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Amendment to name tag requirement
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CLOSED     Opened on 1/23/2017 and Ended on 2/22/2017

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ID BADGES Wendy E. Winston,RN,CMSRN HCA Parham Doctors Hospital  2/21/17  10:32 am
First Name Only / ID Badge Donna Tuck, MRMC  2/10/17  3:08 pm
Name Badges Virginia Department of Corrections  2/8/17  3:00 pm
id badges bethney,Sentara  2/8/17  11:10 am
ID badges Becky Pence-Brill, SRMH  2/8/17  10:52 am
ID badges. Eileen-SRMH  2/8/17  9:14 am
ID badge change Elissa Blevins, Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital  2/7/17  9:14 am
Names on Badges Stephanie Findley, SRMH Imaging  2/7/17  8:31 am
first names only Megan Garnett, RN  2/7/17  6:01 am
id badge Bonnie Ferrara, RN  2/6/17  8:59 pm
Nurse Safety Sandra Agositnelli,RN, CCRN, VCU CMH, South Hill  2/6/17  7:37 pm
choice based on risk Jennifer Dixon RN  2/6/17  5:52 pm
Name badges for nurses Danita, Sentara Rockingham  2/6/17  3:17 pm
Name badges Amy Block  2/6/17  12:58 pm
IN FAVOR OF 1ST NAME ONLY S. Woolridge RN  2/6/17  12:09 pm
Support Only First Names on ID Sharon Bragg, RN in Virginia  2/6/17  10:55 am
name tags brenda s lewis,Haynesville Correctional Center  2/6/17  10:24 am
No last name on badge Leslee Michael SRMH  2/6/17  9:29 am
Amendment to Name Tag requirement Rina Reynolds  2/3/17  11:35 pm
Frist name Dillwyn Correction Center  2/3/17  9:17 am
First Name Dillwyn Correctional Center  2/3/17  9:14 am
ID Badge Kimberly Carr, Sentara RMH  2/2/17  2:57 pm
Name on ID Badge Brooke Sandoval, RN SRMH  2/2/17  2:44 pm
ID regulation admendment Samantha Ritchie RN  2/2/17  1:54 pm
Full Name on ID Badge Jessica, Sentara RMH  2/2/17  2:46 am
Names on IDs Mary Holc, ANP-BC  2/1/17  6:52 pm
Support SAFETY: First name, Last Initial Daphne C, SRMH  2/1/17  6:50 pm
First name, Last initial is being done in other states for safety concerns. Fully support!! Western State Hospital  2/1/17  10:22 am
Proposed amendment Janice Alley, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN  2/1/17  8:50 am
Full Name on badge Sentara RMH  2/1/17  8:42 am
Unprofessional Leslie Durr, PhD, RN  2/1/17  7:12 am
ID badge ammendment Kelly  1/31/17  6:15 pm
ID badge Sandra, SRMH  1/31/17  3:09 pm
ID Basge Ashley, SRMH  1/31/17  2:39 pm
ID badges Salinda Rhodes, Sentara RMH Medical Center  1/31/17  12:54 pm
First name, Last initial is being done in other states for safety concerns. Fully support. Christine P, VCU  1/31/17  11:04 am
ID badges Amy, Sentara RMH  1/31/17  10:42 am
Name Badges Nancy Benner Sentara  1/31/17  8:52 am
ID badge Alexis Jones  1/31/17  7:48 am
ID BADGES JAZMIN F.  1/30/17  9:32 pm
amendment response Bonnie Vencill, RN, CNOR Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital  1/30/17  9:02 pm
Support this amendment - personal & professional reasons Nurse  1/30/17  3:26 pm
I support this admentment Sentara RMH  1/30/17  3:24 pm
RN A. Snow RN, Sentara RMH  1/30/17  2:47 pm
Remove last name Rachel, RN BSN, SRMH  1/30/17  1:18 pm
RE: Requiring accreditation for nursing schools. Mylene B Johnson  1/30/17  12:07 pm
In Support Amy HardenMSN, RN , Nurse Manager, Riverside Rehabilitation Institute  1/30/17  10:42 am
In Support Amy HardenMSN, RN , Nurse Manager, Riverside Rehabilitation Institute  1/30/17  10:41 am
Badge Amendment Debra Smith, BSN RN SRMH  1/30/17  9:23 am
Badge Amendment SRMH  1/30/17  9:15 am
name badge Sentara RMH Medical Center  1/30/17  8:58 am
I support this amendment. Kimi Campagna, UVA  1/30/17  8:47 am
ID Badges Adrienne Garo UVA Medical Center  1/30/17  8:37 am
ID badges EMILY MILLER WENGER, Sentara RMH  1/30/17  8:31 am
name tags Catherine Bowman, Sentara RMH  1/30/17  8:08 am
first name & inital last name....Yep uva  1/30/17  7:47 am
ID Name Badges Sarah Eyre, Sentara RMH  1/30/17  7:41 am
I agree first name and last initial Sherelle lewis,l Riverside health systems  1/30/17  2:50 am
First name, last name initial Joni Brady, DNP, RN, CAPA  1/29/17  8:58 pm
Public display of Nurses last names Pam Kleczek RN  1/29/17  1:25 pm
Name badge requirements Sharon Driscoll, BSN, RN Riverside Health System, Newport News, VA  1/29/17  9:04 am
Last name on ID badges Rebecca Winters, SRMH  1/29/17  7:39 am
Last name Stephanie M, SRMH  1/29/17  2:54 am
Removal of last names on ID badges Sentara RMH  1/28/17  11:37 pm
No last names. Patricia Hanger, WSH  1/28/17  2:11 pm
No last name!!! Carilion Clinic  1/28/17  2:04 pm
No last name Omolola Adeleke-Oni  1/28/17  1:49 pm
no last names!! Stacy Brown  1/28/17  12:36 pm
Name on our Employer Badge Rockfellow Eades, Western State Hospital  1/28/17  9:46 am
Last name on ID badge Melanie, WSH  1/28/17  9:02 am
name badge regulation and other comment Tammy Kincaid  1/28/17  7:31 am
ID badge SRMH  1/28/17  1:53 am
First name, first initial of last name Vivienne McDaniel, EHCA  1/28/17  12:18 am
ID BADGE ID BADGE  1/27/17  8:16 pm
ID badge change. Jennifer Villanueva, Sentara RMH Medical Center  1/27/17  5:59 pm
First name, Last initial Charles W. Gardner III, RN Davita Acute Dialysis/SRMH  1/27/17  5:07 pm
name on badge SRMH  1/27/17  4:43 pm
NAME BADGE ID Jennifer Eckard  1/27/17  4:37 pm
Name on ID Badge Sabrina Shiflett, SRMH  1/27/17  4:30 pm
support last name removal Kristen King SRMH  1/27/17  4:23 pm
Last Name Deanna, WSH  1/27/17  4:08 pm
Remove last name LFYoder SRMH  1/27/17  4:08 pm
Chang I bg I Decided on the nurse identification card Yvette Chase-Batts  1/27/17  4:03 pm
Last name should be removed. Sentara RMH Medical Center  1/27/17  3:47 pm
last name should be removed from ID badge rebecca ambrose,rn sentara rmh  1/27/17  3:32 pm
Removal of last name from ID badges Kelli Zahn, Sentara RMH  1/27/17  3:23 pm
Support Tylar, SRMH  1/27/17  3:21 pm
Removal of last name from ID badge Kelli  1/27/17  3:18 pm
Support Brittney, SRMH  1/27/17  3:10 pm
Name Badges Coty W  1/27/17  3:09 pm
First Name and Last Initial on Name Badges Josh  1/27/17  1:59 pm
ID badges SRMH  1/27/17  1:49 pm
ID Badge Amendment Beth Bradley  1/27/17  1:49 pm
Proposed Amendment University of Virginia Medical Center  1/27/17  1:34 pm
Name badge regulatory action SRMH  1/27/17  1:33 pm
full names on ID badges Lois Skeen Sentara RMH  1/27/17  1:30 pm
proposed ID regulation Judith Benter  1/27/17  1:17 pm
Names on ID Badges SRMH  1/27/17  1:12 pm
RN-PASS SRMH  1/27/17  1:07 pm
Amendment to name tag proposal Katherine Kois, RN UVAHS  1/27/17  12:56 pm
Name Badge Erica Huffman  1/27/17  12:31 pm
ID Badge Amendment Jill Delawder, Sentara RMH Medical Center  1/27/17  12:28 pm
ID Badges Sharon Jerlinski Sentara RMH  1/27/17  12:26 pm
ID Badge Jill Byrd, SRMH  1/27/17  12:22 pm
ID Badges PCT - Sentara RMH  1/27/17  12:18 pm
ID Badge Deanna-Sentara  1/27/17  12:16 pm
badges Leesa Williams, SRMH  1/27/17  12:09 pm
First name and last inital on name badge Tena M Bibb, Sentara RMH  1/27/17  12:07 pm
ID badges Jennifer, Sentara RMH  1/27/17  12:06 pm
ID Badge Sentara RMH  1/27/17  12:02 pm
ID Badge Changes Natalie Bass, Sentara RMH Medical Center  1/27/17  11:59 am
name badges Ceil Ouwerkerk  1/27/17  11:26 am
Amendment Tamika M  1/27/17  11:24 am
ID badges Jennifer Matthews, Shenandoah University, Winchester  1/27/17  11:21 am
ID Badges Distarti Whitehead  1/27/17  10:43 am
Support 100% Glenda Blackwell - Western State Hospital  1/27/17  10:33 am
ID badges mark pruett western state hospital  1/27/17  10:28 am
ID badges Catherine Thomas, Virginia Department of Corrections  1/27/17  10:16 am
Support 100% Melinda, Sentara RMH  1/27/17  10:11 am
100% SUPPORT!!! Betsie J., Carilion Clinic  1/27/17  9:58 am
I support the ID proposal to use the first name and last initial on the name badge. Rosalie Lewis, Shenandoah University School of Nursing  1/27/17  9:54 am
ID Badge Ammendemnet Sandra Joseph, Sentara RMH  1/27/17  9:47 am
ID Badge Sandra Hubbard  1/27/17  9:25 am
Regulation Ammendment Rachel Keville , Carilion Clinic  1/27/17  9:21 am
Name ID Sarah D, Carilion Clinic  1/27/17  9:20 am
Proposed Name Change Eastern State Hospital  1/27/17  9:10 am
ID badge Don Swanson Western State Hospital  1/27/17  9:03 am
name amendment Jennifer Ward  1/27/17  8:15 am
ID Sheryl Gregory, Western State Hospital  1/27/17  7:51 am
Initial/last name Jennifer Mullenax LPN, Western State Hospital  1/27/17  5:03 am
Name badge Cecilia O Akin  1/27/17  3:44 am
Give the employee a choice Lauren Carilion Clinic  1/27/17  2:55 am
proposed ID regulation LindaShallash, Western State Hospital  1/27/17  1:16 am
Name on ID Badge Esther Condon  1/27/17  12:40 am
Amend name identification requirement Nancy Craft  1/26/17  11:11 pm
Totally Support!! Shinette Amoh  1/26/17  11:11 pm
Fully Support! Fran Hobson, RN, FNP, CEN  1/26/17  10:58 pm
poposal on ID regulation Steven Yoder RN, University of Virginia health system  1/26/17  10:45 pm
Name on ID badge Kayla L.  1/26/17  10:25 pm
Regulatory Action Denise, HCA  1/26/17  9:31 pm
I fully support this amendment m miller  1/26/17  9:16 pm
ID badge Karen L.  1/26/17  8:34 pm
Support this amendment Deborah Kile, Sentara Healthcare  1/26/17  8:14 pm
Support Patricia Williams  1/26/17  8:08 pm
I D Badges michael L mason  1/26/17  8:05 pm
I support this amendment Julie M  1/26/17  7:48 pm
ID badges. Kemberly Campbell  1/26/17  7:44 pm
nurse ID jay gilbert  1/26/17  6:51 pm
Name tag amendment Carol Maxwell, South University  1/26/17  6:38 pm
Professional ID Badge Susan D. Bray  1/26/17  5:36 pm
I support this admendment Cecily Hill, RN  1/26/17  5:18 pm
nurse ID amendment Yma Sharp  1/26/17  5:13 pm
I support this amendment! Mary Loyd  1/26/17  4:56 pm
Name on ID Mary Ellen Staszewski  1/26/17  4:35 pm
Name tag ammendment Stephanie Smith RN, Carilion Clinic  1/26/17  4:34 pm
ID Badge Change Bridget Agee, Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center  1/26/17  4:34 pm
RN Name on ID badge Patricia C Seifert, RN; MSN self employed  1/26/17  4:04 pm
nurse ID badges Natalie Sorensen, RN  1/26/17  3:54 pm
ID badge Michelle Longley, MSN, RN, GNP  1/26/17  3:50 pm
Name tags Suzanne Fuhrmeister, retired  1/26/17  3:50 pm
I fully support having first name, first initial last name on name badges. Donna R. Secrist, Chesterfield Women's Detention/Diversion Center  1/26/17  3:25 pm
No last names! Jacob Witt, RN, MSN, FNP  1/26/17  3:24 pm
ID badges Carilion Clinic  1/26/17  3:10 pm
I support this amendment to remove last names from ID badges Darlene Schill  1/26/17  3:01 pm
name badge change Sandy Harris RN MSN Carilion Clinic  1/26/17  3:01 pm
ID badges Jennifer Bath, Carilion Clinic Roanoke Memorial Hospital  1/26/17  3:00 pm
Amendment to name identification requirement Marta Stepniewski  1/26/17  2:50 pm
Support for Amendment Mallory Manriquez, MSN, RN, PCCN, VCUHS  1/26/17  2:41 pm
I support the request Johnnette Cleaton  1/26/17  2:39 pm
Id Sandra Morris  1/26/17  2:38 pm
I support this amendment, on behalf of nurses and patients both. Rachel Featherstone  1/26/17  2:37 pm
Proposed ID Regulation Centra  1/26/17  2:36 pm
Name Badge Proposal Minute Clinic  1/26/17  2:35 pm
No last names Rebecca Mance, GWU  1/26/17  2:22 pm
Name badge Patricia E. Sloan, Professor Emerita, Hampton University School of Nursing  1/26/17  2:21 pm
Amendment to Name Tag Regulation Frances Montague  1/26/17  2:19 pm
I fully agree. First name and last initial. Marilyn Ives-Calhoun  1/26/17  2:17 pm
Badge Response Robin, N/A  1/26/17  2:16 pm
Amendment to name tag requirement CF Kane  1/26/17  2:14 pm
name tags Susan Winslow, Sentara  1/26/17  2:11 pm
I'D BADGE LaShawn Wright, Fortis College  1/26/17  2:02 pm
ID Regulation Shawn Floyd DNP, RN, ACNP-BC  1/26/17  1:57 pm
ID regulations Theresa Kern, Organization  1/26/17  1:54 pm
I fully agree with name privacy on id badges. Luann Norfleet, RN, Home health liaison  1/26/17  1:52 pm
Nurse ID badge and confidentiality Danny Mallory, VCUHS  1/26/17  1:51 pm
Protecting Privacy JoAnn Conroy, DNP, RN ,GWU SON  1/26/17  1:50 pm
identification Debra, Nurse Case Manager  1/26/17  1:47 pm
Please, Yes Christian Briggs, RN, CRRN  1/26/17  1:44 pm
ID Badge discussion Linda Lewis  1/26/17  1:44 pm
ID Badge names Sarah Gilbert  1/26/17  1:44 pm
I fully support this bill to use First name and Last initial. Patricia Higazi  1/26/17  1:43 pm
ID Badge Kelli H, UVA Heart and Vascular Center  1/26/17  1:37 pm
Name Badges Louella Meachem  1/26/17  1:33 pm
ID badge Lillie Phillips, VCU Health CMH  1/26/17  1:32 pm
Yes to proposed changes on ID badge T Collins, Shenandoah University and Valley Health Systems  1/26/17  1:30 pm
ID Badge Christine Althoff Inova Health System  1/26/17  1:29 pm
Privacy for nurses L. Days Bon Secours Richmond  1/26/17  1:28 pm
ID Badge Comment Patricia A. Harnois-Church  1/26/17  1:28 pm
ID badge Grace Akl  1/26/17  1:24 pm
First Name Last Initial Deb Cunningham  1/26/17  1:16 pm
I agree with the amendment! Yes to first name and first letter of last name on id badges pls!! Yinka M. GW MFA  1/26/17  1:16 pm
name badge Nancy Pitts, UVA Medical Center  1/26/17  1:14 pm
ID tags Kym Conahan, Bon Secours Hampton Roads  1/26/17  1:11 pm
Name badge Victoria Bierman, Radford University  1/26/17  1:11 pm
ID Badge Ervenna Ashnafi, UVA Health System  1/26/17  1:11 pm
yes to allow first name and last name initial on Nurse ID badges Mike Rome  1/26/17  1:09 pm
ID badge Pamela Cyr  1/26/17  1:08 pm

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