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General Notice: DRAFT Consumer-Directed Employer of Record (EOR) Manual for Stakeholder Input

CLOSED     Opened on 11/5/2019 and Ended on 12/5/2019

The draft Consumer-Directed Employer of Record (EOR) manual is now available on the DMAS website for public comment until December 5, 2019. 

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Comment Title Commenter
Last comments Rinda  12/5/19  11:55 pm
Yes, please listen to us governor. Penny Miller  12/5/19  11:53 pm
EVV says I am not caring for my own child! Ashley Alexander  12/5/19  11:47 pm
Please listen to us dmas and governor Michael  12/5/19  11:47 pm
CD EOR Manual Maureen Hollowell, Endependence Center  12/5/19  11:46 pm
Live-ins forgo a salary/career to be available 24/7 and provide state's most cost effective sevice Chris Richardson  12/5/19  11:34 pm
74% of states got an additional 1 year exemption Rinda  12/5/19  10:16 pm
Ridiculous Intrusion R Greene  12/5/19  9:46 pm
Use of GPS Marc Cotnoir  12/5/19  8:54 pm
Lost shifts in phone app Marc Cotnoir  12/5/19  8:52 pm
EVV is killing me! Donna Budway, City Center NOVA  12/5/19  8:38 pm
EVV isolates financial burden Kristin Byrd  12/5/19  8:26 pm
EVV... too many issues to list... Teresa Elder  12/5/19  8:25 pm
EVV Kristin byrd  12/5/19  8:13 pm
EVV/CDCN Sally Morgan  12/5/19  8:03 pm
Cannot access cell tek Teresa Schultz  12/5/19  7:32 pm
CellTrak and CDCN do not sync up - tech troubles are still rampant Donna Goldbranson, EOR  12/5/19  6:29 pm
I "visit" so much I even receive mail here - exempt live-ins from evv now Steven Jackson  12/5/19  5:47 pm
New attendant's information all wrong on evv app Don Adams  12/5/19  5:38 pm
Celltrak and other issues Michael Jaworek, EOR  12/5/19  5:34 pm
My service coordinator had to intervene just so I could get paid thanks to evb - the stress! Andy Thomas  12/5/19  5:31 pm
I agree with Trish Thomason comment below Reggie Green  12/5/19  5:22 pm
App ebb Kim  12/5/19  5:19 pm
many of the EVV app. selections/steps required to clock in and out freeze up Matt Wood  12/5/19  5:08 pm
EVV claim submission technology trouble Chip Dodd  12/5/19  4:54 pm
Already experiencing "technical difficulties" with EVV app and way to log in/out Gina Hernandez  12/5/19  4:22 pm
Why inclusion of time sheets is important Rinda  12/5/19  4:11 pm
EVV and GPS do not work so well....hoping I won't be accused of cheating/fraud due to wrong location Mel Penn  12/5/19  4:04 pm
evv app. errors caused me to spend my day on the phone Doug Thompson  12/5/19  3:35 pm
EOR Manual VACIL  12/5/19  2:46 pm
EVV, Celltrak, and Overall Transition Opinions Gary R. Miller  12/4/19  10:08 pm
Evv is not good William Payne  12/4/19  8:42 pm
EVV is not for live in attendants R Ray , Consumer and self EOR  12/4/19  6:35 pm
Stress over hours changed in the system without my approval Alex Reed  12/4/19  5:44 pm
Caregivers forced to quit because evv affects their income James Johnston  12/4/19  5:32 pm
How those with disabilities feel at Christmas with EVV - song written by the disabled. Patty Cook, someone who cares  12/4/19  1:56 pm
EVV - It doesn't work! - Exempt Live-Ins! LDT  12/4/19  1:44 pm
Comment from Vail Rinda  12/4/19  1:35 pm
Why is ROS(rest of state) pay less in VA than other states for same job ($9/hr with no benefits)? Scott Cooper, EOR  12/4/19  1:11 pm
Comments on EOR manual Andrea King, VAIL  12/4/19  12:58 pm
EVV Laura Sluss  12/4/19  12:30 pm
As a mother of my special needs son, life is stressful, EVV is EXTRA added stress Laura Sluss  12/4/19  12:16 pm
Opposed to app, support higher pay/raises Jessica Rhodes  12/4/19  11:50 am
Authentic stake holder meetings Sue Dailey  12/4/19  11:44 am
See the problem with last comments Rinda  12/4/19  11:40 am
EVV is an additional "deal breaker" for hires Carmen Alley  12/4/19  10:58 am
Why wasn't the stakeholder/end users/disabled consulted or warned about evv? A slap in the face. Deb Hill, family member, disabled  12/4/19  10:31 am
EVV doesn't work 99% of the time, against ADA law! Alexandrea Parrish  12/4/19  10:08 am
EVV is a nightmare Melinda Brooks  12/4/19  1:05 am
EVV inefficiency K Smith  12/3/19  10:47 pm
EVV is NOT about Caregiving it's about BIG BROTHER! Lynne Holloman  12/3/19  10:17 pm
EVV- I heard it was bad Kate Flinn  12/3/19  9:04 pm
Evv is terrible Courtney wright  12/3/19  8:49 pm
EVV-to be or not to be (hint-later is my vote) Trish Thomason  12/3/19  7:42 pm
Reconsider Jennifer Sheets (parent)  12/3/19  4:32 pm
EVV app keeps crashing - definitely not simply clocking in and out Katie Ross  12/3/19  3:48 pm
Evil evv NO evv  12/3/19  2:06 pm
Attendants are, technically, independent contractors (no benefits, pay their all taxes, etc.) Terry Harris, EOR  12/3/19  1:32 pm
EVV Sabrina Reese  12/3/19  6:48 am
EVV Joanna Greenwalt  12/2/19  10:58 pm
EVV complaint Maria Mitchell  12/2/19  9:31 pm
EVV exception for Live Ins Andrea Robinson  12/2/19  9:12 pm
EVV Alias EVVIL Catherine Greenwalt  12/2/19  7:56 pm
Evv Robert Greenwalt disabled citizen  12/2/19  6:43 pm
Very stressful. Sherry garnett  12/2/19  6:38 pm
Cdcn + celltrak Shifflett family  12/2/19  3:50 pm
EVV is unneeded stress to an already stressful life. Mary Todd  12/2/19  11:06 am
EVV is a convoluted mine field: a road block to being paid properly Joe Morgan  12/2/19  7:53 am
Pay is incorrect under new system Lou R  12/2/19  5:29 am
EOR Manual Comments DCF  12/1/19  6:47 pm
Evv Angela hart  12/1/19  10:47 am
Pay Held. Privacy Invaded. No Livein Exemption. Jenelle Embrey  12/1/19  10:36 am
Fear of institutionalization due to EVV Donna Hughes  11/29/19  12:00 pm
EVV is a nightmare on top of the existing nightmare Renee Dey  11/28/19  7:46 am
10/01/19 Data breach DBHDS & 11/25/19 data breach at CMS - How secure is location/GPS/EVV data? Howard Ward  11/27/19  2:18 pm
Happy Thanksgiving - Live-ins' daily sacrifice; EVV Justin Coleman  11/27/19  7:15 am
It is a part time job just to deal with EVV problems Adam Rivera  11/26/19  1:30 pm
App. submitted shift twice - attendant's pay held up David Rogers  11/26/19  10:26 am
EVV is too complicated and causing a lot of stress Barbara Allen  11/25/19  1:33 pm
Indirect, unrelated responses from DMAS on EVV app. issues Ronda King  11/25/19  11:25 am
Evv makes it difficult to hire and keep attendants Dana  11/24/19  8:27 am
I told the attendant to quit b/c of EVV J. Price, EOR  11/22/19  11:14 am
EOR frustrations Windra Bowman  11/22/19  4:53 am
EVV is prohibitive to care J B  11/21/19  10:46 pm
Chapter 6 EOR Manual Shannon Z  11/21/19  8:34 pm
Chapter 5 EOR Manual Shannon Z  11/21/19  7:46 pm
If you go over hours on your EVV shift, lose a day's pay! Makes it hard on live-ins! Joseph Allen  11/21/19  6:00 pm
EVV app glitch, live in providers Kim Williams  11/21/19  5:55 pm
PCA's missing from the App.! Peggy Miller  11/21/19  11:31 am
No EVV complaints on the townhall? How about letters to our legislature that were ignored by DMAS? Marta Wilson  11/21/19  8:54 am
Error code 1090, cell trak, EVV, CDCN I QUIT! Lynne Brown  11/21/19  8:28 am
What would be awesome to add Rinda Theibertv  11/20/19  11:29 pm
Why you are getting so many complaints about evv Rinda Theibert  11/20/19  11:25 pm
Today celltrak Rinda Theibert  11/20/19  7:41 pm
It doesn't feel like National Family Caregiver's month with EVV Samantha Terry  11/20/19  6:51 pm
Bugs in system - Good Faith exemption Wendy Johnson  11/20/19  6:44 pm
Does this sound like a Happy LIfe or any way to live?? Barry Devin  11/20/19  6:34 pm
Problems people, especially live-ins, are facing with EVV have taken away any hope at an normal life Thomas Davidson  11/20/19  6:27 pm
Chapter 4 EOR Manual Shannon Z  11/20/19  6:04 pm
Chapter 3 EOR Manual Shannon Z  11/20/19  4:49 pm
The last commenter Rinda Theibert  11/19/19  10:26 pm
Chapter 2 comments for edit Shannon Z  11/19/19  9:43 pm
70% of States have applied for the Good Faith Exemption for EVV Keith Pendleton  11/19/19  12:22 pm
Live-ins, DMAS salaries, stakeholder meetings Helen Trent  11/19/19  10:56 am
EVV - live Ins Robbie Thompson  11/18/19  1:48 pm
About the Medicaid phone Rinda Theibert  11/18/19  1:43 pm
Sorry about last comment Rinda Theibert  11/18/19  1:40 pm
Against the law to require Medicaid recipients to pay for secondary services - EVV cost to consumer Valerie Lopez  11/18/19  1:39 pm
You forgot the pending memo Rinda Theibert  11/18/19  12:36 pm
Silenced by fear of retribution and/or disability - EVV Maria Justus  11/18/19  10:46 am
EVV why are we part of the minority John  11/17/19  4:40 pm
Evv Josh W  11/17/19  3:50 pm
Evv Catherine G  11/17/19  10:58 am
CCC Plus EOR Manual pg 1-5 Draft comments Shannon Zaichenko  11/16/19  10:20 pm
Lack of CCC Plus Recipient/Member Manual Zaichenko Family  11/16/19  8:12 pm
Issues with cdcn Something Dmas should know  11/16/19  3:05 pm
EOR phone and EVV Honor Jones  11/16/19  11:17 am
Where are the statistics? EVV is a witch hunt! Carissa Ballston  11/16/19  10:56 am
DMAS' "one-pager" handed to those in office - possibly illegal?? Christian Johnson, patient advocate and concerned citizen  11/16/19  10:23 am
How are we supposed to keep attendants ? Rinda Theibert  11/16/19  10:23 am
EVV/IVR Linda Valenti  11/15/19  1:17 pm
Evv Kim C  11/14/19  9:18 pm
Eor manual Julie Gomez  11/14/19  9:16 pm
EVV Cecilia Pavlak  11/14/19  11:15 am
This is the thanks I get?? Appreciate of DSP's? J. Barnes  11/14/19  10:11 am
Red Flags Barbara Cox  11/14/19  6:45 am
Live in aides Barbara Cox  11/14/19  6:37 am
Aide pay Barbara Cox  11/14/19  6:27 am
EVV Barbara Cox  11/14/19  6:16 am
Nurse Agencies Christine Myles  11/14/19  1:25 am
EVV, Live In Exemption, Postpone Rollout Christine Myles  11/14/19  1:00 am
Evv Les Theibert  11/13/19  10:00 pm
Evv Emily Theibert  11/13/19  9:57 pm
Do not cripple those with disabilities with EVV Elaine G.  11/13/19  4:21 pm
Live in caregivers Lisa Pitts  11/13/19  3:56 pm
Pay Lisa Pitts  11/13/19  3:39 pm
Evv Michael Theibert  11/13/19  3:18 pm
Evv and eor Loretta Theibert  11/13/19  3:13 pm
Eor and evv Rinda Theibert  11/13/19  3:07 pm
EVV Albert Pitts  11/13/19  10:58 am
Comments on the EOR Draft handbook.suggestions for Want Ad for Attendant Teresa Champion  11/8/19  1:37 pm
Back Up Plan for Consumer Direct Services Stephen Grammer, Disabilities Advocate  11/7/19  11:08 pm

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