  3/29/13  5:38 pm
Making small clinics comply with new hospital architectural requirements is absurd Stephanie Rodriguez  3/29/13  5:33 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator Mark Herring, District 33  3/29/13  5:31 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator Barbara Favola, District 31  3/29/13  5:31 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Are Needed To Protect Women M. E. Blodgett  3/29/13  5:29 pm
Keep Virginia's Health Centers open Donna Phillips  3/29/13  5:25 pm
Stop making burdensome regulations that limit access to safe 1st trimester abortions Beth Edelstein  3/29/13  5:21 pm
TRAP regulations harm women Suzanne Keller  3/29/13  5:21 pm
In Favor of TRAP Matthew  3/29/13  5:19 pm
Board of Health Statutory Authority - Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Senator R. Creigh Deeds, District 25  3/29/13  5:16 pm
Oppose TRAP laws Brit Austin  3/29/13  5:14 pm
TRAP Restrictions Petrina Murphy  3/29/13  5:13 pm
These guideline are bad policy, bad news Eileen Truax  3/29/13  5:12 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Claire C  3/29/13  5:10 pm
Regulate clinics for mothers' health Melissa Noble, Mothers for Peace  3/29/13  5:09 pm
Keep healthcare centers OPEN B Plotnick  3/29/13  5:09 pm
No TRAP regulations! Suellen Savukas  3/29/13  5:05 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Donald R. Mannebach  3/29/13  5:04 pm
Women's Health Cynthia Cuellar  3/29/13  5:02 pm
Virginia citizen opposes unnecessary and harmful TRAP regulations Scott Miles  3/29/13  4:54 pm
Please oppose TRAP regulations Gail Christie  3/29/13  4:54 pm
Support for Regulation KM  3/29/13  4:54 pm
Response to TRAP Laws Erin Longbottom  3/29/13  4:53 pm
A woman's medical proceedures are none of your business. J William Halfpenny Unicorn  3/29/13  4:51 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Alicia Brittle, Virginian  3/29/13  4:49 pm
Opposition to TRAP Nancy Cantalupo  3/29/13  4:49 pm
I approve regulations for health and safety at abortion facilities Catherine Flynn  3/29/13  4:49 pm
Board of Health TRAP regulations Lynn Robbins  3/29/13  4:49 pm
Regulations on Women's Health Centers Caroline Smith  3/29/13  4:48 pm
Importance of pro-choice for optimal health care delivery Leah Ramer, Ph.D.,RNC  3/29/13  4:42 pm
For the Safety and Protection of the Women of VA. Support TRAP!!! Tyra Nuar  3/29/13  4:36 pm
TRAP Will Fitzhugh  3/29/13  4:29 pm
TRAP Regulations maria booth  3/29/13  4:28 pm
Don't cut access to reproductive health care! Rebecca Diehl  3/29/13  4:27 pm
I Completely Support the proposed Regulations! Cynthia R.  3/29/13  4:27 pm
Women's Health Jocelyn Dugan  3/29/13  4:22 pm
Healthcare Connie K Raper  3/29/13  4:21 pm
Healthcare Lynn M Elliott  3/29/13  4:21 pm
Support regulation of abortion clinics! Judith Diederich  3/29/13  4:20 pm
Keep government out of women's vaginas! Richard Koepsell  3/29/13  4:19 pm
Women's Health in Virginia Ellen Davidson, Homemaker  3/29/13  4:19 pm
TRAP regulations Alfred B. Strickler, Jr. Planned Parenthood Health Systems  3/29/13  4:17 pm
health centers molly brewer  3/29/13  4:15 pm
Regarding the TRAP regulations Susan L. McGinnis - speaking as a women who has worked in women's health ca  3/29/13  4:13 pm
Women's Health and Freedom Of Choice Frank J Perruccio Surf Dog Computer Services  3/29/13  4:10 pm
regulations on women's health clinics Mary Pugh  3/29/13  4:09 pm
TARP laws Gerilee Hundt  3/29/13  4:09 pm
Uphold TRAP to Uphold Medical Standards A.M. Whittaker  3/29/13  4:08 pm
Protect the Women of Virginia’s Access to Reproductive Health Care Laura Goodman  3/29/13  4:04 pm
TRAP Law Jack Southard  3/29/13  3:59 pm
Stop the anti-choice TRAP laws Christine Jamieson  3/29/13  3:54 pm
Virginia's proposed TRAP Law Julia Dawson  3/29/13  3:49 pm
abortion rights Cynthia Yngve  3/29/13  3:47 pm
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Betty Martin  3/29/13  3:47 pm
We Virginians owe women here the decency of personal health care. Frances Benedetti  3/29/13  3:44 pm
Anti-Choice Laws David & Kathryn Smith - Republican Majority for CHOICE  3/29/13  3:44 pm
retired college professor sara roderer  3/29/13  3:43 pm
Opposing anti-abortion TRAP laws Lyndele von Schill  3/29/13  3:41 pm
Access to Women's Healthcare Barbara S. Stowe  3/29/13  3:39 pm
Opposition to TRAP laws Sarah Little  3/29/13  3:38 pm
Do Not Restrict Access to Safe Reproductive Healthcare! Say NO to TRAP Helen Alston  3/29/13  3:37 pm
Stop TRAPping my Health Care! Holly Christopher  3/29/13  3:34 pm
Targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP) Kathryn Jones  3/29/13  3:33 pm
TRAp regulations Rachel Levy  3/29/13  3:26 pm
Stop Legislating Women's Health Tricia Williams  3/29/13  3:24 pm
Stop TRAP! Elaine Fischer  3/29/13  3:24 pm
TRAP Regulations Violate Public Health, Democracy and A Free Society Brenda L. Radford  3/29/13  3:24 pm
Women's access to reproductive health Karla Stark  3/29/13  3:23 pm
In favor of more regulation Jeff & Martha Fortman  3/29/13  3:19 pm
pending TRAP law Dr Robert H Carr  3/29/13  3:16 pm
TRAP laws Bethany  3/29/13  3:15 pm
Fairness Lorie Rajput  3/29/13  3:14 pm
Keep women having an abortion safe Ellen Tabb  3/29/13  3:14 pm
Opposition to Regulations Regarding Health Clinic Requirements Rebecca M. Stark, a citizen  3/29/13  3:12 pm
Reducing access to women's health care Sylvia Powell  3/29/13  3:11 pm
Fairness Lorie Rajput  3/29/13  3:08 pm
Stop putting limits on women's health care including abortion and birth control Kathleen Cheeseman  3/29/13  3:06 pm
Anti-choice regulations Gay Harlowe  3/29/13  3:05 pm
Speak out against Virginia’s proposed anti-choice regulation of all state women's health centers Kay Beams  3/29/13  3:04 pm
Republican for choice Alan Murray  3/29/13  3:03 pm
Regulatory action Debby Brehm  3/29/13  3:02 pm
Women's Health Olivia Samerdyke  3/29/13  3:02 pm
Mainstream Republicans Who Support Reproductive Rights and Services Kevin & Kristin Curtis  3/29/13  3:00 pm
Women need access to Women's Health Facilities Susan Moen, Co president of AAUW Bellingham  3/29/13  2:58 pm
Fairness Lorie Rajput  3/29/13  2:58 pm
Regulating Clinics that conduct abortions John Dickhute  3/29/13  2:57 pm
YES to regulations!! Frances Bouton  3/29/13  2:57 pm
Women's Health Centers Lucy Brickey  3/29/13  2:54 pm
Health of Virginia Women Frances Broaddus-Crutchfield  3/29/13  2:53 pm
Women & Reproductive Health Care Roberta Littlefield  3/29/13  2:53 pm
Overregulation of women's health care clinics Nancy Bazin - Former Women's Studies Director at Old Dominion University  3/29/13  2:52 pm
Women's health Melissa  3/29/13  2:49 pm
Oppose TRAP Jennifer MacArthur  3/29/13  2:44 pm
Reject the proposed regulations Herbert L. Sebren,Jr.  3/29/13  2:38 pm
Health of Virginia Women Frances Broaddus-Crutchfield  3/29/13  2:36 pm
Please remove the intrusive TRAP regulations and keep Virginia's women's health centers open Ronald Gaykema  3/29/13  2:35 pm
My Medical Choices Are My Own, Not yours to make for me. Autumn Barnes  3/29/13  2:34 pm
Opposing the Anti-Abortion TRAP in VA K. March  3/29/13  2:34 pm
TRAP Regulations Martha Cassell  3/29/13  2:33 pm
Targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP) Talbott Hagood  3/29/13  2:30 pm
Targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP) Talbott Hagood  3/29/13  2:29 pm
Placing TRAP restrictions on crucial health centers is backwards and cruel Amber R  3/29/13  2:28 pm
Comment on Health Center Regulations Amy Bergmann  3/29/13  2:26 pm
Personal Freedom Dianne Duncan Perrote  3/29/13  2:25 pm
Stop TRAP!!! Ann McCaffray  3/29/13  2:25 pm
Opposed to changes to regulations on Abortion Providers Stephanie Richmond  3/29/13  2:24 pm
Stop TRAP!!! Ann McCaffray  3/29/13  2:24 pm
Virginia Women's Health centers Kathleen Benson  3/29/13  2:22 pm
VA's proposed abortion clinic regulations Laurie Crawford  3/29/13  2:22 pm
TRAP legislation is dangerous for women Amy Nichols-Belo  3/29/13  2:21 pm
Comment regarding Draft Permanent Regulations Stephen H. Bendheim, MD  3/29/13  2:21 pm
Comment regarding Draft Permanent Regulations James E. Ferguson II, MD, MBA  3/29/13  2:21 pm
Keep Planned Parenthood Christina E Bruce  3/29/13  2:19 pm
Do not overregulate women's health care centers, thus impeding access to health care and abortion J Wilson  3/29/13  2:18 pm
New Regulations a concerned healthcare worker  3/29/13  2:15 pm
Public Health Sam Inabinet  3/29/13  2:14 pm
Oppose TRAP regulations Jeff Huff  3/29/13  2:12 pm
Abortion Provider Restrictions are Common-Sense Tobin Anthony  3/29/13  2:12 pm
Reproductive justice for all women Micki Parr, UniteWomen.Org-VA  3/29/13  2:05 pm
Regulatory action on health care clinics Cinny Poppen  3/29/13  2:01 pm
Regarding regulations for women's health centers that provide abortion care: Denise Young  3/29/13  2:00 pm
TRAP Minnie Fleming  3/29/13  1:56 pm
I oppose the harmful effects of TRAP legislation Megan McLaughlin  3/29/13  1:51 pm
Support TRAP D Dean  3/29/13  1:50 pm
TRAP regulations Jean R. Conrad, Citizen  3/29/13  1:46 pm
I oppose TRAP regulations Marissa Mack  3/29/13  1:42 pm
TRAP susie osser  3/29/13  1:38 pm
Better Regulation Laws Claudia Kudiabor, UVA Student  3/29/13  1:35 pm
Restricting Access for Provider Exchange Ann Campbell  3/29/13  1:33 pm
Absolutely against TRAP Laws, it's a war against women's rights' to choose for themselves Corrine Hoffmeyer  3/29/13  1:32 pm
TRAP regulations Suzanne Knight  3/29/13  1:32 pm
Women's Health Sol Troy  3/29/13  1:29 pm
Women's Health Rights Phillip Nelson, Ph.D., Retired  3/29/13  1:29 pm
Women's Health Edith Chutkow  3/29/13  1:25 pm
Strongly Support the Regulations Desined to Protect Women's Health. Robert  3/29/13  1:23 pm
Don't Cut Safe Access to Reproductive Healthcare! Janet M. Maloney  3/29/13  1:23 pm
Do not make a Mockery of this state Michela Worthington-Adams  3/29/13  1:19 pm
TRAP regulations Pete Marshall  3/29/13  1:18 pm
Targeted Regulations Against Abortion Providers M. Goldberg  3/29/13  1:18 pm
Targeted Regulations Against Abortion Providers Mary Ann Bonadeo  3/29/13  1:18 pm
Protect women's right to choose Alison Denton  3/29/13  1:16 pm
Permanent regulations for abortion facilities protect women Virginia Baker, RN  3/29/13  1:16 pm
Women's Health Issues Mary Blackwell  3/29/13  1:14 pm
Abortion Facility Regulations Sean. none  3/29/13  1:14 pm
Please Consider Revisions Before Implementation of Proposed Regulations. Dr. Tanya Arney  3/29/13  1:11 pm
Speaking out against TRAP regulations Sarah Hogg  3/29/13  1:07 pm
Disapprove of political gamesmanship that will limit access to primary healthcare. Robert Walker  3/29/13  1:06 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Megan Kelly  3/29/13  1:05 pm
Please Make Fair Decisions Based on Science Sheena Mayfield  3/29/13  1:04 pm
new regulations for Women's health centers Phyllis T McCafferty  3/29/13  1:00 pm
Women's Health Elizabeth T. Rahal  3/29/13  1:00 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Mary, Arlington, VA  3/29/13  1:00 pm
The Unnecessary Burden of TRAP. Janette Murray  3/29/13  12:57 pm
Opposed to TRAP regulations Mel Johnson  3/29/13  12:55 pm
TRAP laws Olivia Krout  3/29/13  12:54 pm
Drop Needless Regulations Tom Field, American University Washington College of Law  3/29/13  12:50 pm
I oppose TRAP HeatherUmberger  3/29/13  12:50 pm
We strongly urge that these regulations NOT be accepted as proposed Tannis Fuller, National Organization for Women - Charlottesville Chapter  3/29/13  12:49 pm
SB924 Regulations Nancy Heckel, Individual  3/29/13  12:47 pm
Protect Virginia from TARP Susan H Shaw  3/29/13  12:47 pm
OPPOSE TRAP Janet Lundy  3/29/13  12:46 pm
TRAP Patricia Wilson  3/29/13  12:45 pm
Yes to regulation.DC Pam Perretta  3/29/13  12:44 pm
TRAP Mary Grandinetti  3/29/13  12:43 pm
Why is there even a question about this? Anne Marie  3/29/13  12:42 pm
Please stay out o regulating women's reproductive rights! Joan oberle  3/29/13  12:42 pm
TRAP and Womens health centers Joy Volarich  3/29/13  12:39 pm
Keep abortions legal J. Harold Boyd  3/29/13  12:37 pm
Women's Health Center Regulations Barbara P Nash  3/29/13  12:36 pm
TRAP is not just a "political tool" Dr David E Welch  3/29/13  12:33 pm
Don't TRAP the women of Virginia Caroline Hoover, private citizen  3/29/13  12:33 pm
Please remove all Anti-Choice regulations and let women make their own choices Tina Deaver  3/29/13  12:27 pm
NO TRAP regs Cindy Hiddemen, citizen  3/29/13  12:25 pm
Regulation of abortion clinics Maureen  3/29/13  12:25 pm
TRAP laws Beth R Donaldson  3/29/13  12:25 pm
I oppose TRAP regulations. Marissa Mack  3/29/13  12:24 pm
Oppose TRAP Pam Karthik  3/29/13  12:21 pm
No to TRAP Virginia Tyack  3/29/13  12:20 pm
TRAP Cindy Hiddemen  3/29/13  12:16 pm
I oppose TRAP regulations Brie Dubinsky  3/29/13  12:13 pm
My feelings about female reproductive rights Carolyn Maddamma  3/29/13  12:10 pm
Women's Health Center Regulations Vickie Long  3/29/13  12:08 pm
Womens Health Nan Moring  3/29/13  12:06 pm
TRAP Regulations Doug Banks  3/29/13  12:05 pm
TRAP Kerry Coffman  3/29/13  12:04 pm
TRAP Regulations Deny Women Access to Comprehensive Healthcare Emily Donaldson  3/29/13  12:03 pm
I oppose the TRAP Regulations Gloria Banks  3/29/13  12:02 pm
Board of Health ruling on abortion providers building requirements Edmund A. Merriman  3/29/13  11:58 am
OPPOSE TRAP Stop Limiting Our Constitutional Rights Donita Prakash  3/29/13  11:56 am
Stop TRAP!! Lori Arbuckle  3/29/13  11:55 am
NOT SCIENCE BASED Bonnie Keller  3/29/13  11:54 am
Protect Womens rights! Hunter Cotterman  3/29/13  11:53 am
These regulations are purely political, do nothing for safety, and only undermine women's options. Kristina  3/29/13  11:52 am
Highly Support Regulations Michael Herrick  3/29/13  11:52 am
Support small government - let women choose regardless of their position! Ross Bailey  3/29/13  11:50 am
All Women Deserve Acess to Health Care Nancy McNamara  3/29/13  11:49 am
Virginia Regulations on Abortion Providers Gail Esterman  3/29/13  11:49 am
Against proposed regulations Sue Walter  3/29/13  11:48 am
TRAP bill A concerned voter  3/29/13  11:46 am
Support regulations J. Banasik  3/29/13  11:46 am
Women's Health Mildred Surber  3/29/13  11:45 am
Stop Limiting Our Constitutional Rights Donita Prakash  3/29/13  11:41 am
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health J. Douglas Ellena  3/29/13  11:40 am
Oppose TRAP! Adele I. Karp  3/29/13  11:38 am
Board of Health decision on TRAP Laura Neale  3/29/13  11:38 am
Targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP) Robert W. Widblood, PhD  3/29/13  11:36 am
Women and Children deserve better Ralph Hendry  3/29/13  11:36 am
Abortion regulations Jeff Sheppard  3/29/13  11:35 am
TRAP Mary Pettengill  3/29/13  11:33 am
SB 924 Regulations Mitchell Smilet  3/29/13  11:31 am
Oppose TRAP regulations Pamela Jiranek  3/29/13  11:31 am
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Hugh Owen  3/29/13  11:30 am
Safety first Rita S.  3/29/13  11:28 am
I strongly support this legislation Phil Quinan  3/29/13  11:28 am
Protect My Peers and Make Permanent the Safety Regulations on Virginia Abortion Facilities Anne Bukowski  3/29/13  11:26 am
Opposition to New Regulations to Women's Health Centers that Provide Abortion Care Genevieve Miller  3/29/13  11:23 am
Stop playing politics with women's health Elizabeth Scott  3/29/13  11:23 am
Stop TRAP! Tenley Peterson  3/29/13  11:23 am
stop the abortion TRAP laws, protect women's health Nat Okey  3/29/13  11:20 am
Women Mike C. Beaty  3/29/13  11:17 am
Regulation of TRAP Pat Lebeau  3/29/13  11:17 am
Oppose TRAP and amend again Whitney Whiting  3/29/13  11:16 am
TRAP lee keller  3/29/13  11:14 am
An Open Letter from People of Faith Who Believe in Reproductive Healthcare and Religious Liberty Michael Mitchell, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice  3/29/13  11:14 am
TRAP - Support It! Bernie Ziegler  3/29/13  11:14 am
targeted regulations on abortion providers Anthony Jordan  3/29/13  11:13 am
women's health darlene ghosh  3/29/13  11:10 am
SUPPORT and PROTECT WOMEN. Teresa Hopkins  3/29/13  11:08 am
Virginia’s women’s health centers Nina Gibson  3/29/13  11:08 am
Regulate!!!!!!!!!! sandy bertini  3/29/13  11:07 am
why are you making decisions for me, i'm not an idiot janny frimpong  3/29/13  11:07 am
Protect Access to Reproductive Health Care Mary Maxfield  3/29/13  11:05 am
TRAP Jan Crerie  3/29/13  11:04 am
Speaking out against the TRAP Laws Janelle Germanos  3/29/13  11:04 am
Virginia mothers deserve at least the same facility protections as we provide our dental patients! John Marion  3/29/13  11:03 am
Protect women’s access to reproductive health care John Updike  3/29/13  11:03 am
Public Comment on TRAP legislation Sara Bohannon  3/29/13  11:02 am
STOP Regulations that HARM Women's Health Maxine Fraade  3/29/13  11:02 am
Opposed to Women's Health Center Regulations Lauren Gaskell  3/29/13  10:59 am
TRAP regulations Serelda Elliot  3/29/13  10:57 am
My opposition to TRAP and other legislation ignoring the rights of women Reta Harrington  3/29/13  10:57 am
Regulatory action Bonnie Oswald  3/29/13  10:56 am
Women's health issues in VA Ron Gilliland, self  3/29/13  10:56 am
Support health & saftey regulations for abortion clinics Ellen Ziegler, citizen  3/29/13  10:56 am
Necessary Reglation to Protect Women from likes of Kermit Gosnell and Leroy Carhart K.K.  3/29/13  10:56 am
Protect Women in Sickness and in Health Mary W. Pollock  3/29/13  10:56 am
bad restrictions Anne McKeithen, private citizen  3/29/13  10:56 am
TRAP Regulations Cynthia Burwell  3/29/13  10:53 am
Virginia's Women's Health Centers foundation for pharmacology  3/29/13  10:52 am
Virginia's TARP abortion phobia Sandra Derr, citizen and voter  3/29/13  10:49 am
Permanent Facility Regulations to Help Protect Women's Health Virginia Catholic Conference represents Catholic bishops & their dioceses  3/29/13  10:49 am
Please Protect Our Rights Because It will Protect Women's Health Beth Levin  3/29/13  10:48 am
Support the new abortion facility regulations Beth Sullivan  3/29/13  10:48 am
Stop TRAP regulations Anita Clayton, MD  3/29/13  10:48 am
women's health centers Cheyenne Blackford  3/29/13  10:46 am
TRAP Scott Burger  3/29/13  10:45 am
Say no to TRAP Melissa McDonald  3/29/13  10:44 am
Do NOT impose TRAP! Wendy Murdoch  3/29/13  10:44 am
Support TRAP D.Coble  3/29/13  10:43 am
women's clinic regulations Jessica Lucia  3/29/13  10:40 am
abortion regulations alyssa nathanson  3/29/13  10:39 am
Your intent matters Dana Theus, InPower Women  3/29/13  10:39 am
Support Permanent Regulations on Abortion Centers Geneva Park  3/29/13  10:38 am
TRAP Kelley Bourassa  3/29/13  10:38 am
Opposed to TRAP Regulations K. Shepherd  3/29/13  10:37 am
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Heather  3/29/13  10:36 am
Oppose TRAP Molly Claflin, Esq.  3/29/13  10:29 am
Regulations a Must! martha Maturi MD  3/29/13  10:29 am
TRAP laws Elizabeth Leonard  3/29/13  10:28 am
My Reproductive Organs Shouldn't Dictate My Rights Kate Miceli  3/29/13  10:25 am
I SUPPORT THE REGULATIONS.... Theresa Kritcher  3/29/13  10:22 am
NO to TRAP Melinda Baumann  3/29/13  10:19 am
No to TRAP Aileen Murphy  3/29/13  10:18 am
VA TRAP regulations for Women's Health Centers Maggie Clayton, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA  3/29/13  10:14 am
Abortion facility regulations needed to protect women Theresa Talavera  3/29/13  10:11 am
Clinic Regulations- Oppose Rebecca Spence  3/29/13  10:07 am
TRAP laws Megan Turf  3/29/13  10:07 am
TRAP regulations Heidi Nordberg, Ph.D.  3/29/13  10:07 am
Protect all patients Page Smith  3/29/13  10:04 am
Women's Healthcare Steve Baker  3/29/13  10:00 am
Protects Women's access to health care Nina Morris  3/29/13  9:57 am
No to cutting safe access to reproductive health care!!!! Lesley M.Balta  3/29/13  9:55 am
TRAP regulations Kirstan Watson  3/29/13  9:54 am
opposition to abortion clinic regulations Jessica Arons  3/29/13  9:54 am
I oppose the TRAP regulations Erika Meitner  3/29/13  9:54 am
TRAP bills single out abortion clinics for unnecessary, politically motivated regulations. Kimberly Glass  3/29/13  9:50 am
New regulations regarding women's health clinics Anne O'Brien  3/29/13  9:49 am
Safety First! Robin Doucette, RN  3/29/13  9:48 am
Safety First! Robin Doucette, RN  3/29/13  9:48 am
TRAP Elizabeth Zacharias Owens  3/29/13  9:47 am
New regulations governing abortion clincs in VA. Sara Long  3/29/13  9:43 am
Official Comment, Re: Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities, 12VAC5-410-10 Anna Higgins, Family Research Council  3/29/13  9:38 am
Abortion Facility Regulations Amy Pedagno  3/29/13  9:37 am
Continue to Improve safety, inspections have shown regulations are required bruce kemp  3/29/13  9:36 am
Put women first- support the regulations Francine Orr  3/29/13  9:33 am
I am a woman and I am in support Myra Hayde  3/29/13  9:33 am
TRAP is not about women's safety Erica  3/29/13  9:28 am
Say "No" to TRAP Katie Jones, Citizen  3/29/13  9:24 am
I oppose TRAP Paul Blundell  3/29/13  9:21 am
Concerns over the extensive and burdensome new requirements for women's health centers Rebecca Dennis  3/29/13  9:21 am
I oppose TRAP regulations. C. Luong  3/29/13  9:19 am
TRAP Meagan Cupka  3/29/13  9:18 am
Support Abortion facility regulations Kristin Elliott  3/29/13  9:14 am
Learn from Texas D. Neiman  3/29/13  9:11 am
Safe Medical Procedures Kathleen McKeon  3/29/13  9:09 am
TRAP Laws and other laws trying to force women into the back alleys again with coat hangers Susan Kang  3/29/13  9:02 am
This is awful; I am opposed to TRAP. Jonathan Arthur  3/29/13  9:02 am
Abortion Regulations Kelley McLean  3/29/13  9:00 am
TRAP Tiffany Royall  3/29/13  8:53 am
Support TRAP regulations Una Geary  3/29/13  8:49 am
Make abortion easy, not difficult. Sam Forrest, citizen  3/29/13  8:42 am
Increase the Oversight! Joseph Mazzara  3/29/13  8:40 am
Support regulations for safety of women Cindy Brake  3/29/13  8:34 am
womens rights Charmaine cox  3/29/13  8:30 am
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [Under Development] [12 VAC 5 ? 412] Rosanne Garvey  3/29/13  8:09 am
Opposed to Regulations william citizen  3/29/13  7:59 am
Regulations of abortion facilities Thea Rossi Barron  3/29/13  7:52 am
Stay out of my business please. Victoria Carll  3/29/13  7:26 am
SUPPORT TRAP, SUPPORT SAFETY Cara  3/29/13  7:18 am
I support TRAP Joanne Cawley  3/29/13  7:13 am
I DO NOT SUPPORT TRAP! Debra Kozlowski  3/29/13  7:09 am
In favor of Regulation For Licensure of Abortion Facilities Steven Neitz  3/29/13  7:00 am
Making abortion "safe"? Kathleen Foltz  3/29/13  6:56 am
Center regulations Heather Cordasco  3/29/13  6:41 am
Oppose TRAP Denise Leonard  3/29/13  6:36 am
Support-Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Bonnie Ryason, private citizen  3/29/13  6:34 am
I oppose TRAP regulations Chine Anikwe  3/29/13  6:24 am
Support for TRAP Jesse Pirocchi  3/29/13  6:06 am
Abortion A.J. Fiege  3/29/13  5:33 am
Abortion Clinics Bridget Torres  3/29/13  5:20 am
Support for proposed regulations on abortion facilities Justin Largen  3/29/13  3:52 am
I support these regulations on abortion clinics. Sarah T Jenislawski  3/29/13  2:01 am
Abortion Clinic Regulations Paul D. Whitehead  3/29/13  12:59 am
Common sense Tommy Valentine  3/29/13  12:58 am
Yes to regulations! Russell Bouton  3/29/13  12:46 am
I support these regulations Andrew T. Lewandowski  3/29/13  12:36 am
Please support the regulations Carol Wieseman  3/29/13  12:25 am
Support the regulations. Carol Wieseman  3/29/13  12:23 am
Vote Yes Rebecca Zadell  3/29/13  12:14 am
Regulate abortion clinics to save lives Ann Chapman  3/29/13  12:09 am
Amending TRAP Regulations Lyn Harris  3/28/13  11:59 pm
TRAP Kevin Long  3/28/13  11:55 pm
Abortions are bad for women's health (and they end the child's). No regulations should be lifted. Laura Tillotson  3/28/13  11:49 pm
abortion clinic regualtions Lynn ONeill  3/28/13  11:40 pm
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities John H. Sturniolo  3/28/13  11:38 pm
Please Extend the Regulations for Licensure Melanie Bninski  3/28/13  11:32 pm
I support all basic safety and sanitation standards for all medical clinics. T. Albrigo  3/28/13  11:32 pm
Support Regulating Abortion/Death Clinics. Michael C.  3/28/13  11:24 pm
Regulations Lisa Gogal  3/28/13  11:21 pm
I urge support of these regulations. Locke Shufflebarger, citizen  3/28/13  11:20 pm
Permanent Abortion Facility Regulations Help Protect Women’s Health Maria Ruhl  3/28/13  11:18 pm
Consider the benefits Pete Kelly  3/28/13  11:13 pm
For Safety Regulations on Abortion Clinics Leslie Payne  3/28/13  11:12 pm
TRAP regulations are good for women Tina Vasicek  3/28/13  11:10 pm

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