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On this Guidance Document (Guidance on conversion therapy)

CLOSED     Opened on 11/11/2019 and Ended on 12/11/2019

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Another no to a ban on Conversion therapy Robert Pauli  12/12/19  12:01 am
Illegal meddling in care of all Virginians David DePerro  12/11/19  11:58 pm
This is the land of the free. Nick Henriquez  12/11/19  11:58 pm
Parental Responsibility Carol Jones  12/11/19  11:58 pm
NO TO BAN that interferes with counselor/patient conversations Susan Migliore  12/11/19  11:58 pm
No way. This violates a parents God given rights Robert Pauli  12/11/19  11:57 pm
Dysphoria - What is wrong with helping children flourish in the bodies they have? Alicia Bradford  12/11/19  11:53 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 on Conversion Therapy Loretta D'Amico  12/11/19  11:50 pm
Support Guidance Document 85-7 Elizabeth Fogarty  12/11/19  11:35 pm
Preserve freedom of parenting and speech, not bans Donald R Mannebach  12/11/19  11:32 pm
Reject Proposed “Conversion Therapy” Ban – Guidance Document 85-7 Richard Mast, Liberty Counsel  12/11/19  11:32 pm
Respect Parental Rights, Free speech, and Religious freedom Jeffrey Datt  12/11/19  11:30 pm
Preserve families' choices! Emily Macedonia  12/11/19  11:24 pm
What ever happened to Nick M.  12/11/19  11:20 pm
Do NOT Limit Counseling Options Fr. Stephen Vaccaro  12/11/19  11:19 pm
NO to ban conversion therapy Rick Loffredo  12/11/19  11:19 pm
Conversion therapy is mental health Eric Michael Holloway  12/11/19  11:18 pm
Please out law conversion therapy! Gerda Keiswetter  12/11/19  11:15 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Florence Hubbs  12/11/19  11:14 pm
Parental rights, opportunity to choose Melissa Temme  12/11/19  11:09 pm
In opposition Regina Griggs, Parents And Friends Of Ex-gays and Gays  12/11/19  10:56 pm
The majority of youth who question their sexuality at an early age identify as heterosexual by by th Parents and Friends of ex-gays ans Gays  12/11/19  10:38 pm
Continue to allow Medical and Counselling Services /Reject Guidance Document 85-7 Mary Ann West  12/11/19  10:37 pm
Oppose proposed “Guidance Document on the Practice of Conversion Therapy” Dino Iganelli  12/11/19  10:31 pm
Harms of Therapy Bans National Task Force for Therapy Equality  12/11/19  10:24 pm
I suppose the AMA's "First, do no harm" doesn't count genital mutilation on teens and younger Kevin Zrenda  12/11/19  10:19 pm
Guidence Document Robert Dwyer MD  12/11/19  10:18 pm
Ban this practice Jason G.  12/11/19  10:16 pm
Gender identity is not chosen, but given. It is either natural or disordered to be corrected. James Carney  12/11/19  10:13 pm
Opposed to the ban sw  12/11/19  10:13 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy M. Loyd  12/11/19  10:07 pm
parents should be allowed to guide their children without state intervention Carlos Berrios  12/11/19  10:02 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Lucy Anderson  12/11/19  10:00 pm
Conversion therapy is a money-grabbing hoax. paul wooldridge  12/11/19  10:00 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 on "Conversion Therapy" Family Watch International  12/11/19  9:59 pm
Don't Prohibit Talk Therapy Todd Gathje, Ph.D., The Family Foundation  12/11/19  9:58 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Lucy Anderson  12/11/19  9:57 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy James Anderson  12/11/19  9:51 pm
The therapy should remain an available option for those who choose it WJ Johnson  12/11/19  9:43 pm
Please oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Helen D.  12/11/19  9:42 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Liz Hildebrand  12/11/19  9:38 pm
reject the vague and broadly worded Guidance Document (85-7) JC  12/11/19  9:25 pm
Parents who Care for their Children SUPPORT the Ban! Judith A. vanBever-Green  12/11/19  9:17 pm
Respect Parental Rights, Free speech, and Religious freedom Ruby Nicdao  12/11/19  9:15 pm
PLEASE BAN CONVERSION THERAPY! Phyllis Byrne  12/11/19  9:14 pm
You Hold Innocent Lives in the Palm of Your Hands. Protect Them. End this Pseudoscientific Sadism Jenji C Learn  12/11/19  9:09 pm
Reject Guidance Document (85-7) M. Bannon, Virgina resident and parent  12/11/19  8:57 pm
Reject guidance document 85-7 RP  12/11/19  8:35 pm
Parental rights and families not to be usurped by Government Mrs Laura Brooks, parent, citizen  12/11/19  8:32 pm
Protect parents’ right to guide their children — oppose the ban! M. Crimmins  12/11/19  8:31 pm
Preserve Parental Rights Tom Trykowski  12/11/19  8:19 pm
Ban Coversion Therapy David Dooley  12/11/19  8:02 pm
Guidance Document 85-7 Adam Hoppe  12/11/19  8:02 pm
Conversion Therapy is Extremely Dangerous Susan King  12/11/19  7:43 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy T. Coley  12/11/19  7:33 pm
Ban Conversation Therapy D Schwartz  12/11/19  7:22 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Robert Rigby, Jr., Fairfax County Public Schools Pride  12/11/19  6:31 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Patrick Reilly  12/11/19  6:31 pm
Ban conversion therapy Nicolas Foster  12/11/19  6:17 pm
Support ban on conversion therapy Leslie Anderson  12/11/19  5:56 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Ramsay Cogen  12/11/19  5:55 pm
Conversion Therapy Susan Jacobs  12/11/19  5:47 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Bib Rodgers  12/11/19  5:46 pm
Conversion Therapy is tantamount to torture Eileen McCabe  12/11/19  5:38 pm
Ban the practice of "conversion therapy" Sandy Downey  12/11/19  5:30 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Torture Tom Field  12/11/19  5:27 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 on "Conversion Therapy" Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council  12/11/19  5:16 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 on "Conversion Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council  12/11/19  5:02 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy John Buczacki  12/11/19  4:37 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Julie Miles RN  12/11/19  4:33 pm
Ban conversion therapy! Katherine Drummond  12/11/19  4:26 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Shirley Hedeen  12/11/19  4:21 pm
Reject 85-7 M. Kapp, MSW  12/11/19  4:09 pm
Parents and Gender Discussions with their Children Irene Reisinger  12/11/19  3:59 pm
Support Ban on Conversion Therapy Christina Riebeling, PhD., Licensed Clinical Psychologist  12/11/19  3:52 pm
Parent's Rights Jeanne Sause  12/11/19  3:43 pm
Support of Guidance on Ban of Conversion Therapy Kristen Tully  12/11/19  3:42 pm
Rights of parents and children Cole Mallard  12/11/19  3:40 pm
Ban conversion therapy Elizabeth Florek  12/11/19  3:18 pm
Conversion "Therapy" Commonwealth Citizen  12/11/19  3:13 pm
Parents' choice Peggy Palizzi  12/11/19  3:03 pm
Please reject 85-7 M.C.Y.  12/11/19  2:40 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Alexis Mazzocco  12/11/19  2:39 pm
Ban Conversation "Therapy" Brittany Bogle  12/11/19  2:37 pm
Parents have the fundamental right to make decisions regarding the care of their children Mary Biagiotti  12/11/19  2:26 pm
Oppose the Proposed Regulation B. Borzino  12/11/19  2:03 pm
Oppose...This amendment is not a finished product (READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION) Erin  12/11/19  1:56 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jesse Daniel  12/11/19  1:20 pm
Parental Rights Roger & Mary RITTER  12/11/19  1:09 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Melissa Howell, MS, Resident in Counseling  12/11/19  1:03 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Floyd Taylor  12/11/19  1:01 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Kimberly Staton, BSW, RN  12/11/19  12:33 pm
Conversion therapy exploits vulnerable children and defrauds parents Rev. Nicolas Johnston  12/11/19  12:25 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy on Minors Roland Winston  12/11/19  12:19 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Mary Yasenchak  12/11/19  12:17 pm
Ban "Conversion Therapy" Janet Paisley, LCSW  12/11/19  12:13 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Mary Hazzard  12/11/19  11:30 am
Why is Conversion Therapy even a thing melissa terrell  12/11/19  11:08 am
In Opposition to the Guidance Document Virginia Resident  12/11/19  11:04 am
I oppose the proposed ban BMC  12/11/19  10:47 am
Safeguard Parental Rights / Responsibilities Joann  12/11/19  10:47 am
Conversion therapy is torture Jason Shriner  12/11/19  10:29 am
Not an acceptable practice Sabrina Barry, veterinarian  12/11/19  9:54 am
Conversion is brainwashing NOT therapy Shana Moore  12/11/19  9:51 am
Conversion is brainwashing NOT theraphy Shana Moore  12/11/19  9:50 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Simon Joyce  12/11/19  9:46 am
Do not ban therapy that addresses sexual orientation A Francis Guidarelli  12/11/19  9:43 am
conversion therapy John Wilson  12/11/19  9:31 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Maria Gullickson  12/11/19  9:21 am
Opposition to "conversion therapy" A. Claassen  12/11/19  9:06 am
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 HBuck  12/11/19  9:04 am
Attempts to change SOGIE of minors is religious indoctrination, and is NOT Therapy Christine Robinson  12/11/19  8:56 am
psychiatrist with 30 + years of experience Anthony Caterine MD  12/11/19  8:47 am
Conversion Therapy is all about HATE Tommy Lo  12/11/19  8:39 am
Conversion therapy is harmful and should be banned Mallory Graydon  12/11/19  8:38 am
Oppose the ban Michael Woods  12/11/19  8:22 am
Conversion Therapy is Harmful Robert Luong, Cocerned Citizen  12/11/19  8:15 am
Will Not Stand Under a Court Challenge Joel Kocomo  12/11/19  8:09 am
Do not ban conversion therapy Dr. Ted Williams  12/11/19  8:04 am
Fundamental Parental Rights Mike Mondoro  12/11/19  7:45 am
It's Time to Protect Our Youth By Banning Conversion Therapy Hope Staton  12/11/19  7:37 am
So-called “Conversion Therapy” is malpractice Tim Belton  12/11/19  7:36 am
Protect Parental Rights Elizabeth Spoth  12/11/19  7:29 am
Ban conversion therapy! Michael Meszaros  12/11/19  7:21 am
Ban conversion therapy Casey B Martinez  12/11/19  6:58 am
Protect Parental Rights, Oppose Ban on Therapy Choice Lindsay Rooney  12/11/19  6:36 am
Support the ban on conversion therapy Dr. Leanne Heaton  12/11/19  6:34 am
Conversion Therapy Theresa Gullo  12/11/19  6:33 am
Archaic practice that causes harm! B. McDermott  12/11/19  6:27 am
Protect Parents Primary Right to educate and counsel children. Diane Ferrante  12/11/19  6:16 am
Conversion Therapy Jean Juárez  12/11/19  6:11 am
I support conversion therapy Nancy Archiopoli  12/11/19  6:02 am
"conversion therapy" is torture k danowski  12/11/19  3:37 am
pls ban conversion therapy Heather Hanly  12/11/19  3:10 am
Conversion therapy is a violation of basic human rights Grace Lawton  12/11/19  2:29 am
why is this even still a thing?! Rosa Malagisi  12/11/19  2:13 am
I have a gay cousin. And have met someone who underwent a sex change they regret having Marie Sibenik  12/11/19  12:39 am
Please put an end to conversion therapy- wrong, damaging, evil Cynthia Clark  12/11/19  12:01 am
The purpose of Licensure is to prevent fraud and set a high standard for public services. Jim Best / President Floyd PFLAG  12/10/19  11:37 pm
Protect Parental Rights by opposing Guidance Document (85-7) MARIANNE MAZZATENTA  12/10/19  11:27 pm
I support the ban on conversion "therapy" Cassie Porter, Self  12/10/19  11:08 pm
Ban on Conversion Therapy is WRONG Marvin J. Weniger  12/10/19  10:54 pm
Ban conversion therapy Adam Copeland  12/10/19  10:49 pm
Support Ban on Conversion Therapy Jay Fisette  12/10/19  10:37 pm
This is unaccpetable MR DAVID K SHEPHERD  12/10/19  10:35 pm
Opposed to this Guidance Stephen Kantz  12/10/19  10:31 pm
Conversion Therapy Unethical NC Beck  12/10/19  10:11 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Dangerous Anonymous (for my safety)  12/10/19  10:00 pm
Supporting Organizations No Longer Represents Most Physicians Russell Bogacki  12/10/19  9:51 pm
Mandatory Conversion Therapy is WRONG Bas Aimes  12/10/19  9:47 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Chris Karanski  12/10/19  9:40 pm
Virginia Must Ban Conversion Therapy Nicolle Campa  12/10/19  9:36 pm
Mind Conversion Paul Rinderle  12/10/19  9:35 pm
This ban imposes on individual’s rights—adults, children, parents, doctors and nurses Anne Paulk, Restored Hope Network  12/10/19  9:31 pm
Oppose the Ban David Chopski  12/10/19  9:23 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy in Virginia Metro DC PFLAG  12/10/19  9:19 pm
Guidance Document Lois Price  12/10/19  9:19 pm
Scientifically Proven to Cause Extreme Harm Faye Turley, PsyD  12/10/19  9:14 pm
Please help Ban conversion Therapy Matthew DeGrave  12/10/19  9:14 pm
Conversion Therapy ISN'T Therapy-IT'S TRAUMA SARAH KEELY, LPC  12/10/19  9:08 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7! Paul Young  12/10/19  9:03 pm
Protect freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counselling they choose Rebecca Ing  12/10/19  8:59 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Ben Godwin  12/10/19  8:47 pm
Protect parental rights! Rich, Loudoun County  12/10/19  8:34 pm
Conversion Therapy Shall Not Be Banned due to religious conscience and Parental Rights come first!!! Patrick Fucci  12/10/19  8:33 pm
'Conversion' Therapy Duane Fortier  12/10/19  8:33 pm
Twofold Support of this Guidance Document Adam Trimmer, Born Perfect  12/10/19  8:24 pm
Parental Rights LLynd  12/10/19  8:20 pm
Protect Our Parental Rights Marianne  12/10/19  8:20 pm
BAN Conversion - it is NOT Therapy - it is Legalized Torture Beth Bunts  12/10/19  8:12 pm
Parental rights over junk science Mary Mack  12/10/19  7:54 pm
Ban LGBTQ+ conversion therapy Walter L Clark, Assistant Minister of UU Church of Arlington, VA  12/10/19  7:49 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Not Real and Doesn't Work, Don't Wish It Into Existence Because You Are Afraid Améie Koran (Chief Technology Officer, US DHHS OIG)  12/10/19  7:48 pm
Stop Government overreach. Parents make decisions in kids' best interest daily. Samar Haddad  12/10/19  7:25 pm
Conversion is not only not an effective therapy, but has proven to be harmful Judy West  12/10/19  7:25 pm
Ban conversion “therapy” Vickie C  12/10/19  7:16 pm
Actually terrible Grace, college student  12/10/19  7:07 pm
Parental Rights Mary Cannarella  12/10/19  6:52 pm
Conversion Therapy is wrong and should not be performed by the VA Veterans of Foregin Wars  12/10/19  6:48 pm
Protect Parents’ Rights Eileen Taylor  12/10/19  6:39 pm
Protect LGBTQ Youth Natasha Crosby, Richmond LGBTQ Chamber  12/10/19  6:37 pm
Protect parental rights Catherine Baab  12/10/19  6:34 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Dr. Apryl Alexander, University of Denver  12/10/19  6:18 pm
Parents rights must be respected Kathy Millard  12/10/19  6:16 pm
OPPOSED TO BAN - from someone who has received faith based counseling Angelique Medrano  12/10/19  5:58 pm
Support Board of Medicine’s guidance document banning conversion therapy Barbara Smith  12/10/19  5:54 pm
Keep options open Elizabeth Moak  12/10/19  5:51 pm
Conversion therapy is harmful Chris Kim  12/10/19  5:50 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kati Derrick  12/10/19  5:46 pm
Conversion “therapy” is unethical Mary Feamster  12/10/19  5:37 pm
Ban the practice of so-called “conversion therapy” David W McTaggart  12/10/19  5:25 pm
Conversion Therapy is NOT an Acceptable Practice William J Walls  12/10/19  5:23 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tim Eye  12/10/19  5:20 pm
Protect parental rights and stop government censorship in medical counseling Craig Mays  12/10/19  5:20 pm
Ban conversion therapy, protect children & youth Heike Mitchell, College of William & Mary  12/10/19  5:13 pm
Banning conversation therapy Patty Reilly  12/10/19  5:12 pm
Protect Parental Rights - This wording is very dangerous E Coomer  12/10/19  5:09 pm
Please Ban Conversion Therapy George Dutton  12/10/19  5:08 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy HK Suh  12/10/19  5:04 pm
CORRECTION! Conversion therapy YES! REJECT 87-5! Sandra Vera  12/10/19  5:03 pm
Conversion therapy kills Emile Feldenzer  12/10/19  4:57 pm
ban conversion therapy melody titus  12/10/19  4:57 pm
God loves all without any condition. Ryan Choi  12/10/19  4:53 pm
Clearly practitioners need the Guidance Document - Parents have an obligation to protect children Sandra Vera  12/10/19  4:53 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Leah Pellegrino  12/10/19  4:51 pm
Ban conversion therapy. Cathy Copeland  12/10/19  4:51 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Joyce Walsh  12/10/19  4:48 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Andrea Arndt  12/10/19  4:47 pm
Stop Denying Youth Freedom to Be Themselves Anne Catherine  12/10/19  4:44 pm
Please reject the Guidance Document (85-7) Maria Sanchez-O'Brien  12/10/19  4:40 pm
shouldn't a family have choices and options? Pia DeSantis Pell  12/10/19  4:38 pm
Guidance Gloria Thomas  12/10/19  4:29 pm
Do not limit choice for parents and families Mychele Brickner  12/10/19  4:22 pm
Protect our youth Elaine Kasten  12/10/19  4:19 pm
Mr. Rudolph Gasser  12/10/19  4:17 pm
Ban conversion therapy/ Protect our children Patricia Patt  12/10/19  4:12 pm
Support the rights of people to get counseling John Rossi  12/10/19  4:10 pm
Freedom means we don't all agree Bob Quinlan  12/10/19  4:08 pm
Preserve Parental Rights Joan Anderson  12/10/19  4:06 pm
Parents have the right to make decisions for their child including type of counseling they choose Donna Rossi  12/10/19  4:01 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose John F Down  12/10/19  3:59 pm
Oppose Conversion Therapy Stefanie B Eye  12/10/19  3:57 pm
Support for Ban of Conversion Therapy Kristen Puckett  12/10/19  3:56 pm
Support of Conversion Therapy Ban Jennifer Sodikoff  12/10/19  3:54 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose George Darnell  12/10/19  3:53 pm
Oppose Banning “Conversion Therapy” Atwood Brooks  12/10/19  3:44 pm
opposed to proposed ban Kevin OBrien  12/10/19  3:43 pm
In opposition of any regulatory ban on "conversion therapy" Thomas V. Esposito, Jr., MSW  12/10/19  3:32 pm
Conversion Therapy is a farse and is abusive in nature T. Mason  12/10/19  3:29 pm
Please do not ban conversion therapy Linda White  12/10/19  3:28 pm
Conversion Therapy Linda White  12/10/19  3:26 pm
Protect Rights James Drouillard  12/10/19  3:21 pm
DO NOT BAN the so-called "conversion therapy" Christina Maccabe  12/10/19  3:19 pm
Conversion therapy is harmful, unethical, and not science based James Edward "Ted" Heck  12/10/19  3:19 pm
Please support Parental rights and Religious freedom Natasha Pereira  12/10/19  3:18 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom. Tamela Frick  12/10/19  3:14 pm
Parents have every right to protect their children. We have gone toooo far with this. Pat Kolakoski  12/10/19  3:11 pm
Please vote to Ban Conversion Therapy. It is misguided, cruel, and very harmful to the patient. Linda K Seeman, PhD, LPC  12/10/19  3:06 pm
Protect Children and Stop Government Censorship in Medical Counseling Thomas Palumbo  12/10/19  3:04 pm
Conversion Therapy Ari Laoch, LCP. CRC, CBIST  12/10/19  3:04 pm
Protect Children Vince Drouillard  12/10/19  2:59 pm
Opposition to Guidance Document James B Williams, Federal Government  12/10/19  2:56 pm
The role of Parents vs. The State in raising children Thomas Marsh  12/10/19  2:56 pm
I oppose the Guidance Document Pilar Jones  12/10/19  2:54 pm
Oppose Guidance Document Irene Maria DiSanto  12/10/19  2:54 pm
Freedom of Religion and Protection of Parental Rights Mark Menotti  12/10/19  2:53 pm
Protect parental rights Dale Bain, private citizen  12/10/19  2:50 pm
"Conversion therapy" is not therapy. It's abuse. Leigh Freilich, LCSW  12/10/19  2:31 pm
PLEASE NO BAN ON CONVERSION THERAPY Corita B O'Brien  12/10/19  2:28 pm
Ban Dangerous and Discredited Conversion Therapy! Lisa Cherefko  12/10/19  2:23 pm
Please oppose this attempt to restrict human rights Benjamin Coonfield  12/10/19  2:22 pm
Protect Parental Rights, Family Faith and Children's futures Trang Nguyen  12/10/19  2:21 pm
Ban this terrible treatment... Now! Bo Bloomer  12/10/19  2:14 pm
Protect Parental Rights, Family Faith and Children's futures Patricia Capps  12/10/19  2:10 pm
Ban the Guidance Document peter roth  12/10/19  2:09 pm
Conversion "Therapy" is Harmful Elliot Spengler, M.A.  12/10/19  2:08 pm
Parental Rights HWojciech  12/10/19  1:58 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Anne Marie Rasmussen  12/10/19  1:56 pm
Ban the peter roth  12/10/19  1:55 pm
Please ban conversion therapy. Rachel Levy  12/10/19  1:54 pm
No evidence that Conv. Therapy works...Only evidence that it harms young people. David Wilson  12/10/19  1:51 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Clarke Staton, Youth Coordinator Bridgewater Church of the Brethren  12/10/19  1:49 pm
I strongly support Parental rights and guidance Joyce Kerrigan  12/10/19  1:44 pm
Protect Parental Rights Delane Karalow, Ph.D.  12/10/19  1:44 pm
Protect Parental Rights Now joseph M. Orrigo  12/10/19  1:42 pm
Identifying the real Conversion factors that caused the Confusion. Andrea Bayer  12/10/19  1:41 pm
Protect parental rights P. Briggs  12/10/19  1:41 pm
Opposition to Ban on Convversion Theropy Dcn. William Pivarnik  12/10/19  1:41 pm
Conversion therapy is harmful and should be Joshua DeSilva, Psy.D., LCP  12/10/19  1:35 pm
Ban conversion therapy Jennifer Lawrence  12/10/19  1:33 pm
Protect parental rights and free speech D. Bochonok  12/10/19  1:25 pm
“Guidance Do uments” Tresa Clarke  12/10/19  1:24 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Morgan Vega Gomez  12/10/19  1:22 pm
Balance Isabelle Davidson  12/10/19  1:20 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Melisa Atkeson, LCSW  12/10/19  1:16 pm
Conversion Therapy Chris Webb  12/10/19  1:10 pm
Stay away !!! Hugh E. McGuire, Jr.  12/10/19  1:09 pm
Violation of free speech Margaret Breighner  12/10/19  1:08 pm
Protect choice and freedom of Virginians to choose for themselves Francine Orr  12/10/19  1:07 pm
Conversion Therapy Could Kill My Child: Primum Non Nocere Elisabeth Bloomer  12/10/19  1:04 pm
Parental Rights MUST come first and be respected Mrs. Nancy Burk  12/10/19  1:02 pm
protect parental rights Rev. John Christopher De Celles  12/10/19  1:01 pm
Protect Parental Rights. "Fundamental" VA Code 1-240.1 & VA Supreme Court in L.F. vs Breit 1/10/13) Donato Palizzi  12/10/19  1:01 pm
Ban conversion therapy Alan Pachter, LCSW  12/10/19  12:58 pm
Oppose Amending 18VAC125-20, Regulations Governing the Practice of Psychology Patrick T. Mooney  12/10/19  12:58 pm
Protect Parental Rights and Religious Freedom Madeleine Lawson  12/10/19  12:58 pm
Opposition to guidance document 85-7 lawrence zenker  12/10/19  12:58 pm
License to Kill L. Alleyne  12/10/19  12:58 pm
Parental Rights Rob Alexander  12/10/19  12:56 pm
PARENTAL RIGHTS AND FREE SPEECH MUST PREVAIL!!! Darlys Blomberg  12/10/19  12:56 pm
Please ban conversion therapy Raise Your Wellness  12/10/19  12:55 pm
Nature only, please ban Kevin Danovich  12/10/19  12:53 pm
Protect Parental Rights - Oppose Guidance Document (85-7) Dawn Schaad  12/10/19  12:49 pm
Support for Guidance Document Rob Alexander  12/10/19  12:48 pm
Oppose Guidance Doc Irene Maria DiSanto  12/10/19  12:45 pm
Oppose approval of 85-7 Gregory McKinney  12/10/19  12:45 pm
Family health rights Jacqueline Shawver  12/10/19  12:43 pm
BAN BAD pseudoscience Thomas Sones  12/10/19  12:38 pm
Protection of Parental Rights Leo Titus Sr.  12/10/19  12:32 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Mike Stuart Hunter  12/10/19  12:31 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Elissa Hamon  12/10/19  12:27 pm
Bans on Mental Heath Therapy John Adams  12/10/19  12:23 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Leanne Seguin  12/10/19  12:21 pm
Guidance Document Cecilia E merkel  12/10/19  12:18 pm
Ban conversion therapy Sarah Hagen, LCSW  12/10/19  12:17 pm
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Edward Krattli  12/10/19  12:15 pm
Open options for all Patrick J McGee  12/10/19  12:11 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Philecta Staton  12/10/19  12:10 pm
Expressly Ban Conversion Therapy Joanna Ehat  12/10/19  12:08 pm
Please Ban Conversion Therapy Valerie Hadeed  12/10/19  12:07 pm
Protect Parental Rights Maria M  12/10/19  12:07 pm
Ban conversion therapy Fred Bishop  12/10/19  12:03 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Brandon Wallace  12/10/19  11:56 am
Ban conversion Therapy Rabbi Lia Bass  12/10/19  11:46 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Sheri Mitschelen  12/10/19  11:40 am
Ban Conversion Therapy! Frank Napolitano  12/10/19  11:39 am
Conversion Therapy is Harmful, Please Ban Anna Vandevender Wright, Psy.D.  12/10/19  11:32 am
Ban the harmful and unethical practice of Conversion Therapy Elizabeth Schnelzer LCSW, CCI  12/10/19  11:30 am
Conversion Therapy Flim Flam Zetta Bowles, Psy. D.  12/10/19  11:17 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Willow Woycke  12/10/19  11:17 am
Conversion therapy patrick j ladden  12/10/19  11:13 am
Conversion therapy is a public health risk Michael M. Love, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist  12/10/19  11:05 am
Ban Conversion Therapy & Save Lives Deirdre Staton  12/10/19  10:55 am
Conversion Therapy is Dangerous and Discredited Mayor Levar M. Stoney, City of Richmond  12/10/19  10:47 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Stephanie Brown  12/10/19  10:46 am
Ban "conversion therapy" Missy Rand, LPC, CSAC, ally  12/10/19  10:30 am
Oppose Guidance Document 85-7 Mariette Young  12/10/19  10:24 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Rachel Schmidt  12/10/19  10:17 am
Please BAN Conversion Therapy! Chris Morse McClure, Life Transitions Counseling  12/10/19  10:08 am
conversion therapy Dan Landis  12/10/19  10:07 am
Support the Guidance Document Larry Mendoza, Virginia State Director: American Atheists  12/10/19  10:04 am
Ban conversion therapy Dana B Blauch PLC  12/10/19  9:55 am
Please ban conversion therapy Crystal Hank, The Citadel and Crystal Hank Counseling, LLC  12/10/19  9:44 am
Save Lives - Ban Conversion Therapy Jagat-Jyoti Singh  12/10/19  9:25 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Now Ward William Worster, Fairfax County Resident  12/10/19  9:14 am
Ban conversion therapy Heather Kirby  12/10/19  9:06 am
Ban conversion therapy. Jesse Charboneau  12/10/19  9:04 am
Conversion ban Marion Moser, Accotink UU Church  12/10/19  8:53 am
Ban conversion therapy Aidan Kierans  12/10/19  8:36 am
conversion therapy Gina Condi, PMHNP UVA Counseling Center  12/10/19  8:22 am
Conversion therapy Eric H  12/10/19  7:57 am
Ban conversion therapy for minors Robert Blizard  12/10/19  7:56 am
support the ban on conversion therapy Silvia Park, Charlottesville Atheists and Secular Humanists  12/10/19  7:54 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Salvatore DiPietro  12/10/19  6:55 am
Parental Rights, Religious Freedom MCM  12/10/19  6:51 am
ban conversion therapy Crystal Horning  12/10/19  6:48 am
Please ban this process Tom Bonsaint  12/10/19  5:51 am
Ban “conversion therapy” Petri Winberry  12/10/19  3:52 am
The Lies and Dangers of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Bill Johnson-Miles  12/10/19  12:41 am
No best practices, don’t pass Karen Sheehan  12/9/19  10:39 pm
Ban conversion therapy Angel Ramirez, transgender veterans support group  12/9/19  9:35 pm
don't bind and gag clinicians Kristen Allen, Arlington Parent Coalition  12/9/19  9:22 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Catherine Calletto  12/9/19  9:00 pm
Please do not pass this law Maria Polaris, Parents of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoric kids  12/9/19  8:54 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Laurie Buchwald  12/9/19  8:50 pm
Ban conversion therapy A.Clinton  12/9/19  8:42 pm
Ban conversion Therapy Tanya Rachocki  12/9/19  8:20 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Terri Morgan  12/9/19  8:10 pm
Reject Guidance Document (85-7) Deacon Tom Grodek  12/9/19  8:09 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy! Chase Catalano  12/9/19  7:50 pm
Ban conversion therapy Chris Wodicka  12/9/19  7:50 pm
Conversion therapy E Johnson  12/9/19  7:49 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Diane Carnohan  12/9/19  7:42 pm
Conversion Therapy and Lack Of Acceptance Puts Youth at Rish Cynthia Brown  12/9/19  7:41 pm
Please end the damaging sham known as conversion therapy! S Mink  12/9/19  7:39 pm
End conversion therapy Alyssa Archer, private citizen  12/9/19  7:28 pm
Ban conversion therapy immediately! Amanda Erickson  12/9/19  7:12 pm
Time to END CT; noone needs to be converted and this is not therapy Deborah Hawkins LMFT,  12/9/19  7:11 pm
Conversion therapy ban Katherine V. Bettin, PhD, Inc,  12/9/19  7:06 pm
Ban it! Kristan A Morrison  12/9/19  6:51 pm
Guidance Document (85-7) is terrible, vague, and over-reaching Kevin Ingalls  12/9/19  6:50 pm
Ban it. Dustin Shuman  12/9/19  6:47 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy or Expect More Suicides Margaret E Francis  12/9/19  6:46 pm
Ban conversion therapy Vicky J Newell  12/9/19  6:45 pm
Conversion Therapy Kenneth Olshansky,M.D.  12/9/19  6:36 pm
Ban conversion therapy B. Baker  12/9/19  6:28 pm
Ban conversion therapy Samuel Nealy  12/9/19  6:24 pm
Conversion therapy is child endangerment Christine Jones, Free Mom Hugs - Shenandoah Valley  12/9/19  6:21 pm
MUST Ban Conversion Therapy Hyunsook Cho, KOREAN QUEER AND TRANSGENDER DC  12/9/19  6:14 pm
Ban conversion therapy and Cynthia Bettinger MD HealthvisionsMD  12/9/19  6:11 pm
Conversion Therapy is Good, as Science has Proven Nobody is Born Gay and Can Change DNA Self  12/9/19  6:10 pm
Banning conversion therapy Sarah Munson, private citizen  12/9/19  6:08 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jody Schorr  12/9/19  6:05 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Elizabeth Suellentrop  12/9/19  6:03 pm
Ban conversion therapy Waseem, VCU Student  12/9/19  5:59 pm
Unacceptable, deplorable, shameful! Morgana Evenstar  12/9/19  5:50 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Ann Lingo  12/9/19  5:44 pm
Conversion Therapy is dangerous and wrong! Jantique R Fielding  12/9/19  5:43 pm
Ban conversion therapy. Paul Schrantz  12/9/19  5:38 pm
Conversion Therapy Elizabeth Belt Webster  12/9/19  5:36 pm
Ban Conversion Therapies D Beattie  12/9/19  5:36 pm
Side by Side Supports a Ban on "Conversion Therapy" Ted Lewis, Side by Side Va, Inc.  12/9/19  5:35 pm
re conversion therapy Curtis N Craft  12/9/19  5:32 pm
Conversion therapy Beth Carter  12/9/19  5:26 pm
Do not interfere with the rights and duties of parents Kerry Carter  12/9/19  5:23 pm
Say No To Bigoted and Unscientific Conversion Therapy Jason Gregory  12/9/19  5:22 pm
Ban Conversation Therapy NOW Malcolm L Rush  12/9/19  5:20 pm
Data Suggest CT does not affect orientation but CAN BE HARMFUL Greg Sherman  12/9/19  5:17 pm
Ban the so-called conversion therapy Emmanuel Dabney  12/9/19  5:14 pm
Conversion Therapy is Abuse Jacob  12/9/19  5:13 pm
Conversion Therapy Doesn't Work Nancy Boyd  12/9/19  5:09 pm
Conversion therapy ban makes a mockery of parents' rights and responsibilities KERRY CARTER  12/9/19  5:02 pm
Conversion Therapy Mary Lou Wassel, Parent & Ally  12/9/19  5:01 pm
Conversion therapy Andrew Scida, FCHS Alliance Club Board Member  12/9/19  4:55 pm
Retired army servicemember, 26 year same sex partner Gary Brocksmith  12/9/19  4:53 pm
Protect our LGBTQ Youth! Christina Koch  12/9/19  4:52 pm
End Conversion Therapy Payton Thornton, Law Student at George Mason  12/9/19  4:49 pm
Conversion therapy is harmful Allison Garcia, H/R CSB  12/9/19  4:47 pm
Conversion therapy is NOT therapy Christine George  12/9/19  4:44 pm
Ban the unethical practice of conversation therapy David Le, PsyD  12/9/19  4:41 pm
Conversion Therpy Stacey Swan American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  12/9/19  4:39 pm
"Conversion Therapy" is not therapy Claire Elizabeth Ryder  12/9/19  4:39 pm
End Conversion Therapy Spring Richardson  12/9/19  4:35 pm
Transgender Affirmation of Children IS Conversion Therapy Maria Keffler, Arlington Parent Coalition  12/9/19  4:32 pm
Conversion Therapy Myth Deanna Bayer Tetired from Criminal Justice System  12/9/19  4:31 pm
I support the guidance document. “Conversion therapy” is harmful. Rev. Daniel R. Willson  12/9/19  4:31 pm
Conversion"therapy"is a dangerous practice discredited by ALL leading med and psych organizations colleen caterine  12/9/19  4:24 pm
Conversion Therapy Alyssa Freeman  12/9/19  4:22 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Victoria Lael, Instructor Virginia Tech  12/9/19  4:17 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Joseph Carrier  12/9/19  4:16 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kim Hjort  12/9/19  4:15 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Kay  12/9/19  4:03 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Elizabeth Cobb, LCSW  12/9/19  4:01 pm
Ban conversion therapy Dorothy C Kelley  12/9/19  3:55 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jennifer Wood  12/9/19  3:54 pm
Ban "Conversion Therapy" for LGBT Youth Joe Comer III  12/9/19  3:52 pm
Ban conversion therapy Sara, Virginia Tech  12/9/19  3:49 pm
End so-called "conversion" therapy Colin Ferguson, Unitarian Universalist Community Church member  12/9/19  3:45 pm
Please Ban Abuse Disguised as Conversion "Therapy" Ron Bookbinder  12/9/19  3:41 pm
I STRONGLY OPPOSE the Guidance Document!!! Maddie Lane  12/9/19  3:40 pm
Please ban this practice Ellie T. Sturgis, Interim Director, Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech  12/9/19  3:39 pm
Ban conversion therapy A. Young  12/9/19  3:39 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Julie Slifer  12/9/19  3:34 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Dana, Health Brigade  12/9/19  3:26 pm
Yes to ban: Parents have no right to violate their kids' rights Steven Fesmire, Radford University  12/9/19  3:19 pm
Ban This So Called Therapy Now !!! Elbert L Rouse  12/9/19  3:17 pm
Conversion Therapy Nancy Jordan  12/9/19  3:14 pm
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY Shayna Gutcho  12/9/19  3:13 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy The Rev. John Rohrs  12/9/19  3:11 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Katie Richard, LPC  12/9/19  3:06 pm
Ban conversion Therapy Abby Malone  12/9/19  3:01 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Dangerous Aster Pizzini  12/9/19  2:58 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Emily Sara  12/9/19  2:55 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Christopher Campa  12/9/19  2:49 pm
Conversion Therapy Maurice Stewart  12/9/19  2:49 pm
Conversion therapy is a travesty Rebecca K Scheckler  12/9/19  2:49 pm
Ban "conversion therapy" Billie Barlow  12/9/19  2:47 pm
"Conversion Therapy" leads to suicide! John Gray Williams  12/9/19  2:44 pm
Ban conversion therapy Jennifer Sellers  12/9/19  2:44 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy! Russell S.  12/9/19  2:44 pm
Conversion therapy doesn't work and is dangerous Anne Dornberg  12/9/19  2:42 pm
Oppose the Guidance Document Amy Haywood  12/9/19  2:38 pm
Please Ban Conversion Therapy Fred Singer, Radford University  12/9/19  2:35 pm
Virginia's Youth Deserve This Document Jessica McKeon, Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke  12/9/19  2:34 pm
Conversion Therapy KILLS Martina MW  12/9/19  2:33 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Catherine Cotrupi  12/9/19  2:31 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Marcie Babey  12/9/19  2:29 pm
The Trevor Project Supports Guidance Document 85-7 Casey Pick, The Trevor Project  12/9/19  2:24 pm
Conversion therapy is not therapy; it is sadistic punitive and destructive hate and a lie! Rev Dr Robert Gunn  12/9/19  2:20 pm
Oppose ban Deborah Dunn  12/9/19  2:20 pm
Do not ban any talk therapy for gender dysphoria or same sex attraction Scott Cole  12/9/19  2:15 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Lorainia Weikle  12/9/19  2:15 pm
Protect our youth Nathan Scott  12/9/19  2:14 pm
Protect youth from the dangers of Conversion Therapy Charlotte Graham  12/9/19  2:14 pm
Conversion Therapy Jacqueline O'Connor  12/9/19  2:13 pm
Ban "Conversion Therapy" Muriel Azria-Evans  12/9/19  2:13 pm
Please ban conversion therapy Pamela Jackson  12/9/19  2:12 pm
Protect Our Youth Jacqueline Walker  12/9/19  2:08 pm
Ban on Conversion Therapy Marilynne Blair  12/9/19  2:04 pm
All leading professional medical and mental health associations reject “conversion therapy” Janice Craft  12/9/19  2:02 pm
Protect the right to pursue change allowing counseling Elizabeth Woning, CHANGED Movement  12/9/19  1:59 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Michael Meindl  12/9/19  1:57 pm
Ban Conversion "Therapy" GERALD MORENO  12/9/19  1:53 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Alyson Saylors  12/9/19  1:53 pm
Conversion Therapy is based on personal opinion, not scientific evidence Kayden Addato  12/9/19  1:51 pm
Ban conversion therapy now! Amy Kelly  12/9/19  1:50 pm
Ban conversion therapy Shawnon Corprew  12/9/19  1:49 pm
Conversion Therapy Joe Hamm  12/9/19  1:43 pm
Stop the harmful abuse of "conversion therapy". Jim McKinley-Oakes, LCSW  12/9/19  1:40 pm
conversion therapy is a travesty! Mary Madden  12/9/19  1:39 pm
Conversion Therapy Results in Shame Paige H  12/9/19  1:37 pm
Please ban conversion therapy Allison Splaun, Splaun Psychotherapy  12/9/19  1:36 pm
Conversion Therapy Ban Diane Elrod  12/9/19  1:27 pm
Ban non-evidence-based gay “conversion therapy” Chad Taylor, teacher  12/9/19  1:27 pm
Banning Harmful Medical Practices is not "restricting freedom" David Standley  12/9/19  1:27 pm
Conversion “therapy” is increased shame Matt Ashcroft  12/9/19  1:26 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Justine Jackson Stone  12/9/19  1:26 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Cameron Baumgartner  12/9/19  1:24 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Alexandra Dixon  12/9/19  1:20 pm
As Priest and Psychologist... Most Rev. Ronald Stephens, Presiding Bishop, Catholic Apostolic Church  12/9/19  1:17 pm
Ban conversion therapy Mary Beth Wiley  12/9/19  1:13 pm
Ban conversion "therapy" Isaac Adamson  12/9/19  1:12 pm
Ban Conversion "Therapy" Stephen Owen  12/9/19  1:12 pm
My college psychologist recommended conversion therapy. Greg Smiley  12/9/19  1:10 pm
Ban Conversation Therapy William Weech  12/9/19  1:09 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kathleen Green  12/9/19  1:07 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tatum Standley  12/9/19  1:06 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Amanda Pohl  12/9/19  1:00 pm
conversion therapy marcia dickinson  12/9/19  12:55 pm
Vote to ban conversion therapy Penny Millson-Martula  12/9/19  12:54 pm
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY Zachary Meadows  12/9/19  12:52 pm
Please Ban Conversion “Therapy” Susan Layman  12/9/19  12:50 pm
There is no such thing as Conversion Therapy Rev. Linda A. Seiler  12/9/19  12:50 pm
BAN Conversion Therapy Ann Elliott  12/9/19  12:48 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy - it is not therapeutic. Erika Joyner  12/9/19  12:48 pm
Please Ban Conversion “Therapy” Susan Layman  12/9/19  12:47 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Kim Hodges  12/9/19  12:47 pm
PLEASE Ban Conversion Therapy Joan Berlin  12/9/19  12:47 pm
Ban conversion therapy Aiden Barnes, Southeastern Virginia Atheists, Skeptics, & Humanists  12/9/19  12:41 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Marilyn Karp  12/9/19  12:38 pm
BAN conversion therapy John M North  12/9/19  12:37 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Justin Mann  12/9/19  12:35 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jerry Cowden  12/9/19  12:34 pm
PLEASE ban conversion therapy! Kristan Huddle  12/9/19  12:33 pm
Support the Ban on Conversion Therapy Sarah Leser  12/9/19  12:33 pm
Conversion Therapy Is not Therapy. Conversion Therapy perpetuates Long Term Mental Illness. Bill Griggs  12/9/19  12:31 pm
Conversion Therapy Donna Rabender  12/9/19  12:30 pm
Please Ban Conversion Therapy Kristen E. Remers  12/9/19  12:29 pm
Please have compassion/intelligence and ban conversion therapy Robert Griffith  12/9/19  12:26 pm
Ban All Forms of Conversion Therapy De Sube - Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia  12/9/19  12:25 pm
Conversion Therapy is Medical Malpractice Colleen Armstrong  12/9/19  12:18 pm
Ban conversion therapy Sarah Hastings, Licensed Clinical Psychologist  12/9/19  12:17 pm
Conversion Therapy Kills Kelly Grzech  12/9/19  12:16 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Thomas J. Villa, Impacto LGBT  12/9/19  12:16 pm
Ban conversion therapy Shyamali Hauth  12/9/19  12:13 pm
Conversion Therapy is Not Therapy At All, it is the Perpetuation of Serious Self Doubt Bill Griggs  12/9/19  12:13 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Claire Weech  12/9/19  12:10 pm
Conversion therapy is deceitful, it worsens bad behavior Michael Airhart  12/9/19  12:04 pm
We must do more to protect our young people from who profess to be able to change a person's sexual Robert Earl Winsor  12/9/19  11:59 am
Oppose ban Rhonda Schneider  12/9/19  11:58 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Kristen Pritchard  12/9/19  11:57 am
Conversion therapy is medically unacceptable Catherine Casey MD  12/9/19  11:57 am
conversion therapy ban john stoudt  12/9/19  11:55 am
Conversion therapy is misguided and harmful Elizabeth Brooks  12/9/19  11:55 am
Conversion Therapy W.W. Sihler  12/9/19  11:54 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Michael Cubbage  12/9/19  11:53 am
Ban Conversion Therapy T Clinks  12/9/19  11:53 am
Conversion Therapy Arnold Kahn  12/9/19  11:52 am
Ban "conversion therapy" Colleen Swingle  12/9/19  11:50 am
Ban Conversion Therapy E Clinks  12/9/19  11:49 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Shawn C.  12/9/19  11:48 am
Support the Ban on Conversion Therapy Michael Callahan  12/9/19  11:48 am
Oppose - as a sex abuse survivor, sexual orientation therapy healed & grew my heterosexuality Karl F Schneider  12/9/19  11:48 am
Conversion Therapy Helene Drees  12/9/19  11:45 am
Protect children: ban conversion James Pereira  12/9/19  11:45 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Phil Hong  12/9/19  11:43 am
End fraudulent “conversion therapy” William Lipsett  12/9/19  11:42 am
Get rid of this horrible practice Reece Kegan O'Donnell  12/9/19  11:40 am
ban so-called "conversion therapy" Richard Rutherford  12/9/19  11:39 am
I Support banning conversion therapy Robert L Petris  12/9/19  11:38 am
Support the Ban on Conversion Therapy Kate Shim, Korean American Rainbow Parents  12/9/19  11:37 am
Conversion therapy is wrong and should be banned Luke Graves  12/9/19  11:35 am
Ban this awful practice Logan  12/9/19  11:33 am
Conversion Therapy Eva Freund  12/9/19  11:33 am
We should respect people's life choices and not shame or bewilder them for it David Hutton  12/9/19  11:32 am
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY Raven Dickerson  12/9/19  11:32 am
Conversion Therapy Should be Banned Anne Worster Cooper Precinct Chair Fairfax County Democrats  12/9/19  11:32 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Now! Amber Beichler  12/9/19  11:31 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Sara M. Gaborik  12/9/19  11:30 am
STOP Scott Horner  12/9/19  11:30 am
It's Time to Ban Conversion Therapy Thalia Hernandez  12/9/19  11:30 am
Ban Conversion "Therapy!" Jane Cornelius, PFLAG Blue Ridge  12/9/19  11:30 am
STOP THIS M Jeffrey "Scott" Horner  12/9/19  11:29 am
Conversion Therapy Must Be Banned Melissa Meadows, Virginia League for Planned Parenthood  12/9/19  11:28 am
Not a parental rights issue. Tye  12/9/19  11:27 am
Homosexuality is not a choice, and will not be changed through any kind of "therapy." Abram M. Hostetter, M.D. Psychiatrist  12/9/19  11:27 am
Make policy decisions based on factual evidence! Sam Burns  12/9/19  11:27 am
Virginia Ban on Conversion Therapy Bob Witeck  12/9/19  11:26 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Pastor Terry Ross  12/9/19  11:25 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Traci Wike  12/9/19  11:22 am
Banning Therapy That Helps Erin Brewer  12/9/19  10:44 am
Protect CHILDREN Breyah Clarke - LGBTQ advocate  12/9/19  4:41 am
Protect parental rights and stop government censorship in medical counseling Kevin McGraw, Catholic Campus Ministry at Univ of Mary Washington  12/9/19  12:37 am
Protect parental rights KS  12/8/19  5:48 pm
Ban Fails to Acknowledge the Complexity of the Issues Involved Claire  12/8/19  4:42 pm
Conversion therapy is a personal guidance David R. Smith  12/8/19  4:39 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families Thomas Ferguson  12/8/19  3:17 pm
Oppose this ban! Andrew  12/8/19  2:15 pm
End conversion therapy which is traumatic torture and child abuse Jan Cranston  12/8/19  9:02 am
Conversion therapy traumatized me Laura Gray  12/7/19  7:12 pm
Respect Parental Rights Joanna Melton  12/7/19  4:36 pm
Vote NO! Laura Derkowski  12/7/19  3:18 pm
Conversion therapy is child abuse Amber Lammers  12/7/19  2:36 pm
Conversion Therapy is Child Abuse! Marcie Weeber  12/7/19  11:39 am
This is a Parental Rights Issue Dr. Daniel McInerny  12/7/19  11:37 am
This is a heart issue, not a government issue or duty. GC  12/7/19  11:36 am
Do not usurp parental authority or responsibility for decisions about child's development Roger L. Depue, Ph.D. and Joanne Ridick Depue, Ph.D.  12/7/19  11:14 am
Conversion Therapy is Child Abuse Charlotte McConnell  12/7/19  9:30 am
Reject broad government censorship in medical counseling Lorraine Sekera  12/7/19  9:04 am
Allow choices and parents the ability to help make choices for their children Beth Martini  12/7/19  8:26 am
Conversion Therapy kills Veronica  12/7/19  12:20 am
Conversion Therapy Incites Fear in Kids Maxwell Andrew Tibbits  12/6/19  10:58 pm
Do not deny the right to seek choices in therapy Sue Huber  12/6/19  8:34 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Cissie O.  12/6/19  7:59 pm
Support the guidance document, oppose conversion therapy Naysan Mojgani  12/6/19  7:49 pm
Ban conversion therapy it is mentally and physically harmful to people that go through it E rodriguez  12/6/19  6:23 pm
Protect parents' rights to torture their children and possibly push them to commit suicide! Jason Jehosephat  12/6/19  6:21 pm
Vote No Kyle Derkowski  12/6/19  5:56 pm
Protect Parental and Religious Rights - Do Not Ban Therapy Stephen Long  12/6/19  5:22 pm
Do not take away parents' rights! A.M.  12/6/19  5:10 pm
Conversion therapy stole years of life from my best friend C B  12/6/19  4:33 pm
The ban protects families Matt Eddy  12/6/19  3:49 pm
APA is in strong opposition to conversion therapy. Lauren  12/6/19  3:29 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy. Q. Staton  12/6/19  3:05 pm
It is up to the parents R Logins  12/6/19  2:20 pm
Ban conversion therapy and like practices Branwyn Jobes  12/6/19  12:55 pm
Parents have the right to raise their children. Anne Hamrick  12/6/19  12:51 pm
Ban conversion therapy!. Patricio Laverdi  12/6/19  12:45 pm
Conversion Therapy Thomas J Duncan  12/6/19  12:02 pm
Ban conversion therapy Robert Laverdy  12/6/19  11:49 am
APA strongly opposes Conversion Therapy - "parenting" should not allow harm to children Keith  12/6/19  11:21 am
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose; oppose the ban. Pamela Wilgus  12/6/19  11:08 am
Parental rights does not include to right to abuse your child. Conversion therapy is abuse. Thomas  12/6/19  10:28 am
Conversion therapy has no proven benefits, and several proven detriments. Ban conversion therapy. Michael  12/6/19  10:26 am
Protect Individual and Parental Rights Matt  12/6/19  9:38 am
• Under Virginia law, parents have the fundamental right to make decisions regarding the upbringing, Martin Keller  12/6/19  9:19 am
Conversion Therapy is Harmful Cordelia  12/6/19  9:16 am
Parents must be permitted to protect their children D. Rice  12/6/19  9:11 am
Counseling and Thearpy choices: since when does the Government know best? Classic Socialism. Paul Wilee  12/6/19  7:51 am
Parental Rights are sacred and must be preserved. Loren Wilee  12/6/19  7:10 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Lucy M  12/6/19  4:27 am
Protect LGBT Rights and Ban Conversion Therapy in Our State Caroline  12/6/19  1:15 am
I lost my best friend to conversion therapy and the parents that put here there. Mollie Davis  12/6/19  12:29 am
Supporting proposed guidance regarding conversion therapy Catherine Sara Jane Wall  12/5/19  11:34 pm
Conversion Therapy Michael Bankston  12/5/19  11:09 pm
Oppose ban DJ  12/5/19  10:24 pm
Please support the ban on conversion therapy Marianne Vakiener  12/5/19  10:22 pm
It’s up to the parents and child Chris Russo  12/5/19  10:16 pm
Let parents parent Concerned parent  12/5/19  10:12 pm
Mental Health not Political Ideology Gordon Goetz  12/5/19  9:37 pm
Protect Parental Rights M. Spencer  12/5/19  9:26 pm
Allow Conversion Therapy Marie  12/5/19  9:24 pm
Parental care Phillip McDonald  12/5/19  8:54 pm
Real “therapy” does not harm the patient. Rob M  12/5/19  8:53 pm
Scrap the unscientific Guidance Document Dr. Fred, private citizen  12/5/19  8:31 pm
People, NOT the government, have the right to choose the therapy they desire! Terry  12/5/19  8:13 pm
Let the child decide it is thier life not yours! Freya Jord Anderson  12/5/19  8:06 pm
Conversion Therapy doesn’t convert and isn’t therapy Eric Herrman  12/5/19  8:06 pm
The Experts Are Correct - Conversion Therapy Has No Clinical Legitimacy Nikki DeHart  12/5/19  8:00 pm
Protecting Parental and Individual Rights Luke  12/5/19  7:44 pm
Conversion Therapy Kills A. C.  12/5/19  7:39 pm
No to conversion therapy (torture) Kylee K.  12/5/19  7:15 pm
Conversion Therapy John Mosticone  12/5/19  7:04 pm
Respect for parental rights... Blanca Cohen  12/5/19  6:39 pm
Protect parental rights and stop government censorship in medical counseling Rebecca Ing - member of Virginia Catholic Conference  12/5/19  6:29 pm
Allow clients and professionals to decide on therapy options Robert Lee  12/5/19  6:12 pm
Conversion Therapy Made Me Suicidal Charlie Leaphart  12/5/19  5:56 pm
Guidance Document for Conversion Therapy Willard Phelps, Roman Catholic Church  12/5/19  5:37 pm
Respect Parental Rights Juan Velasquez  12/5/19  5:19 pm
Responses and Recaps, and Support of the Ban on Conversion Therapy E S, American Atheists (ASD, Loudoun)  12/5/19  5:12 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Elizabeth Black  12/5/19  5:10 pm
Guidance on conversion therapy Jane Peworchik  12/5/19  5:08 pm
Parents are the proper source for children health and religious choices-not the State or medical org Bill Carpenter  12/5/19  4:53 pm
Respect and Stand Up for Parental Rights Catherine Thompson  12/5/19  4:43 pm
Parents should be the guides of their children not some unknown regulators. Marie Grewe  12/5/19  4:29 pm
Conversion Therapy is Ineffective, Harmful, and Unethical Brynn Tannehill, SPARTA  12/5/19  4:22 pm
GD 85-7 Violates Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice Thomas J. McCabe  12/5/19  4:17 pm
Parents, not the state, have the responsibility to choose the best therapy for their children Stephen Hertz  12/5/19  4:09 pm
proposal to ban “conversion therapy” Ronald D Ford  12/5/19  4:05 pm
There should be options for families and individuals who want to make an informed decision Margaret Pickard  12/5/19  4:02 pm
Protect parents rights to make decisions about what's best for their children Syra Howington  12/5/19  4:01 pm
Parents should always be the decision makers for their children Syra Howington  12/5/19  4:00 pm
Why take away options? JEREMY PETER GREINER  12/5/19  3:52 pm
Therapists Must Not Be Prevented From Helping Our Gender-Confused Children Kelsey Coalition  12/5/19  3:52 pm
Protect parents rights Naomi Zepeda  12/5/19  3:51 pm
Parents have the fundamental right to make decisions about the upbringing, education & care of child Joanne  12/5/19  3:50 pm
No evidence for conversion therapy Lori Rose  12/5/19  3:43 pm
Freedom of VA Families Kate  12/5/19  3:39 pm
Parents are closest to their children’s challenges and in the best position to ensure their wellbein Chris Murphy  12/5/19  3:34 pm
Parental rights M. Reilly  12/5/19  3:32 pm
Don't take away the parent's fundamental rights to seek counseling guarranteed by Virginia Law William R Deady  12/5/19  3:16 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Alek Williams  12/5/19  3:02 pm
CONVERSION THERAPY IS A SHAM Phil Thompson  12/5/19  3:01 pm
Please do not consider or pass any bill that excludes conversion therapy or parental rights. It is t Gerard Hoffmann  12/5/19  2:41 pm
Conversion Therapy Ronald McKinley  12/5/19  2:28 pm
Protect Parental Rights Richard Dunbar  12/5/19  2:24 pm
Oppose therapy bans in the name of "choice" L. L. Schexnayder  12/5/19  2:21 pm
This bill is politics trying to override healthcare. David Illig Illig Enterprises  12/5/19  2:20 pm
Please oppose the ban - Don't deny parents who are closest to their children options for their care Harry M  12/5/19  2:15 pm
I oppose these regulations as unwarranted interference in medical decisions. Robert J. Abbott  12/5/19  2:08 pm
I oppose these regulations as unwarranted interference in medical decisions and a violation of paren Robert J. abbott  12/5/19  2:07 pm
Do not ban ANY kind of therapy E. M. Browning  12/5/19  2:04 pm
This is not about parent's rights, its about children's rights. Proect them, ban conversion therapy Christopher Tuck  12/5/19  2:00 pm
Support for Guidance Document regarding so-called “conversion therapy” Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign  12/5/19  1:58 pm
Gender Counselling and Gender Fluidity lester gabriel  12/5/19  1:49 pm
protect parent's rights NL  12/5/19  1:44 pm
These regulations are unlawful, harmful, and unreasonable. Please protect our rights. Cleveland Wehle  12/5/19  1:39 pm
I have experienced conversion therapy Dee Carey  12/5/19  1:37 pm
This violates parents' rights and free speech rights of therapists Mary Hasson  12/5/19  1:36 pm
Government censorship in medical counseling Mike Power  12/5/19  1:34 pm
The phrase Conversion Therapy Candice Guillaudeu  12/5/19  1:26 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Erica Claybaugh  12/5/19  1:25 pm
Don’t be pressured by political correctness. Donna Gordon, retired  12/5/19  1:22 pm
Protect Freedom of Virginia Families Darcy McCabe  12/5/19  1:18 pm
Protect children from harm Jennifer Wiggins  12/5/19  1:17 pm
Protect Parental Rights Mary Williams  12/5/19  12:30 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Leo Carling  12/5/19  12:30 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in the counseling of children Thomas F. Griffin  12/5/19  12:28 pm
Parental rights on health of their children Jacqueline Manapsal  12/5/19  12:25 pm
Oppose Ban-There should be options for families and individuals who want to make informed choices Patti Hardy  12/5/19  12:21 pm
Infringement on rights Karla Taylor  12/5/19  12:19 pm
Let Parents Decide Maureen Barrett  12/5/19  12:13 pm
Parents Rights Matt Hamrick  12/5/19  12:10 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom in the counseling of children Mary A Rudy  12/5/19  12:10 pm
protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Brian Coleman  12/5/19  12:09 pm
Oppose Ban-Do Not Infringe on Parental Rights Fouad Arbid  12/5/19  12:03 pm
Protect parental rights and religious freedom! Amanda Morris  12/5/19  11:58 am
Protect Parent's Rights! Karen Shannon  12/5/19  11:57 am
Reject counseling ban guidance document Edward Dudash  12/5/19  11:56 am
Protect Citizens Rights Brian Bashista  12/5/19  11:55 am
Fundamental Right for Parents to Care for Their Children L. Pardee  12/5/19  11:53 am
Parents' rights lawrence zenker  12/5/19  11:52 am
NYC Repealed This After Federal Lawsuit Stephen Akers  12/5/19  11:45 am
Guidance document Kathy Clark  12/5/19  11:45 am
Ban of parental rights Anne C Edwards  12/5/19  11:42 am
Reject the counseling ban Katherine Rings  12/5/19  11:41 am
Do Not Undercut Parental Rights Aida Willis  12/5/19  11:28 am
Let doctors do their job and parents raise their children DO NOT BAN CONVERSION THERAPY Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq. Personhood Alliance  12/5/19  11:27 am
Usurps the role of parents in raising their children. Joseph Kijewski  12/5/19  11:25 am
Parental Rights Maria Carrera  12/5/19  11:21 am
Under VA law parents have the fundamental right to make decisions regarding the care of our children Catherine Spinelli  12/5/19  11:16 am
Intrudes on Privacy and Individual Rights Linda Ames  12/4/19  7:50 pm
Oppose Guidance Document Jeff Caruso, Virginia Catholic Conference  12/4/19  5:06 pm

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