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Heat Illness Prevention Standard [16 VAC 25 ‑ 210]
Action NOIRA on Heat Illness Prevention
Comment Period Ended on 6/9/2021
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6/9/21  7:15 pm
Commenter: S T

Government controlling workers ability to make money and make life choices

I want to start by saying we pay attention to the heat, our employees, watch out for heat related issues, supply filtered cold water, gatorade, evaporative cooling fans and building fans to move hot air out. They are mostly in the shade. 

They can stop and get a drink or rest anytime they need to.

Our techs also get a production bonus, making them stop due to regulation will effect their ability to make money.

During the summer if there are 15 minute breaks ever hour does this:

  • Count as lunch breaks?
  • Are they allowed to use their phone or is that considered personal time?
  • Is this the time they are allowed to use the bathroom?
  • Do they have to sit there, drink water and stare at the wall?
  • Do we have to do a breathalyzer test at the beginning of the day to account for hydration? (According to the write up smoking and alcohol effect hydration)
  • Are we supposed to start getting personal medical information for heat related issues? (HIPPA law anyone?)
  • Do we now control what they eat and drink during hot days to make sure they are properly hydrated? (coffee / soda / energy drinks not allowed ?)

Obviously we want our employees to be healthy, if they fall down, we, nor they can make a living. When we have to stop every hour, customers are going to yell at us.

This outline 16 VAC 25-210 lumped to many industries together, auto repair, golf courses, catering, forest firefighter.

Are you going to tell a forest firefighter to stop and take a break in the middle of a fire?

How about regulating office workers out go outside for 15 minutes every hour to get out from in front of the computer and control what they eat due to lack of exercise and heart disease issues?

I was an automotive technician for 13 years before owning a shop, I would have hated this rule for stopping my ability to make a living. I have brought this up to the techs in my shop they do not like it.

We are still trying to make it coming out of corona, another road block is not what we need.




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