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CLOSED     Opened on 8/16/2021 and Ended on 10/15/2021

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Bank Street needs to remain open! Melissa Kravetz  10/15/21  10:22 pm
Bank Street Sarah Lazzaro  10/15/21  6:07 pm
Bank Street should reopened to easy bicyclist and pedestrian pass through in both directs John Hamilton  10/15/21  5:05 pm
Bank Street Access Brian W  10/15/21  2:54 pm
Bank St access Christopher Yeager  10/15/21  1:12 pm
Keep Bank Street Open Jessica Morton  10/15/21  1:00 pm
Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians David Lynch  10/15/21  12:36 pm
Please Leave Bank Street Alone K Burden  10/15/21  12:31 pm
Keep Bank Street Open! Brandy Brown, Dunlap Law  10/15/21  12:11 pm
Open Up Bank Street Wyatt Gordon  10/15/21  11:50 am
Bank Street Accessibility for Bikes julie weissend  10/15/21  11:46 am
Bank Street Alexis  10/15/21  11:31 am
The absurdity needs to end. Keep Bank Street open Kristen  10/15/21  11:23 am
Keep Bank St Open to Bikes and Pedestrians Daniel Mullery  10/15/21  11:20 am
Open Bank Scott  10/15/21  11:20 am
Bank St Christine Luckritz Marquis  10/15/21  11:12 am
Keep bank st open Neal Friedman  10/15/21  11:12 am
For the safety of all, please keep Bank Street open to cyclists and pedestrians! Anonymous (111071)  10/15/21  10:49 am
Bank Street Robin Gordon  10/15/21  10:23 am
Please keep Bank st open to pedestrians / bikes Derrick Gregory, citizen of City of Richmond  10/15/21  10:15 am
Bike/walk access Lisa Lynn Hardy  10/15/21  10:08 am
Bank Street bike lanes Bill Rider  10/15/21  10:08 am
Prioritize Bike/Ped Infrastructure Anonymous (111027)  10/15/21  10:06 am
Bank Street Access Justin Crow  10/15/21  10:04 am
Keep Bank Street Open to Public! Grady Hart  10/15/21  9:50 am
Keep Bank Street Public Elle De La Cancela, CCAN  10/15/21  9:47 am
Bank Street for People Dan Motta, PlanRVA  10/15/21  9:27 am
Please Keep Bank Street and Capital Square Open Chris Crowley  10/15/21  9:24 am
Bank street is critical infrastructure for Richmond residents Chris Banks  10/15/21  9:23 am
Walk path Cammy Leech  10/15/21  9:21 am
keep bank street accessible devin  10/15/21  9:21 am
Enabling easier bike/pedestrian routes is a state priority - Please model that ANDREW C GRIGSBY  10/15/21  9:18 am
Keep Bank St Accessible Anonymous (110955)  10/15/21  9:09 am
Bank Street restrictions Thomas Trotter  10/15/21  9:00 am
Bank St for pedestrians / cyclists Anonymous (110920)  10/15/21  8:44 am
Please keep Bank Street open to all pedestrians and cyclists Hunter Wojohn  10/15/21  8:44 am
Leave Bank St. Open, Remove Current Barriers WW  10/15/21  8:44 am
Bank Street Public Bike Access James Crenshaw  10/15/21  8:43 am
Bicycle/Pedestrian traffic though capitol sq/bank street Lindsey Franklin  10/15/21  8:40 am
Make Bank Street Bike Lane Accessible 24/7 Hannah McHugh  10/15/21  8:35 am
Bank Street bicycle traffic. Anonymous (110903)  10/15/21  8:30 am
Maintain pedestrian and cycling access through Bank Street Stuart Ruiz  10/15/21  8:23 am
Please Keep Bank Street Open for Bikes and Pedestrians. Pete Woody  10/15/21  8:22 am
Bank Street should stay open to pedestrian and bike through traffic Anonymous (110895)  10/15/21  8:20 am
Please Maintain Pedestrian/Bicycle Access to Bank Street Charles Warren  10/15/21  8:19 am
Keep Bank Street open to cyclist and pedestrians John Murden  10/15/21  8:17 am
Please keep bank street open to pedestrians and cyclists Rachel Anderson  10/15/21  8:03 am
Keep bike/pedestrian access 24/7 Sheryl Johnson  10/15/21  8:02 am
Keep Bank Street open for bikes and pedestrians! Anonymous (110879)  10/15/21  8:02 am
Leave Bank Street open and remove barriers. Daniel White  10/15/21  8:01 am
Please keep bank street open to pedestrians and bicyclists. Carl Patow  10/15/21  7:33 am
Bank Street Bikes Anonymous (110860)  10/15/21  7:33 am
Bank street Anonymous (110858)  10/15/21  7:31 am
City Bicycle Infrastructure Jonathan Bareford  10/15/21  6:18 am
Please keep Bank Street open to pedestrians and bikes Jackie K.  10/14/21  9:56 pm
Public Access John Bolecek  10/14/21  9:45 pm
Bank Street Anonymous (110535)  10/14/21  8:26 pm
Bank Street Jim Cobb  10/14/21  8:19 pm
Reopen Bank Street to all traffic Donovan McGill  10/14/21  8:15 pm
Keep bank street open at night Anonymous (110470)  10/14/21  7:43 pm
Keep Bank St open to pedestrians and cyclists. Chuck Savage  10/14/21  7:25 pm
Keep Bike Lanes on Franklin and Bank St. open Colleen G.  10/14/21  4:22 pm
Re-open Bank Street it's a city street not part of Capitol Square Stuart  10/14/21  3:58 pm
Bank st - Bicycle / pedestrian access MICHAEL BROOKS  10/14/21  3:50 pm
Bank St Closure Andrew Bunn  10/14/21  3:46 pm
Bank Street Barbara  10/14/21  3:41 pm
Bank Street is crucial to transportation grid. Brantley Tyndall, Virginia Bicycling Federation  10/14/21  2:23 pm
Do NOT Restrict Access to Bank Street John Hemmer-Beaumont  10/14/21  2:19 pm
“Sic semper tyranis?? Anonymous (110179)  10/14/21  1:35 pm
Do not restrict Bank Street access Brandon Lowe  10/14/21  1:05 pm
Keep Bank St. open to people Daniel Wagner  10/14/21  12:54 pm
Do Not Restrict Liza Grishaeva  10/14/21  12:45 pm
Bank street Ansley  10/14/21  12:29 pm
Bank street Anna Golden  10/14/21  12:03 pm
Keep Bank Street Open to Bikes Duront Walton  10/14/21  11:57 am
Protect access to Bank St for pedestrians, bikes and other non-vehicular transportation options Aaron Sullivan  10/14/21  11:54 am
Bank Street Access J Fields-Johnson  10/14/21  11:44 am
Allow 24/7 access to Bank St for cyclists and pedestrians Delaney Blom  10/14/21  11:43 am
Bank street Harley  10/14/21  11:41 am
Allow 24/7 pedestrian and bicycle access on Bank St Robert Sullivan  10/14/21  11:37 am
Keep bank street open Leah  10/14/21  11:35 am
Keep Bank St open and improve connection for cyclists Jodi D  10/14/21  11:34 am
Keep Bank st open 24/7 for pedestrians and cyclists Madison  10/14/21  11:21 am
Pedestrian and Active Transportation Access Jonathon Wright  10/14/21  11:19 am
What dumbass decided that closing bank st at dark was a good idea Anonymous (109974)  10/14/21  11:19 am
Keep bank street open, remove current fence barriers Summer  10/14/21  11:16 am
keep bank st open to cyclists/pedestrians 24/7 Anonymous (109960)  10/14/21  11:13 am
We need safe access to shockoe bottom and downtown Management Quickness couriers  10/14/21  11:09 am
Bank Street Access Ruth Morrison  10/14/21  10:58 am
Keep Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Michael Stapor  10/14/21  10:51 am
Please keep bank st open 24/7 to pedestrians and cyclists Josh Crites  10/14/21  10:51 am
Please keep bank street open for bike use Arnold Sullivan  10/14/21  10:46 am
Allow 24/7 pedestrian and bicycle access on Bank St Doug Allen  10/14/21  10:34 am
Don't Criminalize Pedestrianism Barry O'Keefe, Extinction Rebellion Richmond  10/14/21  10:34 am
Please maintain public access to pedestrians and cyclists Jeisson Apolo  10/14/21  10:32 am
Bank Street Ron Swann, Swann Business Services, Inc.  10/14/21  10:32 am
Bank Street for Pedestrians and Cyclists Luke  10/14/21  10:31 am
Bank Street Jason James  10/14/21  10:26 am
Keep Bank Street open for pedestrian and bicycle use 24/7 Marjorie Menacker  10/14/21  10:21 am

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