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NOIRA on Heat Illness Prevention
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Comment Title Commenter
Heat Stress Standard Hillary Horn, Temple Rodef Shalom Social Action Committee  6/9/21  11:50 pm
Please Protect Workers Hannah  6/9/21  11:45 pm
Worker Protections against HEAT risks Patty McGrath, Montgomery County Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions  6/9/21  11:43 pm
Heat Stress Shelia Porter  6/9/21  11:42 pm
Heat illness prevention Lee Anne Williams Green New Deal Virginia  6/9/21  11:41 pm
State neeeds occupational health heat protections for workers in absence of federal rules Robert V Poignant, Jr.  6/9/21  11:26 pm
Heat Stress Standard /Vice President VICPP Anonymous (99075)  6/9/21  11:13 pm
Heat Illness Prevention Standard [under development] [16 VAC 25 ? 210] Carolyn Caywood  6/9/21  11:13 pm
Please create heat illness protections for at-risk workers Catherine Saunders  6/9/21  10:47 pm
Protecting outdoor workers from heat stress Shirin Wertime  6/9/21  10:46 pm
Heat and Stress Standards for the VA Safety and Health Codes Boards Joanne R Hutton  6/9/21  10:37 pm
Support for Regulations Protecting Workers from Heat Stress Maggie McCain  6/9/21  10:30 pm
Heat Stress Regulations Robert Shields, Accotink UU Church. Universal Unitarians for Social Justice  6/9/21  9:59 pm
Protect workers Anonymous (99068)  6/9/21  9:43 pm
Honoring the Board’s pledge to adopt strong heat standards Herschell Emery, VCU faculty (retired)  6/9/21  9:39 pm
Heat Illnesses Robin D Mines  6/9/21  9:28 pm
Protect Against Heat Stress Anonymous (99065)  6/9/21  9:27 pm
Address heat illness Anonymous (99064)  6/9/21  9:26 pm
Standards for heat exposure and related health risks Janet Lipscomb  6/9/21  9:24 pm
Heat Stress brian James christoffersen  6/9/21  9:17 pm
Protect Farm Workers from Heat Stroke Dana Palmer  6/9/21  9:09 pm
Support Heat Illness Prevention Standard, 16VAC25-210 Steve Sallman, USW  6/9/21  8:56 pm
I believe that Virginia’s workers need emergency regulations to ensure their safety in the workplace Carol E Thompson-Nelson  6/9/21  8:55 pm
protect workers from excessive heat Margaret Rubin  6/9/21  8:53 pm
In support of the development of strong heat stress standards to protect workers Susie Cambria  6/9/21  8:48 pm
Heat stress on employees Margaret V. Lee  6/9/21  8:47 pm
Heat Stress Standards to Protect Workers Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy  6/9/21  8:42 pm
Virginia should adopt a clear, strong Heat Illness Prevention Standard to save lives Juley Fulcher, Public Citizen  6/9/21  8:39 pm
Please develop regulations addressing heat illness Riverly Twardy  6/9/21  8:33 pm
Manufacturing Workers & Heat Stress Jessica D Wright  6/9/21  8:23 pm
strong standards/regulations for addressing heat illness to protect workers needed Dr. Rachel Levy  6/9/21  8:22 pm
Stop heat stress for workers Charlotte Shnaider  6/9/21  8:14 pm
Heat Stress Roy Wilensky  6/9/21  8:13 pm
Comments on Heat Stress Standards to the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board Elizabeth Struthers Malbon  6/9/21  8:02 pm
Protect Workers Melanie Smith  6/9/21  8:00 pm
Heat Stress Standards Meredith Gross  6/9/21  7:55 pm
Heat Stress Anonymous (99045)  6/9/21  7:47 pm
Heat Stress Dana Connor, Aldie UMW  6/9/21  7:39 pm
We have concerns about Virginia developing a heat illness standard apart from OSHA Tom Tracy PhD, Virginia Turfgrass Council  6/9/21  7:36 pm
The need for heat stress protections for workers Linda J. Dillon  6/9/21  7:35 pm
Yes to heat regulation to protect farmworkers Susan Kuhn  6/9/21  7:29 pm
Strongly Support Greg A Garland  6/9/21  7:26 pm
Heat condition in work environments Anonymous (99039)  6/9/21  7:25 pm
Government controlling workers ability to make money and make life choices S T  6/9/21  7:15 pm
Regulations for at-risk workers Michele Andersen  6/9/21  7:12 pm
Comment in Response to Virginia Department of Labor and Industry/Safety and Health Codes Board NOIRA Farmworker Justice  6/9/21  7:05 pm
Heat Stress Protections Tonya Osinkosky  6/9/21  6:58 pm
if heat is the problem the golf courses should shut down every hour Anonymous (99033)  6/9/21  6:34 pm
Strong regulations needed Emily Lopynski  6/9/21  6:31 pm
Protect Workers from Excessive Hear Anonymous (99030)  6/9/21  6:17 pm
Protect Virginia Workers / Protejan a los Trabajadores de Virginia Manuel Gago  6/9/21  6:11 pm
strong standards/regulations for addressing heat illness to protect farmworkers and others at risk Stephen and Diana Ruth  6/9/21  5:53 pm
Heat Illness safety precautions for outdoor workers Charlene Yang  6/9/21  5:53 pm
heat effects on outdoor workers Ellie Syverud  6/9/21  5:51 pm
Heat-related work conditions Janet Curtis  6/9/21  5:49 pm
Heat Relief Measures Kim Della Puca  6/9/21  5:44 pm
Please help workers exposed to high temperatures outdoors and indoors Martha Martin  6/9/21  5:28 pm
Heat Stress Standards Marie Stella  6/9/21  5:23 pm
Heat Illness Protection for Workers. Cristeena G Naser  6/9/21  5:15 pm
Adopt Heat Stress Standards Kathy Desmond  6/9/21  5:02 pm
Support Heat Illness Prevention Standard Eunice Salcedo, AFSCME  6/9/21  4:33 pm
VRLTA Comments re NOIRA on Heat Illness Prevention Standard [16 VAC – 210]. Robert Melvin, Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association  6/9/21  4:29 pm
Comprehensive Regulation Does Not Fit JON LAWSON, Vindicated Environmental, LLC  6/9/21  2:09 pm
Protecting Virginia workers in a changing climate Narissa Turner on behalf of the Virginia Conservation Network  6/9/21  1:47 pm
Heat Illness Robert  6/9/21  12:52 pm
Support heat stress standards in VA! Amanda Silcox  6/9/21  12:40 pm
Comments of Virginia's Electric Cooperatives Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives  6/9/21  12:16 pm
NRDC Support for Heat Illness Prevention Standard (16VAC25-210) Juanita Constible  6/9/21  11:22 am
Support Heat Illness Prevention Standard, 16VAC25-210 Doris Crouse-Mays, Virginia AFL-CIO  6/9/21  10:20 am
Comments on Heat Illness Prevention Standard Delmarva Chicken Association  6/9/21  9:55 am
Virginians need heat stress protections Rachel McFarland; Legal Aid Justice Center  6/9/21  9:24 am
Supporting Heat Stress Standards in VA Paul Berry, Virginia Latino Advisory Board  6/9/21  9:16 am
Heat Stress Conditions Yohance Whitaker  6/9/21  7:03 am
Heat Protection for Outdoor Workers Kathleen Price, Virginia Clinicians For Climate Action  6/8/21  10:42 pm
SUPORT Heat Stress Standards in VA Thalia Hernandez  6/8/21  9:14 pm
Protecting workers from heat stress Nicholas Snow, MD  6/8/21  8:39 pm
Research in support of Virginia's Heat Stress Standard Ronda McCarthy, MD, MPH, FACOEM  6/8/21  6:10 pm
Additional regulations, Heat Charlie Marcotte  6/8/21  5:34 pm
Heat standards for workers Kristine  6/8/21  5:08 pm
VTCA Comments on Notice of Intended Regulatory Action - Heat Illness Prevention VA Transportation Construction Alliance  6/8/21  5:01 pm
Virginia cannot wait for OSHA or Congress to take possible future action. Jess Gabbay  6/8/21  4:25 pm
TCI Comments on Heat Stress Protections Ashley Kenneth, The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis  6/8/21  4:25 pm
NO on 16VAC25-210 Anonymous (98987)  6/8/21  3:50 pm
Protect Workers Against Heat Illness Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action  6/8/21  3:33 pm
Doli Heat Bill Ragland  6/8/21  3:17 pm
Concerns about Additional Virginia Regulations on Heat Associated General Contractors of Virginia  6/8/21  3:09 pm
Heat Regulations Gary Eavers  6/8/21  2:56 pm
VFA Comments on Heat Illness NOIRA Virginia Forestry Association  6/8/21  2:48 pm
heat Ray Bowes  6/8/21  2:44 pm
We do not need any more burdensome regulations Anonymous (98980)  6/8/21  2:32 pm
Government Over Reach Joe Kouten  6/8/21  2:08 pm
Heat Stress Standard Cora Roelofs, University of Massachusetts Lowell  6/8/21  1:38 pm
Oppose George Wallace  6/8/21  1:38 pm
UA Local 5 Plumbers and Gasfitters supports the Heat Illness Prevention Standard Lou Spencer UA Local 5 Plumbers and Gasfitters  6/8/21  11:52 am
Continue to Review or Oppose Heat Illness Prevention Standards Ross Snare, Prince William Chamber of Commerce  6/8/21  11:09 am
Heat Stress Regulations are Necessary Lucy Parks  6/8/21  11:00 am
worker heat protection Homan Wai, Virginia clinicians for climate action  6/8/21  10:15 am
Requiring the proposed protections from heat illnesses for outdoor workers Marcia Geyer  6/8/21  9:58 am
Heat Illness Anonymous (98965)  6/8/21  9:25 am
NOIRA Regarding Heat Illness in At-Risk Workers Bruce Burton  6/7/21  12:25 pm
Regulations on heat illness prevention for workers Eve Schwartz  6/7/21  11:58 am
Protecting Virginia's workers from extreme heat Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action  6/7/21  11:17 am
Heat illness prevention regulations are reasonable and necessary Jerome A. Paulson, MD, FAAP  6/7/21  10:44 am
Setting standards to address heat on the job Mary Barhydt  6/6/21  3:34 pm
Concerns over outdoor employee regulations Sarah WhiteYHR Holdings  6/5/21  4:01 pm
AIHA Support for Heat Illness Prevention Standard Mark Ames, AIHA  6/4/21  3:55 pm
adopt permanent safety standard for Virginia workers Maria Clymer Kurtz  6/4/21  3:16 pm
Heat Stress Standards for Workers Ed Kringer  6/4/21  11:10 am
Heat Illness RSH  6/4/21  8:44 am
Heat Illness Leigh Eicher  6/4/21  8:27 am
Heat illness regulations for outdoor workers Madeline Helbraun  6/4/21  8:22 am
Heat illness regulations John Peterson  6/4/21  7:25 am
Protect at Risk Workers from Heat Emily Little  6/3/21  11:12 pm
Town hall user policy John Richard, mt Zion Baptist church  6/3/21  10:22 pm
Heat Illness Prevention Anonymous (98938)  6/3/21  5:48 pm
Policy re: Heat Illness Ruth E Stewart  6/3/21  5:16 pm
Worker heat protections are needed Samantha Ahdoot, MD. Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action  6/3/21  3:55 pm
Celanese Corporation's Comments on Notice of Intended Regulatory Action on Heat Illness Prevention Celanese Corporation  6/3/21  3:25 pm
Heat Illness Addie Peterson, New Horizons Presbyterian Church  6/3/21  2:01 pm
Regulations to Prevent Heat Stress Kimberly Emery  6/3/21  12:38 pm
Preventing Heat Stroke Among Agricultural and Indoor Workers Rea Howarth  6/3/21  11:49 am
proposed NOIRA Mary Helen Sullivan  6/3/21  11:28 am
Please issue regulations to address heat illness Tara Casey  6/3/21  11:16 am
protect our essential workers Ann Hess  6/3/21  10:40 am
Heat illness worker protections Sarah Wiles  6/3/21  9:57 am
Heat Illness Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church  6/3/21  9:45 am
Support regarding Heat Related Illness Allison Peterson  6/3/21  9:21 am
protection of workers from heat distress and illnes Jo Marie Griesgraber  6/3/21  9:17 am
Heat illness protections Lou Fisher  6/3/21  9:16 am
Heat illness prevention Charles Swadley  6/3/21  7:54 am
please extend ETS permanently to protect front line workers. They deserve it and we need them. David H Teschner  6/3/21  7:31 am
HEAT ILLNESS Mary Keene  6/3/21  1:21 am
Heat illness Glynis A Barber  6/3/21  12:09 am
Heat Illness Prevention Jacqueline H Dwyer  6/2/21  10:47 pm
Protect farmworkers from heat illnesses Ginge Sivigny  6/2/21  9:57 pm
Heat illness regulations Jennie L Waering, Central Church of the Brethren  6/2/21  9:49 pm
Protections from Heat Illness Marlene Dakita  6/2/21  9:48 pm
Regulation on Heat Illness Sheila Kryston  6/2/21  8:54 pm
Heat Illness Cristeena G Naser  6/2/21  8:21 pm
Doli heat illness prevention Rva hospitality  6/2/21  7:14 am
unfair tim cook / A Auto body  5/27/21  9:56 am
Unreasonable, unnecessary, and unfair Daniel Chahel  5/27/21  8:39 am
Heat Bill Ragland  5/27/21  8:25 am
Heat Prevention Regulation is unrealistic Scott  5/27/21  7:58 am
What? Bob  5/26/21  12:13 pm

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