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13 Active Chapters and 7 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
1 VAC 30‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Final Stage Published 12/22/2008
1 VAC 30‑20   Survey Standards for the Inspection of Hospitals for the Presence of Asbestos    
1 VAC 30‑30   Survey Standards for the Inspection of Child Care Centers for the Presence of Asbestos    
1 VAC 30‑41   Regulations for Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water Final Stage Published 11/12/2018
1 VAC 30‑45   Regulations Governing the Certification of Non-Commercial Environmental Laboratories Final Stage Withdrawn 8/29/2019
1 VAC 30‑46   Regulations Governing the Certification of Commercial Environmental Laboratories NOIRA Stage Published 1/20/2020
1 VAC 30‑100   Regulations for Capitol Square    
1 VAC 30‑105   Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies Final Stage Published 12/26/2016
1 VAC 30‑110   Aggressive Air Sampling Standards to be Utilized in Final Clearance Inspections for Asbestos Projects in Local Education Agencies and Public Colleges and Universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia    
1 VAC 30‑120   Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as Amended Final Stage Published 4/22/2013
1 VAC 30‑130   Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual Final Stage Published 8/31/2009
1 VAC 30‑140   Vendors Manual Final Stage Published 9/14/2009
1 VAC 30‑150   Regulations for Public Use of the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, VA Final Stage Published 4/15/2019