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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]
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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities
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CLOSED     Opened on 5/20/2013 and Ended on 6/19/2013

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 Comment Title  Commenter
TRAP laws are a TRAP Nilsa Salgado  6/19/13  10:58 pm
Do NOT Move Forward with TRAP Kristen Pritchard  6/19/13  6:26 pm
Regulations will protect Virginia women Virginia Podboy, Virginia Catholic Conference  6/19/13  9:08 am
TRAP laws should not be implemented Abbie Henrickson  6/17/13  2:08 pm
Keep Women Safe The Family Foundation  6/13/13  8:55 am
TRAP regulations Darla Bray  6/12/13  12:00 pm
TRAP Regulations--Unethically Burdensome Jes Gearing  6/12/13  11:26 am
Please do not implement TRAP Sheri Langham  6/11/13  11:32 am
Pure, cynical anti-feminist politics Richard Fleming, University of Virginia (ret.)  6/11/13  3:52 am
Trap Thomas Gannon  6/10/13  9:34 am
Please Reconsider Kristina  6/8/13  2:50 pm
TRAP regulations Elizabeth Witt  6/8/13  1:20 pm
Corrected version: opposition to TRAP Theresa pugh  6/8/13  10:29 am
Absurd regulation that doesnt protect health, wastes taxpayers' money and intrudes into medicine Theresa pugh  6/8/13  10:08 am
TRAP Regulations - strongly against. Hector and Virginia Huertas  6/7/13  7:54 pm
TRAP - still against it! Cali Gaston  6/7/13  4:58 pm
Obvious Attack on Women's Health Care Denise Benson,Medical Professional  6/7/13  2:18 pm
women's health Carol Yubeta  6/7/13  12:25 pm
TRAP regulations Sharon L. Payne LCSW CSAC  6/7/13  10:20 am
What's the Fear Karen Woodruff  6/7/13  7:31 am
What's the fear? Karen Woodruff  6/7/13  7:26 am
YES on TRAP Dennis Egan  6/6/13  6:36 pm
Regulations should be based on health care, not politics Michele Mattioli  6/6/13  4:48 pm
Oppose TRAP Megan Wood  6/6/13  3:08 pm
TRAP Regulations Sue Gier  6/6/13  12:50 pm
Intrusive, Unecessary, and Unfair Christian Deegan  6/6/13  11:36 am
SB 924 Kaylah Crepps  6/6/13  11:13 am
Repeal TRAP now! Grace  6/6/13  1:30 am
Say No to TRAP Maria Booth  6/5/13  9:38 pm
unnecessary, invasive, costly medical procedures Annette Soucy  6/5/13  7:50 pm
TRAP regulations are dangerous to women's health Mary Ellen Plitt  6/5/13  6:01 pm
No to TRAP Clarence Zuvekas  6/5/13  12:01 pm
It's a joke, right???????? Or a nightmare???? Stacia Camby, no organization  6/5/13  11:40 am
Reject TRAP regulations Wendy Ebersberger  6/5/13  10:14 am
TARP Beverly Thompson  6/4/13  10:03 pm
Leave women's healthcare alone Samantha Tran  6/4/13  9:56 pm
TRAP Regulations should not be inplemented. Jon Lee Salmon  6/4/13  9:43 pm
TRAP regs are WRONG! Laura Kitchin Greenleaf, citizen and mother  6/4/13  8:02 pm
TRAP is NOT Representative Suzanne Adams  6/4/13  7:33 pm
Do not Execute TRAP Regulations Barbara Seaman, Private Citizen  6/4/13  6:36 pm
Please Protect Virginian Women! Sandy Rose, Mother of Two Daughters!  6/4/13  6:33 pm
Reconsideration the implementation of the TRAP regulations Audrey Rasmussen  6/4/13  4:10 pm
Opposition to TRAP Regulations Genevieve Miller  6/4/13  1:45 pm
Respect the Women of Virginia Tara FitzPatrick  6/4/13  12:11 pm
Scrap TRAP Timothy Price-O'Brien  6/4/13  11:52 am
Reg. for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Mary Jane Gallagher, Member, Board of Directors, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia  6/4/13  11:44 am
Please Don't Do This Helen Sue Walker  6/4/13  10:59 am
TRAP regulations Laurie Seidenberg  6/4/13  10:50 am
Do Not implement TRAP legislation Maria Flint  6/4/13  10:36 am
TRAP Nancy S. Whiteley  6/4/13  10:13 am
don't hurt VA women julie umberger  6/4/13  10:13 am
Stop impediments to women's healthcare Barbara S. Stowe  6/4/13  9:51 am
Please Reject TRAP Regulations Neal Frankel  6/4/13  9:36 am
Please Reject TRAP Regulations Neal Frankel  6/4/13  9:36 am
Getting real Todd Gillette  6/4/13  9:35 am
TRAP Regulations Sue D'Onofrio  6/4/13  9:21 am
TRAP Regulations Should Go Rebecca Hooker  6/4/13  9:11 am
Please do not implement TRAP regulations Michael Udell  6/4/13  8:22 am
TRAP regulations are still wrong F. Anne Hurley  6/4/13  8:05 am
Women's health/ Trap regulations Charlotte A Shnaider  6/4/13  7:53 am
Oppose trap Heather Umberger  6/4/13  7:18 am
Don't implement TRAP regulations John L. Templer  6/4/13  3:27 am
abortion regs Elliot Daniels  6/4/13  2:12 am
deja vu all over again Louise Perini  6/4/13  1:34 am
End Va. TRAP laws: Virginia women should make their own decisions about their bodies & health care. Kathleen Franck / private citizen  6/4/13  12:19 am
Abortion clinic regulations Myra Easton  6/3/13  11:51 pm
Please don't deprive Virginia women of affordable health care Mervyn Demello  6/3/13  11:19 pm
TRAP is damaging to women's health Alicia Jahsmann  6/3/13  10:59 pm
VA women are watching and will be voting! Alissa Kissler  6/3/13  10:58 pm
Restrictive Family Planning Clinic Regulations diana luzinski  6/3/13  10:39 pm
Protect women's health. Reject TRAP. Carlisle Levine  6/3/13  10:20 pm
TRAP regulations Megan Krout  6/3/13  10:15 pm
Is Virginia a Pseudo Theocracy? TARP is Exclusionary and Repugnant! John Leake  6/3/13  9:53 pm
still oppose TRAP! Jiyeon Fulmer  6/3/13  9:28 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented Laura Goldblatt, independent citizen  6/3/13  9:18 pm
Reject TRAP Daniel P. Giesy, represeneting myself  6/3/13  9:06 pm
Do not implement the TRAP regulations Nancy Jacoby  6/3/13  8:53 pm
please do not implement TRAP regulations Melissa Brown  6/3/13  8:50 pm
Do NOT Enforce these TRAP Regulations! Lindsey Schank, Homemaker  6/3/13  8:49 pm
TRAP Elizabeth Godoy  6/3/13  8:45 pm
No to TRAP YES to women's health Reta Harrington  6/3/13  8:30 pm
Women's Right to Choose Edward Longava, retired  6/3/13  8:28 pm
TRAP regulations are shameful Mary Anne Pugh, PhD  6/3/13  8:25 pm
TRAP regulations Susan Kelly  6/3/13  8:04 pm
medical science- not politics- should inform women's health clinic regulations Evelyn Waring, citizen  6/3/13  7:53 pm
TRAP should not be implemented Amanda Yoder  6/3/13  7:50 pm
TRAP regulations Linda Layne  6/3/13  7:40 pm
TRAP laws are about politics- not women's heath. Jessie Barringer  6/3/13  7:29 pm
TRAP REGULATIONS Kim Doane  6/3/13  7:24 pm
TRAP should NOT be implemented! Bonnie Oswald, FEMALE!  6/3/13  7:14 pm
I oppose the TRAP regulations Barbara Nash  6/3/13  7:08 pm
Listen to the people of Virginia - Stop TRAP Christine Menton  6/3/13  6:25 pm
I Oppose Implementation of TRAP regulations Jennifer Archer  6/3/13  6:23 pm
I Strongly Oppose Implementation of TRAP Regulations Becky Daiss, Self  6/3/13  6:21 pm
Trap Regulations Charles Warden  6/3/13  6:19 pm
TRAP regulations Pete Marshall, father of two daughters  6/3/13  6:15 pm
TRAP regulations Annabel G. Gunsallus  6/3/13  6:11 pm
TRAP snares women's dignity and rights Dr. John L. Whitley  6/3/13  6:02 pm
TRAP snares women's dignity and rights Dr. John L. Whitley  6/3/13  6:01 pm
Shameful overreach Richard Rutherford  6/3/13  6:01 pm
TRAP is NOT protecting women's health. Mevelyn Critides  6/3/13  5:57 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented Laura Goodman  6/3/13  5:51 pm
TRAP louis s. harris  6/3/13  5:48 pm
Stop denying women the right to privacy and control of their bodies G Knezo  6/3/13  5:42 pm
It's none of governments business to oversee birth control or mandate social issues Kirk Bowers  6/3/13  5:38 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented Rachel Casebolt  6/3/13  5:33 pm
Stop TRAP in its Tracks.... Amy Bergmann  6/3/13  5:28 pm
Oppose TRAP regulations Beth Wetherbee  6/3/13  5:22 pm
Safe, legal access to reproductive services Joanna Gibson  6/3/13  5:09 pm
TRAP regulation should not be put into place. J. HAROLD A. BOYD  6/3/13  5:07 pm
Trap Laws Paula Holmes, private individual, voter  6/3/13  5:05 pm
Reject TRAP Lark Lambert  6/3/13  5:05 pm
repeal TRAP judy marie johnson  6/3/13  5:05 pm
Stop the attack TRAP - NO Shelley Napier  6/3/13  4:48 pm
TRAP shouldn't be implemented Tino Dai  6/3/13  4:46 pm
Oppose TRAP Regulations Susan Newman  6/3/13  4:43 pm
Please oppose TRAP Mary Ellen Hickman  6/3/13  4:40 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented unless they apply to ALL medical facilities. Karen Sanderlin, owner of a uterus and a citizen with equal rights  6/3/13  4:37 pm
Stop TRAP! Melisa A. Sanchez  6/3/13  4:36 pm
TRAP Bill Mary Gibbons Meyer  6/3/13  4:36 pm
OPPOSE TRAP REGULATIONS carole wallis  6/3/13  4:36 pm
TRAP regulstions should not be implemented unless they apply to ALL medical facilities. Karen Sanderlin, owner of a uterus and a citizen with equal rights  6/3/13  4:35 pm
The efforts by Virginia politicians to prevent abortions in Virginia Emily M. Brown  6/3/13  4:30 pm
Reject TRAP. Protect women! Nancy Bazin, Artist  6/3/13  4:22 pm
Trap NOW Never Oppress Women Ramona  6/3/13  4:21 pm
Regulations regarding Women's Health Centers R . Sawdon  6/3/13  4:18 pm
Abortion Providers Bill Robert Anderson  6/3/13  4:09 pm
No TRAP Lawrence Jacksina  6/3/13  4:07 pm
Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities John Updike  6/3/13  4:06 pm
TRAP regulations Frank Munley  6/3/13  4:06 pm
Base regulations on health care needs, not politics Debra L. Moore  6/3/13  4:05 pm
TRAP regulation should not be implemented Stephen Vandivere  6/3/13  3:55 pm
A political TRAP Liz Greeley  6/3/13  3:48 pm
STOP TRAP regulations! Hunter Cotterman  6/3/13  3:45 pm
TRAP Sally Daniel  6/3/13  3:44 pm
Women's rights Theresa M Holmes  6/3/13  3:42 pm
Against TRAP Veronica Tremblay  6/3/13  3:38 pm
New regulations for women's health clinics Rebecca Foster  6/3/13  3:37 pm
Do Not Implement TARP Kay Gelletly RD, LDN  6/3/13  3:37 pm
Say no to TRAP Regulations Sally Salisbury  6/3/13  3:35 pm
Please stop interfering with women's health decisions Serelda Elliot  6/3/13  3:30 pm
TARP Betsie Cole  6/3/13  3:25 pm
Do not implement the new regulations for women's health clinics in VA. Kathleen Paolini  6/3/13  3:24 pm
Stop denying women's rights Anpeo Carpenter  6/3/13  3:23 pm
No to the enTRAPment of women Elizabeth Melenbrink  6/3/13  3:23 pm
"No" to TARP Nancy Simpson  6/3/13  3:21 pm
The Unnecessary Targeting of Women's Health Care Centers. Kathleen McLane  6/3/13  3:21 pm
TRAP Regulations Debra Jacobson  6/3/13  3:20 pm
The new women's health clinic regulations are deplorable Casey Dokoupil  6/3/13  3:19 pm
Trap Legislation Frederick :L. Schwartz  6/3/13  3:19 pm
TRAP REGULATIONS Carol David  6/3/13  3:19 pm
Oppose TRAP! Adele Karp, MSW, LCSW  6/3/13  3:18 pm
Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers Catherine Brooks, Small Business Owner  6/3/13  3:15 pm
Do not implement TRAP legislation John B. Nezlek, College of William & Mary  6/3/13  3:14 pm
Do Not Implement TRAP Jayne Byrned  6/3/13  3:14 pm
trap regulations JoAnn Keller  6/3/13  3:14 pm
TARP regulations Susan Buniva, MSW, LCSW  6/3/13  3:13 pm
Why, why, why do you continue to push this forward? Shy M Hicks, University of Virginia  6/3/13  3:10 pm
Respect the women of VA Carolyn S Greenfield  6/3/13  3:10 pm
TRAP Regulations Kelly Gotkin  6/3/13  3:06 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented Franklin Bellamy  6/3/13  2:59 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented Dr. Bonnie Beckett  6/3/13  2:54 pm
Virginia's Womens Health Centers Marcy Boyd  6/1/13  9:09 am
Protect Women's Health Ryan Taylor  5/31/13  10:29 pm
Proposed regulations on women's health clinics Carole Muncy  5/31/13  1:21 pm
Please stand up for Virginians and Women's Health Centers Heather Higgins  5/31/13  12:24 pm
TRAP laws Stephanie Ragusky  5/31/13  12:14 pm
TRAP regululations should not be implemented--- Ron Wood  5/25/13  10:15 am
Listen to the people of Virginia Bethany Clayton  5/24/13  8:28 am
New Regulations for Clinics Providing Abortions Everett Darryl Barnes M.D.  5/23/13  2:49 pm
One more time Tara Gibson  5/23/13  2:28 pm
TRAP regulations should not be implemented Cianti Stewart-Reid, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia  5/23/13  2:25 pm

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