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Reduce and Cap Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Fired Electric Power Generating Facilities (Rev. C17)
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red dot In Progress!     Opened on 2/4/2019 and closes at 11:59pm on 3/6/2019

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Support Valentia Pollard  2/23/19  12:27 am
climate change - RGGI Robert K Egbert  2/22/19  9:23 pm
"Carbon credits"--a disguised way to tax the gullible Eric Claunch, no organization  2/22/19  8:03 pm
Rggi Nicole  2/22/19  7:59 pm
Virginia should not join RGGI John Meyer  2/22/19  2:15 pm
Young Engineers for Carbon Regulation Bradford Slocum  2/22/19  10:28 am
Support joining RGGI Dana Schroeder, UVA  2/21/19  2:38 pm
No Pipeline. Yes Offshore Wind Nick Gomer  2/21/19  2:26 pm
RGGI States' Comments on Re-Proposed Virginia Regulation for Emissions Trading The RGGI Participating States  2/21/19  11:11 am
I support joining RGGI John Cruickshank  2/21/19  9:29 am
Support for Carbon Cap Christine Putnam  2/20/19  6:18 pm
I Support Lowering the Base Year Emission Cap But Still Have Concerns Alice Clair  2/20/19  6:04 pm
I support the RGGI revised rule Willis Jenkins  2/20/19  5:43 pm
Support for Emissions Cap Sophie Ericsson, UVA  2/20/19  4:59 pm
RGGI Lisa Glassco  2/20/19  4:31 pm
Support for Joining RGGI Anna Wright, UVA  2/20/19  2:20 pm
Support Stephanie Burns  2/20/19  1:30 pm
DEQ regulations under ED11/RGGI Homan Wai  2/20/19  11:09 am
I support a cap and reduction of carbon emissions Kathie Trapkin  2/20/19  11:05 am
I am for RGGI Bonnie J Redding  2/20/19  10:49 am
VA Shoukd Join REGGI Larry Underwood, PhD  2/20/19  9:21 am
Virginia rule to join RGGI Dennis Woodriff, Charlottesville Citizens Climate Lobby  2/20/19  8:39 am
Virginia rule to join RGGI Dennis Woodriff, Beer Run, 156 Carlton Rd, Charlottesville, VA  2/20/19  8:38 am
Virginia rule to join RGGI Dennis Woodriff, Kardinal Hall  2/20/19  8:35 am
Support Robert P  2/18/19  8:52 pm
Support Virginia DEQ greenhouse gas reduction plans Xabier  2/18/19  5:50 pm
Support! Jennifer Moseley  2/18/19  1:21 pm
Support Proposed Rule to Cap CO2 emissions Lance  2/17/19  10:46 am
Virginia's Proposed Rule for Capping CO2 Emissions Fran  2/16/19  7:35 am
Reduce CO2 emissions Stephanie Malady  2/14/19  6:05 pm
Support Nina  2/13/19  7:20 pm
Support the proposal Rachel McGill  2/13/19  11:55 am
Support the proposal Brooke Crouch, UVA  2/13/19  10:48 am
Support! Molly  2/12/19  10:44 pm
Support the proposal Stephanie  2/12/19  9:22 pm
Support the Proposed CO2 Cap Joyce Cheng  2/11/19  9:05 pm
Support Hannah  2/11/19  8:44 pm
Support the Emissions Cap Rees Huggins  2/11/19  8:42 pm
Support Revised Rule Hunter Frakes  2/11/19  7:44 pm
Oppose Jeanne  2/10/19  10:17 am
Completely Opposed Lance  2/10/19  10:08 am
Oppose Jennifer Flowers  2/10/19  10:03 am
Oppose This Junk Science David Flowers  2/10/19  9:57 am
Don't buy the junk science Bob Phaneuf  2/9/19  9:18 pm
Support Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action  2/8/19  2:47 pm
Support any efforts to reduce or cap CO2 emissions especially through regional cooperation Richard Roberts  2/7/19  10:51 am
Oppose! Mark Eggeman  2/7/19  7:31 am
Support Marcia Geyer  2/6/19  2:38 pm
Regional Greenhouse Gas Iniative Dianna L Howard  2/6/19  1:24 pm
Support Andrea Trimble  2/5/19  12:38 pm

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