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Department of Environmental Quality
State Water Control Board
Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Regulation (formerly 4VAC50-60) [9 VAC 25 ‑ 870]
103 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
6378 Virginia Environmental Excellence Program Operations Manual 2/18/2021 
7145 Manual for Processing Requests Pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act 12/19/2022 
7146 E-Signature Guidance 12/1/2021 
CEM-07 Civil Enforcement Manual - Chapter 4 - Civil Charges and Civil Penalties 12/31/2021 
PREP-2017-01 Pollution Response Program - Base Manual 7/18/2017 
PREP-2021-01 Transportation Incident Management Annex (TIM) – Interim Plan, GUIDANCE DOCUMENT: PREP-2021-01 4/28/2022 
BOARD: State Water Control Board
2283 Virginia Brownfield Remediation Loan Program Guidelines 11/20/2018 
2284 Virginia Land Conservation Loan Program Guidelines 11/20/2018 
2285 Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund - Guidelines 5/1/2012 
2287 Procedural Guidlines for Virginia's Wastewater Revolving Loan Fund 5/1/2017 
2288 Virginia Agricultural BMP Loan Program Guidelines 2/18/2021 
5215 Stormwater Loan Program Guidelines * 11/20/2018 
6130 Stormwater Local Assistance Fund Program Guidelines * 8/18/2022 
00-2006 Spiking Requirements for Metals Analysis 3/23/2000 
00-2010 Protocol for DEQ Action in the Event Unpermitted Discharges are Identified 8/22/2000 
00-2011 Guidance on Preparing VPDES Permit Limits based on Water Quality Standards for Toxics 8/24/2000 
00-2011 QL Related Update to Guidance Memo 00-2011 - Amendment 4 (1-3 no longer effective)) 4/10/2003 
00-2012 Toxics Management Program Implementation 8/24/2000 
00-2016 Chain of Custody Policy and Procedures - Amendment 1 3/14/2006 
01-2001 Use of USGS 1980 Hydrologic Unit Map of the US to Determine Appropriate Hydrologic Unit Code for Compensatory Mitigation using Mitigation Bank Credits 1/8/2001 
01-2005 Interim Guidance for Spray Irrigation and Reuse of Wastewater 1/18/2001 
01-2008 Numbering of Outfalls for VPDES Permits 3/21/2001 
01-2012 Siting of Storm Water BMPs in Surface Waters and the Application of Temperature Standard to Impoundments 4/18/2001 
01-2013 Checklists for Wastewater Laboratory Inspections 5/3/2001 
01-2013 Checklists for Wastewater Laboratory Instpections - Amendment 2 5/10/2002 
01-2013 Checklists for Wastewater Laboratory Inspections - Amendment #3 5/24/2004 
01-2017 DEQ Staff Biosecurity Procedures and Response to Suspected and/or Confirmed Outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease 5/21/2001 
02-2002 Fish Kill Guidance Manual Second Edition 3/4/2002  Changes Being Made
02-2010 Water Compliance Auditing Manual 7/3/2002 
03-2007 Implementation of bacteria standards in VPDES Permits 3/27/2003 
2286 Virginia Wastewater Revolving Loan Fund Program Design Manual 11/20/2018 
6131A Living Shorelines Loan Program Guidelines 7/1/2019 
6131B Living Shorelines Local Plan Guidelines 7/1/2019 
90-016 Use of State Model by Consultants 7/2/1990 
91-020 Modifications to September 8, 1989 Guidance Memo VPDES Permitting Strategy for Discharges Resulting from UST Remediation Projects and Similar Projects 10/1/1991 
91-028 Procedure for Assigning Numbers to Permits 12/10/1991 
92-006 Authorization to Issue Certifications for Tax Exemptions 3/9/1992 
92-006 Authorization to Issue Certifications for Tax Exemptions for Underground Storage Tanks - Addendum #5 11/4/1996 
92-013 Reporting of BOD5 Results for VPDES Monitoring 4/21/1992 
92-018 Virginia Pollution Abatement (VPA) Permit Program 8/28/1992 
93-008 DEQ Water Division Water Purification Systems Contaminants 4/20/1993 
93-026 Permitting Strategy for Wood Preserving Operations 10/11/1994 
93-026 Amd 1 Permitting Strategy for Wood Preserving Operations Amendment 1 10/11/1994 
94-003 Classification of Effluent/Water Quality Limiting Segments and Relationship with Antidegradation Tiers 3/22/1994 
94-012 Calcium Carbonate Equivalence Testing Requirements 10/20/1994 
94-017 VPA Farm Fertilizer and Chemical Dealerships 12/22/1994 
95-002 VPA Land Application of Water Treatment Plant Residuals 1/19/1995 
95-006 Updated Technical Criteria for VPA Industrial Land Application Program 9/28/1995 
95-008 General Permits 11/3/1995 
96-001 Storm Water Permitting 3/15/1996 
96-002 OandG/TPH Limites for Certain Effluents 4/9/1996 
97-2006 Revised Local Government Ordinance Form 11/24/1997 
98-2005 Reduced Monitoring 5/4/1998 
98-2011 Inspection Checklists for Analyses of Mercury by Cold Vapor and Metals 11/4/1998 
99-2003 Use of Method 1664 for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) Determination in VPDES Permits 2/26/1999 
DCR-VSWCB-011 Virginia Stormwater Management Handbook * 9/1/1999 
DCR-VSWCB-024 Guidance Document on Virginia Stormwater Management Program Site Inspection Strategies * 3/7/2011 
DCR-VSWCB-026 Guidance Document on Utilization of Nonpoint Nutrient Offsets * 11/14/2011 
DCR-VSWCB-029 Activities Constituting Substantive Progress Towards Local Development of a Virginia Stormwater Management Program * 12/13/2012 
DCR-VSWCB-030 Stormwater Management Model Ordinance * 12/13/2012 
GM01-2013 Checklists for Wastewater Laboratory Inspections - Amendment 4A 10/5/2005 
GM01-2013 Checklists for Wastewater Laboratory Inspections 11/1/2001 
GM01-2013 Checklist for Wastewater Laboratory - Amendment #7 1/14/2008 
GM02-2010 Water Compliance Auditing Manual Amendment 2- Revisions to Section I “Spills”, Section J “Inspection” and Appendix I “Point Assessment Criteria” 7/29/2009 
GM03-2003 Interpretation for Water Monitoring of GM00-2016 - Chain of Custody Policy and Procedures - Amendment 1 3/14/2006 
GM03-2012 HSPF Model Calibration and Verification for Bacteria TMDLs 9/3/2003 
GM03-2013 Method for Calculating E. Coli TMDLs based on Fecal Colifiorm Monitoring 3/3/2003 
GM03-2014 Reporting of Data Generated During Approved Training Programs 9/10/2003 
GM03-2015 Method for Representing WLAs in Bacteria TMDLs 11/25/2003 
GM04-2003 Certification of Operator Requirements 1/20/2004 
GM04-2012 Coordination of Water Permit Programs with the Dept. of Health 5/25/2004 
GM05-2013 Duty to Apply for VPDES CAFO Permit in Lieu of 2005 U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Decision 10/6/2005 
GM06-2005 Biosecurity Procedures for Poultry Farm Visits 5/24/2006 
GM06-2007 Definition of Aboveground Storage Tanks for the Purpose of Eligibility for Va. Petroleum Storage Tank Reimbursement 6/13/2006 
GM06-2010 Guidelines for DEQ Review and Approval of Biological Monitoring QAPPs Submitted by Non-DEQ Sources 8/28/2006 
GM06-2011 Water Permit Fee Program Procedures 8/1/2006 
GM06-2012-Amd #1 Review Procedures for WQIF Grant Applications and Agreement Negotiations 12/10/2007 
GM06-2012-Amd #1 Add #1 Review Procedures for WQIF Grant Applications and Agreement Negotiations for Wastewater Conveyance Infrastructure Projects 8/15/2021 
GM06-2016 Significant Figures for Discharge Monitoring Reports 11/2/2006 
GM09-2001 TMDL Guidance for Monitoring of Point Sources for TMDL Development using Low-level PCB Method 1668 (Amendment 1) 11/1/2011 
GM09-2001 Guidance for monitoring of point sources for TMDL development using low-level PCB method 1668 3/6/2009 
GM09-2002 DEQ Field Measurements, Sampling and Evaluation of Data 2/27/2009 
GM09-2005 Monitoring and Assessment of Lakes and Reservoirs 12/11/2020 
GM09-2012 Applying the Freedom of Information Act Exemption of Location Information to DEQ Water Division Permit Files - Amendment No. 1 11/23/2009 
GM11-2002 Assessing points for violations of Chesapeake Bay annual load and concentration limitations for Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus 1/26/2011 
GM12-2001 Determining Compliance with the use of VELAP Laboratory for VPDES and VPA Reporting 4/20/2012 
GM14-2004 Procedures for Reviewing and Deriving Total PCB Concentrations from Samples Analyzed Using Low-Level PCB Method 1668 to be Used in the Development and Implementation of TMDLs 4/4/2014 
GM14-2014 Implementation Guidance for Section 47 (time limits on applicability of approved design criteria) and Section 48 (grandfathering) of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulation, 9VAC25-870 * 8/25/2014 
GM14-2015 TMDL Waste Load Allocation Modifications in Response to New, Expanding, or Relinquished Discharges 9/26/2014 
GM15-2003 Postdevelopment Stormwater Management Implementation Guidance for Linear Utility Projects under the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulation, 9VAC25-870 * 4/23/2015 
GM16-2001 Updated Virginia Runoff Reduction Method Compliance Spreadsheets - Version 3.0 * 5/2/2016 
GM16-2006 TMDL Action Planning for Local Total Maximum Daily Loads as Required in the Small MS4 General Permit (VAR04) Effective July 1, 2013 and MS4 Individual Permits * 11/21/2016 
GM18-2004 Procedures for Pipeline Stop Work Instruction 6/18/2018 
GM18-2012 Point Assessment for Alleged Violations of the Construction Stormwater Permit Criteria and Enforcement Referral Guidance * 12/20/2018 
GM19-2002 Virginia’s Nonpoint Source (NPS) Implementation Best Management Practice (BMP) Guidelines 7/1/2022 
GM20-2001 Addendum to Trading Nutrient Reductions from Nonpoint Source Best Management Practices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Guidance for Agricultural Landowners and Your Potential Trading Partners 3/5/2020 
GM20-2003 Chesapeake Bay TMDL Special Condition Guidance (Rev. 11/12/2020) * 2/6/2021 
GM22-2011 Streamlined Plan Review for Construction Stormwater Plans and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans submitted by a Licensed Design Professional and reviewed by a Dual Combined Administrator for Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management * 1/19/2023 
GM22-2012 Stormwater Management and Erosion & Sediment Control Design Guide * 2/18/2023 
GM24-2001 Virginia Stormwater Management Handbook, Version 1.0 * 4/27/2024 
GM24-2002 Virginia Runoff Reduction Method Compliance Spreadsheet User’s Guide & Documentation (Version 4.1, July 2024) * 4/27/2024 
LPR-SRR-2017-01 Discharges of Oil into Basements 10/20/2017 
LPR-SRR-2021-01 EPA Brownfields Grant Eligibility Review for Petroleum Contaminated Sites - Revised 8/4/2022 

* Document applies to this chapter specifically. Other documents listed apply to the parent board or agency.