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Increase in CE hours for veterinary technicians
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/30/2015 and Ended on 1/29/2016

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Comment Title Commenter
I agree with the increase in CE Amanda Sontag LVT  1/29/16  1:40 pm
Increase! Peggy Perry, LVT  1/25/16  1:24 pm
LVT CE hours Heather Manning, LVT  1/24/16  10:07 am
Window dressing. Dawn Hunter  1/24/16  9:43 am
Couldn't agree more! Erin Willard, LVT  1/23/16  2:11 pm
Support an increase Tracy Bittner  1/23/16  1:46 pm
CE to 8 hours Katie Ala, LVT  1/23/16  10:42 am
No-why? Sandy Martin  1/17/16  7:56 am
CE Requirment Increase - YES Jonathan Butz, Patterson Veterinary  1/15/16  3:39 pm
Agree Jane Naramore, LVT  1/15/16  11:38 am
Increasing CE for LVTs Brooklyn Finisecy, LVT  1/15/16  6:30 am
LVT CE Katie, Volpe  1/15/16  6:16 am
I support increasing CE hours for LVTs Kali Williams, LVT- Wellesley Animal Hospital- Richmond, VA  1/14/16  6:25 pm
Agree!!! Claire Herrera  1/14/16  12:39 pm
Agree to increase in CE hours Stephanie Weaver, Animal Health Care Center  1/14/16  12:36 pm
Agree Cody Redmond, BRCC LVT student  1/14/16  12:31 pm
CE credit hours increase Hillery Williams, BRCC Vet Tech Program, student  1/14/16  11:32 am
Increase in Vet Tech CE Jan Larsen  1/14/16  11:03 am
I support the increase in CEUs for LVTs Lucretia M. Keane, BAS, LVT  1/14/16  9:42 am
In Response to the Increase in CE hours Kimberly McIntosh; Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital  1/6/16  4:02 pm
Increase LVT CE hours Rosalie Chambers, Rose Hill Veterinary Practice  12/27/15  2:27 pm
For Increased Hours Krista Carila, Greenbrier Animal Care Center  12/20/15  9:11 pm
I support the increase in CEs for LVTs Vicki DeLand, LVT  12/15/15  10:31 pm
I support increasing CE hours from 6 to 8 Allison Robbins DVM, Wellesley Animal Hospital  12/15/15  1:35 pm
Support Katie Smith, LVT  12/15/15  9:02 am
I support increase Deborah Adwell, DVM  12/15/15  8:31 am
Agree to increase Betty Jo Speas, LVT  12/15/15  8:00 am
I agree! Michaela Meissner, LVT  12/12/15  1:15 pm
I support the change Chris Stefanac, LVT  12/10/15  8:18 pm
Increased CE hours for LVT's Sophia P. Decker, LVT - Mount Hermon Animal Clinic - Danville, VA  12/9/15  6:45 pm
Increasing Required CE Credits Sherry A Drummond-Moss, LVT  12/9/15  2:51 pm
In favor Perry Ritchie, LVT  12/8/15  6:45 pm
AGREE! Rebekah Williams, LVT  12/7/15  9:43 pm
In favor of increasing CE hours Kat Colohan, LVT  12/7/15  9:20 pm
Increase in continuing education for Licensed Veterinary Technicians Nancy Robinson LVT retired from Central Carolina Community College  12/7/15  8:42 pm
Fully Support Renee DiPietro, LVT  12/7/15  6:36 pm
Increasing CE Hours for Technicians Debra Piereman, LVT  12/7/15  4:01 pm
In favor of increasing CE Amanda Havens, LVT, Virginia Tech-Community Practice  12/7/15  3:25 pm
Increased CE requirement Linda Schnaible  12/7/15  3:22 pm
I support the change in ce credits. Teri Frank,LVT  12/7/15  2:53 pm
LVT CE hours Grovia Springham, LVT  12/7/15  2:52 pm
LVT in full support of increasing CE hours! Shirley Whitehurst LVT  12/7/15  1:38 pm
FULL SUPPORT FOR CE Ellen M. Carozza LVT - NOVA CAT CLINIC  12/7/15  1:03 pm
fully support Ashley Rippey LVT  12/7/15  12:14 pm
Agree to Increase CE Hours Patty Zaepfel, LVT Caring Hands Animal Hospital  12/7/15  12:12 pm
Increase ce James McDonald DVM  12/5/15  8:33 pm
Fully Support Anne Lynch  12/5/15  5:17 pm
Increase in CE credit hours for LVTs Phillip Dalton, DVM, Gretna Animal Clinic  12/4/15  11:56 am
Agree! The more you know! Trinity W, LVT  12/4/15  11:20 am
Support Increase in CE Hours Carol Heizer, LVT  12/4/15  9:05 am
so-so tricia  12/3/15  3:17 pm
Opposed to CE increase Elizabeth K, LVT, MLS  12/3/15  7:59 am
Disagree Catherine Bradley LVT, RN  12/3/15  4:05 am
In Support Taryn Singleton, LVT  12/2/15  10:06 pm
Disagree KW, LVT  12/2/15  3:29 pm
100% AGREE Kayla Parrent, LVT  12/2/15  1:10 pm
In favor Devon Reed, LVT  12/2/15  1:09 am
Increase of CE - I Support it Michelle Skinner, LVT, RVT  12/1/15  5:16 pm
I agree Allison Rye, LVT  12/1/15  4:31 pm
Supporting increase of CE hours Samantha Dunn SVT - Gretna Animal Clinic  12/1/15  3:43 pm
In favor of CE increase Michaela Lukin - Student - Gretna Animal Clinic  12/1/15  2:31 pm
In support of CE increase Valerie Tyree LVT - Gretna Animal Clinic  12/1/15  1:47 pm
CE req. for LVT Danielle Russ, LVT, BS, BA, AS  12/1/15  12:06 pm
Disagree Courtney  12/1/15  11:26 am
Increased CE Elizabeth J, LVT  12/1/15  10:30 am
CE addendum Stephanie Gomez, LVT  12/1/15  5:22 am
Disagree Kristin Wallace  12/1/15  12:35 am
AGREE Kendall Blackwell, LVT  11/30/15  10:25 pm
Agree Cheryl Dellinger  11/30/15  9:51 pm
Vet tech hours Denise lvt  11/30/15  9:49 pm
Disagree Jennifer D'amico  11/30/15  9:21 pm
WONDERING WHY sarah, lvt  11/30/15  9:11 pm

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