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Regulations for Public Use of the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, VA [1 VAC 30 ‑ 150]
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CH 0150 Promulgation of regulations for public use of the Robert E. Lee Monument, Richmond, VA
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CLOSED     Opened on 1/7/2019 and Ended on 3/8/2019

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To those who say the monuments were erected yrs after the war only as a display of "Wh Supremacy" Allesia Hamilton  3/9/19  12:00 am
To those who say the monuments were erected yrs after the war only as a display of Allesia Hamilton  3/8/19  11:58 pm
Great to embrace both the new and honor history too ARB  3/8/19  11:55 pm
Fortify the Monuments Connie Chastain  3/8/19  11:52 pm
Monument Avenue Connie Marshall  3/8/19  11:47 pm
Monuments to our shared past Barry Davis  3/8/19  11:22 pm
Should Richmond Just be another Hipster City w Bike Races? This is Who we are. Pamela - private citizen  3/8/19  11:20 pm
Monument Avenue Preservation Eric Richardson  3/8/19  10:39 pm
Lee Monument and Monument Avenue Teresa Roane  3/8/19  10:06 pm
Regulations for Lee Monument Katherine Jordan  3/8/19  10:05 pm
Monument Avenue preservation Christopher Cherry  3/8/19  9:53 pm
I see a lot of the anti-statue commentators seem to be non-Virginians Pamela - private citizen  3/8/19  9:51 pm
Please keep our lovely monuments,its history.Europe has theirs, we need to keep our history. Winnie Rymer  3/8/19  9:48 pm
To commenter Kirsten O'Nell - You are welcome to return to California - no one is keeping you here Allesia Hamilton  3/8/19  9:37 pm
This is just another attempt to eviserate Southern History and jump on the pc bandwagon Allesia Hamilton  3/8/19  9:31 pm
Can't choose your history but you can choose who we commemorate Arlo Baker  3/8/19  9:22 pm
Monument Avenue Richard Foster  3/8/19  9:02 pm
Monument Avenue Karen Gregory  3/8/19  8:45 pm
Preserve Monument Avenue As Is EB  3/8/19  8:36 pm
Monuments H. Diamond  3/8/19  8:35 pm
Leave all statues on Monument Ave Alone. Alison Katzman - Virginian, formerly proud, now, not so much  3/8/19  8:25 pm
Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA David R. Bryan  3/8/19  8:01 pm
Lee Monument/Monument Avenue Judy Smith  3/8/19  7:54 pm
Preserve Monument Avenue Henry Jones  3/8/19  7:35 pm
Save the monuments! Jack Foreman  3/8/19  7:29 pm
The statues are part of American history. Earl Ryder  3/8/19  7:22 pm
Leave the statues alone. Jill Darden  3/8/19  7:19 pm
Leave the statues alone . Richmond is capital of the south. Emily  3/8/19  7:03 pm
Historic Monuments Dennis Cotner  3/8/19  6:57 pm
LEAVE HISTORY ALONE!!! Angie Miller  3/8/19  6:44 pm
Robert E Lee Angie Miller  3/8/19  6:42 pm
Robert E Lee statue. Sam Evans  3/8/19  6:21 pm
Monument Ave statues Gayle Fix  3/8/19  6:00 pm
Keep history and art Priscilla Kraemer  3/8/19  5:25 pm
Leave our history alone Donald Hanback  3/8/19  5:24 pm
Keep Confederate Statues Bobby Sapp  3/8/19  4:57 pm
Leave Monument Avenue Alone!!! Kevin Drumheller  3/8/19  4:23 pm
The Robert E. Lee Monument should be preserved as it is. Ben Cleary  3/8/19  4:10 pm
Monument Avenue Must Not Be Altered ! Joshua Day  3/8/19  4:07 pm
We are all Virginians please preserve our history. VSM  3/8/19  3:29 pm
Comments on Proposed Regulations Fan District Association  3/8/19  2:42 pm
Anything Confederate TERESA CARVER  3/8/19  2:33 pm
Preserve the Lee Monument Scott williams  3/8/19  1:59 pm
Monument Avenue Monuments Need to Remain and be Protected Sherman Blount  3/8/19  1:57 pm
General Lee Monument Kathy Pusey  3/8/19  1:39 pm
Monument Avenue David  3/8/19  1:35 pm
Monuments Kevin L Legg  3/8/19  1:25 pm
Monument Ave DL  3/8/19  1:13 pm
Monument Avenue history needs to stay! John Emrick  3/8/19  1:06 pm
Monument Ave Richmond Edward Drake  3/8/19  1:00 pm
Regarding Confederate monument removal Terry L. Rockhold  3/8/19  12:36 pm
Save our beautiful monuments Aaron Lee  3/8/19  12:12 pm
Monument Avenue Stuart Wade  3/8/19  12:07 pm
Protect our monuments and history Brian  3/8/19  12:02 pm
Take Em Down Matt  3/8/19  11:59 am
Monument Avenue Jan Pifer  3/8/19  11:54 am
The statues should remain Kelly Wolfsheimer  3/8/19  11:51 am
You can’t erase history! Pamela Hughes  3/8/19  11:50 am
Leave Historical Monuments alone but ADD more diverse ones PGJ  3/8/19  11:50 am
Monument Avenue Hugh Gibson  3/8/19  11:46 am
Leave the monuments alone. Ian Leech  3/8/19  11:32 am
Moument Avenue Anne Carson Foard  3/8/19  11:32 am
Monument Avenue Jay  3/8/19  11:28 am
Lee Statue, Monument Ave. Margaret  3/8/19  11:28 am
Respect for property Pat Baber  3/8/19  11:22 am
Preserve Monument Avenue Bill Hunnicutt  3/8/19  11:21 am
Monument Avenue Steven Combs  3/8/19  11:20 am
Leave Virginia history alone Eduardo  3/8/19  11:10 am
Preserve Monument Ave Sam Ikenberry  3/8/19  11:10 am
Please leave the statues alone! C.L. Richards  3/8/19  11:10 am
Our own Champs Elysees Mauriel Joslyn, Sparta Historical Society  3/8/19  11:06 am
Lee Monument and Monument Avenue security Art Walker  3/8/19  11:05 am
Preserving History Sharon C  3/8/19  11:01 am
Monument Ave. alice scott  3/8/19  10:52 am
Monument Avenue Mary McManus  3/8/19  10:50 am
Monument Avenue M. W. Tyler  3/8/19  10:48 am
Leave Robert E. Lee and all Statues alone JB  3/8/19  10:48 am
keep the statues on Monument Ave. robert pistella  3/8/19  10:47 am
Leave all-things Confederate alone. Gary Davis  3/8/19  10:45 am
Statues Ansley Perkins  3/8/19  10:45 am
Education is the answer not the removal of the monument! Nita Vaughan  3/8/19  10:43 am
Richmond is the City of Monuments Karen McKinley  3/8/19  10:42 am
They need to keep the statues where they are. They are part of Richmond history. You learn from hi Mary Jo Elliott  3/8/19  10:36 am
Keep the monuments on Monument Avenue. Wm. Drumright  3/8/19  10:36 am
Unify people by building more diverse monuments instead of dividing people by tearing them down. Jon Moore  3/8/19  10:35 am
Historic Monument Avenue Rosemary Witt  3/8/19  9:33 am
Leave Lee Monument alone and Monument ave Respect the fallen dead the historical status & the Law SD Markaland  3/8/19  9:09 am
It's not yours it's ours. Collin Strickland, Proud Southerner  3/8/19  7:31 am
Confederate Monuments VA born/ VA bred  3/8/19  4:41 am
Native Son Terry Poynter  3/8/19  3:43 am
Hands Off Our Monuments Lisa E  3/7/19  11:52 pm
LEAVE THEM ALONE !!! skip blanton  3/7/19  11:46 pm
Do not destroy historic statues on Monument Avenue. Judy Duarte  3/7/19  10:47 pm
Leave the War Memorials Alone! David Gregory  3/7/19  10:08 pm
Leave our monuments alone! Leslie Wright  3/7/19  9:53 pm
History Kim Overman  3/7/19  9:15 pm
Statues shelia hardy  3/7/19  8:31 pm
Monuments Patrick Lund  3/7/19  8:31 pm
Monument Ave. Is a national treasure as well as a City/State treasure. Leave all the monuments alone Kim Barbour  3/7/19  8:21 pm
Monuments James Gleason  3/7/19  8:08 pm
Statute Removal Corlis Nichols  3/7/19  7:55 pm
The statues on Monument Ave are absolutely beautiful, and need to stand and be protected. Honor th Curt Clingenpeel  3/7/19  7:43 pm
Leave the monuments on Monument Avenue. Lisa Lichtenstein  3/7/19  7:38 pm
Leave Monument Avenue alone! Mark Lynn  3/7/19  7:29 pm
Please protect our Monument Avenue and it's Memorial Statues L Scoggins  3/7/19  7:13 pm
Robert E. Lee statue Andrea Tate  3/7/19  7:05 pm
ACLU request Donald Morrow  3/7/19  7:04 pm
Cherish our history- Leave the Statues alone. Thomas Robinson  3/7/19  6:51 pm
Lee Monument Regulations Martha Warthen  3/7/19  6:41 pm
Monument Ave. Melissa McLaughlin  3/7/19  6:39 pm
Save history, add memorials to additional worthy individuals Brad Richmond  3/7/19  6:38 pm
please leave all historical monuments alone, they are part of our history and heritage william oliver arendall  3/7/19  6:37 pm
Leave Monument Ave alone John Jessee  3/7/19  6:26 pm
Monument Avenue - Robert E. Lee Dylan Whitaker  3/7/19  6:25 pm
Leave the monuments alone!! Instead educate the uneducated this is not about racism!! We do have ZBs Sharon Hall  3/7/19  6:10 pm
Robert E. Lee Monument Chris Jones  3/7/19  6:09 pm
Please don’t remove the beautiful statues including the Robert E.Lee monument. Creed Albrecht  3/7/19  6:07 pm
Robert E. Lee monument Jan Lazenby  3/7/19  6:01 pm
SAVE our history. SAVE THE MONUMENTS!!  3/7/19  5:57 pm
Richmond history! Keep the monuments Patrick Mclaughlin  3/7/19  5:51 pm
Regarding Proposed Robert E. Lee Regulations Mark Schairbaum  3/7/19  5:27 pm
Lee Monument Rick Cain  3/7/19  5:24 pm
Keep the statues Jennifer Allred  3/7/19  5:22 pm
History in City of Richmond Kathy Smith  3/7/19  5:21 pm
Do not remove one single thing. Mary Ayres  3/7/19  5:20 pm
Leave our monuments alone. Larry Anderson  3/7/19  5:19 pm
Preserve our National Historic Landmark - Don't tear down, build up! The Monument Avenue Preservation Group  3/7/19  5:09 pm
Regulations on Lee Monument Craig McDaniel  3/7/19  3:01 pm
Moved to VA recently I see....? John Doe  3/7/19  10:49 am
No Monuments to White Supremacy! Nathan Arrues  3/7/19  10:34 am
These regulations make no sense Jessee  3/7/19  10:12 am
Richmond is a Land of Contrasts Erick Lannin', Esq.  3/7/19  1:25 am
Keep Monuments - improve context Bob Innes  3/6/19  10:28 pm
Keep The Momuments - it is our history Dan Key  3/6/19  10:20 pm
Leave the Monuments alone. Robert Crouch  3/6/19  10:09 pm
Remove the Confederate monuments A. Nathanson  3/6/19  9:27 pm
PUBLIC SPACE Paul Puccinelli  3/6/19  7:35 pm
Remove the monuments A. Murray  3/6/19  7:05 pm
Robert E. Lee and all monuments Eva Mallory  3/6/19  6:42 pm
Lee statue/Monument Avenue David King  3/6/19  5:41 pm
Nighttime Access to Lee Monument Grounds Peter Feddo, resident of Monument Ave  3/6/19  12:05 pm
Goodbye Monuement Avenue & please know your history Asia Medley  3/6/19  9:37 am
Monument Ave S Laffoon  3/6/19  7:25 am
Statue Linda Bannister  3/6/19  7:12 am
Auction the statues, give the money to RPS Dan Nelson  3/6/19  6:27 am
Make emergency declaration permanent Daniel Rooney  3/6/19  4:44 am
Make emergency regulations permanent JC HODGEN  3/6/19  1:19 am
Statues Jenny Aghomo  3/6/19  12:06 am
Statue Jenny Aghomo  3/6/19  12:04 am
proposed regulations are unconstitutional Claire Guthrie Gastanaga, ACLU of Virginia  3/5/19  11:20 pm
Regulations about activities around the Lee Monument Mary-Helen Sullivan  3/5/19  9:53 pm
black box Their Property Values Father Gerard Callahan  3/5/19  9:23 pm
A step in the wrong direction Elliott Kurtz  3/5/19  9:07 pm
Tear It Down Curtis Clark  3/5/19  8:44 pm
White people ain’t no sh*t Grant Raycroft  3/5/19  7:34 pm
Time for these statues to go - First Amendment right to protest should not be restricted by permits Beth Marschak  3/5/19  6:21 pm
The Confederacy Lost Kirsten O'Nell  3/5/19  2:08 pm
keep the horses, take the generals down nathan shurte  3/5/19  12:48 pm
Just tear the damned things down and be done with this. Matthew Feagley  3/5/19  11:55 am
Be transparent about how much money is going into preserving/maintaining/securing these monuments Adrian Lamb  3/5/19  11:25 am
Numbers of participants; individual night use; acces to steps. Alexis Silitch  3/5/19  10:21 am
Gatherings on the Lee Monument grounds Ellen Ryan  3/5/19  10:00 am
Lee monument Debbie Rowe  3/5/19  9:46 am
We're not the Capital of the Confederacy anymore Leslie S Rubio  3/5/19  9:07 am
VAC-30-150 Use of the Lee Monument -- steps and animals. Tom Griffin  3/5/19  9:01 am
keep the beverages, lose Lee J Lundy  3/5/19  8:53 am
Monument Avenue Lisa DeFrancesco  3/5/19  7:41 am
Civil war monuments Mary Leffler  3/4/19  8:05 pm
Lee monument Rhonda Garner  3/4/19  5:28 pm
Save the horses, lose the riders Ann Furniss  3/4/19  11:35 am
Security Needs Michael A Jones  3/1/19  2:00 pm
No new rules on Monuments John Wagstaff  2/28/19  2:38 pm
Lee monument Regina Pulliam  2/28/19  4:20 am
Lee Statue Bryan Johnson  2/28/19  1:00 am
Confederate Statues and Memorials Nancy Judy  2/28/19  12:35 am
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